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Creating Superfans with Brittany Hodak

Creating Superfans with Jane Atkinson and Brittany Hodak
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Quote: “Do you know what your uniqueness is? Do you know what your magical thing is that you have to offer? So, think about what you would want someone to say about you.” Brittany Hodak

In the speaking world, we’re trying to reach the largest audience possible. That can often lead to repeat business and more gigs through word of mouth. In the process, we’re looking to create fans of our work. On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Show, we’re thrilled to welcome my client and expert fan creator, Brittany Hodak.

Brittany is an award-winning entrepreneur, author, and customer experience speaker who has delivered keynotes across the globe to organizations, including American Express and the United Nations. She has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands and entertainers, including Walmart, Disney, Katy Perry, and Dolly Parton. 


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Jane Atkinson: Well welcome everyone to the wealthy speaker. Podcast. I am thrilled that you are here today. You are in for a treat. We're gonna talk about creating super fans with the person who literally wrote the book on it. Brittany Hodak is here. Welcome, Brittany.

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Brittany Hodak: Thank you, Jane. I'm so excited to be here.

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Brittany Hodak: I don't know if you know this or not. But years ago, Jane, the way you and I first connected was because I was a very loyal listener to this podcast, so I will see the podcast, and I got your books. Then we connected, and you became my coach. So this feels very full circle to me.

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Jane Atkinson: well, I have to tell you that it's one of the greatest things that I think goes on in my world is when I have these full circle moments, and I absolutely love showcasing my clients and you every time we get on the phone i'd be like, damn she's good. Oh, my God! She

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Jane Atkinson: yeah, probably like really, you are just such a superstar in this field, and so tell everybody like, Normally, you're helping large companies create super fans. Today we're gonna talk about how to do it as a speaker. but tell everybody like about your current business model. You're You're on the road, speaking constantly right now, and I'm loving, watching it.

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Brittany Hodak: Yeah. Well, thank you very much. So I talk about customer experience, but because my background is in entertainment. I work for record labels. I work for advertising agencies. I worked alongside some of the biggest August on the planet. So the way I talk about customer experience is this idea of creating super fans. But really a super fan is just a customer who creates more customers. It's someone who loves what you do so much that they come back, and they tell their friends.

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Brittany Hodak: and like so many of our peers in the speaking industry, I became a keynote speaker, totally by accident, like I had no idea this was a career path. I was running my own agency. I was doing all these fun, interesting things, and I was getting approached on a pretty regular basis to speak, but I always just did it as a biz dev thing for my agency. So I spoke at a lot of conferences for magazines like I remember one year I spoke at events for ink, Forbes entrepreneur, billboard app

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Brittany Hodak: week. It was like constantly I was at these events, and then people started asking me what my fee was.

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Brittany Hodak: and the first couple of times people ask I was like, Wait! Are they asking me to pay to speak, and so I googled it, and I was like, wait. People get paid to do this. That sounds awesome, and so I sort of accidentally fell into this industry, which is how I think I first discovered you in the podcast. And so now, over the past 5 years, I've gotten very intentional about how I want my brand as a keynote speaker

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Brittany Hodak: to be different from others. The things that I want to do. They are important, and you know I am very much a practice. What you preach type gal. So the same way that i'm out there talking to my clients about customer experience. I want the experience of working with me to be amazing for all of my clients, so i'm excited to talk to other speakers today to talk about some of the fun things that I do before during and after the keynote, to make it a really amazing experience, because.

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Brittany Hodak: as anybody who is a speaker knows if you can make that meeting plan, or look like a star. If you can make that head of marketing look like a star, you are in great shape, and they will absolutely invite you back and tell their friends and other companies to hire you to.

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Jane Atkinson: and you use the my favorite word. I recognize that the end of the year that my word last year was intentional, and you just used it. And you actually got a new product that that involves it. We're going to talk about that in a minute.

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Jane Atkinson: Okay. So your your business model right now talk a little bit about your book, because it's coming out. what is the subtitle of the book? And when is it coming out? So the book is out. January tenth. It's called creating super fans how to turn your customers into lifelong advocates.

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Brittany Hodak: And it's beautiful. I'm gonna hold it up for everybody that's watching on Youtube. It is a hard cover book that I chose to print in color. So it's really fun, because it's all about customer experience. I wanted the experience of reading it to be great, so it's very kind of rock and roll. All of the chapter titles are song titles at the end of every chapter. I have what I call my super quick rel line that recaps the chapter, and there are a lot of fun images throughout that are, you know. They pull inspiration

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Brittany Hodak: from like the old hats show print posters, and there's like concert ticket, imagery and phone fingers, and just it's a it's a really really fun Read but it's called how to turn your customers into lifelong advocates, and it's that january tenth

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Jane Atkinson: there's even a spotify that's 2023 by the way. there's even a spotify playlist that you have curated to go with this book. I mean it's so much

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Jane Atkinson: fun Don't walk, run, and get this, because, even though it's it's designed to help in companies. But

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Jane Atkinson: actually there's so many things in there that the everyday person can actually start it. It. It it creates a lot of thought about how

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Jane Atkinson: and I creating. You know.

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Jane Atkinson: fans who are raving about me. And and this is a huge thing in our industry. How often Brittany is word of mouth. The reason why you're doing so well right now.

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Jane Atkinson: like talk about. I I asked you the other day. You know. What did you get all this business? Because I knew you were busy, and there was Covid and you had a child. You know all of these things I said, how did you get all of this business? And you said it was all spin. So talk a little bit about how the word of mouth is working for you.

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Brittany Hodak: Yeah. Well, again, I think anyone in this industry knows that the number one thing you need to do to grow your business is to have a great speech, and if you have a great speech and you deliver it well, you're going to be successful, and word of mouth is the most important factor for any business, large or small, because

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Brittany Hodak: one of the things I talk about in this book is your brand isn't what you say it is, and that's true of speakers just as well as is it true of like the fortune? 50 right? Your brand is what other people say about you. Your brand is what those people in the audience go tell their wives and husbands when they get home, and somebody says, how was your event like that? Is your brand. So in this book I talk about that.

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Jane Atkinson: So that gives me an idea. This is your first piece of homework

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Jane Atkinson: when somebody says, oh, so and so told me all about you. Ask them what they said.

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Jane Atkinson: because you don't actually so, you know, if you refer to another speaker to me, and they and we got on a zoom call. I need to say, Well, what did we say? And that is me starting to put together what my brand really is like you said it's not what you

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Brittany Hodak: it's not what you intend it to be. It's really more what people are perceiving. And I think that's such an important first step here, don't you think?

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Brittany Hodak: What do you want people to say about you? Because if you don't know what you want, people to say about you. You are never going to have intentionality with your brand. You're never going to be able to create an intentional experience, and the thing about customer experience is, it's not a matter of like. Will there be one or won't there it's. Is it intentional, or is it accidental?

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Brittany Hodak: Do you know what your uniqueness is. Do you know what that magical thing is that you have to offer? So think about. What would you want someone to say about you. What are those 3 to 5 adjectives that you want people to say?

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Brittany Hodak: And then you can ask yourself how you're showing up in that way at every step of the process, so that that is their experience. There's alignment between what you want your brand to be and what you're projecting.

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Jane Atkinson: I like that, and and take that straight to your web design conversation.

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Jane Atkinson: Because, that will be kind of the beginning of the brand experience for people who are are finding out about you. So they hear something about you on the street. They good that then their next stop is going to be to your website. Let's see if this person is legit, if they look like what and that needs to match up.

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Jane Atkinson: So when I think about your brand and all of things I've seen come out of your office. It's always colorful and beautifully designed.

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Jane Atkinson: and it's got energy to it. Are those are those things that you're trying to convey with your brand.

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Brittany Hodak: They are. Yes, thank you. All of those are are very much an alignment energy, fun.

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Brittany Hodak: excitement, humor. I love. When people say you're so funny like, Are you a stand up comedian? Because you should be a stand up comedian? But actually this is a side note, and I shouldn't give this tip away because I feel like it's like a really smart idea. But as a bonus for speakers listening this idea to audition for America's got talent like as a comedian like. I don't

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Brittany Hodak: really wanna be a comedian, because just like it sounds awful right. It sounds like an awful gig like doing late night shows at open bars and smoky clubs. But I feel like I could pretend to be a comedian for like 5 min at a time to be really successful on America's got talent. So that's like my fun. Idea is to like, Be a pretend Stand up, comedian. So if anybody out there is listening, and wants to execute on that before me. Feel free, because there's like a lot of other things on my list.

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Brittany Hodak: But the fact that people say to me like, oh, you're so funny, is something that I was like. Oh, I need to lean into this. I need to like. Tell more jokes on stage. I need to not be afraid to like. Make these spontaneous jokes, because I feel like I do a lot of like impromptu stuff with the audience, or calling back to something the CEO said, or something. Another speaker said, so that's something that like I got that feedback over and over again, and I was like, oh, this is something that is like refreshing to people, and they're

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Brittany Hodak: it. They're using it as a differentiator of like. Oh, you're the funniest speaker we've ever booked. So that to me it was a queue of like, okay, great like, this is something I should spend time on.

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Jane Atkinson: Well, yeah, and I would say the term jokes rather than that. Use the term humor. Let me just mind my humor. That's already there, and a lot of times you can watch the game tape and say, oh, yeah, that got a laugh. Oh, yeah, that got a laugh. And then you could be more intentional about that. And I think that that's

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Jane Atkinson: just fantastic, that that's a part of

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Jane Atkinson: you know it's it's you're creating this brand and humor as a part of that, and I think your like you said your book titles are all Song, or your chapter. Titles are all songs, and I think that's just reflective and just how much fun it is. Okay.

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Jane Atkinson: So

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Jane Atkinson: you get a phone call and they book you to come and speak.

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Jane Atkinson: What are some of the pieces that you're adding to your mix in order to make this amazing Cx with your clients.

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Brittany Hodak: So I do videos and my proposals. I use the software called better proposals. I've been playing around with a couple of others because I don't

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Brittany Hodak: now love everything about Router proposals. Specifically, it's not a great mobile user user experience for my customers. and when you download a Pdf. It looks awful. But I also don't love part of the user experience up proposeify. So we'll see which one I I with but every client that's a video proposal, even when it's somebody who's incredibly well qualified that wants to book me already. The reason they do that is because I know those proposals get shared a lot internally. So it's not always.

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Brittany Hodak: even if you're talking to the decision maker. They may want to say to their CEO or somebody on the board, hey, look! Who's coming in? So I always do a video proposal. And because i'm sending it through one of those pro proposal software companies, I

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Brittany Hodak: know how many times it's shared. So i'm looking at that. when somebody signs that proposal that triggers the next piece of communication from us, which is the invoice. And again, our invoice is fun. It's not

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Brittany Hodak: boring right. And we have a fun email where we're sending the things like we know that they're gonna need our W. 9. We know that they're gonna need the invoice, but we also know that it doesn't have to look like every other invoice in the world. It doesn't have to be boring, so they get that. I

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Brittany Hodak: then get on my like first pre event call. I have 2 pre event calls the first one is to talk about what I can do to be helpful to the client over the next few months, as they're getting ready to launch the event, so I usually create one or more videos for them to use sometimes that's totally internally with their team. Like if it's a sales meeting for that team that may just go into an email or into a private social group. maybe they're putting it on their slack channel.

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Brittany Hodak: Other times, if it's a conference

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Brittany Hodak: event. it might be. We want you to record these 3 videos that we're gonna be sharing on our socials over the next 3 months. So one is announcing that you're here. And another one is saying, hey, guys, here's a discount code. And the last might be saying, hey, don't forget today's the final data register, or whatever it is, so asking how I can be valuable to the event organizers as they're getting ready to do the event. And sometimes that speaker stuff, and sometimes it's them saying, hey! What's like a

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Brittany Hodak: cool activation you've seen, or you go to a lot of events like, what are your favorite things that people have done for cocktail parties? Or do you know, a great band who can come played our 1,200 people in Phoenix, so, just making myself available as a partner to the event organizer.

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Jane Atkinson: so call number One is, how can I be of value to to you? How can I be a great partner to you? Love the video proposal idea love the how can I be of value? Call what else

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Brittany Hodak: so on that call we talk about whether or not i'm going to do a pre-event survey to the audience. Sometimes I do, and it really just depends on who the audience is. and

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Brittany Hodak: then we talk about what that next touch will be so. I always offer to do videos. Almost every client wants the videos. I also always offer to drip content before the event. So if somebody wants to do a free ebook if they want to do like a Pdf. If they want to do a video series, I have so much content, and I think probably every speaker listening to this has more content than they realize. Like, we create things all the time. So thinking about the things that you have that you can easily

00:15:44.870 --> 00:15:53.259
Brittany Hodak: package to give to someone, because I'm promoting my book now, and now it's usually like. Do you want to give the first couple of chapters of the book to someone

00:15:53.270 --> 00:16:08.539
after the book is out it will be maybe something different. But I like to offer content to my clients to give to their audience before and after the event. A. Because then I can capture those email addresses with their permission, and be because it helps.

00:16:08.810 --> 00:16:38.649
Brittany Hodak: It helps get people in the frame of mind. It's like when they're in that audience. I don't have to start by talking about how important customer experience is, I don't have to introduce this idea of creating super fans. I get to say, you know what you all know. How important super fans are. You've been hearing me talk for the past few months about what your roi looks like when you create customers who create more customers, or what your retention looks like. So it it kind of helps accelerate that time that we have together when I'm. On stage

00:16:38.660 --> 00:16:39.220

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Jane Atkinson: not starting at the foundations. Okay, you touched on this just a little bit about your book

00:16:45.910 --> 00:16:59.069
Jane Atkinson: you shared with me the other day, and at the time of this recording that you had already pre sold thousands and thousands of copies of your book.

00:16:59.210 --> 00:17:06.319
Jane Atkinson: Talk about how you did that, because I know all of the authors out there will be very keen to know.

00:17:06.910 --> 00:17:08.290
Brittany Hodak: Yes.

00:17:08.640 --> 00:17:18.630
Brittany Hodak: I worked with an amazing partner called Page 2. That's a hybrid publisher, and I this. This sounds like so snobby. but I

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Brittany Hodak: have to admit here that for a long time I had like a really negative opinion of hybrid publishing, because I didn't really understand it; and when friends or colleagues would say, like, oh, yeah, like I worked with a hybrid publisher in my mind. I was like you paid someone for a publishing deal like you're supposed to get paid to do that, because I didn't understand, and because there's so many like predatory, like scummy people and companies out there calling themselves hybrid

00:17:48.640 --> 00:18:01.639
Brittany Hodak: publishers that like really Aren't. so when I about Gosh, probably 3 years ago, was working on the beginning stages of this book and writing the book proposal. I looked at a few different

00:18:01.680 --> 00:18:12.489
Brittany Hodak: paths. Right? The one was like straight up, self-published. One was traditional publishing. And this third was, do I find, like a high end hybrid, and for me.

00:18:12.500 --> 00:18:23.180
Brittany Hodak: you know, I've had a lot of success as a speaker. I've done a lot of fun, interesting things. I have some, some accolades that you know, sound impressive on paper. But I didn't have a huge audience with

00:18:23.470 --> 00:18:37.739
Brittany Hodak: consumers. So from talking to a literary agent, and one publisher who who did put forth an offer. I realized that I didn't stand to gain a lot like the advance that I was offered was $15,000,

00:18:37.750 --> 00:19:02.769
Brittany Hodak: and in my mind I was like Well, that's $15,000 to give up the rights to this thing that i'm creating. And as somebody who comes from the music industry. I was sort of looking at it as like. These are my masters like. Do I want to give up my masters? Or do I want to work with someone who's doing the distribution for me and helping me with creative? So as I started investigating

00:19:02.780 --> 00:19:19.709
Brittany Hodak: these hybrid publishers, I I realized that it might be a really cool model. So I ended up working with this company called Page 2, and they've worked with several incredible speakers, and what I loved about this idea of working with them. Number One was that I own the book. This is my book.

00:19:19.740 --> 00:19:27.950
Brittany Hodak: I got to make creative decisions like printing the book in color. like having it be designed.

00:19:27.980 --> 00:19:38.580
Jane Atkinson: So you know you would have had a major wall because it cost more money to print a book in in color with the traditional for sure, they would have been just like

00:19:38.590 --> 00:19:56.559
Jane Atkinson: No. Oh, yeah, no, it's like it. It. It cost almost $3 a unit more to do the book the way I did the book, because not only did I print it in color, but I have 4 different colors on the cover. I am you. There's like beautiful colorful in sheets in in throughout. It's not printed on that like ugly like

00:19:56.570 --> 00:20:20.490
Brittany Hodak: off white paper that most books are printed on. It's like Chris bright white paper. So I wanted to be intentional again to use your word about all of these decisions, so I knew working with a hybrid was the way I needed to go, but I wanted my book to be available everywhere, and that's why I didn't really want to self publish so page 2 beyond being brilliant at the creative

00:20:20.500 --> 00:20:22.000
Brittany Hodak: part. I

00:20:22.010 --> 00:20:52.000
Brittany Hodak: had no idea what the editing process was like to write a book, because this is my first book. So I went through like 3 substantive edits, then 3 copy edits, then like 2 rounds of proofreading and fact checking, and all of the things so having their team was, was brilliant to to guide me through all of that, but because they have distribution through Macmillan. My book is going to be in every Bar Barnes and noble store, and every books a 1 million store, and all the airport stories, and they should

00:20:52.010 --> 00:21:01.519
Brittany Hodak: literally thousands and thousands of copies out to all of these retailers. And I because I had like the one thing about when you're not

00:21:01.530 --> 00:21:18.700
Brittany Hodak: straight self publishing it yourself, is. It's a much longer time period. So I've been talking about this book now for a year, waiting for its street date, and I have pre-sold thousands of copies to my customers. So I have done

00:21:18.710 --> 00:21:30.009
Brittany Hodak: a lot of a lot of you know cheerleading of this book and sharing advanced copies of this book to hopefully lead to a launch that will land me on the Wall Street journalist.

00:21:30.250 --> 00:21:59.070
Jane Atkinson: So every time you're sending out your an agreement. You know you're shipping the book to say, come on, let's build this into the package right, because selling books one at a time, you know, because you're on a podcast or something like that versus selling thousands at a time or hundreds of a time is so much easier to make sure that if you're listening to this and you have a book.

00:21:59.130 --> 00:22:06.569
Jane Atkinson: make sure that you are working your book into every agreement, it really should be just like built in.

00:22:06.580 --> 00:22:23.390
Brittany Hodak: Yeah. Well, it's it's so funny, my friend Rachel Sharon, who is a brilliant speaker, shared this tip with me. She's like Br. This is how you do it, you get on the call. You talk about your fee, you tell them what your fee is, and then, when you've agreed on the fee, this is what you say.

00:22:23.770 --> 00:22:31.549
Brittany Hodak: and what about books? And then you shut up like you literally. Just say those 4 were or 3 words

00:22:31.780 --> 00:22:36.419
Brittany Hodak: or 4. Is it, for it's for right. And what about yeah forwards? And what about books?

00:22:36.670 --> 00:22:38.890
Brittany Hodak: I need to just stop talking.

00:22:39.300 --> 00:23:08.739
Jane Atkinson: I also love asking the question. Well, how long. Would you like this message to last like? Okay? Well, as long as humanly possible. And that's a great way to into a book Conversation, love it, love it, love it. Okay. So we've talked about kind of the before enduring. What are you doing to create super fans after you have finished? Or is there anything kind of during the lead up or during the actual speech?

00:23:08.930 --> 00:23:14.330
Jane Atkinson: What are you doing actually, while you're on stage to pull people into your database?

00:23:14.380 --> 00:23:17.050
Brittany Hodak: Well, I love using multimeter.

00:23:17.430 --> 00:23:47.419
Brittany Hodak: I've been using Minton Meter probably like 85 to 90 of my live events over the past year, and for anybody who Doesn't: use it. It's a really simple software. People scan and QR code on their phone, and they can interact with your slides. And then those results are shown on the screens in real time, and it's a really great way to keep people engaged, and it's also a really great way to get them into your database. So that's one of my favorite ways. I also really like talk about that's a software that I've been using for

00:23:47.430 --> 00:24:17.270
Brittany Hodak: about a year now. and it's a really great way to deliver a leave behind. So it takes a talk about is a service where somebody scans a. QR. Code. They answer like 5 or 6 questions about you all really easy like how actionable were you? do they want to see you again? Yes or no, but it asks them if they book speakers, or if they know someone who book speakers, and if it does, it captures a little bit more of their information, and then everybody gets whatever you want them to have, whether it's like.

00:24:17.390 --> 00:24:47.360
Brittany Hodak: you know, for me. For the past few months it's been the first 2 chapters of my book because I wanted people to to get to start reading the book. But you can give away anything you want, and then, when you're done, you have this list of qualified leads of people who said, They want to hear from you. and it ops people into your email list unless they opt out. So every time I do a a live event now, I probably am capturing 75 to 80% of the audience into my email database versus 2 years ago it was more like 30 to 35.

00:24:47.370 --> 00:24:57.609
Brittany Hodak: So I found that that 1, 2 punch of mentee meter and offering something of value through talk. a way to get just about everyone to sign up to hear more from you.

00:24:58.360 --> 00:25:10.329
Brittany Hodak: right, and we'll put those both in the show notes, many meters, m, e, n t, i, m e, t, e, R. Is that correct? Yes, e r, not r e. So

00:25:10.340 --> 00:25:18.429
Brittany Hodak: you know you said it right? Yeah, you're you of it the right way. but me nt I me t er, and then talk talk

00:25:18.560 --> 00:25:20.050
Brittany Hodak: a dot

00:25:20.110 --> 00:25:21.300
Brittany Hodak: dot Com: okay?

00:25:21.410 --> 00:25:27.550
Jane Atkinson: Got it? Awesome? Okay. So after the speech is done.

00:25:27.760 --> 00:25:36.960
Jane Atkinson: what is your call to action safe for the client to get more business, or how do you extend the experience for them?

00:25:37.490 --> 00:25:41.539
Brittany Hodak: So one thing that I just started embracing that. To be honest, I like

00:25:41.620 --> 00:25:55.100
Brittany Hodak: didn't really do for years, because I I couldn't like figure out what the value was to the client, and because i'm all about the customer experience, I didn't want to do something that I didn't see the value in. But now i'm doing post event calls.

00:25:55.350 --> 00:26:09.480
Brittany Hodak: which was something that I didn't do for the longest time, and the reason I didn't do them is because it felt a little gratuitous, right? I was like, oh, i'm just gonna get on a call from them to like. Tell me I did a great job, but the way I structure it now is, hey, let's debrief together.

00:26:10.070 --> 00:26:29.919
Brittany Hodak: Let's talk about the feedback you got, and let's talk about what you need next, whether that's for me, or whether that's you want another speaker next year, and you know I happen to go to a lot of events and know a lot of great speakers. So now, about 2 weeks after every event, I get on the phone with the client, and we talk about what happens next.

00:26:30.160 --> 00:26:33.489
Jane Atkinson: Perfect! I love that. And for you.

00:26:33.510 --> 00:26:43.560
Jane Atkinson: You used to evolve it into consulting which you found quite cumbersome. Talk about that, and what you're offering instead now.

00:26:44.020 --> 00:26:45.690
Brittany Hodak: So I

00:26:45.880 --> 00:26:48.550
Brittany Hodak: have always loved to be on stage.

00:26:48.860 --> 00:26:49.930
Brittany Hodak: and

00:26:50.470 --> 00:27:08.559
Brittany Hodak: the thing that I sort of fell victim to and victim is like the wrong word to use. But the thing I sort of said yes to that. I perhaps didn't realize at the time wasn't my best. Yes, early in my speaking career was, I would speak, and people would say, You have to consult for us. And I would say.

00:27:09.090 --> 00:27:17.450
Brittany Hodak: Okay, and then I would do these like 3 or 6 or 12 month consulting engagements, and I just I didn't love them.

00:27:17.810 --> 00:27:24.870
Brittany Hodak: and I didn't love them, because a I would get really frustrated and inefficiencies like I felt like.

00:27:25.100 --> 00:27:42.339
Brittany Hodak: especially with large organizations. It was a lot about like, Well, let's have a meeting about the meeting we're gonna have or like. Let's have a call about that call. We need to schedule. And I just felt like 90% of of things could have been emails. and then also

00:27:42.360 --> 00:27:51.570
Brittany Hodak: it takes so long to roll things out. So I just wasn't like my heart wasn't in it. I felt like a lot of my energy was being

00:27:51.940 --> 00:27:57.330
Brittany Hodak: spent on things that weren't me on stage talking to people.

00:27:57.580 --> 00:27:58.950
Brittany Hodak: So

00:27:59.250 --> 00:28:07.760
Jane Atkinson: so of the work would often e. Because you weren't setting up really good clear boundaries around yourself.

00:28:07.770 --> 00:28:35.360
Brittany Hodak: it would. You would start to bleed into areas that you really didn't want to be involved in in the first place, right, and so 100. It was like so much scope creep, and I have not historically done a great job of like honoring my own boundaries, because, you know I want customers to have an amazing experience, and because I have, I have like a pretty varied background. So I've experienced a lot of things, and so

00:28:35.370 --> 00:29:05.350
Brittany Hodak: oftentimes I would be like oh, I know exactly what's wrong here. Let me just fix it for you like, rather than spend the 50 h it'll take for me to like, teach you how to solve this problem that I can see coming from a mile away. let me just like do it, and take 15 h; and even though it's completely out of scope, and in no way related to the thing that we're doing, i'll just do it because the thing with customer experience is pretty much. Everything is experience, and everyone in a company is in the experience Department.

00:29:05.360 --> 00:29:15.120
Brittany Hodak: So all of these things are very interconnected. It's like a ball of yarn, right? So I would find myself doing all of these things. So

00:29:15.240 --> 00:29:20.600
Brittany Hodak: And you know that's not to say consulting wasn't lucrative. It's not to say that it wasn't

00:29:20.710 --> 00:29:50.209
Brittany Hodak: something that my clients were thrilled with the outcomes up because they were it just wasn't scalable, because I have run agencies in the past. I know that at this point in my life I don't want to grow a team. I don't want to have a team of people who are out there teaching my methodologies or consulting using my framework because I've got 2 young boys and I loved travel so I've got one full time employee who is just brilliant and amazing. And so it's really about my time.

00:29:50.220 --> 00:30:18.820
Brittany Hodak: and like, what are we committing for my time and her time. So now, instead of consulting, there are 2 things that I offer, so you can hire me to speak, or you can hire me for one of 2 packages, and that's it. And i'm getting really good at saying No, when people, and especially it's hard when you have clients that have been your clients for like years, and have hired you again and again for different things, and like I would literally just yesterday a client who's become a good friend was like, Well, can't we just? And I was like Nope.

00:30:18.830 --> 00:30:26.620
Brittany Hodak: No, you can't. There are 2 ways that you can hire me post keynote in 2,023, and beyond. So

00:30:26.750 --> 00:30:33.329
Brittany Hodak: let's talk about the intentional experience design session

00:30:33.340 --> 00:31:01.059
Brittany Hodak: My signature keynote is called creating super fans, and I go through what I call the supermodel, which I talk about in my book and super is a 5 part framework. It's an acronym, su, P. E. R. Typically, when I'm. Giving a keynote the first time I'm engaging with an organization. I'm. Going through that framework, i'm talking quickly about these 5 pillars that together encompass creating amazing customer and employee experiences, so that you can turn your customers into super vans.

00:31:01.070 --> 00:31:18.289
Brittany Hodak: So one of the 2 ways to work with me after an event is to hire me to go deeper on each of those pillars in either 5 or 6 follow up virtual events. So it becomes an hour on S and our on you, etc.,

00:31:18.310 --> 00:31:26.759
Brittany Hodak: and I have a rate card for that. If you want to hire me, it's it's basically 5 virtual events that you're hiring me, for that is option. Number one

00:31:26.810 --> 00:31:56.050
Brittany Hodak: option number 2 is sort of taking the place of the consulting, which is what I call an intentional experience design day. So in an intentional experience Design day, I am sitting with an executive team or a small number of leaders and a sales or marketing team and really designing what they want their customer experience to be. We're getting very intentional on what your brand is.

00:31:56.060 --> 00:32:05.030
Brittany Hodak: what those brand touch points are, and how you're making them matter more to those customers that you're trying to attract and retain. And so it's one day.

00:32:05.400 --> 00:32:35.389
Brittany Hodak: actually the the the way the entire experience works is there's like a pre event Call that I do. That's a strategy call with the core team. it usually last about 90 min. That's me asking them questions and me giving them homework. So i'll say, here are all the things that you need to have together. Some of that are things that I review before the call. So things like, you know. What are some of the customer touch points look like. what does your team look like right now. How are you?

00:32:35.400 --> 00:33:04.760
Brittany Hodak: Are you compensating people? what are the metrics that you're tracking? So I know all of that going in, because in a consulting engagement. A lot of the early days is just that discovery period, right? And so one of my One of the non negotiables is, I say, these are the things like you're gonna pay me for this experience design day. We're not gonna do it until you get me. These things. So like this is your homework. This is what you have to do. So when we get in that room together, either physically or virtually, like

00:33:04.830 --> 00:33:34.799
Brittany Hodak: everybody has done their homework. Everybody's on the same page. We all know what the expectations are. We spend up to 8 h just going deep on all of the things that need attention all of the things that we can fix during that day. I'm. Taking notes on next steps across all 5 of those pillars of the framework and everything they need to do. We touch on things like branding. We touch on things like revenue operations. We touch on things like what the service and support needs to look like

00:33:34.870 --> 00:33:40.639
onboarding employees, like all of the things, because, again, all of it is part of experience. So

00:33:40.650 --> 00:33:59.479
Brittany Hodak: at the end of that day, usually like 2 or 3 days later, they get basically a debrief from me. That's like Here's everything we talked about here, all of the next steps for you, and here is who you told me on your team would be accountable for those things. So they get this recap for me. That's like. Here are my next steps.

00:33:59.490 --> 00:34:05.439
Brittany Hodak: About 2 weeks after that, when they've like, had a chance to implement some of those things we do. A recap call.

00:34:05.680 --> 00:34:24.859
Brittany Hodak: It's usually about an hour. That's for them to update me on the things that are happening, and to ask for any support that they need on next steps, and then one month after that we do another call. That sort of like closes it out, and that is such a great model for me, because instead of it, just like dragging on and on and on. It's like

00:34:24.870 --> 00:34:44.380
Brittany Hodak: you're gonna do your homework. I'm gonna talk to you for an hour and a half. I'm gonna do some stuff. We're gonna spend one day like in the weeds deep diving doing this like it's an actual execution day. And then i'm gonna be here to support you in 2 calls after, and I charge for that like double what I would charge for my keynote.

00:34:44.389 --> 00:34:50.009
Brittany Hodak: So because they're getting essentially me 4 times. It's like a pre call, and 2 post calls

00:34:50.290 --> 00:35:06.549
Jane Atkinson: really good. Oh, my gosh! I love that idea, and and I want everybody to recognize how intentional you have been about how you want to spend your time for those of you who have done coaching and didn't like it.

00:35:06.760 --> 00:35:32.500
Jane Atkinson: Take it off your menu for those of you who did consulting, and didn't like it. Maybe this is an option for you that you can suggest, and I love that you have 2 options after, and that is it? Yes, my third option is, I know, a guy. And then referring them to someone else. But the the answer to door number 3 is always No, because for me it's not about

00:35:32.510 --> 00:35:53.499
Brittany Hodak: time, or I will excuse me for me. It's not about money. It's about time it's about no like if i'm going to go speak 45 times or 50 times a year in person plus virtual stuff like there is nothing that I could consult on. That is more important than the fact that, like I want to be at my kids acting practice every Wednesday afternoon.

00:35:54.070 --> 00:35:55.649
Jane Atkinson: So good.

00:35:55.670 --> 00:36:11.649
Jane Atkinson: Well, Brittany, I, as usual, and blown away by you. I think the people listening in are going to have probably some questions for you. Talk about how. Oh, okay. So first of all, we want to make sure that they do not forget

00:36:11.660 --> 00:36:20.650
Jane Atkinson: to run Don't walk to get your copy of creating super fans by Brittany Hodak. It is going to be a

00:36:20.680 --> 00:36:31.690
Jane Atkinson: an amazing read. It's going to be a book you're going to go back to again and again. Where should they go and buy it? What's your what? What's the best place that they could go from your perspective?

00:36:31.720 --> 00:36:59.300
Brittany Hodak: Well, thank you. the best place is wherever you love to buy books, so it's available everywhere. If you want to order it on Amazon. That would be great if you want to order it from your favorite local bookshop, or walk into a a a bookstore in your town. There is no wrong way to buy this book. I will say, I am biased, but the hardcover version is my favorite. You can also get it as an audio book or an ebook, but the hard cover is beautiful and brilliant. And

00:36:59.310 --> 00:37:10.709
Brittany Hodak: because, Jane, like you, have been such an amazing resource to me, You've been so helpful to me in my career, and I want to be helpful to your podcast listeners. Anybody who buys the book

00:37:10.720 --> 00:37:38.289
Brittany Hodak: and is a speaker. Just send me an email. I'm Britney at Brittany I'm gonna be putting together a debrief like a few weeks after the book comes out of Basically, everything. I did that worked everything I did that didn't work some of the crazy things I did. I dressed up as my book for Halloween, like I legit, made a huge like poster board looking version of my book with a QR. Code on the back that said like this book is scary Good. You should order it, and like walked all around Halloween festivals downtown.

00:37:38.300 --> 00:37:55.810
we have a ridiculous Christmas lights display where the each OA lights champions like 5 years in a row. There's a big assign in the yard that says, if you like the lights, you love this book with the QR code, like. So all of those things. So if you're a speaker and you're thinking about launching your book or your next book by the book.

00:37:55.820 --> 00:38:05.350
Brittany Hodak: because it's great, and it will help me and then send me an email, and i'll make sure that you get on the distribution list for my like postmortem that i'm going to be doing. Probably like, towards the beginning of February.

00:38:05.970 --> 00:38:11.060
Jane Atkinson: Hey, you all need to take advantage of that. I was that because

00:38:11.070 --> 00:38:27.380
Jane Atkinson: well, I I probably will have my book out by then. But I think it'll be great for my clients who are going to be authors in the future. Thank you so much for your time today. I know that everybody will have taken a page or 2 of notes like I did

00:38:27.460 --> 00:38:29.419
Jane Atkinson: appreciate your time so much.

00:38:29.440 --> 00:38:30.699
Brittany Hodak: Thank you, Jane.

00:38:31.280 --> 00:38:36.979
Jane Atkinson: and for for those listening in we will see you soon, wealthy speakers by, for now.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • Brittany’s accidental speaking business. [1:30]
  • Your brand is what they say about you. [7:30]
  • Creating the irresistible proposal. [12:00]
  • A successful book pre-sale! [17:00]
  • And what about books? [22:00]
  • The debrief and what’s next. [26:00]
  • Let’s get SUPER intentional. [31:00]

Brittany founded and scaled an entertainment start-up to eight figures before exiting, and she is the former Chief Experience Officer of Her debut book, Creating Superfans, will be in stores on January 10, 2023.

If you could use some really unique ideas on how to create your own superfans, you simply can’t afford to miss this episode.

I hope you’ll download and learn.


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