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#SpeakerSuccessTip: Have a Point of View – Even If It Means Some Might Not Love You!

#SpeakerSuccessTip: Have a Point of View - Even If It Means Some Might Not Love You!

One thing that happens to many public speakers as they start to grow and become more in demand and popular is they find that not everyone agrees with their philosophies or point of view. And guess what…that’s okay! Not everyone has to love you!

Having a point of view or a particular way of looking at things is what sets you apart as a speaker, and it’s what those people that hire you are probably attracted to. Own that! As long as you are not offensive or combative, it is okay to be a little bit provocative with your words and make people think. And, as we know, there will always be some people who will disagree with your opinion or delivery – and they’re allowed. A little bit of pushback is probably a good sign that you’re close to making it; you’ve got people talking. Don’t engage, but use that to your advantage.

As your business grows and people become more familiar with you, you’ll have fans and you’ll have trolls. Focus on the fans. They will lead you to your bread and butter!

See you soon, Wealthy Speaker!

#SpeakerSuccessTip: As you grow as a public speaker, be prepared that not everyone will love you, your point of view, or philosophies… and that’s okay! #Focus on those who do as they’ll be the ones to hire you!

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