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[Podcast] Harness the Power of PR with Marsha Friedman

Harness the Power of PR with Marsha Friedman
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You’ve got your speech down, and maybe you even have a book or two under your belt. The next step? Tell the world about it – which can be the tricky part unless you know how to harness the power of PR!

Public relations is all about being the kind of expert that can serve the audiences of print, television, and radio. Marsha Friedman is the CEO of EMSI Public Relations, one of the most highly respected PR firms in the U.S. Marsha drops by for a crash course on what to do and what not to do for a successful PR campaign.

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Show Notes:

[1:45] Why Marsha finally decided to knuckle down and write a book and what it’s done for her career

[3:48] Marsha’s goal is to take experts to the next level- a celebrity expert

[6:04] What does Marsha’s company do? And what exactly is a “pay for performance” model?

[10:20] PR is about relationships, but it’s also about knowing what to pitch.

[11:38] What are some mistakes that will really turn off the media? (Hint- do not attempt to say the name of your book 12 times)

[15:09] How do people actually get booked with the media?

[19:48] What would be the best media angle for a speaker with an inspirational story?

[25:27] Marsha discusses the fine art of getting book reviews

[30:17] When you’re developing a pitch to the media, the most important questions is “what does the audience care about?”

[31:08] Here’s a couple ideas for getting published in magazines and print publications

[36:15] Are press releases still a thing?

[39:23] What are some of the unique aspects of online PR? (Marsha actually spills the beans on some inside information for online marketing!)

[44:20] So…is it possible to get on Oprah?

[49:20] “Hey…I have an idea. Would this be a good fit for your show?”

[51:00] Listener Questions

[51:10] What the best way to about getting a book published?

[54:28] What is a “hybrid model”?

[55:50] Publishing, PR, marketing, how many hats can we actually wear?
[57:42] What’s a good realistic budget for marketing a book?

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