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Building Communities with Mike Ganino

Building Communities with Jane Atkinson and Mike Ganino
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Quote: “There are three types of stories; the ones we tell ourselves, the ones we share with our audiences, and the ones that our audiences remember.” Mike Ganino

Speaking can be a lonely business, and sometimes we feel like we’re alone on an island. COVID certainly hasn’t helped with live events and meetings being on hold. It’s great when you can find others who are on the same journey as you. You might not be exactly in the same place, but it’s nice when you can ride along together. On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Show, we are chatting with Mike Ganino about how he’s created some fantastic online programs and communities that help each other succeed.

Mike has been named one of the top public speaking coaches in the world, served as Executive Producer for TEDx Cambridge, and is the creator of The Mike Drop Method, where he blends public speaking, storytelling, and performance training. For 20 years, he’s worked with high-growth, experience-driven organizations to craft stories that create bottom-line results, beloved brands, and engaging employee experiences. 

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Jane Atkinson: Well, welcome everyone to the wealthy speaker podcast today we're talking about monetizing your audience by building Community I mean what does that even mean right we're gonna unpack it all with my good friend and former client my Guinea know welcome Mike.

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Mike Ganino: hi hey I feel like i'm having such a watershed moment of my career being back here with you Jane.

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Jane Atkinson: You were telling me before we started on the call that myself and one other person kind of help lay the land for you, when you were first starting your business.

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Mike Ganino: I had no idea i'd been in the restaurant industry, I sold a restaurant company I started doing consulting someone hired me for a workshop.

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Mike Ganino: And then someone's like Oh, you should be a speaker and I was like sure yeah What do you do and I was like I don't know what to do.

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Mike Ganino: And I found you we did like a session together, and it really helped clarify for me how the industry works how people buy speakers and how the best speakers really clarify what they do and it really.

00:01:04.050 --> 00:01:09.660
Mike Ganino: I mean I I had a speaking career like almost immediately a paid career, largely because of the advice from you Jane.

00:01:10.080 --> 00:01:13.050
Jane Atkinson: And so that was just a focus 40 sessions so.

00:01:13.080 --> 00:01:18.360
Jane Atkinson: yeah last minute $500 puts you on the path, I just want to state to somebody.

00:01:18.390 --> 00:01:19.830
Mike Ganino: out there who yes.

00:01:19.890 --> 00:01:25.530
Jane Atkinson: You know, trying to piece together their strategy watching YouTube videos and instagram posts.

00:01:25.980 --> 00:01:39.960
Jane Atkinson: like that, like just just get the help from what professional right out of the cute and it could really lay down the foundation for you to then build from and i've been watching you on instagram now for years and I just love seeing how your life is.

00:01:41.250 --> 00:01:43.080
Jane Atkinson: Putting your new little baby.

00:01:43.260 --> 00:01:44.280
Mike Ganino: Oh yes.

00:01:44.520 --> 00:01:53.940
Jane Atkinson: How cool is that so okay we're talking about how to monetize your audience by building community and you and I could talk about a lot of things.

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Jane Atkinson: But let's talk about what you currently do in your business who you help and kind of just give us the big chunks of what you've got going on.

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Mike Ganino: yeah like the the big breaks are I largely work with speakers on the stuff on stage, so I don't do a whole lot of the business work I work with people in a group coaching like a High Level Group coaching.

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Mike Ganino: that's evergreen people come and go at any time and we work largely on the performance side of things, so the stories they're telling the sequencing of the things in their talk.

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Mike Ganino: How to take it up how to use props hadn't really just like create a theatrical almost experience in a way.

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Mike Ganino: So I work with people in that way for six months, the program last and then a lot of people speaking of Community they stick around because of.

00:02:39.390 --> 00:02:49.620
Mike Ganino: The great resources inside and largely because of the other people inside of the program as well, and then outside of that I do some VIP coaching days, so people who are already getting paid.

00:02:50.910 --> 00:02:58.650
Mike Ganino: Pretty nicely that like definitely professional hire another professional speaking del come in we'll work together to punch up a script to.

00:02:58.920 --> 00:03:00.120
Mike Ganino: fix a new story.

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Mike Ganino: i've worked with a lot of speakers who wrote a new book and they want to work on the new talk for the book and so they'll come in and we'll do a very focused day or two together for that.

00:03:09.630 --> 00:03:22.980
Mike Ganino: And that's largely the business like that's the most part, a little bit of corporate still I still do a lot of corporate workshops standing in front of a camera these days teaching people storytelling and presentation skills, but really Those are the three the three buckets for me.

00:03:23.310 --> 00:03:28.290
Jane Atkinson: Are you doing keynotes as the rainmaker to these buckets.

00:03:29.640 --> 00:03:37.080
Mike Ganino: I am using keynotes largely for the first two buckets so keynotes largely fill my group coaching.

00:03:37.890 --> 00:03:50.580
Mike Ganino: keynotes largely fill the the VIP clients coming in, and I do those like master class style so it's me actually teaching people on stage, bringing people up and really helping them get some some juice, in the middle and then on the third bucket.

00:03:51.240 --> 00:03:53.730
Mike Ganino: that one is largely it's just larger residual.

00:03:54.210 --> 00:04:00.360
Mike Ganino: I haven't done a lot of effort to go out and do that it's just been people in linkedin groups referring me to other people.

00:04:00.600 --> 00:04:11.790
Mike Ganino: clients having me back to work with their exact teams on their speeches and then saying hey can you can you do 20 minutes to get everyone just shut up and excited so the third bucket is kind of on autopilot at this point.

00:04:12.240 --> 00:04:13.740
Jane Atkinson: Just how do you spell.

00:04:14.880 --> 00:04:19.860
Mike Ganino: I have no idea I don't know how to spell that I can I can never figure out how to spell boozy either.

00:04:20.190 --> 00:04:21.420
Jane Atkinson: Easy yeah like.

00:04:22.830 --> 00:04:34.980
Jane Atkinson: I said when we're when you're a writer you think in words i'm pretty sure my family is always like now, why did you say it that way, like, I always have these really off the wall words to use i'm going to use boozy soon.

00:04:35.640 --> 00:04:53.160
Jane Atkinson: Okay, so circling back to the beginning, like ice what you just laid out for me so clear you really know your lane, but when you first started, where you clear on your lane like was that something that came to you right out of the chute.

00:04:53.850 --> 00:04:59.190
Mike Ganino: I knew, so I worked with you and I worked with someone else on like positioning and marketing and that person said.

00:04:59.640 --> 00:05:09.840
Mike Ganino: what's the easy yes go after the easy, yes, and for me the easy, yes, was the restaurant industry because I had just sold a big exciting restaurant brand a lot of people who were.

00:05:10.470 --> 00:05:14.700
Mike Ganino: Growing their group and wanting to sell it to a private equity firm like we had done.

00:05:15.210 --> 00:05:23.370
Mike Ganino: we're interested in how did you do it, how did you maintain the culture and how did you create something really cool we want to do that as well, so I knew initially.

00:05:24.090 --> 00:05:31.110
Mike Ganino: Like just stick there i'd had a theater background i'd done improv and and commercial theatre for commercial acting for a long time.

00:05:32.160 --> 00:05:42.120
Mike Ganino: And I had no idea what to do with that so it's like well i'll just use those skills on stage but really that easy yeses for me were in that restaurant and hospitality space and that's exactly what happened, like right out of the gate.

00:05:42.810 --> 00:05:48.660
Mike Ganino: There weren't a lot of options in that industry, and so, and I was one of the few people who had done.

00:05:49.050 --> 00:06:02.820
Mike Ganino: That who had built and sold a brand and now was available for speaking so that was a really easy yes and then my session with you, we really clarified what what does it look like, because you can't just run around being like I speak to restaurants have me so that really helped that.

00:06:03.330 --> 00:06:10.950
Jane Atkinson: So at what point did you start and first of all let's give props to the person who said easy, yes, because I like that term.

00:06:11.190 --> 00:06:12.450
Mike Ganino: But yes dorie Clark.

00:06:12.570 --> 00:06:17.400
Jane Atkinson: dorie Clark Thank you dorie Clark and i've followed dory on linkedin as well.

00:06:19.530 --> 00:06:36.480
Jane Atkinson: So, how did you start to get narrowed and then more narrowed and then even more narrowed to this stage performance presentation and I love that it kind of harkens back to your earlier days, because you're really using all your skills and it's probably very creative for you.

00:06:37.020 --> 00:06:46.470
Mike Ganino: Well it's fun it's it's I ended up in the restaurant industry because I was an actor who needed to pay the bills very common story right like that's the the meme version of it, but it was true for me.

00:06:47.880 --> 00:06:58.470
Mike Ganino: And I was much more successful on that side, so it happened accidentally where I was I had been the speaker at a big event for a restaurant group.

00:06:58.950 --> 00:07:04.170
Mike Ganino: And they had a big restaurant group with people from all over the place, and they said hey we want you to come back.

00:07:04.830 --> 00:07:12.060
Mike Ganino: For our event next year and I was like oh great you know that industry has such high turnover that I thought it'll be all brand new people mostly.

00:07:12.420 --> 00:07:17.580
Mike Ganino: The people who are coming back they're not going to remember everything I said so we'll come back and do the same thing again.

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Mike Ganino: And she said to me, no, no, we don't want you to speak and being like a little I was always an actor since childhood, so I thought you're not the first people who will pay me to shut up and not speak.

00:07:29.790 --> 00:07:37.950
Mike Ganino: And what they wanted me to do was to coach their executive team who you know at those at those company conferences, the exact always speak the marketing department, what are we rolling out what's new.

00:07:38.550 --> 00:07:47.190
Mike Ganino: And she said, everyone left and they remembered the little proverbs a little tags that you said, and they didn't remember any of the stuff they needed to do their job.

00:07:47.460 --> 00:07:49.950
Mike Ganino: So, can you come back and help our exact team with that.

00:07:50.400 --> 00:07:58.740
Mike Ganino: So I started doing that I started working with another group teaching their students on public speaking, how to use improv to do better Q amp a better panels.

00:07:59.100 --> 00:08:04.050
Mike Ganino: And that really was the kickoff for me of like Oh, this is what i'm supposed to be doing, because it just.

00:08:04.560 --> 00:08:19.680
Mike Ganino: I just loved it, I really, really loved helping I was kind of bought that that line from I think a net simmons who wrote the book, the best story wins, and I really believe that it's not the smartest person or the one with good information it's the one who knows how to package, it.

00:08:20.040 --> 00:08:21.360
Mike Ganino: And so that to me was really.

00:08:21.450 --> 00:08:23.130
Mike Ganino: exciting to be able to help people with that.

00:08:23.400 --> 00:08:40.320
Jane Atkinson: know you have an origin pick a lane origin story very similar to Patricia friendships because she had the exact same thing you know, a big sales team that sold high ticket items said, can you come back next year and show us how you did that, like.

00:08:40.530 --> 00:08:40.920
Mike Ganino: fun.

00:08:41.220 --> 00:08:51.000
Jane Atkinson: We didn't want to come back the next year and do have different speech, it was like show is what you did a speech that you just gave so that's really cool alright so.

00:08:52.050 --> 00:09:13.770
Jane Atkinson: Building okay so it's very easy as a speaker to go about your business and not focus on building community but there's a lot of opportunity, especially in today's kind of expanded virtual situation that we find ourselves in post comin.

00:09:14.910 --> 00:09:15.540
Jane Atkinson: comin.

00:09:16.950 --> 00:09:17.430
Jane Atkinson: comin.

00:09:18.210 --> 00:09:20.100
Mike Ganino: comin wave.

00:09:20.160 --> 00:09:31.770
Jane Atkinson: yeah for the way vivid so um how at what point did you say hey i'm getting some pretty big audiences here I should probably pull them towards.

00:09:31.770 --> 00:09:32.280
Jane Atkinson: me.

00:09:32.610 --> 00:09:38.130
Jane Atkinson: and start figuring out how to you know work with them a little bit more.

00:09:39.300 --> 00:09:51.750
Mike Ganino: For me, it was realizing that the work of coming in, let me fix this really quick sorry that's Okay, it was realizing that the work of just coming in um wasn't going to be.

00:09:52.860 --> 00:09:54.510
Mike Ganino: wasn't going to be just.

00:09:57.180 --> 00:10:03.360
Mike Ganino: I wasn't gonna be able to just come in in one session and help somebody totally changed the way they communicate that it was going to take.

00:10:05.940 --> 00:10:21.210
Mike Ganino: On the back end that they couldn't just do session and become this communicator that they thought they could always dream of, and so I recognize that when maybe these exact teams that I was working with maybe they needed more work, maybe they needed help to.

00:10:22.320 --> 00:10:34.650
Mike Ganino: In the boardroom help to change the deep seated things that we were seeing when we were prepping for a speech, so I started to create these 363 months six months a year long retainer programs, where I would.

00:10:34.650 --> 00:10:36.930
Jane Atkinson: Work with that products yeah exactly.

00:10:38.340 --> 00:10:42.540
Jane Atkinson: Let me go ahead and i'm going to pause the recording and we can get you set back up here just one SEC.

00:10:43.770 --> 00:10:53.370
Jane Atkinson: Okay, so you started to develop some programming that could be the follow on realizing that there's a need, you know you go out you do a speech.

00:10:53.820 --> 00:11:06.660
Jane Atkinson: And people are like whoa can't how do I get more Mike how do I get more, and so you start to develop to develop your six month programs and and your coaching platforms.

00:11:07.980 --> 00:11:23.160
Jane Atkinson: How do you from the from the stage, how do you pull people into your fan base, how do you grab their names and email addresses what's your current you know, some people are doing qr codes now what's your current philosophy on that.

00:11:24.300 --> 00:11:31.470
Mike Ganino: My thing is, I was thinking like what is the easiest place for the audience and that's always been they've got their cell phone in hand.

00:11:31.740 --> 00:11:32.790
Mike Ganino: And so, can we.

00:11:33.180 --> 00:11:36.030
Mike Ganino: Even if they're watching virtually their cell phone is right there because.

00:11:36.510 --> 00:11:40.530
Mike Ganino: As engaging, as you can be they might stop into a tweet or something who knows.

00:11:40.950 --> 00:11:44.040
Mike Ganino: And so, for me the cell phones always been the easiest place.

00:11:44.580 --> 00:11:52.050
Mike Ganino: One of the things that i'll do in a talk, or if i'm doing a group session, and you know something like that is I will.

00:11:52.890 --> 00:12:02.280
Mike Ganino: have them stop and do a selfie for some reason or i'll have them stop and take a screenshot of themselves a selfie with their screen and I talked about their usually something like.

00:12:02.790 --> 00:12:09.630
Mike Ganino: today's the day, where you make a change to show up differently in the world, and they have their phone in their hand, and I say hey, by the way.

00:12:10.050 --> 00:12:19.560
Mike Ganino: I also realized that today's not the day where you're going to change everything about yourself so i've got some resources to help you on your journey text me here i'll send it to you, and it works really well.

00:12:20.940 --> 00:12:29.910
Jane Atkinson: Great great tell us what we're going to actually give you actual platforms here what tad how texting service, do you use for that.

00:12:30.420 --> 00:12:33.000
Mike Ganino: So, for a long time, I was using.

00:12:33.570 --> 00:12:41.580
Mike Ganino: Lead pages lead pages has a lead digits program there they just stopped that recently here in the US, and so I use text file, which is super easy.

00:12:42.960 --> 00:12:44.160
Jane Atkinson: text the full.

00:12:45.690 --> 00:12:49.590
Jane Atkinson: ride so we'll get that in the show notes, and this will be a rich.

00:12:50.490 --> 00:12:58.920
Jane Atkinson: This oh you're going to want to check out the show notes on this one, because we're going to give you a lot of breakdowns of actual things that we're using okay.

00:12:59.550 --> 00:13:10.740
Jane Atkinson: So you and I reconnected we've always been in touch, but we just reconnected recently, because I was in the middle of looking for kind of like a new Community platform.

00:13:11.250 --> 00:13:19.140
Jane Atkinson: What we've done i'll break down what we've got going on over here and I want to Mike I want you to break down what you've got going on over there.

00:13:19.650 --> 00:13:38.970
Jane Atkinson: So we have been we've had an online course now probably for close to a decade but it only just gotten good in the last two years and even, I think, a year ago we even recreated it again and got even better, so we started out.

00:13:39.840 --> 00:13:46.470
Jane Atkinson: LM s is a learning management system we started out on learn dash Have you ever used learn dash Mike.

00:13:47.100 --> 00:13:53.640
Mike Ganino: No i've never and I don't even know if there's a program I don't know if i've ever even been a student inside of learn dash.

00:13:54.030 --> 00:14:06.600
Jane Atkinson: Okay, well, we really liked learn dash and you know it being aesthetically pleasing to the eye was important to me, but I security is show occurred.

00:14:06.930 --> 00:14:13.590
Jane Atkinson: And one weekend a small number of our students got like dozens of the same emails from us.

00:14:13.920 --> 00:14:29.430
Jane Atkinson: And when we went to get support on it, we didn't get a lot of support, and so we recognized, all of a sudden, how important security was on your online learning platform didn't didn't think of that before right So this was a new Aha.

00:14:29.850 --> 00:14:38.220
Jane Atkinson: And so we ended up doing a lot of researching narrowing down to three and we landed on think if ik now where do you.

00:14:38.970 --> 00:14:48.090
Jane Atkinson: i'll tell you about think if a cure in a second in terms of their community as well, where did you land for your you have an online course, do you right now, or what do you have going.

00:14:48.930 --> 00:14:54.270
Mike Ganino: yeah so the program the the MIC drop method program that six month container is.

00:14:54.720 --> 00:14:58.050
Mike Ganino: Pre recorded material because I didn't want people to have to waste their time.

00:14:58.680 --> 00:15:09.750
Mike Ganino: With me teaching them the same basics over and over so they have access to that to go to, and then we do a couple of group calls every week there's a business, not really a business but, like the strategy of their talk so.

00:15:10.080 --> 00:15:17.340
Mike Ganino: What is your storyboard look like what does who who are you talking to her and then there's a performance call every week where we work on.

00:15:17.880 --> 00:15:24.570
Mike Ganino: The delivery of it, whether we're playing with cameras or we're dealing with stage stuff and so, for me, one of the things that was really important was.

00:15:25.500 --> 00:15:30.510
Mike Ganino: that everything was in one place for people that they could have the Community side that they could have the.

00:15:30.960 --> 00:15:47.490
Mike Ganino: The live streaming easy to find that they had the course materials all in one place, and they didn't have to to kind of hunch through it, and so we use mighty networks because it's kind of an all in one solution for everything's in one spot for people.

00:15:48.000 --> 00:15:54.990
Jane Atkinson: So when it came to moving your course over there, what were you on did you move your course from something else to that.

00:15:55.440 --> 00:15:56.430
Mike Ganino: It was on teachable.

00:15:56.820 --> 00:16:01.590
Jane Atkinson: teachable okay so compare this has been my concern with making the move.

00:16:02.400 --> 00:16:11.880
Jane Atkinson: I feel as though, when you get involved with something you want the best of you want them to be the best at what they're doing right, and so I feel like.

00:16:12.300 --> 00:16:23.400
Jane Atkinson: mighty network is really good at Community, but I didn't know how good they were at the online course platform part and and I think if it gets really good at that.

00:16:23.700 --> 00:16:24.840
Jane Atkinson: So right now.

00:16:24.870 --> 00:16:44.490
Jane Atkinson: we're kind of still split, because when we reconnected I thought oh we're running a 30 day challenge i'm gonna try out the think you fit Community portion you know and wouldn't it be amazing if we could just do it all right there I got on there and I hated it.

00:16:45.450 --> 00:16:58.320
Jane Atkinson: I love it for the online learning and that's what you know we went to them for hated it for the Community so that's when I found mighty network and I loved the Community, but I don't know if i'm gonna like.

00:16:58.800 --> 00:17:07.830
Jane Atkinson: The online learning portion as much, what do you feel about it, since you made the move from teachable over have you felt like it was as good as teachable.

00:17:08.910 --> 00:17:17.370
Mike Ganino: I think that the the student experience is good teachable.

00:17:18.150 --> 00:17:23.940
Mike Ganino: Because with teachable you can log into so many different like if you're logged into teachable and they bought courses from me and someone else.

00:17:24.360 --> 00:17:28.740
Mike Ganino: You can find them all in there and it can get a little confusing of like where you're going sometimes.

00:17:29.400 --> 00:17:35.940
Mike Ganino: Whereas inside of like again I don't know anybody who has another mighty network, in addition to mine so maybe that would happen to them in there to.

00:17:36.630 --> 00:17:45.960
Mike Ganino: Some of the controls aren't as beautiful and easy to use as teachable so on my side i've had a huge learning curve with my team of like.

00:17:46.410 --> 00:17:53.130
Mike Ganino: Oh, can we allow them one of the strange issue but but it's a real issue for people was when they would be playing a video.

00:17:53.610 --> 00:17:59.340
Mike Ganino: If they didn't need to watch the video if it was me teaching a lot of my courses or me teaching directly to camera.

00:18:00.300 --> 00:18:08.640
Mike Ganino: And it was a part they didn't need to watch her it was them you listening to me, and they didn't need to to watch me so they would open another tab well it stops the video playing.

00:18:09.060 --> 00:18:10.680
Mike Ganino: Because it wants you to only be watching it.

00:18:11.040 --> 00:18:21.360
Mike Ganino: And so, so, then I created a down, they can download every video as a podcast and it's just a closed podcasts for just my students in the program so that helped with that a little bit.

00:18:22.230 --> 00:18:29.850
Mike Ganino: And there's just a lot of things like that that we didn't know how to change the settings on some of them were us like we just didn't know how to it was.

00:18:30.060 --> 00:18:35.100
Mike Ganino: Learning somebody gave us a Ferrari, and we don't know how to drive a Ferrari, so we just drive five miles an hour.

00:18:35.580 --> 00:18:42.390
Mike Ganino: So some of it has been that on my side and some of it was just like Oh, the design of this is to keep them right here, the whole time but.

00:18:42.690 --> 00:18:51.270
Mike Ganino: I don't really care if they're right here, the whole time they could be you know doodling on a piece of paper or while i'm talking to them so we've kind of had to figure out what that looks like but so far.

00:18:51.780 --> 00:18:57.000
Mike Ganino: it's been really nice to have it all in one place, it is definitely mighty networks is a little more clunky.

00:18:58.020 --> 00:19:06.000
Mike Ganino: On the kickoff so when a new student joins there's like multiple steps they have to follow, so we like really, really had to.

00:19:06.750 --> 00:19:17.910
Mike Ganino: manage our onboarding process because it's not just here's a link login it was here's this one now create an account now do this thing now do that thing so we've had to really enrich the onboarding experience because of that.

00:19:18.240 --> 00:19:19.620
Jane Atkinson: Things that I wasn't.

00:19:20.700 --> 00:19:35.010
Jane Atkinson: All that big of a fan on was so I had the wealthy speaker school was kind of like my umbrella that encompassed everything and then I had the 30 day challenge, and then I was testing out.

00:19:35.370 --> 00:19:51.120
Jane Atkinson: If I did you know my inner circle mastermind editor there as well, all of the people in all of the groups would also be a part of the wealthy speaker school community, and that was so confusing people were asking to join the wealthy speaker school committee it was.

00:19:51.120 --> 00:20:00.840
Jane Atkinson: Very good, so the other thing that I would miss and I don't know if they have this here I love this is one of the big things that I think.

00:20:01.710 --> 00:20:08.730
Jane Atkinson: Everyone listening needs to know about your course your course has to be able to get them across the finish line.

00:20:09.150 --> 00:20:15.510
Jane Atkinson: You need small bite sized pieces and so what we've done with our ready aim fire programming.

00:20:15.810 --> 00:20:27.510
Jane Atkinson: Is we've broken it down and every time you've finished, one of the modules so let's say in the ready module we might have you know 520 minute lessons or 720 minute lessons.

00:20:27.930 --> 00:20:38.760
Jane Atkinson: Then they get to celebrate they get a certificate, it is like whoa you finished already way to go, and then we move on to aim, and then they do the same with fire and it gets competitive.

00:20:39.030 --> 00:20:47.070
Jane Atkinson: And so I really wanted that kind of completion certificate all of that built in is that something that mighty networks does.

00:20:48.360 --> 00:20:50.790
Mike Ganino: There is a way that you can.

00:20:52.920 --> 00:21:03.420
Mike Ganino: I think there's a way to automate I haven't done it because, again it's like this Ferrari so i've not done that yet, but I know that there is a way that people can like at the end of something earned something I don't know how social it becomes meaning.

00:21:04.230 --> 00:21:06.660
Mike Ganino: Does it immediately, let them share it with the rest of the.

00:21:06.660 --> 00:21:09.210
Jane Atkinson: game they play do it ourselves so okay.

00:21:09.420 --> 00:21:18.360
Jane Atkinson: We shot, because I know when somebody's the ones that are instigating the celebration, but they also get an email that says congratulations and.

00:21:18.780 --> 00:21:28.140
Jane Atkinson: I think that's really important, so when you're setting up a course The other thing that I think and you've all you've built it into yours.

00:21:28.560 --> 00:21:35.490
Jane Atkinson: Is that you need to support people through the program, and so we have the hundred K club and.

00:21:36.180 --> 00:21:49.230
Jane Atkinson: You can go and do the course by yourself if you want to, there is a learning, you know, a self study element that you can just go and once you buy our course, by the way you have like lifetime access to it.

00:21:49.650 --> 00:21:51.270
Jane Atkinson: And so um.

00:21:51.450 --> 00:22:04.110
Jane Atkinson: But I really think that people get the best results when you have your two calls a week, one on strategy, one on performance, you know we have six seven calls a month, sometimes.

00:22:04.410 --> 00:22:14.760
Jane Atkinson: And that those are the parts that really build the Community wouldn't you say, give us a few tips on actually creating something where people want to be.

00:22:15.570 --> 00:22:23.850
Mike Ganino: yeah I think that's one of the big challenges with the world of courses and I think that's what you're alluding to to have like there was a period of time, where it was like hey speakers, especially at the beginning of.

00:22:24.330 --> 00:22:39.930
Mike Ganino: The first wave of coven of like create an online course and it's just not going to be the same thing if it's just here's a class do it on your own, and I think you see that a lot and that doesn't build your your status with with students and clients.

00:22:40.530 --> 00:22:41.880
Jane Atkinson: And it certainly yeah.

00:22:41.910 --> 00:22:47.430
Mike Ganino: Right it and it certainly doesn't help them achieve the thing which I think hurts you, in the end, because now, they say.

00:22:48.000 --> 00:22:57.840
Mike Ganino: Well, when I go to this person they don't actually helped me achieve it, so now, I would be worried of now they're not going to hire you as a speaker speaker because they think well they didn't really help us do anything.

00:22:58.380 --> 00:22:59.160
Mike Ganino: And so.

00:22:59.280 --> 00:23:02.220
Mike Ganino: I think it's one of the key things is exactly what you're saying.

00:23:02.610 --> 00:23:10.380
Mike Ganino: helping people get across the line and celebrating that together, and one of the challenges that we had in the beginning, was that the program is evergreen meaning.

00:23:10.800 --> 00:23:18.510
Mike Ganino: People can join anytime and so someone might be in week one someone might be in week five, and so we broke it down to make it not about like.

00:23:18.810 --> 00:23:29.370
Mike Ganino: In this week, you must do that, but to make them like specific modules So if you already had a speech you might skip the first module for now and go to the third part where we're talking about.

00:23:29.850 --> 00:23:45.000
Mike Ganino: voice or video production or something like that, and so we've named all of those really specifically so it's not just like I finished module one but that it's it's where you at with your core message i've storyboard my content.

00:23:45.240 --> 00:23:51.660
Mike Ganino: Right, so that it created, regardless of where you are, you could celebrate and there wasn't a you're further along than me moment.

00:23:51.870 --> 00:24:00.360
Jane Atkinson: Yes, yes, and one of the things that we've even learned and drill down on and i'm really hoping that somebody thinking about a course.

00:24:01.020 --> 00:24:18.120
Jane Atkinson: will be able to you know, take a lot of good notes here is yes, you educating them on the language so everybody knows the language like I know if somebody says well what's a promise statement that they haven't done anything in the school yet.

00:24:19.200 --> 00:24:25.620
Jane Atkinson: Because promise statement is language that we use for kind of like your unique selling proposition and so.

00:24:26.400 --> 00:24:42.780
Jane Atkinson: We have calls, so we have our three chunks are ready aim fire that's the basis of the wealthy speaker book that's the basis of our programs it's like everything we do kind of centers around the same ideas of ready and buyer.

00:24:43.350 --> 00:24:51.240
Jane Atkinson: And so we even have calls that are ready calls, so if you're building the foundations of your of your.

00:24:51.810 --> 00:24:58.950
Jane Atkinson: You need your promise statement you want to figure out what your lane is going to be you want to identify your perfect audience come to the ready calls.

00:24:59.280 --> 00:25:13.890
Jane Atkinson: If you're in the middle of you know, building out your speech, or if you're working on your marketing and your website, those are the aim calls and so on and so I think it really helps to be even specific so just to be clear for everybody.

00:25:14.640 --> 00:25:25.020
Jane Atkinson: The course gives them the ready and fire, but the Community is what's helping to deepen the learning by actually talking about what they've learned.

00:25:26.460 --> 00:25:29.910
Jane Atkinson: Is that kind of how you would think about it in your world as well.

00:25:30.540 --> 00:25:37.830
Mike Ganino: yeah absolutely and it's the place where they come to you know there's there's there's one thing about having someone be your teacher, you know.

00:25:38.250 --> 00:25:46.560
Mike Ganino: You being you being there coach in the program me being the coach but there's something else about having a group of people be there for the journey with you.

00:25:47.160 --> 00:25:58.710
Mike Ganino: And I think that's what's probably really enriching about the program people are going through with you and that's what I hear all the time for my group is like yeah you were great Mike, and this was really helpful, but I could have read the book.

00:25:59.700 --> 00:26:02.490
Mike Ganino: But I came here because I got to try stuff out I got to.

00:26:02.760 --> 00:26:12.570
Mike Ganino: To check ideas I got to dream bigger I got to chew on chew on it together, which I think is often especially right now, and everything feels so uncertain.

00:26:12.900 --> 00:26:16.470
Mike Ganino: there's something about coming into a group of people who are like minded.

00:26:16.740 --> 00:26:25.830
Mike Ganino: Who are after similar things of you and saying like we're here together doing this let's support each other, I just think that that's something people really want right now.

00:26:25.920 --> 00:26:40.290
Jane Atkinson: Okay do for sure it's speaking is a lonely business, and I think having other people who understand what you know when you think about it dude do our do our families really understand what we do know.

00:26:41.010 --> 00:26:55.650
Jane Atkinson: I do know, and so I think coming together with other like minded people is important Okay, I want to just talk through with you the merits of evergreen versus start date.

00:26:56.130 --> 00:27:03.990
Jane Atkinson: So we've done both, and we have both rolling right now, so our school is evergreen anybody can join our school anytime.

00:27:04.440 --> 00:27:18.090
Jane Atkinson: But we have this program it's a year long program called acceleration academy my team leader Jen runs it she's a graduate of the school she knows all things she's been with me for six years, I think, teaching this stuff.

00:27:18.540 --> 00:27:27.870
Jane Atkinson: And so we had an acceleration Academy, starting in the fall and we sold that group out 10 people.

00:27:28.260 --> 00:27:40.260
Jane Atkinson: And then, so we said okay well we'll run another one in December will we ended up selling that group out so then okay well start another one in March and we've got that one half sold like what I don't know what it is.

00:27:40.590 --> 00:27:45.960
Jane Atkinson: But actually having a start date, I will say there's something to that.

00:27:46.470 --> 00:28:02.430
Jane Atkinson: Because then there's some urgency to kind of get going and get it going so I I love having evergreen because that means somebody can join anytime, but I also think that there's some level of urgency and that those groups they're going to bond like nobody's business.

00:28:03.510 --> 00:28:08.370
Jane Atkinson: Those 10 people in each group they're going to really, really appreciate each other by the end.

00:28:09.450 --> 00:28:25.440
Mike Ganino: yeah I I see both ways and i've certainly done i've been in programs and lead like cohort based where we start and end at the same time, and it definitely is is a different experience, even as a coach to be leading that.

00:28:26.460 --> 00:28:34.740
Mike Ganino: Because it really is just pour everything into okay this group is on week one let's really look at week one and get them where they need to go or this week is really all focused on that.

00:28:35.250 --> 00:28:43.440
Mike Ganino: And for me the the evergreen thing came from, and I learned this from a business coach I worked with along the way mariah cars.

00:28:44.040 --> 00:28:54.780
Mike Ganino: And she talked about turtles and hairs so that's her thing of saying, some of your clients are going to find you and they're going to say oh my gosh I just stumbled on this great podcast with this guest.

00:28:55.050 --> 00:29:06.570
Mike Ganino: or I just found you on social, I want to work with you, and then you it, especially for speaking i'm usually is like ooh this is burning inside me I really want to do it now.

00:29:06.810 --> 00:29:09.060
Jane Atkinson: Yes, and you wanted moment.

00:29:09.270 --> 00:29:17.490
Mike Ganino: Right and whatever it was whatever thing I I did a tick tock on or I didn't instagram real or whatever group I was in or live stream or podcasts.

00:29:17.700 --> 00:29:28.350
Mike Ganino: They are feeling hot and heavy they are in love, they want the juice and so she talks about rabbit inherent she's like some of your clients are going to be hairs meaning are going to be not rabbit hairs tortoise and hare.

00:29:28.920 --> 00:29:32.310
Mike Ganino: they're going to be this hair and they're going to be ready to go.

00:29:32.910 --> 00:29:34.320
Mike Ganino: funny now.

00:29:35.220 --> 00:29:40.710
Mike Ganino: I know it's like wait a second that's the same thing Mike I am a public speaking coach you think i'd figure out words by now.

00:29:42.360 --> 00:29:51.570
Mike Ganino: But she talks about like some people are going to be ready to go there there send me the link, I want to buy i'm ready to go, and if you make them wait for three months they're going to have found the next person because.

00:29:52.140 --> 00:29:58.170
Mike Ganino: You did the work on your podcast like they listen to me, and they said Oh, I want it, I dream of giving a MIC drop where the speech.

00:29:58.920 --> 00:30:03.180
Mike Ganino: And then they can't work with me so like I still got that dream, let me go find the next person who has a cool Program.

00:30:03.690 --> 00:30:07.380
Jane Atkinson: yeah Okay, let me give you a workaround for that in case you in case you're.

00:30:07.410 --> 00:30:08.730
Mike Ganino: Interested I love it.

00:30:09.030 --> 00:30:17.820
Jane Atkinson: Now our new thing is, if they want to be a part of the March group so we're in December, right now, as we're recording this it's going to be a couple of months.

00:30:18.360 --> 00:30:29.460
Jane Atkinson: We let them join the school immediately and start learning immediately and I tell them exactly where to go inside the school to start whatever it is that they're working on I assign them some homework.

00:30:30.060 --> 00:30:47.250
Jane Atkinson: And so, then they can be preparing and then they can hit the ground running on march 1 and so that's like all of this Mike is just starting to start to gel for us and we're really starting to understand where the power is in all of our offerings.

00:30:47.880 --> 00:30:49.050
Mike Ganino: I love that I oh interesting.

00:30:49.050 --> 00:30:52.350
Jane Atkinson: I mean this literally has been a 10 year journey so i'm.

00:30:53.220 --> 00:31:06.840
Jane Atkinson: Some people some time and some energy, so that they don't make the mistakes that I make, let me tell you the mistake, I made big big big big way way way back on probably 10 years ago on club number one.

00:31:07.770 --> 00:31:19.830
Jane Atkinson: club number one well back then we didn't have zoom we just did like a phone call and I booked at five people into it, nobody got to speak.

00:31:20.160 --> 00:31:34.050
Jane Atkinson: Well guess like to speak and so club number one was an epic failure it wasn't you know, good for anybody because I didn't get to know them they didn't get to know me and.

00:31:34.830 --> 00:31:46.080
Jane Atkinson: Actually, something else that i've learned along the way, is when you meet live with people like, not just on zoom zoom gives you one level of engagement, have you ever done live events Mike.

00:31:46.680 --> 00:31:47.550
Mike Ganino: yeah yeah.

00:31:48.090 --> 00:31:54.930
Jane Atkinson: um would you say that the bonding during live events is like next level.

00:31:56.100 --> 00:32:04.020
Mike Ganino: Oh, so much so, I mean the shared experience is just so different because when you're staring when someone's at a computer they're in there.

00:32:04.710 --> 00:32:17.400
Mike Ganino: they're there with you on that computer maybe maybe they're looking at another screen, but the whole room is not you know it's like going to theater like seeing live theater versus watching live theater on TV on your couch very different experience.

00:32:17.550 --> 00:32:31.470
Jane Atkinson: Yes, for sure, so there was a I launched one of my actually it might have been even my very first inner circle mastermind which is kind of like my higher level group groups that are going for the.

00:32:33.030 --> 00:32:39.720
Jane Atkinson: case and I launched it and my dad passed away and I couldn't attend my own event.

00:32:40.470 --> 00:32:50.130
Jane Atkinson: And so I asked it was in Dallas and so vince pesenti who was my old boss stepped in on my behalf well vince bonded with the group, but I never did.

00:32:50.700 --> 00:32:59.700
Jane Atkinson: We never had the same relationship that I did with all the other groups, because even back then we weren't even on film we weren't even on zoom.

00:33:00.270 --> 00:33:15.660
Jane Atkinson: We were still doing telephone, so we never had that face to face connection, and so, even today, so with coven and everything i'm rethinking events, but I, I feel, in my heart, I must get back to live events, because.

00:33:16.470 --> 00:33:22.020
Jane Atkinson: This is where we really truly bond with people on a level that's like no other.

00:33:23.730 --> 00:33:29.610
Mike Ganino: yeah it's one of the it's One of the interesting things i've been thinking a lot about to have like is the.

00:33:30.060 --> 00:33:33.960
Mike Ganino: Is the current program i'm offering that's people join that they come through.

00:33:34.380 --> 00:33:45.690
Mike Ganino: And then do I do these like next here live retreat experiences for clients so it's a little bit of a reunion everyone's been vetted because i've gone through the Program.

00:33:46.470 --> 00:33:54.810
Mike Ganino: Because I think people will still want that kind of experience of being in person, and especially with speakers like you said earlier, speaking is so lonely.

00:33:55.140 --> 00:34:00.420
Mike Ganino: Such a lonely thing, not only do your family and friends not really understand what you do, but also.

00:34:01.410 --> 00:34:16.350
Mike Ganino: Either you spend a lot of time by yourself, talking to a camera these days or trying to shush everybody and get them out of your way and quiet all the neighbors and everything or you're alone in a hotel room, except for an hour that you're on stage and so.

00:34:17.820 --> 00:34:26.490
Mike Ganino: Having other people to say oh my gosh this thing that i've been through oh my gosh you had that to have you ever been stuck at this place, what did you do when you were stuck at the airport like.

00:34:26.880 --> 00:34:39.840
Mike Ganino: it's just so rare for us to get to do that, and I think that that in person experience, really, really, really work, I mean it works for probably every industry, but I think it's really beautiful for this industry because of how alone, it can be so much of the time.

00:34:40.320 --> 00:34:51.030
Jane Atkinson: So last piece, I just want to talk about so i'm thinking now that you're saying that i'm kind of thinking about my my clients and and pricing these things.

00:34:51.720 --> 00:34:59.700
Jane Atkinson: Number one if you're going to do course try to make it an irresistible offer.

00:35:00.180 --> 00:35:12.540
Jane Atkinson: I think that that's where we've gotten to we've got some VIP pricing, if you asked me about it, I will tell you about it, that is your resistible I mean we really make it a no brainer.

00:35:13.530 --> 00:35:21.870
Jane Atkinson: But then when you get to the higher price point where you're involved okay so online courses one price, but then.

00:35:22.380 --> 00:35:29.550
Jane Atkinson: i'm involved or Mike you're involved now they're paying more and your price, so I have.

00:35:30.000 --> 00:35:38.220
Jane Atkinson: kind of prices at a little bit lower price where my team leader Jen is involved, but then, if they get me then they pay the premium.

00:35:38.640 --> 00:35:49.740
Jane Atkinson: And so I also want to say that if you're having live events you know charge for that charge for that, like you really will find that live events are very, very expensive.

00:35:50.610 --> 00:35:55.110
Jane Atkinson: When you walked into a hotel contract I slid mine in like the last.

00:35:55.200 --> 00:36:03.150
Jane Atkinson: second week of March in 2020 That was my last live event, I have no idea how I was so lucky to be able to pull it off.

00:36:03.630 --> 00:36:21.840
Jane Atkinson: But the weekend next weekend all the events got canceled so it, you know that could have been $15,000 out of my pocket, and perhaps a lot of angry people right yeah you really have to understand what live amount its cost but.

00:36:23.130 --> 00:36:33.390
Jane Atkinson: Make sure you're My point is make sure you're charging what you're worth make sure that you're charging what you're worth when you do those live events have them be premium.

00:36:33.810 --> 00:36:49.440
Jane Atkinson: have them be you know get to have time with Mike directly spent some time in the room, how is that going to change your life, you know who's really good, and I think you had some you had some dealings with them early on, is Michael port.

00:36:49.470 --> 00:37:03.990
Jane Atkinson: and his team, who wrote heroic public speaking like they do a lot of live events, and so they they get it going and start you know kind of churning it out it's very interesting just to watch how that that operates isn't it.

00:37:04.530 --> 00:37:19.050
Mike Ganino: yeah and they've got I mean they've done they've gone so far as you know, having their own facility, where they can rely on it being there and they know how it's set up and and really figured out that that model for sure they've done that I think you know second to none.

00:37:19.290 --> 00:37:30.450
Jane Atkinson: My coach strategic coach Dan Sullivan, the same thing in Toronto, they probably have 100 employees and in Toronto, they have their own facility.

00:37:30.840 --> 00:37:41.910
Jane Atkinson: And it's got the most beautiful food and a waterfall in the lobby and when you go into the washroom they have their logo on the hand towels and i'm like this is when you know you've made it.

00:37:41.970 --> 00:37:46.440
Mike Ganino: Oh that's that is hot it's like a ritz carlton experience I love that.

00:37:46.800 --> 00:37:48.270
Jane Atkinson: Well that's what it feels like.

00:37:48.570 --> 00:37:56.820
Jane Atkinson: they're great role models for that, and now I realized, you know what I don't need to have my own facility i'll just use a very nice high end.

00:37:57.630 --> 00:38:03.330
Jane Atkinson: You know, hotel and they can have their logo on the hand towels i'm okay with that.

00:38:04.710 --> 00:38:10.680
Mike Ganino: You could just you just get to have the brand cachet by proxy you know because you're in that space.

00:38:10.770 --> 00:38:11.940
Jane Atkinson: yeah exactly.

00:38:13.080 --> 00:38:26.580
Jane Atkinson: Well, listen tell people how what's the first step if they want to get in touch with you or talk about the MIC drop moment you've got a podcast talk about that what's the best first step to getting to know you.

00:38:27.270 --> 00:38:38.760
Mike Ganino: yeah i'm you know i've got a million things out there in the world to watch her you know, once you figure out how to spell Mike gundy know GA and I know the good news about a name like that is I when the seo game.

00:38:39.030 --> 00:38:54.060
Mike Ganino: Because it's me that you're gonna find so you'll find videos you'll find a bunch of great podcast with with people like Jane you've had me on so graciously to to talk about things so Those are all the easy places might get ino COM, you could go there, learn about the program see if.

00:38:54.090 --> 00:39:03.510
Mike Ganino: You know you're into my vibe i'm always YAP and my trap over on instagram about something so all those places are an easy place to kind of start to get to know each other.

00:39:03.870 --> 00:39:10.890
Jane Atkinson: Oh beautiful well Mike I really appreciate you coming on the show today and sharing about community.

00:39:11.220 --> 00:39:29.460
Jane Atkinson: We are going to how we are going to have you back later in the year to talk about how to have those MIC drop moments I mean it's great I love the name of your podcast and that's a great aspiration, and so we will definitely have you back again, thank you, my friend for coming.

00:39:29.790 --> 00:39:40.680
Mike Ganino: Thanks so much for having me and just a you know you're such a great friend and you've been such a great mentor to so many of us out there, so thanks for for doing the show for putting all your effort in for being just a great.

00:39:40.950 --> 00:39:43.800
Mike Ganino: beacon of light and positivity in this industry for us Jane.

00:39:44.190 --> 00:39:51.630
Jane Atkinson: Thank you, I appreciate that and if those of you listening in have appreciated what you've heard today hey, let us know.

00:39:51.930 --> 00:40:03.990
Jane Atkinson: reach out send me an email Janet speaker launcher calm I liked your podcast I would love to hear from you, and with that we will say see you soon wealthy speakers bye for now everyone.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • Mike’s current business model.  [2:00]
  • Go after the “easy yes”. [5:00]
  • Creating your community. [9:00]
  • Technology keeps getting better. [14:00]
  • Keep your students engaged. [22:00]
  • Evergreen vs dated programs. [27:00]
  • The power of live events. [33:00]
  • Charge what you’re worth. [36:00]



Mike believes that the stories we share have the power to transmit more than information and that when you tell a good story, it’s an energetic exchange that leaves the audience forever changed. Maybe they’ve learned something; perhaps they’re inspired; maybe you’ve shown them a new way of being that will stick with them forever. When that happens, he calls it a #mikedropmoment.

If you would like some ideas to get your own community started, you simply can’t afford to miss this episode!

I hope you’ll download and learn.


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