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The Good News Blog: Business is Booming

Good News

The good news: I’m thrilled to tell you that all signs are pointing to success for speakers in 2015.

My business (of coaching speakers) is often a barometer of what’s happening in the industry. When the economy is hurting, speakers are not as likely to spend money on coaching… so I notice.

Last year business was up 30%, and I have NEVER been so busy and so booked in the first quarter before.

Of course we know that mitigating factors could come into play, so we want to plan for a rainy day should our industry take a turn. But for now, let’s celebrate!

I asked a few of my clients and colleagues how their first quarter for 2015 was shaping up:

Business Expert Joe Calloway said this….”Started off the year with a consulting client year long booking which came from a keynote!”

Generations Expert Lindsay Pollak said this….”Speaking inquiries are way up, including many more international requests than I’ve had in the past.”

Business Coach Hugh Culver said this….”I’m starting this year with more bookings and holds on the books than any of the last five years.”

Innovation Expert Toni Newman said this….”My calendar for 2015 is looking better than ever – the result of years of sticking to my fee and delivering great value.”

See, it’s not just me!!! All signs are pointing to a successful 2015.

Will you share your early signs of success here on our blog?

See you soon Wealthy Speakers.


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