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Building the Speaking Business of Your Dreams with Jen McDonough

Building the Speaking Business of Your Dreams with Jane Atkinson and Jen McDonough
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Quote: “When we’re in fear, the basic thing is that we forget to breathe, and when we breathe, that’s where the excitement is.”  Jen McDonough

We’re always talking about building the speaking business of your dreams, but just how many of us have actually gone ahead and taken that leap?  We give you the tools and strategies and advise you on how to make it happen.  On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Show, we welcome Jen McDonough to take us through her journey and share how she has realized her dream!

Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen) is a motivational storyteller and engaging Amazon Top 100 author, works with high-stress, high-demand, and service-oriented organizations to cultivate resilient team members who can walk through any fire.  Jen and her family are most known for paying off over $212,000 worth of debt and medical expenses in four years. Their story has been featured in local, national, and international media.


Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • Jen’s fabulous business model.  [1:30]
  • How Jen got the speaking bug.  [5:30]
  • Working through the fear.  [11:00]
  • Getting intentional.  [14:30]
  • Investing in your beginning.  [17:30]
  • Attitude pivot to virtual.  [24:00]
  • There’s enough pie for everyone, so share.  [30:00]
  • Letting video tell your story.  [24:00]

Jen is also an 8-time national weightlifter, 2-time US Olympic Festival medal winner and Minnesota Hall of Fame inductee, an Ironman triathlete, and a former volunteer firefighter.  All three of her books have hit Amazon’s Top 100 categories, including her book 5 Minutes a Day to Living Beyond Rich, which hit #1 under Amazon’s budgeting category.  Jen lives in Lindstrom, Minnesota, with her four awesome kids, one handsome husband, three naughty dogs and one ugly mortgage.

If you would like to hear a great success story and some sage advice on building the speaking business of your dreams, you simply can’t afford to miss this episode!

I hope you’ll download and learn.


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