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[Podcast] Expand Your Brand: Income Streams Beyond Speeches with Joe Calloway

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Hall of Fame Speaker and wealth of knowledge, Joe Calloway is back for another informative episode. This episode focuses heavily on generating different revenue streams within a speaking career. When should you toss out the old model for making money? What might the speaking industry look like tomorrow? Jane and Joe go over all of this plus a ton of great examples that speakers can implement for new revenue streams.  

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Show Notes:

[1:16] What motivates Joe to keep reinventing his brand?

[2:45] Joe has expanded his brand beyond keynotes.

[6:03] Joe has found a clever way to make his clients the hero in his keynotes.

[8:42] How can you design the business model that works best for YOU?

[12:22] What can speakers do to best improve themselves?

[14:29] Spend 10% of your time marketing and 90% getting better.

[16:36] Jane and Joe offer a few ideas for new revenue streams.

[18:54] Could anyone get away with doing business the way Joe does it?

[21:59] Joe offers some good advice for weathering the tricky parts of the speaking business.

[23:45] When Joe interviews someone on stage, is it spontaneous?

[28:09] What does Joe see coming up for the speaking industry?

[32:49] Is working with bureaus old school?

[34:33] A more revenue ideas…

[39:03] Does Joe consider himself old school?

[44:38] Q&A mode!

[46:52] What advice does Joe have for speaking businesses that have gone flat?

[49:51] Try “shaking the tree” with some past clients.

[50:47] How does Joe integrate the different aspects of his business in his marketing?

[53:41] What kind of reactions does Joe see from interviewing top performers on stage?

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