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How Getting More Media Turns Into More MooLaLa with Bruce Sellery


Do you ever watch a guest on a talk show and wonder how they got the gig?  In this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Podcast, we will be speaking with Bruce Sellery about how to get more media bookings.  

Bruce is a personal finance expert, consultant and professional speaker.  He is the author of the Globe & Mail bestseller, “Moolala: Why smart people do dumb things with money (and what you can do about it)”.  He appears regularly on Cityline, a daily lifestyle show that airs across Canada and the U.S and is the host of “Moolala”, a weekly radio show on SiriusXM.  Bruce is also a columnist for Breakfast Television, CBC Radio, and MoneySense Magazine.  Bruce consults to financial institutions and non-profits in the area of financial literacy and speaks at events from coast to coast.  

Today Bruce will share his insights on how to book more media spots.  We will learn the difference between being a keynote speaker and being interviewed by the media.  He will also reveal his 9 Tips on Being a “Great Guest”!

If you want to book more media gigs and work toward positioning yourself as an expert speaker on your topic, this episode is a must see!

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