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[Podcast] Copywriting that Sells with Steve Slaunwhite

Copywriting that Sells with Steve Slaunwhite

You can have an amazing looking website, but it’s not going to do you much good without great web content. Steve Slaunwhite has made his career out of finding the right words to sell services and products. This episode is all about finding the right formula for web content that gets you booked.

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Show Notes:

[1:37] What are some common mistakes speakers make when it comes to copywriting (Steve’s got 3 big ones)?

[7:04] Should you be more or less formal depending on your target audience?

[8:39] First person or third person voice…that is the question!

[10:21] “You” copy vs. “Me” copy…Steve has a great tip for this.

[13:32] Here’s a great way for integrating testimonials into your web copy.

[15:40] “Would it be safe to say…” is a good phrase to work into conversations with clients when getting testimonials.

[17:37] Headlines! What makes a good one?

[23:06] What exactly does conversational language mean?

[24:26] Pick the right subject line for your emails (that is, if you want people to open them!)

[31:40] Being cute or clever is a fine line.

[34:40] Know thy prospect.

[38:09] Trying to write copy for several different prospects can be very tricky.

[39:53] How can we use copy to strengthen our brand?

[43:33] Some audience Q&A!

[45:33] An example of when to have separate pages or separate websites

[47:59] Long or short copy?

[50:22] When buying a high-ticket item, has Steve ever been asked if they could contact one of Steve’s clients?
[53:55] What about writing for social media? How is that different from writing for a website?

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