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#SpeakerSuccessTip: Mindset of Booking Larger Fees

#SpeakerSuccessTip: Are You Listening When Your Market Speaks?

It’s the start of a new year, and there’s no better time to start thinking about growth and making 2023 our best year yet. A big part of that can be related to our income. When was the last time you raised your booking fees?

Today we’re talking about the mindset of booking large fees. The idea of standing tall in your fee really can’t come until you lock down your mindset around that fee.

When you have a series of thoughts running through your head that do not support what it is that you’re selling…

Like ‘oh my goodness, they’re never gonna be able to afford me’
‘oh my goodness, they’re never going to pay me that much.’

Those are thoughts and in the Wealthy Speaker 3.0. we actually help you learn how to change your thoughts so that you can stand tall in your fees. If you don’t do the work on the mindset, you’re not going to get the results.

Basically when we bottom line it and this is a Brooke Castillo quote. “Your thoughts equal your results.”

That’s all for now. I’ll see you Wealthy Speakers.

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