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Developing “Your Customer Value Algorithm” with Greg Schinkel

Developing Your Customer Value Algorithm

Are we using the most effective strategies to help our customers?  In this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Podcast, Greg Schinkel is going to explain how we need to shift our thinking regarding how we gather information and present ideas to assist customers in more current and effective ways.

Greg Schinkel is the president of Front Line Leadership Systems in the United States and Canada. He and his team specialize in developing front line supervisors, managers and team leaders in how to impact productivity, quality and safety while motivating and engaging their employees.  

Greg is the author or co-author of five books including What Great Supervisors Know, Employees Not Doing What You Expect and Fusion or Fizzle: How Leaders Leverage Training to Ignite Results. When we last had Greg on the Wealthy Speaker podcast he helped us understand how we could pursue much larger contracts. Since then Greg has deepened his thinking about how to think in terms of an algorithm about what really impacts customers.

Listen the podcast below:

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Highlights to take away:

  • What is a Customer Value Algorithm?  [2:30]
  • Is there a better mousetrap?  [11:45]
  • What tools do we need? 21.50
  • Creating the tools.  28.35

If you want new and inspired ideas about how to get create a “formula” for what each of your customers need and how to give it to them, you can’t afford to miss this episode!  

Podcast Resources:

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