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#SpeakerSuccessTip: Dream List

#SpeakerSuccessTip: Are You Listening When Your Market Speaks?

Do you have a dream list?

A dream list is an identification of 10 to 50 organizations that you want to speak to.

I talk more about this is the week’s Speaker Success Tip video below. 

It could be corporate or it could be associations, you know big conferences that you would like to speak to. When we identify, let’s say 20 places that you think would just be an absolute dream come true to speak at, we start to get it on our radar. We’re putting it out to the universe that this is what we want and we can start building relationships with people and finding out what the timing is of the booking of these conferences. Sure, it might take five years.

When I was working with Vince Poscente, we identified some big corporate groups that we wanted to speak, the Google’s of the world, the Amazons of the world, things like that.

But we also wanted to do some big associations like MDRT (the Million Dollar Round Table), a huge event in the financial services space. MPI – Meeting Professionals International. Why not get a thousand Meeting Planners all in one room. We also had a few speakers go out for IASB’s showcase that they have at their annual event every April. So IASB stands for International Association of Speakers Bureaus. Maybe you want to get on the radar of all the bureaus all at once. It’s a beautiful thing when you can do that. Or maybe it is a big tech company that you would really like to speak for.

Think about what your dream 20 might look like.

I’ll see you soon Wealthy Speakers.

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