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[Podcast] How to Find Clients by Building Your List with Hugh Culver

Building Your List
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“I just wish I knew where to find more clients!” We’ve all been there. The solution might lie in your email list. Speaker and author, Hugh Culver knows a thing or two about email list-building. He’s used his list to get many of his speaking engagements over the years. In this episode, Hugh shares strategies for building an email list that translates to paid speaking gigs. Learn more about lead magnets, when to ask for the sale, and why you might want to scrub the word “newsletter” from your website.

Topics Discussed:

[1:17] How often does Hugh hear from speakers who want to find more clients?

[2:30] What are 3 things people can do to build their email list?

[3:27] Hugh discusses goals for building an email list.

[4:24] What are the elements of a list-building campaign?

[5:36] Hugh offers tips for targeting a niched audience.

[9:00] What are some of good “asks” at the end of a webinar?

[13:29] How to build a better lead magnet

[16:00] How long should a lead magnet be?

[17:00] “Sign up for my newsletter” is weak!

[17:57] What is a delicate way to invite people to join your email list?

[23:04] When is the right time to ask for the sale?

[26:26] What is a good price to charge when doing a paid webinar?

[29:54] Jane and Hugh discuss the importance of having a sidekick.

[32:24] How can you use your list to stay top of mind with potential clients?

[34:41] If Hugh were doing it all over again, what would he do differently?

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