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Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Speakers

Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Speakers

On this episode of the Wealthy Speaker podcast, we are sharing daily success habits that every speaker can incorporate into their lives to find greater success. These habits help with focus, time management and lead to better execution of the things needed in business to help grow and scale.

To ensure we start down the right path with our habits, however, we have to start by going through a few exercises including getting clear on what is most important to you, understanding your three core competencies (so you can learn to let go of anything outside of these competencies) and also mapping out your vision for the business. Each of these exercises is in the Daily Success Habits download that is linked in the ‘Podcast Resources’ section below.

Once you have clarity on your competencies and vision, you can then get super focused by starting each morning by going through a very simple process of outlining your intentions, setting your goals and ‘themes’ for the day/week and outlining your initiatives. By consciously doing this every morning, you are training your brain to think and ‘focus’ in a very specific way.

The process we share in this video podcast is the same one we use in the Wealthy Speaker Daily Success Planner and Journal.

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Podcast Resources:

Download the exercises and planning sheets from the podcast HERE.

Learn more about the Wealthy Speaker Daily Success Planner and Journal HERE.

Order the Wealthy Speaker Daily Success Planner and Journal on Amazon HERE.


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