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How to Boost Your Speaking Business by Being an Awesome Podcast Guest

How to Boost Your Speaking Business by Being an Awesome Podcast Guest 1200 x 1200

One of the keys to building and growing a successful speaking business is the ability to become known as the ‘expert’ in your industry or specialty. That means you need to properly market yourself to get your message out to the people who will hire you. A great way to do that… through podcasts. Let’s look at some keys to boosting your speaking business by being an awesome podcast guest!

As a professional speaker, it’s extremely important to get your message and expertise out to the world. After all, if no one knows who you are and the brilliance you can bring to those who need you, you’ll never get hired to speak. A great strategy for all professional speakers is not only to have their own podcast that serves the market they are targeting but to be a guest expert on other people’s podcasts to further their exposure.

At the Wealthy Speaker Podcast, I’ve interviewed hundreds of guests. Some have been stellar. Some have been just okay. And some, well, they were not good at all.

So, what does it take to pull off a great podcast interview? Aside from all of the standards for broadcasting (quality microphone, quiet place, notifications off, solid internet connection), let’s look at four important keys to review before your next podcast interview.

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4 Keys to Being an Awesome Podcast Guest

Key #1: Do Your Homework

You’ve been invited as a guest on a podcast. Fantastic! Now it’s time to do your homework!

Before your interview, research who you are going to be interviewed by and learn a bit about them and their show. Understand who their listeners are and what some of their challenges may be. That way you can mention them in your comments – i.e. “When you are a business owner working solo from home…” You want to provide value in your interview that serves the listener.

Additionally, find out who some of their past guests have been and listen to some of their shows. When you can reference a past show or the podcaster’s work, they will appreciate you even more. I can’t tell you how many times a guest on my show has referenced some language that I often use and how great it made me feel to have someone else, an expert, lend credence to my ideas and content. 

Key #2: Make it Conversational

If your host is a good interviewer, then the flow of the show should be conversational with a steady back and forth. It shouldn’t be a one-sided conversation. If it starts to feel that way, try asking the host questions to encourage their input. Even asking, “does that answer your question” could spur more dialogue and ensure you are giving them what they want for their listeners.

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You also want to be conscious not to ramble on and dominate the interview. A great way to see if your answers are too long is to check the face of your interviewer (if you are recording on a visual medium like Zoom). Are they engaged or do they look bored or anxious to move on? Maybe you agree on a “it’s time to move on” signal ahead of time. 

Key #3: You Aren’t Giving a Speech

I have seen many professional speakers launch into pieces of their keynotes during a podcast interview. That’s the wrong medium.  

Sure, if a particular story is relevant to a point you are trying to make, by all means, share it.  But you weren’t invited to the show so listeners could hear your speech. The interviewer and the audience want to have a conversation with you!

Resist the urge to be pulling pieces from your presentation after each question. It’s less authentic and less conversational.

Key #4: Make It About Them

We talk a lot about this when it comes to presentations and the same rules apply when you are being interviewed. This interview isn’t about you. It’s about the audience, the listeners.

Figure out a way to draw a parallel from your answers directly to that person listening in their car or on the treadmill. If you can do that, you might just be impressing on the next person who will hire you!

You can also score major points with your podcast host by subscribing to the show, and leaving rating and a review for the podcast that you’ve been on.  A nice thing to do when someone has offered to introduce you to their audience, especially if you have something to sell.

Having the opportunity to share your expertise as a guest on a podcast is a great way to elevate your brand and reach a larger audience. Don’t blow the opportunity! Go in prepared to offer value that serves the audience. You never know who is listening on the other end, so always assume it’s the next person you’ll be working with.

Have any tips for being a podcast guest that you’d like to share? Please add them in the comments below!

See you soon, Wealthy Speakers!

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