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Going Viral, Sponsorship and Collabs with Lisa “Longball” Vlooswyk

Going Viral, Sponsorship and Collabs with Jane Atkinson and Lisa “Longball” Vlooswyk
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Quote: “The way you do anything is the way you do everything…you need to look pro!” Lisa “Longball” Vlooswyk

We hear about videos going viral all the time, but how often does it happen, and what are the results? Well, it can be a huge deal and might just get you noticed where you might not have been seen otherwise, opening doors that you never imagined. On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Show, we’re thrilled to welcome Lisa “Longball” Vlooswyk to share her viral video story and how it has impacted her speaking business.

Lisa is an 8-time Canadian Long Drive Champion and has finished as high as 2nd in the World.  She competed on the Golf Channel’s World Long Drive Association Tour and currently competes at the World Long Drive Championship. She is an LDA Tour Champion and Callaway Golf-sponsored athlete.  Lisa was the first woman to ever hit it the length of 3 ½ NFL football fields in competition and currently holds the Canadian Women’s Long Drive record at 350 yards 2 feet 2 inches. 


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Jane Atkinson: Well welcome everyone to the wealthy speaker. Podcast. I'm thrilled to be back after summer break. We typically stockpile enough podcasts to take us through the summer so that we can come back

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Jane Atkinson: refreshed and raring to go. And that is exactly what I'm feeling today. So our first guest is someone I've been wanting to interview for so long.

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Jane Atkinson: I saw this amazing Youtube video one day and we'll get into all that shortly but welcome to the podcast

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Jane Atkinson: Lisa Loosewig I am II am so excited to talk to you. Your nickname is Lisa, long ball. Tell everybody what that means, hey, Jane, I'm absolutely thrilled to be here with you and your guests up so, Lisa Long Ball. So I married a Dutchman. This is why, you know, Mary Dutch people, no one can spell or pronounce your name. So

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Lisa Longball: actually, James, you know. But it's also basically II started off. I was an elementary school teacher, junior high school teacher, absolutely passionate about teaching, educating, and I discovered this weird, freaky ability to hit a golf ball long way. So I ended up. II went to my first long drive competition, which is trying to hit a golf ball as far as humanly possible, and I won with a 313 yard drive the set of clubs from Costco.

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Lisa Longball: So that's where it all started, and I ended up winning my first national title in Toronto. And then I ended up coming top 10 in the world, and all of a sudden I had this opportunity to become the best in the world at a sport, and although I loved teaching was passionate teaching, I knew I couldn't do both, and my husband said, You know, Lisa, you have a limited chance to be the best in the world and something do it. And so I signed my resignation letter and I became Lisa Long Ball. Oh, my gosh, okay, so

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Jane Atkinson: your longest drive ever. And so I'm a golfer. I'm golf attire for those of you watching on Youtube. I said, dress casually, because this is the theme today.

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Lisa Longball: E. Tell everybody what your longest drive has been, so my longest drive in competition. So I only count in competition, like, when I was at Capelua, in Maui downhill downwind. Oh, using Capelua, the whales! There's whales reaching in the bathroom. Amazing thing you'll ever see. How am I supposed to focus on golf when

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Lisa Longball: there's wheels jumping in the back. So in in non competition, 416 yards was my longest. But that was downhill downwind in competition. Dead flat grid, no wind 350 yards to be 2 inches. I was the first woman to ever hit it over 3 and a half Nfl. Football fields in competition.

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Jane Atkinson: Oh, my gosh, okay. Well, this is why my husband is so impressed with you. I am also. I'm very lucky, you know 1 51 70. That's like a huge deal. If I actually, you know, hit the sweet spot. So I love love, love, love, love, talking to you but

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Jane Atkinson: about golf. But but there's some things that you have done. One night I'm watching hockey night in Canada, and there's least a long ball being talked about at the intermission. Tell everybody about that particular viral video sensation, and what was kind of some of the followed. I don't even know if that's been your biggest

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Lisa Longball: or not. Oh, Jane, that was prop that! And there's one in a robe in a house coat, reading a golf digest and sipping a cup of coffee, my biggest. So basically, Jane, over the pandemic I found that there there was a lot of negative negativity on social media. You know what. I wanna post something positive, just something to make people laugh and smile. So, although I'm you know, a professional golfer and a keynote speaker, and

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I run my own ball schools. I have this whole separate Lisa. Long ball. My secret passion is wake surfing.

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Lisa Longball: so wake surfing is you're behind a boat. You're on a board, and there's no rope. A lot of people say, Well, where's the rope? And and there is no rope, so you have to have a special boat that creates a a wave that you are actually surfing. And so a lot of people find it difficult. You would start by getting up with a rope, and then you drop the rope when you, when you would find kind of the pocket and you start surfing so people find it difficult just to drop the rope, but for me I love it. I was a former gymnast.

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Lisa Longball: and that's what I credit my long drive acumen to, but it also helps me with wake surfing. So I was started surfing behind my boat, and I thought, you know what I'm gonna put on a costume. I always wear a life jacket. I always video you're referring to. I put on goalie gear. So I had a mask. I had a blocker. I had a glove. I had the goalie stick. I forgot pants. That was the one thing I forgot to steal my son's hockey pants, but I had every jersey. I had everything else.

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Lisa Longball: and my son was throwing pox at me, which, of course, were phone, and we went back and picked up afterwards. But he was throwing pox. My mom was filming it. My husband was driving the boat. And this video went viral because I was a surfing goalie, and that was when the nhl had its very first season, ever in the summertime. So Kelly Rudy put me on hockey night in Canada. It went viral. Oh, my gosh! So I'm watching this video. And I'm thinking.

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Jane Atkinson: Wow, she makes wake. II always call it wakeboarding, but I guess it's Wake and my grandson and we pull him behind the jet ski with the boots on, and but I don't think that that looks like something I could do, but when you do it. You make it look easy, and I'm just getting ready to turn 60. And I'm like, I don't know. Do I wanna risk it? We a a

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Jane Atkinson: we no longer have a boat that would do anything like that, because we just downsized to a pontoon or slow size to a you cannot wait for it as a barbecue. No fridge, anyways. So that's that's kind of an analogy of where we are in life. Right? We moved away from the jet boat to the pontoon.

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Lisa Longball: But so anyway, you made it look so easy that I wanted to try it. But I don't. I don't know that that's gonna happen because I don't have a way phone. I actually go with Jane. If you just cause. I know you're kind of in the cottage country area. You have access to cottage country. I'm from Albert. I know you're from Ontario, but the what's interesting is, you're only going 10 miles an hour. So it's actually with basically, what happens is when you no longer, you know.

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Lisa Longball: if you can't surf anymore, you lose the weight, you just simply just fall it. Just so it's actually, if anyone, any of your viewers are interested in trying, it's actually much safer than wait boarding, because it's less risk of injury, just because you're going so much slower.

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Jane Atkinson: and you can use the rope to get up, and absolutely, so often what you do. You'd be in the water. Use the rope to get up. Then kind of pull yourself in to what they call the pocket, where you kind of feel that your th, your the board just kind of going on its own then. Oh, my gosh, okay, I was never really very good at some skateboarding, so I just don't know if this is for me. So anyway, I, you just make it look so easy.

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Okay, so we're gonna put

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Lisa Longball: a link to that particular video. But Google, if they wanna see that video absolutely. And actually, Jane, one more thing about that video. So not only was it in hockey night, Canada, after they're there, Pepsi and lease potato chips asked me if they could use it in their commercials over the Stanley Cup final. So well, that's it's that's what I'm saying to your viewers. It's was pretty cool. So if they would like to see that video, or because of that, all my followers started saying, Lisa.

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Lisa Longball: to do more. So, as I said, I did one in a house coach. I've done. I've done baseball. I've done vast like Toronto raptors, blue jays. So if you wanna see them. You can go to my Youtube channel, which is Lisa Long Ball. Go to playlists and under playlists you'll find wake surfing videos. You'll also find golf instructional videos, all for free. If anyone is interested in in helping either become a better week surfer or learn how to hit 300 yard balls.

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Jane Atkinson: So we really wanna talk today about 3 kind of things that I think you have done brilliantly. And you just shared with me before you started that your businesses exploded. We wanna talk about going viral. We wanna talk about sponsorship, and we wanna talk about collapse. Tell me, continuing on the going viral theme.

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Jane Atkinson: How did that affect your speaking business? Well, interestingly enough. So first of all, the wake surfing videos, those were. Those were great like, you know, I have so many people engaging with me checking out, and then then they would go to the link in my bio. They go to my website. So all of a sudden, I had many requests for people that found me because of a fun video and then would wanted more. And so we click on again as I said, links into my bio, whichever else. And and we're able to say, Oh, wow! She, you know, runs golf school.

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Lisa Longball: Oh, she's a keynote speaker. My conferencing convention. How fun would that be so for your for your speakers out there? You know. Obviously your your professional speakers, your kicking butt out there. You're doing great. But how do you drive business to your website? I think, what? What's unique about yourself? What is it that you do. That's fun. What do you love? And whether it be hiking, skiing, biking, painting, whatever it is that you do?

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Lisa Longball: Could you do something fun? Could you do something super fun in a video sense to pull people in and say, Geez, I want more, and that's what I found with my link surfing here. It was just a hobby, just a passion on the side that absolutely had led to business. And one of the things that you can be doing talk a little bit about keywords like

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Jane Atkinson: on Youtube. And this is a question that I'm just asking, because I don't know the answer to it.

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Jane Atkinson: Do you try to own. Like, if I were you, I would wanna own Lisa Longvall.

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Jane Atkinson: long ball hit her keynote speaker like, let's make sure that whenever they see your description. Keynote speaker is in there so that people are like, Oh, okay, interesting. What kind of keywords are you using on? And it's a universal change I think you make on your Youtube channel to put in the keyword descriptions like, I'm wondering if you can put in things like

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Lisa Longball: how to get paid to speak like is that I don't even know the answer to this. What? What kind of keywords are you using? Well, I definitely what I have also found you don't want to inundate people with 2030 key words. So narrow it down to 10 or less is what I would say, yeah, absolutely using your those key words. And the other thing is, we want to be creative as speakers. We want to say, you know we are. You know you try to

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Lisa Longball: use these fancy words to describe yourself. Is that what people are? Go Googling, keynote speaker, motivational speaker, inspirational speaker, even though maybe that's not what you want to be. If if that's your genre, if maybe that's not what you you know, you know you give so much more than that. But you have to remember what is your customer, Googling or searching. So that's that's what you have to to look at that way so definitely using those hashtags, keynote speaker, motivational.

00:11:19.690 --> 00:11:29.759
Lisa Longball: Again, if you have a motivational, inspirational. But but thinking of words that just the average Joe would Google, not what looks pretty on your website because that's not maximize your SEO.

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Jane Atkinson: Okay, I wanna get to sponsorships. But I also wanna backtrack just a little bit. You were a teacher. Then you turn golf. Long ball hitter is is golf, long ball hitting like a full time? It's become a full-time gig for you. But is it? Is it a full-time gig for everybody.

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Lisa Longball: No, it is not lucrative. Let's competitions. Do you have a year for long ball hitting? Well, right, that's that's the issue. So to become that be best in the world. You're training 6 days a week, working out hitting balls, the competitions, the travel, you know. Purses are often quite small. Now they have started to grow. But then, with pandemic happening, that kind of shut everything down again. So it's just starting to pick back up again.

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Lisa Longball: just just starting to be televised again, and and that hasn't happened for us since 2,019. So it took a real hit that way. But I think. What? What again, if I can share anything with your with your viewers? Is that diverse vacation? So yes, I'm a long ball hitter, that's a passion, but from that I became again. I use. What are your strengths for me? I knew I was an educator, so that's what II would go up to these corporate and charity tournament

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Lisa Longball: so I would be hired as an entertainer. So, in addition to competing, then, I started going to corporate charity tournaments. I would stand on a part. 5 hit balls for guests, raise money for charity. The company would pay me to do that but then from those opportunities that I had speaking opportunities at the dinner. Then I was asked, oh, Lisa, could you do a keynote? Speech? Oh, yes, absolutely well. Gosh, Jane, I have never done a keynote speech in my life. Well, yes, I'm gonna become a keynote speaker. And

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Lisa Longball: and so it's almost sometimes trial by fire, but it's the ability to wear different hats, and just to that left hand turn so, for in terms of the least long ball business, so yes, I'm a professional athlete and competing, although I've had a rotator cup injury. So I haven't well with the pandemic, of course, and not being able to travel. So I wasn't able to compete this year. I'm hoping to be back competing next year. But in addition to that, so then I do corporate and charity golf tournaments as an entertainer. But

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Lisa Longball: and I just diversified as well to say, You know what I go to go to all these tournaments, Jane, and 75 to 85% of the attendees are men where the women and I realize that there are so many key golf is a key business networking skill. People do business with people they know like and trust. How do we? How do we get women more comfortable and confident to get out on the golf course. Business deals happen. So I started my own golf school as an educator. I started to know golf schools. How can we

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Lisa Longball: help women say yes, to those corporate and charity tournament invitations. And then that led to keynote speaking. And and so again, I wear many different hats as part of, and that's because if I was just a long drive, champion Nope, that would be tough to to pay the bills. Yes, yes, I that's what I was wondering, because, yeah, you have to wonder how many, how many times a year you get to compete. Okay?

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Jane Atkinson: So we're talking about you, II watch you on Youtube. And and I watch you on your social media feed. And I'm thinking, Wow, you have so many like collaborations and sponsors. So let's break it down to sponsorship first. Tell me about

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Jane Atkinson: you know, how does sponsorships work for you? And how does that result in money in the bank?

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Lisa Longball: So for me. Again, you being one of the best long drivers in the world, or, you know, proving my way along that path I had, I was sponsored by Nike for 11 years until they stopped making golf equipment. After that I was absolutely thrilled to be part of the Calaway golf team. So that's a a worldwide Major Brand. So here I'm a 40 something year old, mom, and I'm a Calaway athlete. And so for me like and talk about in terms of branding

00:15:13.580 --> 00:15:38.549
Lisa Longball: exposure. You know, Calaway, said Lisa, we would like for you to be our our model in our in our fall catalog, and they want. They flew me down to Dallas, to the Dallas cowboys, golf course, and I'm thinking you have a whole bunch of 20 year old beautiful Lpg Tour players. But Calaway believes in women as athletes, but from that Jane is is this tremendous exposure? But I drove straight to Nordstrom. I bought the most expensive pair of spanks I could buy right 10 pounds of jelly in a place

00:15:38.550 --> 00:16:03.359
Lisa Longball: Henderson and I was second athlete that they sponsored.

00:16:03.360 --> 00:16:32.409
Jane Atkinson: and that's actually the the videos that I did with Gulf Town that led to just incredible business. Okay? So I've why, I've been watching that you've been making your way across Canada. So Lisa is a Canadian brook. Anderson is one of our top Canadian golf professionals. You've been making your way across Canada to golf, town locations, to teach, to be there, to create and bring women into the stores.

00:16:32.410 --> 00:16:42.960
Lisa Longball: So what we're looking for in a sponsorship deal number one, I'm assuming you got paid an handily for that, and all your travel is covered and everything.

00:16:43.020 --> 00:16:52.810
Jane Atkinson: And so, rather than going and giving a series of speeches. Necessarily, you're doing appearances and things like that.

00:16:53.020 --> 00:17:09.880
Jane Atkinson: So when you're negotiating that type of a deal. how do you like get up the confidence to stand tall and what you're worth, you know. I think the I think people can get a little bit intimidated. Oh, it's Callaway. Oh, you know.

00:17:09.880 --> 00:17:34.319
Jane Atkinson: Oh, they're a big company. I'm just little old me. I shouldn't charge too much. Talk about your fees and how they've gone up for things like sponsorships like golf town is now. But what was it like when you first started? Well, that's a great question, because I've been with Gulf Town for about 7 years now, and they have been spectacular. So I I've been pretty lucky, and that they see they have seen my worth. But we just renegotiated contract

00:17:34.320 --> 00:17:59.190
Lisa Longball: the last couple of months, and I asked for a jump, and you know I had to. I had to justify. But if you but you have to be able to justify and say, I have done this and this and this, and this is the amount of view. So you have to be able. You can't just ask for. You can't just ask for. I want this much money. You need to be able to say, Hey, this is the value I'm bringing. But you need to own that you need to own that and believe in that. And again, partner with people that can. But the other thing.

00:17:59.190 --> 00:18:24.120
Jean, I think that it also comes from a point of reciprocity. So over the pandemic Gulf Town has 47 stores across Canada, all of their stores were were shut different. All businesses, right? So business stores were shut down. So they were still playing lease, heat, electricity, all their employees. Yet they weren't making any sales from inside the stores. So they reached out to me and said, You know, Lisa, Canadians are golf crazy for our American

00:18:24.120 --> 00:18:39.740
Lisa Longball: counterparts. Many Americans get to play golf year round, because if they live in a beautiful state that has year round golf, I know there's many in the United States that don't, but there are several that do but Canadians. By March and April we are dying for golf, and then, of course, the pandemic hit.

00:18:39.740 --> 00:19:04.679
Lisa Longball: Well, golf town asked me to do these videos. And at first they said, You know, Lisa, people are at home. They're missing golf. Could you maybe just start from your basement? I said, absolutely. So all I had my carpet, that's all. I had my carpet, my clubs, and just my cell phone camera. That's that's how I started. And I bought a ring like, what was your first? What was your first video, your first instructional video? What were you teaching? So I started with the basics. I thought, you know what?

00:19:04.680 --> 00:19:32.169
Lisa Longball: Yeah, I knew I was gonna be doing a series of several weeks. 3 times a week. I started with warm up grip posture. Let's go with the fundamentals. And then I thought, I'm gonna I get to be with these people 3 times a week. These viewers from all all across Canada is what I thought, and then I would expand all the way how to hit 300 plus yard drives. Well, Jane, these videos exploded. I was getting millions of views through the Gulf Town Facebook channel that I didn't. Facebook live

00:19:32.220 --> 00:19:56.470
Lisa Longball: millions of views, and then they would re purpose them on Twitter and Instagram. I had people from all over the United States all of this from Australia. Singapore! London all reaching out to me, Lisa. Oh, my gosh! I was! People told me I was their Covid girlfriend, that they would look so forward to watching my videos and that. And then, when they finally, of course, golf was the first safe, social, distancing sport, people said.

00:19:56.470 --> 00:20:10.969
Lisa Longball: Oh, my gosh, Lisa! I added, 30, 40 yards to my drives. I had around with No. 3 parts, Lisa, I could shift the flamingo. So all of a sudden the videos just kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger. II just and more. They just shared the people just were.

00:20:10.970 --> 00:20:28.009
Lisa Longball: And and and then this is the part I want to share with your viewers. So Gulf Town came to me afterwards because we didn't even discuss Fee at the part like I have a sponsorship fee, and then, when I do events, there'd be a there'd be separate payment for for the events. But I have a main sponsorship fee. And they said, Lisa, what can we pay you for those videos. And you know what I said, Jane?

00:20:28.020 --> 00:20:28.970
Lisa Longball: Nothing.

00:20:29.020 --> 00:20:58.989
Lisa Longball: because I knew that my sponsor was hurting. That was a very difficult time for them. And so II didn't charge a dollar for any of those videos. And you know what I do believe in Karma. I do believe in good things happening because I did that. I my business, my goal schools I just launched last week, Orlando. They sold out. I have 2 goals that sold out in less than 3 min. And I absolutely. And I'm I'm launching Phoenix tomorrow and my golf schools are selling out less than 5 min. And I 100 credit the free videos

00:20:58.990 --> 00:21:12.039
Lisa Longball: that I did. I didn't charge a dollar for them. I wanted to help out my sponsor who's been so good to me. And this ended up happening organically nice. Carmen is my boyfriend. I love this.

00:21:12.330 --> 00:21:28.279
Lisa Longball: Yeah, so smart and so good. And I think it's really important to recognize when somebody that you're partnered with is hurting. You can give them a hand up in this time, and it's gonna come back and pay off. Okay. So

00:21:28.490 --> 00:21:39.470
Jane Atkinson: one of the line items. I'm thinking that you can now work into every contract or whatever it is, is social reach.

00:21:39.470 --> 00:21:47.730
I'm gonna put out to my ex. What is your social reach at this point. How many Youtube followers, how many? What's your combined

00:21:47.730 --> 00:22:12.720
Lisa Longball: social reach? Well, I haven't. It's funny. So I haven't. Actually, I haven't. III haven't added them all up, but I know, for in for Instagram, for instance, I'm over 21,000. But what's more, keys, I have the blue check mark. So I have a blue check mark with Instagram and I will twitter. Now you can buy the blue checkmark but I do think being verified. II do think that that is a worthwhile for people. I just I think it gives you validity, especially

00:22:12.720 --> 00:22:41.910
Lisa Longball: if you're if you more of a quote, unquote celebrity or special video as a keynote speaker, you are. You are a celebrity. You are a celebrity in the speaking industry. And so again, it's the way you do anything is the way you do everything. So you need to look pro. You need to look like I'm the top of what I'm doing. And again you have that starts with how you do your social media, how you put yourself out there, and if you don't have. If you can get a blue check, mark, and you don't have one. Why?

00:22:41.910 --> 00:23:01.820
Jane Atkinson: Because to me that's you're you're telling your followers. Oh, they're verified, you know, those are. That's that's that's a a trusted resource. Okay, okay, that's something to think about for sure. Okay, so we've talked about sponsorships. And I just wanna run through some things for people who aren't necessarily like haven't thought about it.

00:23:02.190 --> 00:23:25.600
Jane Atkinson: Think about who wants to also get in front of the audience. You want to get in front of. So let's say you are going after realtors. You know, there are a lot of people who wanna nuzzle up to real estate. Maybe it's a mortgage broker. Maybe it's I don't know somebody who makes the signs. There's all kinds of pieces to the real estate puzzle.

00:23:25.600 --> 00:23:42.099
and you want to be able to collaborate or get a sponsorship with somebody who has the same interests as you, so it could be somebody that you go to a remax conference, and you see oh, they have, like 10 sponsors.

00:23:42.100 --> 00:23:48.620
Jane Atkinson: Let me talk to each of the sponsors and see whether or not they might want to take me on a cross country tour.

00:23:48.620 --> 00:24:13.620
Lisa Longball: and they can be the hero because they've brought me in to help you boost your sales, or whatever it might be absolutely, Jane, that that's that's exactly what you need to do. I think that so many, especially when I first started as a speaker, I felt like a neophyte, and you know I would be in the presence of all the the Caps Hall of Famers, and Nsa. Of course the National Speakers Association, and you look like, oh, these are the

00:24:13.620 --> 00:24:36.960
Lisa Longball: giants of our industry. I I'm just oh, I'm just so new. But you know what we do have worth. We do have something to say. We do have a voice, and we have value. And so, as you said, approaching those sponsors, that idea of the Cross Canada tour. And again, so that cross Canada tour helps all of their their clients and the people that they want to press. But it also increases your your exposure. It's the markets and collabs.

00:24:36.960 --> 00:25:01.369
Lisa Longball: One of the thing. Another thing I'd like like to suggest to your viewers and listeners is that find other people who are doing what you do in your space and collaborate with them. For instance, it was actually I was approached by a a young woman named Tori Totless. She's absolutely amazing. She's from Phoenix, Phoenix, Arizona. She does these events. She's hired me as a speaker, so she's hired me to come to her events. Because she saw my videos were so popular, and people were always sharing them and talking about them.

00:25:01.370 --> 00:25:26.079
Lisa Longball: She's in the golf women's golf space. So she hired me to come down, and I taught some clinics down there, and III emcee the dinner, and it was such a successful relationship. But then part of my contract with her, Lisa, could you please do 3 social media spots with me? So that was that was her ask. And we collaborated. And so, for instance, on Instagram, you can collaborate. And then when one person posts, you agree to the collaboration, and it goes to both your

00:25:26.080 --> 00:25:50.219
Lisa Longball: both of yours channels or your followers. Yes, yeah, exactly. And just when she posted. So I did 3, 2 min videos when she posted the first one. I had 5,000 new followers that day 5,000 new followers, because her followers fell in love with me, and they followed me. And then my followers loved her and started following her so

00:25:50.220 --> 00:25:59.249
Lisa Longball: doing what you're doing in your space, that a great number of social media followers, and that perhaps you could do something really cool together and build both of your brands.

00:25:59.250 --> 00:26:11.280
Jane Atkinson: And might I suggest that those are the types of things the 3 the 3 live feeds, or whatever you do together, as social media posts

00:26:11.280 --> 00:26:36.109
Jane Atkinson: that that is laid out in the agreement ahead of time. You really wanna make sure that anything that is going to take your time is listed out in the agreement so that they're not asking for a little bit of this. I used to represent Sugar Ray Leonard. We had to account for all of his time. A lot of people would ask at the last minute.

00:26:36.110 --> 00:27:01.089
Lisa Longball: Oh, could he just come over and do an autograph session? And the answer was always, No, because you needed to spell that out in the contract ahead of time, you know, if you want this, then we're gonna have to move you to this package where it includes all of that. So really make sure that your time is documented well, on your agreement just to add to that. So something else that I had to do in that contract that we had to really work with

00:27:01.090 --> 00:27:25.820
Lisa Longball: is that I also taught a clinic. Well, don't forget my clinic. That was a 1 h clinic. That's also what I do for a living in terms of that. I teach golf schools, and that that's my content. And so I had also said, You know that I, that whole clinic, can. That's so. They wanted to use it. Kind of create a sizzle reel. And I said, Yeah, that's no problem. But you cannot. You cannot fill in the entire clinic. You can fill

00:27:25.820 --> 00:27:50.720
Jane Atkinson: maximum 2 min bits. There has to be a 5 min break. Then you can fill another 2 min, bit another 5, because if they have your whole, that's your whole content. Intellectual property becomes a thing, and so make sure that you're protecting your IP without. And I'm thinking you do it beautifully without being a diva, or seeming as a diva, absolutely

00:27:50.720 --> 00:28:14.909
Lisa Longball: back in the contract, and I needed them to add that to the contract. And I just said, you know, because they could at 1 point in time, if they decide to do a subscriber channel. And they they now own they. It's their video. They own that content. And so they have people who are paying to be subscribers. And now or they they do a course, and they can include my entire video, which is my, as you said, intellectual property. And I'm not getting any residuals or payment from that.

00:28:14.910 --> 00:28:27.309
Lisa Longball: That. That's that just hurts your brand. That's why the writers strike is now over, because they just got some residuals on their own intellectual property. That's gonna stream forever and ever.

00:28:27.310 --> 00:28:44.299
Jane Atkinson: So okay, there's I. I'm so curious about what types of groups. Oh, I wanna offer one. Also the idea of being an in-house being sponsored by somebody to go in house.

00:28:44.300 --> 00:29:05.770
Jane Atkinson: Oh, one of my clients was actually the In House wellness coach for paying golf clubs in Phoenix, and we, my husband and I got to go there and get I've I've been there. Oh, my God! So talk about like! Who would have

00:29:05.770 --> 00:29:29.269
Jane Atkinson: thought that ping golf clubs had a wellness coach. Not only that they bring in all kinds of spiritual advisors, depending on what people want, you know, a priest to show whatever. And they had all of these programs set up to keep their people happy. And I think that is something that you wouldn't think is happening in the world.

00:29:29.270 --> 00:29:47.860
Jane Atkinson: But it is, and I think, knowing that oh, well, maybe there's an opportunity for me to do 2 days a week somewhere that we at as an in-house, whatever it might be. So I just wanted to throw that out there. Talk a little bit about what types of clients

00:29:47.860 --> 00:29:59.309
Jane Atkinson: are hiring you? Are you seeing yourself doing a lot of women's audiences. Are you seeing yourself do mix cause? I'm thinking the d. The dudes are loving you as well because

00:29:59.310 --> 00:30:24.139
Lisa Longball: they can hit it as far as you. Well, that's you actually nailed it, Jane, because I think for any of your female speakers who are listening or watching. Typically female speakers knock it out of the park with a with a with a female audience or a predominantly female audience, but find it much more difficult at times, depending on your topic area. And that's one thing that I'm I'm very fortunate. So the women II the women

00:30:24.140 --> 00:30:48.050
Lisa Longball: I absolutely connect with, because, first of all, I'm a woman up there on the stage kicking butt, you know. I I'm a woman who's kicking button to man's world out there because a lot of women we know what it feels like to be one of the only women in the room or in our industry, or whatever it may be, so that they see. Okay. What if they can see me doing that? They can see themselves doing that? So II find that's really successful. But on the other side, the guys look at me. I'm 5 foot 6 and 3 quarters.

00:30:48.050 --> 00:31:12.989
Lisa Longball: I can hit the link to 3 and a half in above football field. I'm telling stories about meeting Jack Nicholas and Arnold Palmer and Gary player, and they're like bought in. And so I so that's where that I'll get the respect from the guys as well because of of the topic. So IAAA as I'm sure all of your viewers know as successful speakers to be really great at speaking. You have to be an amazing storyteller, and it's for me in my II just feel that being able to. Now, I

00:31:12.990 --> 00:31:37.840
Lisa Longball: I definitely have heard speakers out there that are very content. Speakers, and it might, you know, can can hit that hard line the whole time and make, and maybe haven't shared too much in the story realm. But for me, the speakers that I have seen that have been super successful or the type of speaker I am, I think, storytelling, storytelling, storytelling, so I think the better you get at storytelling and being able to find those stories that really resonate with your audience, men, women, and then, if you know you have a

00:31:37.840 --> 00:31:47.809
Lisa Longball: prominently field female audience, or there's predominantly male audiences. So you ask who I've been speaking to lately. Finally, I was just hired for a speaking engagement in Vancouver.

00:31:47.810 --> 00:32:11.330
Lisa Longball: and it was an an 80% male audience so which was really interesting, more in the construction industry. But here's the other thing is as a keynote speaker, especially at conferences. What else could you add? What's your value? Add? So my value add is II went out and I went to the golf course with the group after cause they had a golf component. Many conferences have a active, living, component

00:32:11.330 --> 00:32:35.549
Lisa Longball: golf. We can often be in incorporated. So. And I I've done clinics at when I'm at a conference. So I do my keynote speech, and I have a separate fee. If you want me to come, do a clinic or be part of your tournament, or play with the President, or whatever it may be. So, what else can you offer your clients when you're at these conferences or conventions, or I was just hot. I actually just had a school board reach out to me, and they want to hire me as a speaker. But then they said, Lisa, I noticed on your website you

00:32:35.550 --> 00:33:00.070
Lisa Longball: perhaps you could do a breakout session about golf because we're trying to get our teachers to find balance and wellness. And how do we? And then golf is is again low impact. You can do it. It's fresh air. It's outdoors social distancing. So and then, but then also the lead time. Jane, I've also found shorter like I just last week I just agreed to an event in 3 weeks from now in San Francisco. And that's in the banking finance tax area.

00:33:00.070 --> 00:33:28.560
Lisa Longball: So really for me, it's it's it's been all types of industries, all types of audiences. That's amazing. What type of topic are you doing like, what's your most popular talk? So my signature keynote is entitled drive Determines distance. And so I basically share my story of how I went from a high handicap recreational golfer that couldn't break 100 to save my life to rank number 2 in the world in a long drive. And so basically that topic, it's it does definitely has that inspirational motivation.

00:33:28.560 --> 00:33:53.540
Lisa Longball: But in it I share. I share tips pointers secrets of to success in terms of resiliency longevity. How do you create that longevity? You know the ability to take a left hand turn in your life. You know all of those things that have helped me world, and not just not just be successful in my sport at for one year, 2 years, but it was to be the in 2020 that was to be my twentieth world. Long drive championship appearance.

00:33:53.540 --> 00:34:18.500
Jane Atkinson: So how do you create peak performance over an extended period of time, which, of course, is relatable to all businesses. And what a great title drive determines distance. All works perfectly, and you know what. If people aren't interested in golf, they might just apply these same ideas to something else. And, Jane, it's funny you say that because at one of my keynote speeches.

00:34:18.500 --> 00:34:43.400
Lisa Longball: I I I came the conference organizer. I went to her afterwards, and she said, Lisa, I have to share you. That's your story with you, she said. A lady came up knowing that you were a golfer. She saw in the program that you were golfer, and she said to me, Oh, great! She goes! Oh, I have to listen to a golfers because I hate golf. She goes. Oh, and she had bad experience with golf, and her spouse was always golfing, and she was, you know, I'll stay, and she's like, Oh.

00:34:43.400 --> 00:35:06.510
Lisa Longball: great! How boring is this! And then the conference organizer thought, Oh, my gosh! Like, what if this is the sentiment of other people in the audience? Well, that same person came back after my speech. It said, Oh, my gosh! I was preparing to do my grocery list and my to do list for this week, and she said I was hanging on Lisa's every word. Then what happened is so meaning that if you are a good storyteller, if you are able to give key points and strategies

00:35:06.510 --> 00:35:34.350
Jane Atkinson: for peak performance, or whatever your topic you're gonna be. It doesn't matter if you use golf. Is your stories. Hockey is your stories construction? Whatever it is, it. It can relate to your audience if bring it back home. Yeah. And the technique is to turn it around and make it about them. Correct your thing. But this could be, don't want to be the long drive champion. Maybe you want to conquer whatever. Yeah. So

00:35:34.350 --> 00:35:44.849
Jane Atkinson: there's a lot of things that that work really? Well, you know what I have. I knew I was gonna love talking to you. I

00:35:44.850 --> 00:36:08.180
Jane Atkinson: II think so highly. I love watching you on social media. I've loved seeing what you've been doing, and I wanted to have you on the show ever since I saw you on hockey night in Canada. So here we are took a while, and I wanna say, thank you so much, Lisa. If people wanna get in touch with you, what's their best kind of first move.

00:36:08.180 --> 00:36:31.609
Lisa Longball: Oh, best for smooth, probably through my website, which is just simply Lisa on. There. I have all my social media channels. But I've got my email, my cell phone number so happy to to help in any way to to help out. And and and, Jane, if I could leave your viewers with one more tip, those videos that I did, I was getting 6 to 700 comments of video per video, and I was doing them 3 times a week.

00:36:31.610 --> 00:36:55.820
Lisa Longball: Jane, I responded to every single comment. And if you want to know a secret sauce, I can pass on to your listeners. They appreciate it, and I didn't. I did it because IWI was so appreciative. People were reaching out and telling me how much they enjoyed it, I thought, Well, how do I just re respond to the ones that say, Oh, you're like my covid girlfriend, Lisa. You've made a difference, or Oh, I love this so much. So I responded to 700 comments, every single video.

00:36:55.820 --> 00:37:03.070
Lisa Longball: And, Jane, that was a game changer. So make sure if I could pass on anything, making sure that you're thanking, responding.

00:37:03.070 --> 00:37:25.500
Lisa Longball: correct engage. Don't just post and leave post engage. And you know, when somebody comments really quickly. And you comment back really quickly. That gets the algorithm ball rolling like, that's what makes more eyeballs get on, whatever it is that you're posting, anyway. So you really want

00:37:25.540 --> 00:37:55.300
Jane Atkinson: immediate response, and you wanna be on top of it. Pretty? Oh, wow! That is a great gem to leave us on. Thank you so much. Go to Lisa to grab more information. We're gonna post in the show notes that video of you in your hockey gear, and as a goalie absolutely love it. Thank you so much, Lisa, and with that we'll say wealthy speakers, bye, for now everyone.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • Becoming Lisa “Longball”. [1:30]
  • Going viral. [3:30]
  • Fun videos create business. [8:30]
  • From the green to the stage. [12:00]
  • Sponsorship alignment. [15:00]
  • Collaboration creates followers. [23:00]
  • A woman in a man’s world. [30:00]


Lisa won Golfweek Magazine’s Golf Fest Entertainer of the Year award.  In addition to her competitive career, Lisa is a Golf Journalist for several publications.  Lisa uses her vast experience as a World Class athlete to be a successful keynote Peak Performance Speaker at Conferences and Conventions, is a Golf Entertainer for many Corporate/Charity Golf Tournaments across North America, including PGA Tour and Champions Tour events and runs her own Golf School for Women both in Canada and the United States.

If you want to hear a great success story and get some ideas on how you can create collaborations to engage, connect and impact your speaking business, you simply can’t afford to miss this episode!

I hope you’ll listen and learn.


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