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From “Will Speak for Tacos” to The Speaking Hall of Fame with Marilyn Sherman


Today’s podcast is brought to you by Accelerate Live 2018 which is a fabulous live event that we’ll be putting on in Toronto Sept 7-8, 2018.  We’ll be talking two main things at this event – sales and stories.  I’m going to be doing a deep dive on sales and processes that will allow you to move thru the from lead to speaking engagement.  Featuring Kelly Swanson, Bob Parker and Greg Schinkel, it’s going be a great event, people always leave these full of ideas and ready to take action.

On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Podcast, we are talking about the journey to the Speaking Hall of Fame.  Our guest today is Marilyn Sherman who for the last 22 years has been dedicated to training people to let go of obstacles and live and work with courage, commitment, and confidence.  Marilyn’s main focus and brand, Front Row Leadership, has motivated audiences all over the country, and internationally with topics about hope, inspiration, and practical tools to implement immediately.

She is the author of 4 motivational books including her latest on goal-setting released this year called “Is There A Hole In Your Bucket List?”. Marilyn has just been inducted into the National Speakers Association, Speaker Hall of Fame. A lifetime award for speaking excellence and professionalism. It’s an honour that is extremely rare in the speaking industry.


Today Marilyn will share her own personal experiences that took her from wanting to be a motivational speaker in high school, to receiving the highest honor awarded to a speaking professional.

Listen the podcast below:

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • Will speak for tacos.  [3:10]
  • Front row leadership.  [8:40]
  • Is there a hole in your bucket list?  [13:10]
  • My in with the food service industry.  [20:35]
  • The pros and cons of speaker agencies.  [25:40]
  • Raising your fees.  [31:00]
  • The award and the speech.  [37:50]
  • My NSA community.  [41:40]

If you want to hear about Marilyn’s epic journey that takes her from starting out with an idea as a teenager, to gaining the respect and accolades of her peers, be sure to join us for this episode!

Podcast Resources:

Learn more about Marilyn Sherman, HERE.
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National Speakers Association (NSA)
Speaker Hall of Fame

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