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Creating Lead Magnets That Get Results with Lauren Pibworth

Creating Lead Magnets That Get Results with Jane Atkinson and Lauren Pibworth
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Quote: “They don’t care about you until they care if you can solve their problem.Lauren Pibworth

Do you have a lead magnet? Is it getting you the results that you want? We all create lead magnets with the hope that they will bring in a ton of new business. But just how effective are they, and how can we improve upon them? On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Show, we’re happy to welcome our resident Wealthy Speaker School website expert Lauren Pibworth to talk about what you can do to make your LM irresistible.

Lauren is the founder of Pibworth Professional Solutions, one of the most successful speaker marketing agencies in Canada.  For over 15 years now, Lauren and her team have been working with new and veteran speakers to help them establish and expand their digital marketing footprint.  She specializes in Custom websites, passive income products and marketing campaigns that persuade decision-makers to say ‘yes’ more often.


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Jane Atkinson: Well welcome everyone to the wealthy speaker. Podcast. Today we are talking lead magnets and to walk us through it is Web designer, extraordinaire, Lauren Pitworth. Welcome to the show, Lauren.

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Lauren Pibworth: Thank you, Jane. I'm so happy to be here. It's awesome.

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Lauren Pibworth: Tell everybody about your business and what you do, and for who

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Lauren Pibworth: absolutely I have been running a speaker-focused marketing agency for the last fifteen years. I feel very old today.

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Lauren Pibworth: But Yeah. I'm. Working exclusively with professional speakers to help them grow their audience and simply get on more stages and help Decision-makers say Yes, more often

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Jane Atkinson: nice. So you've designed a lot of websites. People can go to see your work. Where? What is the Url

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Lauren Pibworth: uh Pibworthps com, And then just click on portfolio.

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Lauren Pibworth: Okay, and they can check that out and see the websites that we've designed. Maybe they're thinking about redoing their website. I can give you a call. Maybe they should want to get some ideas. I think there are a lot of great sites in there. I've taken a look there myself

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broadly. We're going to dive into lead magnets specifically. But what are some of the bigger things that you see, maybe being missed or added unintentionally, or something to websites. What are some of the mistakes that you might see,

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Lauren Pibworth: I think my biggest at Eve is not having a way to contact the speaker,

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Lauren Pibworth: and as a speaker's bureau agent, I can say that we are doing things quickly.

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Lauren Pibworth: When we ask the speaker, we don't want to try to poke around. We don't want to fill out a long form, and we don't want to have to look all through your website to find it so. I think a good standard practice is to contact us. Button is the tab on the right hand side. We are

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Jane Atkinson: a little name and email right above. That is fine, too. But also Don't, let me fill out a long form. Put your name, your email address, and your phone number above the form. I'm: okay to fill up the form. But I want it to be optional right?

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Lauren Pibworth: Absolutely absolutely No, no. Mandatory fields other than name and email. Obviously,

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Jane Atkinson: Yes, okay.

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Jane Atkinson: It's a form simple If it's a thirty question form. I'm not going to spend my time going there, because just think about it. The people who are making decisions want to do things relatively quickly. That's not your uh pet peek or my pet Pee. It's everybody who is working with speakers. So let's make sure we get that one crossed off very quickly. What else have you got for us.

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Lauren Pibworth: I think simply not planning out the flow of the site.

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Lauren Pibworth: Here's all the things that I have boom and you're not thinking about the thought process of the decision-maker as they work through your site. I mean, as we've already said, they've only got what about seconds to capture their attention. So we've really got to think about

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Lauren Pibworth: what their needs are, and answer those questions on the site first, before we, You know they don't care about you until they care if you can solve the problem.

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Jane Atkinson: So rather than having a book so and so now button above the fold on the homepage, hey? Why don't we get to know each other a little bit first. Maybe I can find out more about you. Talk a little bit about the about us, Page, because I think people go to the about us, Page pretty consistently, did they? Not?

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Lauren Pibworth: Absolutely. And I wish we could change the name of the about us. Page to the about my ideal customer cage.

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Jane Atkinson: Oh,

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Lauren Pibworth: does that change about them? And not you? Well, yeah, you want to make that page. This is how I solve your problem because of who I am.

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Jane Atkinson: Okay. So let's break that down a little bit, because if i'm going to hire you, I do want to know what you've done.

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Lauren Pibworth: Yeah, the background. And so I love the idea of starting it off with. You know the reason I solved this problem in my life is because. And then starting to go back to the history, I like that

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absolutely. I mean, I start almost all of my about us pages with my number one testimonial

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Lauren Pibworth: and explain how I got it. Hmm.

00:04:43.000 --> 00:04:52.089
Lauren Pibworth: And I think that's like It's credibility. It talks about what what you've done, how you've solved the issue. That's one of my favorite formulas.

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Jane Atkinson: Okay, cool and and maybe let's just touch on testimonials here for a second as well. Um shorter long and and I have a question that can be asked to get to the to the heart of what we want. What do you think in terms of length of testimonials? Do they have to be?

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Lauren Pibworth: Good Lord, no!

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Lauren Pibworth: What I love to do is um short sentence, maybe to. And if you've got really juicy content in there, or read more tag, and then I have it a testimonial page. If they're interested they're going to go there, but they're not going to spend their time reading paragraphs. Maybe you build it for the scan or somebody. Yeah.

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Jane Atkinson: And so let's assume that everybody has your a good speaker testimonials, and let's ask questions that are going to get you to the Roi. The return on testimonials like what changed as a result of our work together?

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Lauren Pibworth: Exactly. And you can even ask that question when you're on your wrap-up. Call with the client hopefully. That's

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Jane Atkinson: part of your process that you're going to have a pretty soon after the engagement call, and really look at how things went, and asking great questions, and if they tell you something that you think you could do, you could just say, Hey, can I quote you on that? Then you write it back to them in an email. They approve it, and you have your testimonial without waiting for a long period of time.

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Jane Atkinson: Is it an above the full thing to put logos of companies that you've worked for Lauren? Where does that go on the homepage.

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Lauren Pibworth: Well, to be honest, the fold is kind of a moving target now, because we're looking at websites on so many different devices. So what looks like above the fold in your desktop is not above the fold on on your phone. I like it for credibility, but honestly, I don't.

00:07:00.060 --> 00:07:05.540
Lauren Pibworth: Personally, I don't put them above the fold unless there's a really good reason,

00:07:05.790 --> 00:07:22.189
Lauren Pibworth: right? If you're if the people you've worked with are absolutely stellar and everyone's gonna Oh, wow, they were hired by Google. Well, then, that goes there. But general stuff. No, it's the real estate's too valuable.

00:07:22.260 --> 00:07:35.680
Jane Atkinson: I have a few clients that it's like Google Facebook. I mean, it's apple. It's the players of the players. And so I think maybe that does. That's a good advice,

00:07:35.690 --> 00:07:46.170
Jane Atkinson: and always thinking about how is this going to look on Mobile? I think it's just another. Okay. So the goal of this

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Jane Atkinson: a podcast is to have people thinking kind of more intentionally about everything website, and now we break it down to the magnet. So what are the top issues that speakers run into when they're creating their remains?

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Lauren Pibworth: Well, it's funny. It's also often the same issues that they're thinking about when when they're doing their marketing in general, and that's a lack of planning. They it's just like Oh, i'm going to give this away great.

00:08:17.090 --> 00:08:28.099
Lauren Pibworth: And now what right you've You've given away your great thing, and you have no no follow up. I mean it's. Follow up as it is everywhere, right?

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Lauren Pibworth: So even with your late magnet having planning out the problem, the solution, and then what seed you're going to do for the next problem, so that they then need to consume your next piece and ultimately hire you.

00:08:42.179 --> 00:08:44.719
Jane Atkinson: I love that. Okay. So

00:08:45.180 --> 00:08:58.769
Jane Atkinson: I feel like lead magnets could be broken down into. There's a lead magnet that we want on our website designed to grab people's names and email addresses.

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Jane Atkinson: But Also, when we're out speaking we want to be able to use a Qr code or something to give them something, and some people have different the magnets for both. But it's okay to probably use

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Jane Atkinson: the same one for both. Because if you have something that you think your audiences are going to want, and the goal is that the lead magnet is something that they say. I I must have that.

00:09:24.700 --> 00:09:35.789
Lauren Pibworth: Yes, let me give my people Really, don't want to give over their email address for sign up for my newsletter. That's pretty outdated. Now,

00:09:35.800 --> 00:09:37.489
Lauren Pibworth: that is so dead.

00:09:37.500 --> 00:09:43.460
Lauren Pibworth: Yeah, that is so dead. And it's also a matter of finding the right offer.

00:09:43.640 --> 00:10:11.259
Lauren Pibworth: Um, so let me kind of give you an example. So if you're if you have a signature keynote a signature talk that you give all the time a really good lead magnet would be something that absolutely relates to the content there that will lead them into something else. But something on your website that you're using specifically for lead. Gen: That can be a little bit more generic.

00:10:11.270 --> 00:10:23.060
Lauren Pibworth: So again, it's that thoughtful planning of what's the right offer? What's the right question? What is the problem I'm going to solve? And is it the problem?

00:10:23.340 --> 00:10:29.209
Lauren Pibworth: Am I solving the problem immediately, or do I need to kind of warm them up a little bit

00:10:29.550 --> 00:10:40.489
Lauren Pibworth: right if you're If your League magnet is culture, do you have a good culture? Is not a good title for a lead magnet

00:10:40.500 --> 00:10:55.059
Lauren Pibworth: right? The good title would be flowing into either the aspirational statement or the pain statement around their poor culture. They may simply know that gossip is going insane, and they want to fix it.

00:10:55.840 --> 00:11:00.680
Lauren Pibworth: They They don't know that. That's a culture problem. They they're talking about the symptom

00:11:00.690 --> 00:11:30.040
Jane Atkinson: right? Right? Right? Okay. So you might drill down on one thing that really. And here's the thing about lead magnets. We test, We test it works. It doesn't work. And we just again like, I mean, basically, and we're going back to the market with an orderly magnet that we used to use. That was very effective talk tree mistakes, speakers making how to avoid them, and we've refreshed it and updated it, and we'll try it, and we'll see

00:11:30.050 --> 00:11:36.589
Jane Atkinson: It used to be very effective. Is it effective today? I don't know. Yet we have to test it, and

00:11:36.600 --> 00:11:37.489
Lauren Pibworth: and I love

00:11:37.500 --> 00:11:43.099
Lauren Pibworth: sorry. I love that You're repurposing it, because that's really really key. I have

00:11:43.110 --> 00:12:01.410
Lauren Pibworth: several quizzes that I've used over the years, and I change. I have exactly the same quiz. I clone it, and I change two or three words, and all of a sudden it's a custom quiz on this problem or that problem the same quiz, just slightly different wording

00:12:01.440 --> 00:12:11.469
Jane Atkinson: nice. And I do love a good quiz. We can talk about all the let's talk actually about the different types

00:12:11.480 --> 00:12:33.689
Jane Atkinson: of lead magnets that we see a lot of Okay. So it used to be back in the day like a white paper was a great I don't know. Maybe in the academic world and in Ah, intellectual people! White papers are still not commodity. I think it's going to come down to the top the white paper regardless right,

00:12:33.700 --> 00:12:50.769
Lauren Pibworth: absolutely absolutely. And if your clients. Um! Are. You know, their consumers of information, and you are a subject matter expert in this particular thing. Um like, for instance. Ah, Rand Randall Craig.

00:12:50.780 --> 00:12:57.990
Lauren Pibworth: So Randall is a digital marketing strategist, and he does white papers,

00:12:58.000 --> 00:13:08.229
Lauren Pibworth: and he does it extremely successfully. I don't know a lot of other speakers unless they are as content, heavy

00:13:08.240 --> 00:13:19.889
Lauren Pibworth: as he is, whose audiences are likely to consume that very interesting. So you could also do some sort of video series

00:13:19.900 --> 00:13:27.739
Lauren Pibworth: yup and video series and many membership sites are really hot right now.

00:13:27.760 --> 00:13:47.499
Lauren Pibworth: Yeah. So um, you come in and you get a little little bit video series. And then that video series You it. The videos will be drip to you. And then that's placed in a membership site. And you add things occasionally. But people, it drives people back to your website, and you don't have to keep

00:13:47.510 --> 00:14:00.379
Lauren Pibworth: um creating a lot of content for that. But it's great for your ah seo, because people are visiting your site. It gives you a great reason to email them and say, Hey,

00:14:00.390 --> 00:14:07.990
Lauren Pibworth: I've added something to the membership Site. There's a value feeling to that.

00:14:08.000 --> 00:14:18.010
Lauren Pibworth: We're getting more. We're getting more. And here it is. I love that. And you're actually getting my own wheels turning

00:14:18.020 --> 00:14:23.490
Jane Atkinson: already. Have a little mini. Course you know. How do we? How do we expand on that?

00:14:23.500 --> 00:14:35.289
Jane Atkinson: Ok? So we've had a white paper. We've got maybe some sort of video series. We've got a Mini membership. We could have a free chapter of a book.

00:14:35.300 --> 00:14:36.250
Lauren Pibworth: Uh-huh.

00:14:36.260 --> 00:14:46.690
Lauren Pibworth: I get that away let's talk a little bit about quizzes. I love a quiz like. Oh, so you were talking about

00:14:46.700 --> 00:15:10.789
Lauren Pibworth: the culture idea. You know how magnetic is your culture? Do people want to come in? Where are people clamoring to come and work for you. That might be something that people would be like. Oh, yeah, Oh, I don't think we're magnetic at all. And so then they realize that they need you. The culture expert is the role for exactly the quiz Right? That's exactly,

00:15:10.800 --> 00:15:12.220
and quizzes.

00:15:12.230 --> 00:15:28.790
Lauren Pibworth: Sorry quizzes um. We whether we call them quizzes or assessments or audits. They're the same thing. I mean A. B to B language is going to be an assessment or an audit B to c. Language is probably going to be a quiz

00:15:28.800 --> 00:15:29.909
Jane Atkinson: love that

00:15:29.920 --> 00:15:32.290
Lauren Pibworth: so we can call it whatever we want,

00:15:32.300 --> 00:15:33.860
Jane Atkinson: and in

00:15:34.020 --> 00:15:54.009
Lauren Pibworth: we should quizzes, or whatever we want to call that simple. I like like ten questions or less, so that it doesn't take me personally too long to do the quiz. What about that? What's your What's your What are you seeing? Is a good length?

00:15:54.470 --> 00:16:03.199
Lauren Pibworth: And again it's going to depend on your audience and your outcome. So we don't start with the number of questions we start with the outcome.

00:16:03.210 --> 00:16:09.050
Lauren Pibworth: What is it that we want them to get? So

00:16:09.300 --> 00:16:20.280
Lauren Pibworth: why don't, we just talk about a couple of client quizzes and and go through that. So Sarah Mcdonnell, who is, I know you guys know Well,

00:16:20.290 --> 00:16:37.009
Lauren Pibworth: Um, she has something on her website called the workplace culture, audit. It is eight questions, and they rate things in importance. And then at the end they say so. Looks like your top. Two issues are this and this let's book a book, a call.

00:16:37.020 --> 00:16:38.390
Lauren Pibworth: I love it.

00:16:38.400 --> 00:16:57.110
Lauren Pibworth: One of the things I love about Sarah's quiz is we've actually built in a hot lead button. So at the very end the last question is, How can I serve you? Do you just want the results? How about some free resources, or Are you looking to book book a speaker?

00:16:57.120 --> 00:17:15.909
Lauren Pibworth: Anybody who clicked click looking to buy, looking to hire a speaker or a consultant who's directly into her inbox, and there's an immediate response which she can grab. Those leads the other people. They're still being served, but they're going to get an email sequence rather than her attention.

00:17:15.920 --> 00:17:33.330
Lauren Pibworth: I love that a hot lead button perfect. So is there another example of a different like That's an eight- question quiz love that Is there your example that you have that you want to share.

00:17:33.340 --> 00:17:51.279
Lauren Pibworth: Why, don't um Shelly Rose Charvey, whose ah website is words that change mind. She has something called test your influence, and that quiz that we built is really It's probably twenty. Some odd questions. It's quite long, but

00:17:51.290 --> 00:18:14.580
Lauren Pibworth: it's asking it. It is based on an Lp: So those individuals understand that six questions is not going to give them their their answer. They're waiting for a series of of algorithms, and that quiz is actually built, so that every single question that they answer delivers a custom result. So their results

00:18:14.590 --> 00:18:27.599
Lauren Pibworth: is about six pages long, but it's specific to them based on the answers. So again, listen to your audience. Your audience will tell you what they want.

00:18:27.610 --> 00:18:34.389
Jane Atkinson: That's really good, and I know Shelly and I know her audiences would be a better fit for that.

00:18:34.400 --> 00:18:41.290
Lauren Pibworth: Yes, more academic, more intellectual. And they would want like the white paper audiences kind of

00:18:41.300 --> 00:18:54.789
Lauren Pibworth: yes, so that makes perfect perfect sense. Ok, So let's dive a little bit more into lead magnets. We've talked about

00:18:55.140 --> 00:19:12.049
Jane Atkinson: um many memberships we talked about videos. We've talked about a couple of different kinds of quizzes. Once we have kind of a lead magnet started to develop.

00:19:12.450 --> 00:19:30.890
Lauren Pibworth: How do we leverage that? And this is where we really need to talk about the back end, because I think a lot of people will develop something. They'll give it away. And there's one email Tada. Here's your white paper, and then there's nothing else

00:19:30.900 --> 00:19:33.190
Lauren Pibworth: That's a big old bag of crickets.

00:19:34.800 --> 00:19:41.930
Lauren Pibworth: No, that's not. You need to nurture these people. I mean branding and marketing. It's always multiple.

00:19:41.940 --> 00:19:58.909
Lauren Pibworth: So I actually have a seven email sequence in most of my quizzes. And it's basically here. Here's the general formula. So email one is Here's your thing.

00:19:58.920 --> 00:20:18.170
Lauren Pibworth: Email two is just in case. And here's your thing, and Don't unsubscribe because I've got something else. I'm going to give you email two is Don't. Forget to download your thing. Oh, and here's that. That was that thing that I promised email three is a credibility email.

00:20:18.300 --> 00:20:26.390
Lauren Pibworth: I'm: talking about you, and how awesome you are. Obviously, I'm being very

00:20:26.400 --> 00:20:29.410
Lauren Pibworth: email four is um

00:20:29.870 --> 00:20:33.739
Lauren Pibworth: talking about, hey? You know. And there's a call to action

00:20:33.750 --> 00:20:50.889
Lauren Pibworth: on each of these. That's really important, because and it's the same Called:

00:20:50.900 --> 00:20:51.590
Lauren Pibworth: Yes.

00:20:51.600 --> 00:20:52.380
Jane Atkinson: Okay.

00:20:52.390 --> 00:20:53.389
Lauren Pibworth: Fair enough. Yeah.

00:20:53.400 --> 00:20:55.619
Jane Atkinson: Okay. Continue on your emails.

00:20:55.630 --> 00:20:57.180
Lauren Pibworth: So um

00:20:57.270 --> 00:21:00.320
Lauren Pibworth: uh email four is Um,

00:21:00.960 --> 00:21:18.590
Lauren Pibworth: hey? I know I've had. I've had issues. I've had trust issues, too, or something like that. So it an identification late to you. You? Yes, yeah, um email five. I'm: Sorry. I guess there's six. So email five is Um, I'm,

00:21:18.600 --> 00:21:23.089
Lauren Pibworth: You know this is this is it? This is all I have for you. So.

00:21:25.350 --> 00:21:33.670
Lauren Pibworth: Um! This is all I have for you. So we're gonna have to move on from here, and we.

00:21:33.850 --> 00:21:35.010
Lauren Pibworth: But

00:21:35.120 --> 00:21:38.299
Lauren Pibworth: we are going to place you on our Newsletter list.

00:21:38.620 --> 00:21:54.239
Lauren Pibworth: So so you're getting, and they you have to get permission to put them in the Newsletter list before they do the lead magnet for you that you can't just put them on. But let them know that this is the last email in the in the in the sequence. And then I actually send one more.

00:21:54.610 --> 00:21:56.700
Lauren Pibworth: So the one more is,

00:21:57.030 --> 00:22:01.589
Lauren Pibworth: Thank you so much. It's honoring the fact that they have opened the emails.

00:22:01.600 --> 00:22:08.530
Lauren Pibworth: Thank you for opening the emails. I really appreciate it. I I do have a question, though.

00:22:08.710 --> 00:22:12.469
Lauren Pibworth: You've obviously been interested in the Content because you looked at them.

00:22:12.720 --> 00:22:21.530
Lauren Pibworth: What stopped you from booking a discovery call. How can I do better? Would you help me understand

00:22:21.590 --> 00:22:36.689
Lauren Pibworth: just and again, if that flows with your audience, then great, but that may not flow with Everyone's all the tips that are given there. If there was only one way to do anything, we'd only ever do it one way,

00:22:37.150 --> 00:22:41.930
Jane Atkinson: and I love the kind of idea of

00:22:42.030 --> 00:23:02.969
Jane Atkinson: You're like indoctrinating people in your work as you lead them through. There's actually even one email in sequences that I've seen. That's called the indoctrination email, where it's like. Let me get to know you a little bit better. Let you get to know me a little bit better, etc. And let's lead you down this path.

00:23:02.980 --> 00:23:11.989
Lauren Pibworth: If you've got different audiences in different markets, then you need different lead magnets and different funnels for them for sure.

00:23:12.000 --> 00:23:30.980
Jane Atkinson: Yeah. And so I like the seven. Ah, the sequence. It's definitely because we cannot just give them the thing and then let it go and and talk a little bit about some of your clients who are doing this, for

00:23:30.990 --> 00:23:49.709
Jane Atkinson: how often are they touching people with just regular kind of content? So we've given them the seven, but then they go into the the Newsletter cycle, and they're going to get what? Once a week, once a month, How? What's the average of some of your clients,

00:23:49.720 --> 00:23:56.870
Lauren Pibworth: I would say newsletters are either bi-weekly or monthly.

00:23:56.880 --> 00:24:08.460
Lauren Pibworth: Um as consumers we are so tired of getting constant stuff. So don't spam your people, even if they've given you permission. Don't spam them

00:24:08.470 --> 00:24:25.579
Lauren Pibworth: um, but that's one of the reasons I love them. In the many membership site is that we can say, here's my newsletter. And then oh, by the way, you know, Two weeks later I've added something, and that can all be automated, because the thing that

00:24:25.590 --> 00:24:41.499
Lauren Pibworth: when you set up the Mini membership site the content is drift as well. So we've added something. You You may have forty things, but they've only seen the first three. So you've got constant fodder to continue to email.

00:24:41.510 --> 00:25:11.220
Jane Atkinson: So in sometimes pointing people back to the value that you've already given them. We have a super school every Sunday. You kind of get a report that says, here's how you're doing Here's your progress, and here are all the sections, and I have conversations with clients who said, I didn't even know that was in there. Wait a second like it. It. It appears, after our conversation. It was a business I need to go back and really see what all is in there, because I

00:25:11.230 --> 00:25:37.499
Jane Atkinson: missed out on some of the master's classes and some of the worksheets, and some of the things that you do. Sometimes we need to sell people on what we've already given that, and that actually brings up something that I think maybe the most important thing in the listening of this podcast. When you are offering up your lead magnet from the stage,

00:25:37.510 --> 00:26:03.490
Lauren Pibworth: You've got to sell it. You've got to tell people, and probably even more than once why they cannot live without, and why they need to scan this Qr. Code or text, or do whatever it is that they're going to do to get it. I love A. Good Qr. Quote, by the way, because it's International, the texting, By the way, doesn't always work in Canada. So if you do work cross border, you want to think about that. But

00:26:03.500 --> 00:26:11.189
Jane Atkinson: yeah, they need to sell it. We always need to really really sell this don't. We, the lead magnet, whatever it is,

00:26:11.200 --> 00:26:20.369
Lauren Pibworth: copy is everything. So whether you're speaking it from the stage or writing it on your website. Download my download. My lead magnet

00:26:20.380 --> 00:26:22.649
Lauren Pibworth: is not compelling copy

00:26:22.660 --> 00:26:23.669
Jane Atkinson: or down.

00:26:23.680 --> 00:26:47.000
Jane Atkinson: Get my newsletter definitely. Not. We already discussed that that is outdated, and nobody is going to lean in towards it because none of us want one more newsletter in our email basket, And I also want to reiterate. I get added to. I don't know how many lists

00:26:47.010 --> 00:26:59.990
Jane Atkinson: every week, and I just turn around and unsubscribe. So a you better have an unsubscribe button, and please Don't, add people to your list without their permission.

00:27:00.000 --> 00:27:02.190
Lauren Pibworth: Well, number one. It's a legal

00:27:02.200 --> 00:27:02.890
Jane Atkinson: yes,

00:27:02.900 --> 00:27:07.250
Lauren Pibworth: but number two. It's really irritating and bad for your brand.

00:27:07.470 --> 00:27:08.990
Jane Atkinson: Yes, for sure

00:27:09.000 --> 00:27:10.000
Jane Atkinson: or sharp.

00:27:10.010 --> 00:27:22.410
Jane Atkinson: All right. What have we missed? What's something that we have not yet said about lead maggots, maybe a different way of doing lead maggots, maybe something that we haven't covered yet.

00:27:22.870 --> 00:27:29.610
Lauren Pibworth: Well, let's talk about. There's two things i'd like to just kind of talk touch on, and Number one is

00:27:29.630 --> 00:27:32.190
Lauren Pibworth: making sure you're asking the right question.

00:27:32.200 --> 00:27:33.090
Jane Atkinson: Hmm.

00:27:33.100 --> 00:27:40.129
Lauren Pibworth: Right? So um. Probably the number One most important thing

00:27:40.140 --> 00:27:54.390
Lauren Pibworth: to to creating a lead magnet is making sure that the copy around it is right. So let me give you a quick example. I have a lead magnet on my site for emerging speakers,

00:27:54.400 --> 00:28:03.890
Lauren Pibworth: and it's all about helping them gain clarity. But what I called it was the number One roadblock that stops emerging speakers from being successful,

00:28:03.900 --> 00:28:04.680
Jane Atkinson: hey?

00:28:05.520 --> 00:28:09.000
Lauren Pibworth: I called it clarity. Nobody would care.

00:28:09.010 --> 00:28:19.590
Lauren Pibworth: The copy. The copy is important. It can't be misleading, because that actually is the number one roadblock that starts those that stops those new speakers.

00:28:19.600 --> 00:28:21.200
Lauren Pibworth: Okay, Um,

00:28:21.550 --> 00:28:33.090
Lauren Pibworth: you know ten things that you need to make sure are functioning on your website right now is another thing that I have on on, on my on my website. That is for more.

00:28:33.290 --> 00:28:35.889
Jane Atkinson: We haven't talked about a good checklist.

00:28:35.900 --> 00:28:53.639
Lauren Pibworth: Well, that's that's that's exactly what that is other than checklists. Yes, for sure. Yeah, checklists are awesome. Um. And I guess the other thing that I wanted to just touch on is it doesn't have to be only on your website,

00:28:53.900 --> 00:29:12.070
Lauren Pibworth: right? There's so many places that you can use it. Yes, when you're selling from the stage we talked about that. But if you create your lead magnet as a the page on your site. Well, then, all of a sudden it becomes part of your regular social media.

00:29:12.080 --> 00:29:25.850
Lauren Pibworth: It becomes in your email signature. How many times have we forgotten that valuable piece of real estate in our email signature? It's something that when you write articles

00:29:25.860 --> 00:29:40.729
Lauren Pibworth: you put it in the in the signature piece. There, you can put it in your Youtube Channel on all of in your in like. It can be everywhere. You don't have to just wait for someone to land on your website

00:29:40.740 --> 00:29:46.169
Lauren Pibworth: to join your list. Go out and get them. Tell them this amazing thing that you have.

00:29:46.230 --> 00:29:52.459
Jane Atkinson: That's really really good. That's really good advice, Lauren. I appreciate that.

00:29:52.690 --> 00:29:58.889
Jane Atkinson: Tell everybody. Now, you've got a course coming up that's going to help people do what?

00:29:58.900 --> 00:30:12.580
Lauren Pibworth: So we are going to help. Ah, Speakers build Physical League magnets. I'm going to focus on quizzes because i'll tell you lead magnets in general. You're lucky if you get, you know,

00:30:13.440 --> 00:30:16.020
Lauren Pibworth: two to three percent

00:30:16.030 --> 00:30:33.499
Lauren Pibworth: uptake rate. The quizzes that we're building right now, for our clients are getting anywhere from ten to twenty percent uptake rate. It's the interactive part. It's the it's the Oh, look, this is fun or look, this is helpful.

00:30:34.010 --> 00:30:51.290
Lauren Pibworth: So myself. You know how smart of the communicator, are you? Well, of course I want to know like because it's all about me, right?

00:30:51.300 --> 00:31:03.379
Lauren Pibworth: So we're going to be doing it over four weeks, so we'll be doing a half day for four four weeks, and we're going to talk about everything. I'm bringing my copywriter in,

00:31:03.390 --> 00:31:31.049
Lauren Pibworth: and we're going to be doing copyrighting. I'm going to bring my tech, my tech support and tech analyst in. We're going to help you figure out exactly what the right platform is for you to build it, because there's lots of different options depending on what you already have. We're going to actually, physically build the quiz. We're going to write the questions, write the outcomes, and at the end you're going to have everything you need to launch your laid magnet, and we're also going to talk about how to use it,

00:31:31.060 --> 00:31:38.050
Lauren Pibworth: and how exactly what we just talked about. What's your marketing plan? Now? You've got a thing

00:31:38.120 --> 00:31:40.130
Lauren Pibworth: great. Now what

00:31:40.730 --> 00:31:48.290
Jane Atkinson: it properly. I love that. And if people want to know more about that, do we have a url, or do we need to put it in the show up.

00:31:48.300 --> 00:31:50.990
Lauren Pibworth: We'll stick it in the in the show notes for you.

00:31:51.000 --> 00:32:03.889
Lauren Pibworth: Um! And we're going to be starting Just we're going to be doing it. Live for the first few, because this is Beta, and then eventually we're going to. We're going to do ever grain. So we're going to be starting in in a New Year.

00:32:03.900 --> 00:32:04.390
Jane Atkinson: Okay,

00:32:04.400 --> 00:32:26.129
Jane Atkinson: Very good. Well, I just want to say Thank you, Lauren Pidwork, because not only have you just been somebody that I've loved watching the work that you do. But I also appreciate you being our in-house web designer at the wealthy Speaker School, and offering up some quite affordable

00:32:26.140 --> 00:32:39.719
Lauren Pibworth: websites for our students who are emerging speakers. So thank you so much for the genius that you bring to us in the wealthy speakers.

00:32:39.730 --> 00:32:42.190
Lauren Pibworth: Well, thank you. It is my pleasure,

00:32:42.200 --> 00:32:51.830
Jane Atkinson: and if those of you are listening in would like to get in touch, go to piv work, design.

00:32:51.840 --> 00:33:09.919
Lauren Pibworth: Hibworth, P. S. Is in professional solutions. Dot: Com: Okay, we'll put that in the show notes as well for those of you listening in. I want to say thank you so much for your time today, and with that we'll say, See you soon. I'll be speakers bye, for now.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

Described as genuine, positive and possessing “an amazing energy,” Lauren leaps into her work and her life with a unique mixture of passion, abandon and professionalism.  She is known for her “Pibworth Hug” level of service – and for the physical hugs themselves.

If you would like some stellar ideas to help improve the results of your lead magnets, you simply can’t afford to miss this episode.

I hope you’ll download and learn.


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Course:  Learn about the upcoming lead generation and quiz-building course
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