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Being Present: A Two Minute Video Exercise

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My guess is that everyone reading this blog post right now owns a cell phone. I am also guessing that many of you spend a significant amount of time on that device – checking email, participating on social media platforms, watching videos, etc. After all, mobile phones are ideal for keeping us connected to our businesses while we are on the go and to those we do not see every day. But how does it affect our being present – aware of what, and who is around us?

We know that we need to be present when we are in front of our audiences.  Are we possibly missing opportunities to connect with prospects, clients, mentors, and other human beings in general? After you leave the stage and you head into the lobby or onto the elevator, is your face buried in your phone versus looking to see who is around you that you can connect with? Stop and think for a minute about how many opportunities to connect with someone in our present are missed because we are connecting with someone else on our mobile device.

How Present Are You?

I recently came across a video that got me thinking about this. It made me take an in-depth look at how often I am on my own cell phone and when and what opportunities to connect with those around me I am missing.

So, I would love to do an experiment with my community, just to see how many of you are paying attention. Take 2 minutes to watch the video clip below. I am not going to tell you what it is about – simply watch:

What do you think? Does this video resonate with you and awaken the realization that you may be missing great opportunities that arise daily in your presence?

Please share your thoughts and comments below and let me know how you think we might connect more readily to our friends, family, co-workers, clients and audiences by using the idea from this video. Perhaps you are already doing some of this. If so, could it be expanded?

Thanks for playing along!

We’ll see you soon Wealthy Speakers!

Jane Atkinson

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