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How Our Thinking Impacts the Bottom Line with Kris Plachy

What does it take to create a positive mindset?  Do you show up every day thinking, today we’re going to…book that gig, scale the business to a new level, find a great new client, etc…  On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Show, we are so happy to welcome Kris Plachy who will talk about how our thoughts really do affect everything that happens to us, in business and in life.

Kris is a leadership and entrepreneurial management expert. She specializes in teaching and coaching entrepreneurs how to maximize the performance of their business by harnessing the talents of their ‘human’ capital.

Kris is the creator of The Founder’s Lab for Female Entrepreneurs and is a Master Certified Coach, has a graduate degree in Organizational Management and has delivered thousands of hours of leadership coaching, facilitation and speaking for individuals and groups.

The prize never chases!” -Kris Plachy

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Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  •     The path that Kris took to narrow her lane.  [2:55]
  •     Guiding your customer to your funnel.  [9:00]
  •     How mindset and Thought Models control everything.  [11:15]
  •     From circumstance to results.  [17:55]
  •     Changing the negative spin cycle.  [22:55]
  •     Are you committed to the result?  [27:45]
  •     Getting to $100K and beyond.  [32:05]
  •     The difference between solopreneur and entrepreneur.   [37:45]

With over 25 years of leadership and management experience, Kris helps her clients navigate the unexpected nuances, decisions and practices entrepreneurs must embrace if they are going to grow and scale their business through the work of others.

If you’re looking to improve the way you think that will help to increase your business by creating a more constructive outlook, you simply can’t afford to miss this episode!

I hope you’ll download and learn.

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