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Finding Your Thom – Finding Your Formula with Jane & Jen McDonough

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Quote: “The formula is what allows you to pull in all of your ideas and make sure that they’re a good fit.” Jane Atkinson 

What’s your current strategy for building the speaking business of your dreams? Do you have a roadmap that you are following and a plan to execute it? I didn’t have a strategy to pull it all together until I met Thom Winninger, that’s why this podcast is dedicated to him. On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Show, I have invited Wealthy Speaker School Coach Jen McDonough to have a chat about just how important it is to find your formula and put it into action to achieve results.

Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen) is our Emerging Speaker Coach, a motivational storyteller and engaging Amazon Top 100 author, who works with high-stress, high-demand, and service-oriented organizations to cultivate resilient team members who can walk through any fire. Coach Jen is instrumental in helping our students achieve their dreams.


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Jane Atkinson: hey welcome everyone to the wealthy speaker podcast i'm here with my amazing colleagues Jen mcdonough welcome Jen.

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Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): Thanks Jane and crude it is fun to be spending time with you guys.

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Jane Atkinson: haha Dennis the leader of our emerging speaker program at the wealthy speaker school now today we're going to talk about finding your Tom finding your formula.

00:00:26.460 --> 00:00:32.970
Jane Atkinson: And you might be like what the heck is she talking about i'll explain shortly what finding your Tom means.

00:00:33.480 --> 00:00:40.830
Jane Atkinson: But I wanted to say something right out of the top I listened back to podcasts that I did a few weeks ago.

00:00:41.250 --> 00:00:49.080
Jane Atkinson: And I haven't noticed a big difference in my life, since going on a news cleanse.

00:00:49.530 --> 00:01:06.330
Jane Atkinson: Every day it's inflation, interest rate stock market and if you're looking at your stocks right now ouch wars pandemics monkeypox I mean, my goodness Okay, so what I wanted to say was.

00:01:06.960 --> 00:01:11.340
Jane Atkinson: If you find yourself feeling more and more anxious.

00:01:11.910 --> 00:01:25.560
Jane Atkinson: You might consider like a change like i'm doing, because I have to tell you, having listened back to the one I had just come back from donating blood and and the more was on the TV the whole time I was donating the blood.

00:01:26.070 --> 00:01:39.360
Jane Atkinson: And so it was really top of mine, and I was really amped up about it, I just wanted to say that going on, I think i'm on about my week to now and I feel a lot better now Jen you have.

00:01:40.380 --> 00:01:42.420
Jane Atkinson: I just want to tell a story a little bit about you.

00:01:43.200 --> 00:01:45.330
Jane Atkinson: Jen and her family bought.

00:01:45.600 --> 00:02:00.510
Jane Atkinson: What they thought was going to be their vacation property their very first vacation property which in and of itself is so exciting and so cool and shows how far you've come from the beginning of your wealthy speaker journey with us 10 years ago but.

00:02:01.350 --> 00:02:10.830
Jane Atkinson: Then you decided, you were going to move in there, because it was such a cool log cabin out the middle of the woods and so Jen you have had layers of stress upon stress upon stress upon stress.

00:02:11.250 --> 00:02:18.810
Jane Atkinson: Talk about how you manage your at first of all talk about how you manage your time and your stress.

00:02:20.010 --> 00:02:31.050
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): Good question Jane I kind of feel like you know, a speaker sometimes it's hardest to practice what we preach and and that's why we're so good at what we do is because.

00:02:31.470 --> 00:02:40.230
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): We need the most help in it and so really learning how to be resilient and bring down some of the stress has been very top of mind for me.

00:02:40.560 --> 00:02:40.980

00:02:42.420 --> 00:02:56.040
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): You know we've had so much going with selling two houses we've not only sold them, but then we bought our new place doing the financing doing the whole renovations at one point I was working with 11 contractors.

00:02:56.460 --> 00:03:01.890
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): And Bob and I were living in two separate places one was up the new place one was at the old place.

00:03:01.950 --> 00:03:02.670
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): In plus.

00:03:02.940 --> 00:03:06.090
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): Running my business, and it was it was literally.

00:03:07.140 --> 00:03:08.400
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): One of the busiest.

00:03:09.960 --> 00:03:15.870
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): times for business wise that i've that i've had in so managing all that has been.

00:03:16.170 --> 00:03:24.780
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): I can really feel the toll at this point it's a couple weeks after we've been in the House for three weeks and I can really feel things.

00:03:24.990 --> 00:03:36.090
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): kind of settling in and for me, it really is practicing totally what I preach which is my formula of mission mindset and margin, and right now i'm in the March and building phases.

00:03:36.510 --> 00:03:50.700
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): Of really building back the self care really building back the margins within the relationships and really taking time to breathe like it has been so hard so hard to stop like.

00:03:50.910 --> 00:03:52.290
Jane Atkinson: watched you go through it.

00:03:52.290 --> 00:03:53.130
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): All.

00:03:53.310 --> 00:03:55.050
Jane Atkinson: You know layer after layer

00:03:56.070 --> 00:04:01.200
Jane Atkinson: renovate one house sell one house renovate house number two because your mother moved in with you.

00:04:01.920 --> 00:04:10.200
Jane Atkinson: sell house number two rate before the interest rates go up then it's get into new house renovate new house and.

00:04:11.010 --> 00:04:17.190
Jane Atkinson: I I was watching you all the way along going through it and thinking wow she's really handling this well.

00:04:17.610 --> 00:04:32.520
Jane Atkinson: And I think what you're trying to do now is kind of find your new routines in your new place and you just don't be before we started that not having your wi fi dish up on the roof is driving like it's the smallest things that will teach you Peter you read off the edge.

00:04:33.600 --> 00:04:40.890
Jane Atkinson: And so you're very aware of that Jen and I do have to say, we teach a lot about mindset at the wealthy speaker school.

00:04:41.550 --> 00:04:54.450
Jane Atkinson: And you have you really practice what you preach in terms of a resilient mindset and you've always been a glass half full person and I just really, really admire that about you and I wanted to tell you that.

00:04:55.710 --> 00:05:06.030
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): I have to tell you something funny the lessons in all honesty, between you and I, and I wasn't listening has been about a week after we moved in sub listen Jen.

00:05:06.840 --> 00:05:19.080
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): we've been at it one at a family's been operating in a bottle for like you've been leading this whole thing he said you've been at them and 11 and he said right now I think you're at a 10.

00:05:19.530 --> 00:05:32.190
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): And he goes, we need to bring you back down to a four and it was like Oh, that was a it was funny, but it was a big thing for me to go Oh, that is a total self awareness, because I feel like i'm at a three.

00:05:32.460 --> 00:05:40.200
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): So, so I guess, we think, to bring bring it down a little bit more so i'm at a 7.3 last I heard.

00:05:40.200 --> 00:05:48.570
Jane Atkinson: So now, when you're to chain this number, what does that number actually mean it like the number that you're operating at.

00:05:49.710 --> 00:05:52.950
Jane Atkinson: How effective, you are to talk a little bit about what that number.

00:05:52.950 --> 00:05:59.520
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): means yeah that that is the get it done mode like I will run anyone over in my path to get it done.

00:05:59.730 --> 00:06:00.030
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): Like.

00:06:00.120 --> 00:06:13.920
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): it's going to get done and it's going to get done well, so it's that that high speed do it get it done pace, but in in the in the interim, sometimes what happens is is those relationships get a little run over and we.

00:06:14.760 --> 00:06:22.980
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): tend to margins in our life tend to get really SLIM So for me the self care piece gets a little slimmer relationships.

00:06:23.520 --> 00:06:38.670
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): get a little slimmer there's never going to be 100% balance between anything we do, but having that margin and saying lissa I need some grace and mercy in this area for a little bit of time and it's it's been great, but now we need to build that grace and mercy backup.

00:06:39.330 --> 00:06:46.800
Jane Atkinson: Well, that is actually really good segue because sometimes we are in this like action taking mode.

00:06:47.940 --> 00:07:01.740
Jane Atkinson: And still working on the asthma, by the way, I talked about that in the last podcast that I had a rough weekend, as my wife, so I have all my tricks here my tea and my fisherman's friends and.

00:07:03.000 --> 00:07:08.430
Jane Atkinson: It when you are kind of in this action, action, action taking mode.

00:07:09.450 --> 00:07:29.100
Jane Atkinson: We one of the things that we want to make sure is that it's all leading back to one strategy, and so I wanted to share with you all that, when I was first entering into the speaking industry me a fresh 25 years old i'm 58 now, so this just feels so weird.

00:07:30.570 --> 00:07:39.270
Jane Atkinson: i'm getting into the industry i'm working for a speaker named bets gap and she is a great leader to me, she really helped mentor me.

00:07:39.750 --> 00:07:54.690
Jane Atkinson: And we are learning the business literally together okay so she's just left her big job at 3am she wrote a book and now she's launching her motivational speaking business that's what we called it back then and.

00:07:55.260 --> 00:08:01.440
Jane Atkinson: We didn't kind of know what we were doing so I go to my first NSA event.

00:08:02.190 --> 00:08:14.580
Jane Atkinson: And oh boy Jen So this is the national speakers association in Canada, we have the Canadian association of professional speakers I go to my very first Convention big Convention back then.

00:08:15.120 --> 00:08:23.100
Jane Atkinson: There might have been like to 2500 people I don't know, maybe even 3500 I don't remember, but it, it was like.

00:08:23.580 --> 00:08:31.320
Jane Atkinson: They the saying is trying to take a SIP of water from a fire hose Okay, like you, are just blasted.

00:08:31.740 --> 00:08:42.750
Jane Atkinson: And I get to see like Larry winget sharing all of the insides of his business and here's here's what it all back then it in a say.

00:08:43.080 --> 00:08:51.180
Jane Atkinson: It was just really talented speakers sharing all their secrets with each other, which is quite amazing in an industry of itself but.

00:08:51.840 --> 00:09:02.730
Jane Atkinson: And so I sat at the feet and I learned, but I didn't have a strategy to pull it all together until I met Tom women sure.

00:09:03.240 --> 00:09:12.990
Jane Atkinson: that's why this podcast is dedicated to Tom when injure he actually passed away in 2021 I believe it was.

00:09:13.650 --> 00:09:29.460
Jane Atkinson: And I sat basically at the foot of this master in a live session I got to know who Tom was, and I saw I took some of his strategy home that end we bought we invested all in on.

00:09:30.000 --> 00:09:39.240
Jane Atkinson: This idea, he had these series of back then they were cassettes like a six or eight or 12 set cassette series in a book and.

00:09:40.170 --> 00:09:52.590
Jane Atkinson: It was called book at one book it to I don't know if there was ever a book at three but I listened to those tapes and followed that strategy to a team.

00:09:53.010 --> 00:09:59.250
Jane Atkinson: And so last week on the podcast I talked about the chocolate chip recipe idea.

00:10:00.060 --> 00:10:10.200
Jane Atkinson: Where if you were going to bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies you would go out you would find a recipe, and you would follow it from beginning to end, you wouldn't go out and find 10 recipes.

00:10:10.590 --> 00:10:20.160
Jane Atkinson: and pick an ingredient from each and when we talk about speakers stitching together their strategy that's what we mean is that they're.

00:10:20.400 --> 00:10:27.570
Jane Atkinson: Like some you know they attended our podcast last week and or our webinar last week and they got an idea and they went and used it.

00:10:27.870 --> 00:10:36.930
Jane Atkinson: And then they got another idea from somewhere else and somebody YouTube channel and they're stitching together to their strategy well the strategy.

00:10:37.590 --> 00:10:51.390
Jane Atkinson: The formula is what allows you to pull in kind of all your ideas and make sure that they're a good fit Jen when you first Okay, so now we're going back 10 years in your career.

00:10:51.810 --> 00:11:05.130
Jane Atkinson: I think it was 10 I don't know word i'm not very good at remembering things here, but when you first started with us in the wealthy speaker school you didn't have any speaking engagements you had a full time job and for children.

00:11:06.450 --> 00:11:14.250
Jane Atkinson: How important was it for you to have a formula to follow like, if you would have just gone out and started taking action do you think that would have worked.

00:11:15.060 --> 00:11:19.470
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): Oh, my gosh shane I, we were not only working 40 hour job.

00:11:19.920 --> 00:11:30.420
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): paying off debt, but we had a two hour commute Plus we were taking on other jobs and raising our four kids and so having that formula was absolutely essential because.

00:11:30.780 --> 00:11:44.580
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): Honestly it's like you, you go into this big wide ocean, and you, you know that there's a there's a place in that ocean for you, but you can't see it you, for me, I didn't know where to start.

00:11:44.910 --> 00:11:46.590
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): Who was going to pay me I had.

00:11:46.680 --> 00:12:01.470
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): So much doubt on can I do this and having that formula was so helpful because every day when I would get up at you know four o'clock in the morning to work on my business for two hours before going to work at six.

00:12:02.100 --> 00:12:06.990
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): I knew exactly what I had to do and exactly what to work on and it's so easy.

00:12:07.350 --> 00:12:19.260
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): win for for my personality style to go down the bunny trail to get lost on the bunny trail the shot follow the shiny things and like you said, the chocolate chip cookie recipe, you have this person telling you should do this.

00:12:19.560 --> 00:12:27.720
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): And this person telling you this new try to piece it together and it's frustrating it's expensive your your energies are worn out here.

00:12:27.960 --> 00:12:33.750
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): Time is worn out and honestly For those of you that have partners in life or spouse spouses in life.

00:12:34.140 --> 00:12:42.150
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): When when you have somebody that is like hey you know what are you doing with your time or the money where's it going.

00:12:42.780 --> 00:12:47.310
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): To be able to show them and say here's the money or here's the proof in the pudding.

00:12:47.730 --> 00:13:01.020
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): By by following that formula and getting to there faster, it makes all the world of a difference, not only in your business but also your relationships that way in in showing that no you're not wasting things here's the Roi and.

00:13:01.170 --> 00:13:01.560
Jane Atkinson: As.

00:13:01.650 --> 00:13:11.670
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): For me, it was it was absolutely essential to have especially when I had 10 or 15 hours a week, that I was working on this and it had it had to be very focused very intentional.

00:13:12.240 --> 00:13:14.310
Jane Atkinson: And, and let me just brag on you, for a.

00:13:14.310 --> 00:13:31.590
Jane Atkinson: Second, your very first speech $500 you've you've 10 times that and then again and show up over the 10,000 mark, these days, and I think that that is just such an attribute and I love that you got to leave your job early.

00:13:33.120 --> 00:13:40.200
Jane Atkinson: And we brought you into the school and employed you a little bit, not to the degree that you can leave your doll them entirely, but I think it helped.

00:13:41.100 --> 00:13:54.030
Jane Atkinson: For that, along and that makes me so happy because now i've seen your family evolve to such a place that you're buying your first vacation property and then loving it so much you move into it so that's.

00:13:54.480 --> 00:14:05.430
Jane Atkinson: I think, when you say I didn't believe in myself, you know, one of the things that we built into our strategy built into our formula our recipe.

00:14:05.790 --> 00:14:18.810
Jane Atkinson: Is the mindset piece that has become our secret weapon, because the genuine I did this webinar last week, how to find the money.

00:14:19.470 --> 00:14:26.850
Jane Atkinson: Or how to get paid more and speaking, and we did this survey at the end because we had a chunk about mindset in the middle of it.

00:14:27.180 --> 00:14:36.780
Jane Atkinson: And we asked everybody at the end, what are you going to work on were you surprised that almost everybody said they were going to work on the mindset piece, the most.

00:14:36.840 --> 00:14:38.730
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): yeah that was pretty surprising.

00:14:38.820 --> 00:14:44.430
Jane Atkinson: I thought for sure, because I said, you know some of you are going to roll your eyes at this part.

00:14:44.850 --> 00:14:52.740
Jane Atkinson: Not only the not roll their eyes, they were like yeah that's something I need to really work on to believe in myself more Okay, so let me go back.

00:14:53.220 --> 00:15:01.410
Jane Atkinson: We are going to have a few of our students going to the national speakers association conference this summer.

00:15:02.190 --> 00:15:10.920
Jane Atkinson: I don't go to the conferences in the summer, because it's really hard to tear me away from the lake and right around that exact time.

00:15:11.280 --> 00:15:24.720
Jane Atkinson: is actually when we do a lot of family gathering so it's family and lake for me in the summer, so I I don't go to the big national conferences, but what my advice will be to our people.

00:15:25.410 --> 00:15:39.210
Jane Atkinson: Well, they already have their Tom so my advice to everybody else, though, is go and find your Tom find who Tony gwynn injure was for me for yourself and.

00:15:39.720 --> 00:15:51.330
Jane Atkinson: there's going to be somebody there, who has a strategy that you can follow from beginning to end, and I would suggest that you even go to sessions that are about strategy.

00:15:51.630 --> 00:15:59.400
Jane Atkinson: Because you probably don't need more action items, you need to something that kind of glue them all together, one of my.

00:16:00.330 --> 00:16:18.240
Jane Atkinson: Previous podcast we talked about tactics versus strategy tactics are the action items they're the individual things, and when you go and you take the SIP of water from the firehose at a big Convention with a lot going on and a lot of you know noise.

00:16:19.290 --> 00:16:33.480
Jane Atkinson: The tactics are you know you're trying to grab like one thing that you can hang on to but you need the strategy to kind of glue it all in place and some of those trap tactics won't even be right for you, yet or ever.

00:16:34.290 --> 00:16:39.720
Jane Atkinson: And so you really want to have some sort of mill to run them through some sort of funnel.

00:16:41.250 --> 00:16:42.180
Jane Atkinson: I really.

00:16:42.210 --> 00:16:47.490
Jane Atkinson: want to say, first, I have learned everything I know from NSA and I love NSA.

00:16:48.660 --> 00:16:59.940
Jane Atkinson: And the caps, the Canadian version of that which has been my hometown I come back to Canada for 15 years and i've been a member of many, many, many different chapters.

00:17:00.600 --> 00:17:11.100
Jane Atkinson: And what I really go there for now myself personally, is the relationships is the relationships, but then I come back.

00:17:11.460 --> 00:17:24.150
Jane Atkinson: And I have two mentors right now brooke Castillo, which is about mindset and Dan Sullivan, which is about business strategy that's what I apply, you know one little tip or two little tips to.

00:17:24.570 --> 00:17:36.180
Jane Atkinson: is to the strategies that i'm following and i'm hoping our students will come back from NSA with a few ideas, but then plug it into their big picture strategy so.

00:17:37.380 --> 00:17:38.130
Jane Atkinson: I know that.

00:17:39.690 --> 00:17:41.580
Jane Atkinson: I know that.

00:17:43.290 --> 00:17:57.030
Jane Atkinson: When you were you know kind of working your way towards gen this like 500 to $10,000 that you have just stayed the course.

00:17:57.480 --> 00:18:08.100
Jane Atkinson: And I think that you're coming back to it, and following it over and over again, you know you're our boots on the ground you're out booking business today and tomorrow and.

00:18:09.930 --> 00:18:17.610
Jane Atkinson: I think how important do you think it's been for our students to be able to follow this ready aim fire process.

00:18:18.270 --> 00:18:27.540
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): You know Jane we see people always you know come in and all different all different areas, they speak about all different things they have all different backgrounds and.

00:18:27.960 --> 00:18:36.900
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): Really, how they approach the business can be so different and it's so amazing to see once they start with the formula.

00:18:37.530 --> 00:18:42.750
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): To say hey here's the formula here's like the roadmap to doing it like you don't even have to.

00:18:43.260 --> 00:18:51.570
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): This is, this is what works it's so fun to see how they take back and they make it their own another revenue stream.

00:18:51.930 --> 00:19:01.530
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): Maybe different, they may have different ways of doing it, the basis of everything they do the skeleton of everything they do is based around that ready aim fire process and it makes it.

00:19:01.890 --> 00:19:10.890
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): So rewarding to see, on this side from the coaching side to see them just take that and and and go to town with it it's it's incredibly.

00:19:11.220 --> 00:19:23.850
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): rewarding to see somebody who can't see you know who's gonna hire them or they experience all the fears and anxieties that I know I had when they started out the questions, who was going to hire me who's going to pay me, can I.

00:19:27.390 --> 00:19:45.150
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): it's can I really do this and I actually do this and seeing them have those same anxieties and fears and to be on this side of the spectrum and be able to guide them along and say, yes, you can here's the tools and here's how to do it is just it's it's so rewarding yeah.

00:19:45.540 --> 00:19:47.190
Jane Atkinson: Now we have a couple of exciting.

00:19:47.220 --> 00:19:55.710
Jane Atkinson: Things coming up, I am in the middle, this summer, of writing the wealthy speaker 3.0.

00:19:56.220 --> 00:20:09.480
Jane Atkinson: And let me tell you it is a rewrite I mean this book is going to be so good i'm auditioning all of the material to see if it makes it into 3.0 and not there's a lot of stuff.

00:20:09.810 --> 00:20:30.720
Jane Atkinson: That is leaving is getting left on the editing room floor in this situation because I want this book to be stellar so the wealthy speaker three point O is going to be coming at out in November and we just so happen to be having our very own conference in November.

00:20:32.400 --> 00:20:46.050
Jane Atkinson: called marketing mindset and mastery so we're going to go deep on the marketing, how can you walk away with a plan, a 90 day Action Plan to level up your business.

00:20:47.190 --> 00:20:59.970
Jane Atkinson: We are going to run mindset through the entire program and now that i've heard kind of some feedback from some speakers that yes, they're working on it, and that is something that they really, really need.

00:21:00.240 --> 00:21:05.070
Jane Atkinson: That gives me more confidence to you know go into the mindset more deeply.

00:21:05.520 --> 00:21:15.300
Jane Atkinson: The mastery piece Kelly swanson who we have hired probably now I don't know how many events i've run but she's been at almost every single one of them.

00:21:15.750 --> 00:21:24.060
Jane Atkinson: Kelly swanson will come in with the mastery piece for humor and storytelling and there we know there's no better form of marketing than a great speech.

00:21:24.360 --> 00:21:39.600
Jane Atkinson: So make sure you come over to speaker launcher calm and I don't know if we will be open to the general public, yet we want to make sure we have the first seats available to our school students, they get the deepest discounts as well.

00:21:40.650 --> 00:21:53.100
Jane Atkinson: And my private coaching clients, and so we are super excited that's happening in Florida November four to six so Jen that's going to be a lot of fun don't you think.

00:21:53.340 --> 00:21:59.340
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): yeah I just had someone asking me about this this morning, like hey what's the Roi and i'm like you know.

00:22:00.090 --> 00:22:05.220
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): The agenda is going to be amazing but, really, what I find amazing is the.

00:22:05.700 --> 00:22:13.650
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): The just the takeaways that the little nuggets you can pick up along the way, and to learn from people who are doing their business and kicking it.

00:22:14.100 --> 00:22:26.580
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): is amazing you're going to have a lot of your VIP is in the audience, I know, so these are not just people day one starting, these are people who are already already doing really well and want to take it to that next level.

00:22:26.700 --> 00:22:29.940
Jane Atkinson: yeah well that I think is exactly the right word.

00:22:30.390 --> 00:22:36.870
Jane Atkinson: Is work provide you with a 90 day strategy to take your business to the next level.

00:22:37.350 --> 00:22:43.320
Jane Atkinson: And we have had some real magic in the room and years prior we haven't had one in two years now, but.

00:22:43.710 --> 00:22:56.910
Jane Atkinson: We have had a lot of people do business together, who have been in the room, we have had friendships that born were born out of hey I roomed with you for years ago, let me continue to room with you now.

00:22:57.330 --> 00:23:05.730
Jane Atkinson: And we've had marriages Jen people have met in the room and gotten engaged and married and That to me is like.

00:23:06.360 --> 00:23:24.540
Jane Atkinson: That is so cool so there it's like there's magic in the room, but I think that's very hard to explain as an Roi I think probably focusing on the next level and perhaps building some relationships that will serve you over the next decade.

00:23:24.570 --> 00:23:40.560
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): Is it and actually I think I told told you about this is, I actually from that event is the live events got to meet one of my all time favorite mentors as well and i'm actually shared the stage with them not too long ago so.

00:23:40.620 --> 00:23:43.140
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): That was actually miss Kelly swanson we both did an event.

00:23:44.130 --> 00:23:50.010
Jane Atkinson: Oh, oh my gosh yes that's right you and Kelly did business together, it was amazing like.

00:23:50.460 --> 00:24:07.110
Jane Atkinson: I just some really cool things happen and that's really hard to put into a bullet point that the magic happens in the room, but anyway, I hope you all will put a link to the if we're ready to unveil it to you I don't know if we will be, we will put a link in the show notes.

00:24:08.130 --> 00:24:16.530
Jane Atkinson: For that, so you can check it out alright well Thank you so much for being here with me, Jan I love hearing like I think we're kind of.

00:24:16.800 --> 00:24:26.340
Jane Atkinson: unfolding snippets of what's going on in your business to people and I love that you're out there booking events all the time to be able to bring back to us.

00:24:26.640 --> 00:24:41.160
Jane Atkinson: Well, somebody just asked me for this and some I saw this happening at an event recently, and so I really love that you are our person on the ground really kicking butt and taking names in the speaking industry, thank you for being that for us Jen.

00:24:42.750 --> 00:24:50.850
Jen McDonough (aka The Iron Jen): Well, thank you guys We look forward to seeing you well, I can't wait to see you in person than November we see each other quite a bit virtually.

00:24:54.600 --> 00:24:55.800
Jane Atkinson: it'll be so nice to get.

00:24:55.800 --> 00:25:00.540
Jane Atkinson: Together alright everyone for with that we will say see you soon wealthy.

00:25:00.540 --> 00:25:02.190
Jane Atkinson: Speakers bye for now.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

If you could use some ideas on designing and implementing a great formula to help you reach your goals, you simply can’t afford to miss this episode!

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