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Bragging Shouldn’t Be Taboo with Lisa Bragg

Bragging Shouldn’t Be Taboo with Jane Atkinson and Lisa Bragg
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Quote: “It’s a disservice to be a hidden gem…other people won’t see your value unless you point it out to them.” Lisa Bragg

 Do you have an issue bragging about yourself? We’ve always been taught to be “humble and kind” like you can’t have one without the other. The definition of brag is “to say something in a boastful manner.” Can you brag without being boastful? On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Show, we’re thrilled to welcome Lisa Bragg to share the concepts from her book Bragging Rights and teach us how to brag with humility.

Living with the name Bragg, Lisa has had to master the art and science of self-promotion. She’s seen when being too humble has cost international deals and when bragging right has unlocked opportunities leading to untold fortunes. Her book, Bragging Rights: How to Talk about Your Work Using Purposeful Self Promotion, launched in May. It’s based on insights from Lisa’s career as an award-winning journalist, entrepreneur and consultant. Full of interviews and stories from people from around the world. Lisa’s book and talks are also grounded in the most extensive research study on bragging and self-promotion conducted with professionals internationally. 


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Jane Atkinson: Well, welcome everyone to the wealthy speaker. Podcast today we are talking about how bragging shouldn't be taboo, how to make talking about yourself, less like Iki, and who better to have that conversation with? And then the amazing Lisa Bragg! It's built right into her name. People welcome, Lisa, to the show. Well, thank you, and talk about amazing right back at you.

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Jane Atkinson: Thank you. Tell everybody about your kind of current book of business. What is it that you're doing, I can see. So I'm looking at her. And if you're watching us on Youtube, you can see it as well. Lisa has a book called bragging rights right behind her on the video. So check out the video portion of this over on our Youtube channel. But tell everybody about kind of the the type of business that you're doing right now.

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Lisa Bragg: Yes, I'm really dedicating everything to being a keynote speaker and doing workshops with that and consulting. So those 3 prongs are my main thing. I feel really relatively new to it still. But it's been exciting, cause it's not just me out there talking about it, but it's now inbound, too, so I feel like I'm starting to gain some traction. So that's where I am with it. And still continuing

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to do advisory as consulting on the side with all along, because my red thread through my content company that I own media face.

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Lisa Bragg: there's a red thread through that and into this work that nicely dovetails. So it's been working out. I love it. And so, just for people who are thinking about writing a book. Has the book driven corporate business to you, association business to you? Oh, it has so corporate first, and it's it's interesting cause I had a bias, thinking who was going to be my intended audience. I knew, you know, who who would be interested in it when I did my research, and that expanded. So I did a lot of research for the book, and conducted

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Lisa Bragg: the world's largest research survey on bragging and self-promotion which I always have to remember to stand in that and own that opened up. So the book, you know, my

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Lisa Bragg: my bias was changed because of that, my perspective. And then, now that it's available who is actually buying it and buying it for their teams and bringing me in has expanded again. So I still have my ideal customer in mind. But now it's also these other people are also really interested in the book and bring me in. So I continue to work a lot with financial services, because that's who I've known in the past, and they easily bring me in. So that

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Lisa Bragg: that's been a joy. And then other groups are now bringing me, and to say, you know, even in financial services, it's their affinity or er G groups that are bringing me in. And then another thing associated one degree away from that. So it's been really interesting to see who's really coming to the book, cause it's still relatively new. It's less than 6 months old. So it's still a baby that needs to be nurtured. And along with this new path for me it needs to be nurtured, too.

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Jane Atkinson: Oh, good! Just for those of you who don't know the term erg. That's employee. Resource groups they often are. They can have some funding for keynote speakers. I have a lot of clients who do a lot of erg work, and I could see anything. Financial services like anybody who's kind of in charge of their destiny needs to be on shy about

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Jane Atkinson: putting themselves out there. So let's talk first about your define. What you mean by bragging rights.

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Lisa Bragg: Yeah. So bragging means talking about your success with pride, and I want people to remember that pride also means self love. So we're talking about ourselves. But it's with the view of how we are of service in the world. And so when I did the research for bragging rights, people said, Well, bragging is icky to me, and I had to say, well, why is it, Icky? And because so many of us mistake the word for self aggrandizement, and I think

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I think the word self aggrandizement. That's that $5 word that we used to call it journalism. It's too many syllables.

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Lisa Bragg: and that's what we think of when we think of bragging that you know that idea that it's boastful, and that I'm better than you, or I'm that puffery or that put down, or that only one person can win that self aggrandizement. But bragging is really. Think about it as it's telling the world how you were of service, and that for a lot of people

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Jane Atkinson: deflates that ickiness that my last name have you ever? I just had a real estate agent come through our house, and I had no intention on kind of like signing anything with him, and I didn't. But

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Jane Atkinson: I thought, Okay, when I'm ready. After he left, I thought, Okay, well, when I'm ready, I felt like he did enough bragging in a non icky way for me.

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Jane Atkinson: because it would have been easy for me to say Nope, you know I would. I could have just discounted his business altogether, but he he showed up incredibly knowledgeable as an expert, and he wasn't afraid to tell me what he knew, and that kept building the trust and building the trust and building the trust over our time together. And I think it's really easy for somebody to turn you off.

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Jane Atkinson: What is it that sometimes you just like, yeah, I don't want to buy from that person what term self aggrandizing is a great term. I see it in politicians a lot these days. What do? What else? Give me more words that are the opposite of what we're talking about today?

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Lisa Bragg: Well, I'm just to go back to your example, though. So he was speaking in context and context really matters. And so all the speakers, all the wealthy speakers, when you're out there talking about. You know your work and the value bring to the world. You're talking about that often with event planners or your your clients. And so you want to talk about your successes with your family. However, when you say I want to be a wealthy speaker, it might not quite

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Lisa Bragg: connect with them, because they see you as Lisa at 13 or 15, or you know the black sheep, or whatever it is, so context really matters. And if you have a yacht, then you can stand beside it and say it's your yacht. But when we see people who we know that they don't have that, and it's not theirs. That's where we feel that often that influencer doesn't feel quite right because it's not in context. And they've conflated it. And you know

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Lisa Bragg: it's from your truth, and if your truth is, you own that yacht or that private plane good, but it has to be within the realm of what people can expect from you, and that's why we need to leave moments along the way. So as you get to being that wealthy speaker, and you have that yacht extremely wealthy speaker.

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Lisa Bragg: Ultra wealthy. You need to show moments along the way for people to come along with you on your journey, and not just the massive milestones. So I think that's really important for us context and moments over milestones. Oh, so much to unpack. And what you just said, I,

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Jane Atkinson: I really feel

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Jane Atkinson: when I think about how often I personally miss opportunities, and and I really notice it. When people come to me kind of fully cooked, like. They've read all the books, they listen to the podcast, like. They come to me as fans versus. When people come to me who do not know me from Adam, and I'm pretty sure speakers

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have that as well where people come to them as raving fans to begin with, or you're completely cold, you know. Sometimes I think it's nice to be able to let our marketing marketing materials do some of the heavy lifting for us.

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Jane Atkinson: and then maybe filling in some of the details. I think it's really interesting, though, to really determine what is the purpose behind what you're saying. So let's just talk about intention for a second.

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Lisa Bragg: Yeah, you have to know where you wanna go. You have to know. And because of that, and that's part of your program knowing where you wanna go because we can't speak to everyone. So in nowadays you can't be broadcasting. You have to narrow cast. If you had the budget of Coca Cola sure talk to everyone. But really the realistic po point of it is that most of us really need to talk to. Maybe that one person who's that one person that we need to get into their son. We need to be there. So they're the decision maker.

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Lisa Bragg: They need to know our name already before we even make the call like that makes it so much easier if they've already seen you heard you, or, better yet, someone else is talking about you. And so it's really getting in front of the people. But you can't talk to everyone. There's just not enough of you to go around. You don't. Actually.

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Lisa Bragg: this is, you don't want that. All that work you just can't do it. So who do you really wanna serve, and who will be the best fit client for you, and that's where you go narrow casting over broadcasting, and then keep amplifying your message from there.

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Jane Atkinson: Love that term narrow casting, and I also love the idea of kind of buttering up your bread like like

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Jane Atkinson: sending somebody or connecting with them on Linkedin first, maybe popping into their feed every once in a while with some words of wisdom, and then you actually meet with them, and they are pre-buttered.

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Lisa Bragg: Yeah, you know, you might as well make it warm. Make it warm, and it's so much easier nowadays to make it warm, you know, back in my TV days it was so hard to get news directors to warm up to you if they weren't in your market because they wouldn't get to see you. And that's why you know, you need to know where you are. But you also need to realize, are you in a silo? And you need to move and let up other people notice you, too. So just being really aware that intention of

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Lisa Bragg: who you want to attract and the purpose behind, why, you're going after them. So you know, we can just put content out for days free, free content, and I'm always about give, give, give, give, give, give, give, give, give, but so many of us don't ask, and we don't take, and we don't ask for the work. And so that's something I've really had to realize. It's like, can't just keep giving it all away. I have to actually ask for the work and make sure that I own my own value. That's been one of my lessons learned.

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Jane Atkinson: First rule of business is asking for the business, and I like to put that out in front. So this is me doing it to you.

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Jane Atkinson: You know, I'm gonna teach you how to do that. So this is me doing it to you really do like to model it for people. What do you think about the other people brag like, how effective is it when you have other people bragging on you as speakers, I'm thinking the best introduction

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Jane Atkinson: is. Actually, we put the client at the highest point on the totem pole. If a client introduces you to say another client or a speaker's bureau, huge, huge, huge, huge way. Speaker speakers can also help brag on you to clients and to Speakers Bureau. That's another very helpful thing that can happen. How important is it? Do you think that you get other people to brag?

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Lisa Bragg: Oh, that's at the pinnacle where you want it? But what I'm gonna even add is another elevation to that. We want people who don't even know us

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Lisa Bragg: to be out there talking about our successes and talking about us. So brand brand ambassadors, they're out there talking about us. They haven't even actually met me, but they're out there saying, you know what you need to go by Lisa Bragg's book bragging rights, and they're out there now. And so that's the goal is like, how do you get more and more people to speak about you? It makes it so much easier to walk into situations because you're not cold.

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Jane Atkinson: And so the more people that you can put out there and they're out there referring you talking about you that's beyond gold, like that is just makes so many doors open for you. So that's at the pinnacle. But of course we want our clients to be referring us and also referring us back in to do more programs with that. And that's where I'm starting to have more successes come back in. Come back in

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Jane Atkinson: nice. I remember once a coach telling me

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Jane Atkinson: at a this was at a Caps meeting. So that's the Canadian version of Nsa. Than the speakers associations seeing. I've never seen anyone

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Jane Atkinson: try so hard to be invisible in a room before. This is about 15, maybe even 20 years ago for me.

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Jane Atkinson: I didn't realize that I was hiding. But I was hiding

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Jane Atkinson: because I was always because I started my career as an agent for speakers. I was just always pushing them into the light. It was so easy for me to brag about them.

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Jane Atkinson: so I would just push them into the fore front, and I would stay behind in the shadows.

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Talk about the power of stepping in to the light yourself.

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Lisa Bragg: Yeah. It's you know, it's so many of us can be. Si, we're hidden gems, and it's actually where most of us feel more comfortable is just helping shine a light on other people. We want other people to shine, and it's so easy for me to talk you up, Jane, and say how great you are, and how valuable your school is, and all the things right. But when it comes time for us to say, Here's my value with the world, because the frustrating thing is when we're hidden gems

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Lisa Bragg: and that invisibility cloak. It does become corrosive after a while, because mediocre people are getting the work. And so so many people say, Well, it's not about me. It's not about me, but it is about you. What value do you bring to the world?

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Lisa Bragg: And especially when that mediocre person is getting the client that you really did deserve, and so, standing in your own power and le letting, making your destiny your destiny, having control, nobody cares about your future, the way you care about your future. So there's no leader. There's no friend. There's no one in the world that cares about your future the way you do. And so we have to say. I can't be in the shadow.

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I have to be out there and talking about. Here's my value to the world, and here's how I'm here to serve, because so many people need you.

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Lisa Bragg: That's where you're doing so. Here's another mind, Flip. It's a disservice to be in gem. You need to be telling people. And I just was at a financial services client event, and a woman was there, and she said, Well, I'm just a helper, and it's like well and thankfully one of her friends stood up and said, Lisa, she's not just a helper. She is the right hand to everyone on the masked head of this place

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Lisa Bragg: well, beyond that. But she's like I've been so coded and thought and everything has been about. How do I make sure that it's over to them. I write them everything, and then they they say it.

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Lisa Bragg: but she dismisses herself as a helper, and I said, That's not a good place to be, because the opportunities won't come to you. You won't get that promotion. Other people won't see your value unless you point it out to them, and you'll stay in a helper position, probably for far longer than what you want. And if you wanna stay in your role, that's great, too. But people still need to see your value, especially in this world that we're living in today.

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Lisa Bragg: Yeah, now, just because you are shining yourself doesn't mean that you're not always gonna shine light on others, because we're not saying it's one or the other. Right? Oh, no, no, no! This book is definitely not a Mimi book. That's the last thing I wanted to write that would make me feel very, very uncomfortable, because it's really about if I can shine, you know, and I don't want it to be a spotlight. That's the thing like Spotlight's kind of the only word. But if I could spot, have the daylight on like, put some

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Lisa Bragg: be re major beams on different people. It'll come back to me. So the more I shine on you it comes back to me a even more so than we realize, and people will. Oh, that's very poly and ask. But you know it's that abundance mindset that you need to have, especially when you're out doing the business that we do, and not a scarcity mindset. So the more I can shine it on others. And so that's where in the book there's

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Lisa Bragg: to do, to consider and to share. Like. I purposely want you to be able to share elements of the book with other people and make sure that you're putting them in the spotlight, because then it also takes it off of the

00:16:25.350 --> 00:16:49.139
Lisa Bragg: look at me all time, which we don't. Most of us don't feel comfortable with, and if you love it, that is always your attention, then you probably aren't the right fit for the book. But most of us need to say, Hey, look at me. I'm doing these awesome things, and and I need to brag about my successes. Let's talk about that on social media. I have a way of saying something that

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allows me to feel good about it. I'm not sure if everybody takes it the same way, but if I want to do a brag on social media, I always follow it up with

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Jane Atkinson: how cool is that! And it seems to just minimize the fact that I went dah, dah, dah, dah, dah! Something right happened to me or I just did something. I just wrote my 6 book, whatever it might be. How cool is that? That's an old Joe Calaway technique. And I thought that that kind of like

00:17:22.690 --> 00:17:32.300
Jane Atkinson: simmered down the feeling of a brag. How does one brag on social media without feeling? Icky?

00:17:32.410 --> 00:17:51.400
Lisa Bragg: Well, I love that. How cool is that? That's something to add to the next level book, for sure. So as I think about my book, that's a good one, because we're saying like, Hey, I realize this is something special. This is something like, like, wow, okay, it's not just me out there, you know, banging the drums over and over again. It's me saying, How cool is that? And it also

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Lisa Bragg: invites people to have a conversation with you. How cool is that right? And then then comment back. And that's the engagement piece that we want. But if you're new to bragging, and so bragging is talking about your successes with pride and pride is self love and self promotion. That's what carries your brags out into the world. So we have our successes that we wanna tell people. But how do we do it? And social media is one of the self promotion tactics. But it's

00:18:15.410 --> 00:18:40.070
Lisa Bragg: I. My book is not about. Get on social media. That's part of it. That's always. It depends on what you like to do. Linkedin is only mentioned once and none of the other platforms. But it's really cause, you know, I think social media is important. I'm all over it, but I think that it also is a barrier for a lot of people to think that they then have to become a social media maven and be on it all day and all night, cause really your self promotion tactics can be.

00:18:40.180 --> 00:19:03.970
Lisa Bragg: Are you showing up to your clubs? Are you showing up to your coach with the other people in the community. Right? So, yeah, I know you have communities of people. Are you showing up to them and making sure that they know about you because speakers refer speakers. Are you showing up to caps? Or are you showing up to? You know the American version of that? Are you showing up and putting in your profile like that's part of self promotion to it could be also

00:19:03.970 --> 00:19:14.699
picking up the phone to that one person or sending that one person a DM, so a direct message. It's those simple things that can really make self promotion, and it's a lot less icky than

00:19:14.850 --> 00:19:32.070
Lisa Bragg: all of a sudden. I have to be a social media influencer 24, 7, and show you everything behind the scenes of my house like it's not that. So that's that's one of the good things. And I forgot your question, which is good to show that you're not perfect. Sometimes, too.

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Jane Atkinson: I think a little technique, so speakers are on social media all the time. That's just the the business that we're in. Most speakers are. I think if you could start with something special just happened, and I want you to celebrate it with me.

00:19:49.330 --> 00:20:07.700
Jane Atkinson: That comes from a place that isn't just beating your chest, and I think that that is beautiful. There are speakers who are like, Oh, I'm so sick of seeing so and so, you know, going to the airport, or standing in a room with a thousand chairs in it, or whatever you know what

00:20:07.700 --> 00:20:31.890
Jane Atkinson: that's working for them. And it really is all about intention. Their intention is, hey? Guess what? Today, I'm gonna share with a thousand people, something really, really special. And we're gonna be talking about this. And that is their way of saying, celebrate that with me. It's all about intention behind it, and

00:20:31.890 --> 00:20:49.399
Lisa Bragg: If you don't like it, don't do it for yourself, but you know I would say, don't necessarily poo, poo it for other people. Yeah. Cause it's really who's that person's audience? It's probably not you. And if you feel like you need to cut them down. That's part of the tall poppy syndrome where so many of us

00:20:49.460 --> 00:21:07.710
Lisa Bragg: we will see someone out there shining bright, doing great things, and then we'll cut them down. We'll say bad things about them, we'll, you know, think bad things about them all that like that goes out to the energy. But it's like, why are we doing that? It's because we often feel something inside ourselves. So and if you if you feel like you, wanna

00:21:07.710 --> 00:21:32.709
Lisa Bragg: cut somebody down the tall poppies so tall poppies farmers like to make sure that they're uniform, and if anything is above that, they lob off the head, and so making sure that the flowers are all the same. So it's a term that's been made. It was coined in Australia. And it's now international about why we do that. We do that to each other, we cut each other down. So if somebody is doing that to you, or you feel like you're doing it, someone else. It's it's on you, whoever it is that's thinking those

00:21:32.710 --> 00:21:44.059
Lisa Bragg: thoughts saying anything bad. What is it that's inside of you that's making you feel jealous. And that person who's out there

00:21:44.150 --> 00:21:58.090
Lisa Bragg: showing you that she's getting on that plane. And I've had those, too. It's like, Oh, him again, because he's doing what I want to be doing. And he's charging a lot more. And so it's like, Okay, so how can you reframe it? So it's not

00:21:58.090 --> 00:22:21.699
Lisa Bragg: that negativity, and that you can use it, and also maybe should befriend them to find out what's going on there and ask them some questions. Cause often they do wanna tell you their secrets. So think about how you can befriend them. But again, they might be just thinking of all their posts for that one CEO who they really want to hire them, and needs to see that level of, you know, always on the

00:22:21.700 --> 00:22:31.940
Jane Atkinson: planes are always, you know, traveling or making those really big gigs. So that's where who is their audience? And it may not be. You know

00:22:32.440 --> 00:22:55.089
Jane Atkinson: we talk about it in terms of the Green Monster, and I think there's a better question to ask, which is. well, what are they doing? That's one thing that I might take from that that I could incorporate into my own business, not necessarily something from the stage, but something that they're doing in their marketing, or whatever. There's something positive in there for you. If you just

00:22:55.090 --> 00:23:09.369
position it differently in your own brain. I don't think the Green Monster is going to help anybody, because we talk a lot over here at the wealthy Speaker school, about how our thoughts equal our results.

00:23:09.630 --> 00:23:16.839
And so, if your thoughts are coming at a place that the intention is not

00:23:17.140 --> 00:23:39.790
Jane Atkinson: coming it it's coming from a place of jealousy, or fear, or scarcity, or whatever it might be. You're not going to get the results that you're looking for. So we love to really talk about how all of our actions come from a positive place of confidence and calm confidence, and as you get better and better at bragging, at self love.

00:23:39.890 --> 00:24:03.949
Lisa Bragg: You're going to come at everything from the right perspective. Do do you think? Absolutely and again, it's not? Pollyanna asked. It works, and then people will start those people that you were once had a green monster about. They will start to see you as your peer if you let go of that green monster and say, Well, you know what they really? I don't really think they're that much better than me. But there's they're doing these things that are working.

00:24:03.950 --> 00:24:18.370
Lisa Bragg: What can I incorporate that feels authentic to me? And then they might see you as a peer, and then you'll realize, you know what things are not always as they seem. And so you learn more tricks behind the scenes to by rethinking that enemy.

00:24:18.370 --> 00:24:42.010
Lisa Bragg: And I don't use military targets, or like that kind of language, too. I try to really reframe and use things that are much more in a positive light, so that it's it's more success. Building. People want to hear about your successes. By the way, I did so, the international research I did 85% of people said that they are cheering for you when you brag, and you're putting your successes out the out in the world.

00:24:42.010 --> 00:25:06.889
Lisa Bragg: I think it was 12% said they would ignore you. Boo, hoo! And 3% said they turn around and brag about themselves. So 85% of people wanna hear successes. And I think it's actually innate and us going way back that we wanted to hear success stories, because that's how we survived. So when you see someone who's successful and they have the success that you want. Go and ask some of the questions and find out.

00:25:06.890 --> 00:25:11.779
and I'm sure they're going to tell you some of the stories that they've had to get that success along the way.

00:25:12.450 --> 00:25:38.450
Lisa Bragg: How did you? So I'm I'm taking a little sidebar before we close here, because I think people are going to be curious about? How did you do your research? What was your mechanism for gathering that information? How bad bragging and self-promotion is, especially for women, and it may be really curious about

00:25:38.450 --> 00:26:02.359
Lisa Bragg: well, why is it that? And who's saying it's bad? And my background's TV news? I was a journalist for a long time in Canada. And so I'm like, well, these studies say these studies say, and I had a chance to ask adam Grant, who has written so many New York Times bestselling author books, and he's he's everywhere. And so I had a chance to ask him cause he's always said bragging violates, modesty norms, and if you were that good your work would speak for itself.

00:26:02.650 --> 00:26:17.289
And so during the pandemic, I had a chance to ask him in a in a zoom call, you know. Do you still stand by that? Especially for women and indigenous women and and women of color? And he said, Yes, because the research says that it's so bad for women to brag and self promote.

00:26:17.480 --> 00:26:31.709
Lisa Bragg: And it may be curious, because what are we saying? Right? So I said, well, what is this research cause? He also said. There's a like, he said, and then in another post cause, he constantly posts that

00:26:31.710 --> 00:26:55.120
Lisa Bragg: that out there about bragging. And so you said this. All this research shows. So I'm like, thank you for giving me all this information for literature review, you know. So I did a literature review. So that means going through the research that's already out there and seeing, what does my opinion? How does it? My opinion differ? And how does my thinking differ with that? So that gave me a lot of content from my book about what my experiences.

00:26:55.120 --> 00:27:05.149
Lisa Bragg: you know my remarkable, unique, different experiences has shown me along the way that doesn't quite equate to that the research. And then I realized, which was even more telling

00:27:05.170 --> 00:27:29.790
Lisa Bragg: a lot of the research that has been done has been done only on American university students. And so these are young people who are 2021 years old in the Us. And then these business business period articles are extrapolating that for the world. And when you are 20 and 21 years old you don't wanna stand out. You want to fit in. And so, as we become older, we realize, yes, we need to fit in.

00:27:29.790 --> 00:27:44.850
It's not all about, you know. We are in teams. We do have to work with our clients, but we also need to stand out, because then we also need to add in. So how do we then combine it all together. And so that's where I did the research. And then the the technical part of it is.

00:27:44.850 --> 00:28:09.430
Lisa Bragg: I formulated series of questions based on my thinking and what I think, the questions that people needed to have answered in the world. And then I put it out through just. I did it simply cause. I looked at the cost of some of the other things. But I did it on a Google, a Google questionnaire. And it went out into the world, and I sent it to lots of different organizations that I've even been involved with. I've spoken in the past

00:28:09.430 --> 00:28:37.259
Lisa Bragg: just a whole wide range of people, and it ended up in so many countries, and I had such an amazing response. But I had to keep amplifying it, and the research was quite revealing, and it really helped to also open my own brain to my own biases and perspectives that I wouldn't have gone through before. And the stories were remarkable, just remarkable. It's been really such a great resource and tool for me. There's so much information in there.

00:28:37.260 --> 00:28:45.629
Jane Atkinson: There's like 5 books. So here is our lot, our final point to wrap up speakers.

00:28:45.710 --> 00:28:53.300
Jane Atkinson: If you have expertise, and if there's some knowledge out there that you don't agree with.

00:28:53.300 --> 00:29:18.249
Jane Atkinson: then let's get researching and see what the truth is about how people really do feel. I love that you bucked the system. I love that you said a challenge accepted. I do not buy what you just told me, and you went out and you did your own research, and you were able to write a book called The Bragging Rights, which is a beautiful title, by the way, so tell everybody a where they can get

00:29:18.250 --> 00:29:47.939
Lisa Bragg: and be how they should connect with you. Yeah, thanks. You could get it everywhere online. It's of course, in Amazon and anywhere else. So your Barnes and noble and in lots of bookstores worldwide. It's always great to see when the book is, you know, picked up in India or the Uk. Canada, where we're both. We both live. So us. And that's where I realize that there's lots of interest. It's a global issue for all of us. And then please find me. I'm heavily on Linkedin. So it's Lisa

00:29:47.940 --> 00:30:12.429
Jane Atkinson: Brag with 2 G's. And my website is also Lisa Bragg Com. And on there, too, I have some freebies at the top for you, and can just come on in and get them. And you probably have done this. But it's like a rift tool. So it's really trying to think about all the things that you can talk about. So if you're trying to.

00:30:12.430 --> 00:30:36.839
Lisa Bragg: you find a new topic. If you're new, it's like, take all the ideas and just take 5 min, and I have some prompts there, and you just start to write them all down. So it helps you to really get your ideas flowing so that maybe there's actually a book in it, too. So it's like some of those thinking that thinking there to get you going, I also invite you to do the research that it's still open, and a lot of people have found that the introspection, that

00:30:36.840 --> 00:30:57.700
Lisa Bragg: thinking that self reflection time that it does, it doesn't have to take long, but it can take longer, and you can give me longer feedback, and that where that's where people really found it was really helpful for them to realize their own bias, and also how they can easily start to brag and self promote. So those are 2 ways. So find me on. Find me on social media. I'd love to keep the conversation going.

00:30:57.700 --> 00:31:22.580
Jane Atkinson: So good, Lisa, and if you think that your parents are the reason for the way that you feel about this. Probably it was their parents before them and their parents before them. So let's not blame anybody. Let's just make the adjustments now and get out there and start bragging on ourselves without feeling icky. Lisa Bragg, thank you so much

00:31:22.580 --> 00:31:47.569
for making time for us today. I know our audience will appreciate it. And hey, I'm gonna brag on the school for a second, because I don't do that enough, and my team is often saying, hey? Maybe you should bring on us our school, the wealthy speakers, school and mastermind. We have people in there who, in the mastermind for sure, and also in the school who are doubling and tripling

00:31:47.570 --> 00:32:03.639
their businesses every year. If you haven't yet checked out the wealthy speakers school, please go over to wealthy make sure you book a call with our concierge desk, and they will walk you through and make sure that it's a good fit for you.

00:32:03.640 --> 00:32:13.349
Jane Atkinson: Alright. That's me, Braggan. Thank you again, Lisa Bragg, and with that we will say, see you soon off these speakers. Bye, for now everyone.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

Lisa helps high-achievers of all sorts to be seen, heard and share their value with the world. She then takes it a step further to show leaders how to help less visible people on their teams to do the same. Select clients include BMO, Raymond James, Sun Life, RBC, CIBC, SalesForce, ServiceNow, CAA, everywoman, ATB, Dentons, and Canadian Defence Lawyers. 

Lisa is also the host of the podcast Bold(h)er: Helping women make their next bold move. 

If you would like some great ideas on how to self-promote without putting people off, you simply can’t afford to miss this episode! 

I hope you’ll listen and learn.


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