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3 Ways To Get Paid What You’re Worth

Have you been speaking for awhile and want to get paid what you deserve? Are you frustrated that you’re not getting the number of bookings that you desire to fill your calendar?

Here are three ideas that will help you get paid the right amount. Each can be adjusted to suit your speaking needs to secure more of that almighty business!

1. Solve a Marketing Problem

When you are positioning yourself on your website, make sure you’re clearly establishing your expertise for your buyers. Are they “getting you” right off the bat?

Here’s a test:

View your website with fresh eyes, the eyes of the decision maker.

Perhaps you have your avatar (ideal customer) in mind. What do you see 1st, 2nd, 3rd? Ask yourself, “Am I positioning myself as a speaker (Hire me, I’m a good speaker) or am I positioning myself as an expert (Here’s how I can help solve your problem)?”

Does your website need to be more about your customer and less about you? That’s what we call doing the Marketing Flip Flop: Making your copy speak more to the nature of the problem and your solutions vs. you and your credibility. Sure, you need credibility, but first you need to show your buyer that you understand their pain and know how to solve it. It’s a delicate balance.

My client Wayne Lee is a great example of this marketing flip-flop. Wayne is a fun and high-energy hypnotist. He could simply be deemed “entertainment”, but Wayne wants to be known more for showing how powerful the mind is in human performance. Consequently, his website reflects that as well as the entertainment value. Wayne uses language like “Boost Performance While Having a Blast” instead of “Book Wayne for Your Next Event”. In doing so, Wayne is solving the problem of poor performance or engagement.

2. Epic Keynote Platform Skills

The best way to get the fees you desire is to be great from the platform. I’ve said it many times. Being a good speaker is enough to get people coming up to you after your presentation saying, “You’re the best speaker I’ve ever heard”. But, being epic means they come up to you and ask, “Do you have your calendar handy? I want to check availability”. That’s when you know you have really made it.

When is the last time you worked on your craft? Hopefully, it’s recently because that’s a saw that will always need sharpening. Staying on top of your presentation skills is what puts you in front of larger audiences at the larger fees. Even speakers like Ryan Estis and Kindra Hall do their research and work hard on crafting a great keynote before every presentation. They want clients to feel like they know them. It must be working because they both sell out many months in advance!

3. Ask for the Sale

If you’re on your way up the ladder, you’ve got nothing to lose by asking for business. In a keynote or workshop scenario, you might use what I call the “Help Me” speech. Thom Winninger invented this idea and it may feel right to use it when you’re working your way up in fees.

Here’s how it goes:

Near the end of your presentation, right before your closing story (you should have them eating out of the palm of your hand by now), you say these simple lines.

“As you can see, I am passionate about _______ (fill in your topic). If you know of anyone who could benefit from this material, please come and hand me your business card after we’re finished.”

This works for many people because:

a) Your audiences want to come and talk to you.

b) They genuinely want to help and you’re showing them how they can do that. And, on top of that, you’re taking advantage of the golden rule in business: “Asking for the Sale“!

Try these three ideas and see if they’re helpful in getting you booked more often at higher fees.

How do you ensure you get paid what you are worth? Share your answer with me in the comments.

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