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How Highlighting Your Process on Your Website Can Lead to More Sales

How Highlighting Your Process on Your Website Can Lead to More Sales 1200 x 1200

With so much change in our daily lives and travel, many of you have had some extra time to review your marketing materials. Today I wanted to focus on an aspect of your website that can help you increase sales: your process. Let’s talk about how highlighting your process on your website can not only educate people on ‘how’ you do what you do, but lead to more sales.

Our focus topic of the month for October at The Wealthy Speaker School is ‘websites that sell.’ We spend the entire month reviewing websites of our students and sharing information and resources that help you pull in the elements of a website that really matter.

One element that I want to ensure that you don’t miss is your process: your formula for getting the client from point A to point B. My friend Chris West calls it a Change Model. If you want to learn about how to develop your change model – the pieces of the process and how to flesh it out – sign up to watch the replay of the webinar we recently did that walks you through the various steps.  

Here are some ideas to help you check up on your formula, so you get the results you want. These aren’t set in stone, but may help you to tighten things up:

  1. Make sure your process isn’t difficult to follow. 3-5 steps are often plenty.
  2. Simplify your language so that people can repeat the process easily. Name each piece and keep the language short and easy.
  3. Ensure your process is designed to get them across the finish line. Decide what the outcome you want to provide is and move them through it clearly.

Let me give you an example of what a process looks like. When we sell anything at Speaker Launcher (whether it be our Wealthy Speaker School,  mastermind programs, or private coaching), we talk about our proven Ready, Aim, Fire process.  


We also follow the Ready, Aim, Fire process in all of the programs that we offer.  If I’m coaching a client, I know where they are in that process, and it allows us to pick up wherever we left off and be clear on what’s next. When I’m giving a presentation, it’s sometimes a part of the framework.

How Your Process Can Lead to More Sales

When you are giving a presentation, you may layout your formula or process for your audience. Or, you may hone in on just one area of your formula for a deeper dive. This provides an opportunity to go way beyond one single presentation with your client.  

For example, maybe you speak about creating a more inclusive culture, and you have a 4-step process for getting there. We all know that one speech (virtual or live) is just the beginning. To truly affect change, you’d need a series of programs; coaching, consulting, and check-ins to make sure they are on track.

Your formula or process being highlighted and clearly outlined on your website can be the thing that plants the seed for both the initial presentation or the follow-up pieces. For this reason, you want to be sure that it is present on your website so you can use it as a sales tool and quickly reference it to help close the sale.

Do you have your process outlined on your website? Share with us in the comments below to help our community see how effective it can be in the sales process.

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