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Business Karma: What Goes Around Comes Around

You’ve all heard me talking about Karma CRM for Speakers as an excellent tool for keeping track of your leads and closing business.

But today I’m talking about a different kind of karma.

The type of karma that you gather from sharing your pie.

The founder of NSA (National Speakers Association), Cavett Robert, wanted all speakers to adopt the attitude that the pie was plenty big for everyone. That’s why we gather once a year at the Influence conference and share our best practices. But it doesn’t stop there.

Behind the closed doors of many a speaker’s office, the pie is being shared…

My client and friend, Greg Schinkel, is sharing the pie. He’s got a multi-million-dollar training business in the area of front line leadership for manufacturing. And, when one of his trainers dropped out this summer, he asked me if I had any road warriors (trainers with a lot of experience) to recommend. I did, and two of my clients are now working with Greg on more than a dozen training dates. Greg is sharing the pie.

Bob Parker runs experiential training programs with his Pit Crew Challenge Leadership training and will often outsource business to other speakers when the need for topics outside his wheelhouse arise. Bob Parker is sharing the pie.

My client, Paul Schemp, submitted Kindra Hall, another one of my clients, for a huge marketing conference in Boston called INBOUND. Paul is sharing the pie.

I love it when I’m able to turn my Speaking Bureau colleagues to fresh faces in the speaking industry, not for a commission, but because it’s a good thing to do. You can certainly charge a finder’s fee if you are constantly sending business to other speakers, and perhaps one day I will, but for the most part I just want to help.

There have been several times when an Amazon gift card arrives in my mailbox compliments of Lou Heckler who worked with one of my clients. A gesture that says, “I appreciate you.”

That’s business karma.

So, let me ask you this. When is the last time that you went out of your way to help someone else get a piece of the pie?

Maybe you adopted a new speaker at a big conference and showed them the ropes. Or maybe you introduced a past client to a speaker that they weren’t familiar with.

What goes around truly does come around and I hope this post will serve as a reminder to share the pie.


See you soon, Wealthy Speakers!

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