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[Podcast] From Presentation to Print with Clint Greenleaf

From Presentation to Print with Clint Greenleaf
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You’ve finally written that book that you’ve worked on for so long! Ok, now what? Where do you go to get it published? Who handles publicity? What about book distribution? From traditional publishing, to self-publishing, to hybrid publishing, you do have options. Clint Greenleaf is an author and founder of Greenleaf Book Group. Clint visits the show with a crash course on the ins and outs of publishing.

**Update: Clint has since sold Greenleaf Book Group and is no longer acting President of the company.

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Show Notes:

:38 How a bet with some college buddies lead to Clint publishing his first book

[3:51] What are some of the most important questions to ask when publishing a book?

[4:27] The different models of publishing…

[4:30] There’s traditional publishing

[5:28] Even in a traditional publishing model, the author usually has to cough up the marketing costs.

[7:38] Why go with a big name publisher?

[11:00] After you’ve written the book you still have a long way to go, especially when it comes to distribution.

[16:27] What are some of the pros and cons of self-publishing?

[18:34] Clint discusses who should be concerned with getting into book stores.

[24:27] There’s a hybrid model of publishing that combines self and traditional publishing.

[26:38] What does a typical marketing budget for a book look like?

[30:43] It’s important to remember that a publisher is not going to help you market your book.

[32:26] Distribution is often the key factor in picking a publishing model.

[33:38] There are so many middle-men in the publishing industry, which can be very frustrating.

[35:50] What are the pros and cons of publishing only as an ebook?

[39:43] Book design…it’s a big deal!

[40:54] What does a good, solid, book cover look like?

[43:37] What are some good book titles…and what are some bad ones?

[47:00] Where is the publishing industry heading?

[49:21] A few questions from the listeners…

[49:33] Specifically, what will a hybrid publisher help you with?

[54:35] Revisiting an old book…is it better to revise or publish a new edition?

[56:43] Does a hybrid publisher essentially act as an agent?


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