The Growth Is In The Discomfort

Have you ever gone through something difficult and come out the other end really glad you did it?

I sure have.

And in our business, this is a common situation.

  • When you start a new business, there’s uncertainty
  • When you raise your fees, there’s fear
  • When you write a new book, there’s trepidation
  • When you stop accepting low paying gigs, there’s discomfort
  • When you hire a new staff person, there’s nervousness
  • When you invest in your business to take it up a notch, there’s anxiety

But guess what?

All of these things lead to growth!!!  Woo hoo!!!

This past year, I’ve spent plenty of time in discomfort. Finding the right people for my team was difficult. Investing in my coaching was scary. Raising my fees was nerve wracking. And even when my calendar was booked solid for coaching, that was uncomfortable because I didn’t know how I was going to handle all of the business!

[Tweet “Growth is uncomfortable. But if we can manage the fear and power through it, the gold is waiting for us at the other side. “]


See you soon Wealthy Speakers!

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  • Jane
    Great timing of this blog as I was having one of those doubt filled days. You Rock!

    • speakerlauncher

      Thanks Jen. We’ve all been there. Sometimes not speaking for awhile does it, or maybe we just slip into fear. A great way to stay “focused on the good stuff” as my friend Mike Robbins says is to do the Win Streak app every day. That helps to propel you forward.

  • I just started not accepting low paying gigs. I felt extremely uncomfortable saying I have to decline. Honestly, I love what I do and IF I could, I’d do it for free However, understanding that business is a business made it a little easier to swallow.

  • I find it hard to find good paying gigs. I have spoken for fortune 100 & 500 & since 08 things dropped. When I worked with Tony Robbins he said this about me: “Kevin Saunders is a person that I think can touch any audience. The reason I say that is that is because he has a story that no one will ever forget, and it’s a true story.” How can I get back to gigs that pay well?