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Grow Your Business… Grow Yourself

grow your business

I heard a line on a podcast yesterday that I just had to share. It was on the EO Fire podcast, and the guest was Hal Elrod, author of The Miracle Morning. Here’s what Hal said:

“You cannot improve your business without first improving yourself.”

At first, I thought that sounded kind of trite. Then I thought about it a bit more and realized that it is so true! Moreover, it leads me back to a powerful question that I like to ask in my seminars:

When thinking about your goals for this year, ask yourself, “WHO do I need to become?” to reach those goals.

Let’s say you want to advance from a training type of business to the big stage. Your goal is to speak in front of 2500 people and rock the stage.

Think about it. Your posture, your swagger, your confidence, your expertise; it all needs to rise to step up to this goal. You cannot stand in front of 2500 people and “wing” it. You need to know that your content is solid and that you are going to deliver it powerfully.

The more I think about it, the more growing yourself to grow your business makes sense.

6 Areas of Themselves Every Speaker Can Work On

Which areas of yourself do you need to work on? Here are six that every speaker can continually improve and grow:

Your Expertise: what you know about your subject matter

Your Presentation Content: what you are going to share and how it is organized

Your Confidence: standing tall in your expertise and knowing “you’ve got this”

Your Presentation Skills: your ability to engage, capture and hold your audience

Your Inner Beliefs: that you are good enough, smart enough, talented enough to reach your goals

Your Clarity: around what you want to be known for five years from now – you have picked a lane

Improve yourself, improve your business.

What will you do today to improve Wealthy Speakers?

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