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How to Move Past Distractions to Achieve Your Goals in 2021

How to Move Past Distractions to Achieve Your Goals in 2021 Featured Image

This month our focus at The Wealthy Speaker School is setting impossible goals. But here’s the deal: we cannot talk about goals without talking about how to move past distractions to achieve those goals!

Things happen and life often gets in the way of us reaching our goals. A pandemic hits out of the blue and we need to homeschool our children. Our elderly parents need our help. We get bogged down in minute details of our business. Social media sucks us in. And it all causes us to lose focus and not move the needle forward towards our goals.

But whatever the distraction may be, remember one thing: we can make the decision to move around our obstacles.

Here’s a personal example. Years ago, my Dad was in the hospital during the last days of his life. I had the goal to be present with him as much as I could while he was still with us. The thing is, I was also in the middle of a huge launch of my very first Inner Circle Mastermind that was meeting live in Dallas for a kick-off. People had already registered and booked their travel and there was a lot of work still to do.

So while I was in the hospital spending time with my Dad, I had two modes.

While he was sleeping, I was in “move the business forward’ mode. I had my laptop and got to work making all the arrangements for the live event.

While he was awake, I was in ‘100% present’ mode. Everything got shut off and it was just time spent with Dad.

My Dad passed away on the day my Dallas live event started. It prohibited me from being able to be there live with the group (I still owe a debt of gratitude to Vince Poscente for stepping in and taking the lead with my group!). But beyond my absence, everything went off without a hitch. Everybody loved their weekend with Vince and I took over for our virtual gatherings for the rest of the year turning the program into a huge success.

Needless to say, choosing to be present during that time was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. And while it would have been easy to put my entire life and business on pause during that time, instead all I had to do was find a way around the obstacle to make things work.

I think it comes down to mindset and decisions ahead of time.

When we have things swirling around us that are outside our control – like lockdowns due to Covid that have us homeschooling our children – we have to make lemons out of lemonade.  

homeschooling our children image

One of my clients has her Mom in her bubble and is able to bring her kids to her Mom’s house for 3 hours, 3 days a week. Brilliant! Another has a nanny in the bubble that comes into the home while he works for 4 hours a day. I love that!

When creating your goals, you need to try to plan out all of the things that could get in the way of you achieving success. Then you can figure out what the antidote or solution is to those obstacles ahead of time so you don’t lose momentum.

Think of it this way. When we know that we want to lose 10 lbs, but our spouse likes to purchase potato chips on a weekly basis, we have to plan for that. Will we ask them to curb it for a few weeks, or will we have something else yummy for ourselves to eat while they’re munching on those chips? If we plan for a way around the obstacle, our goal becomes more achievable.

It’s up to us to manage the obstacles and work through them.

From my vantage, it appears that there is a lot of speaking business to be booked in 2021. How will you plan to take advantage to find greater success?

Need a little help getting started with shifting your mindset and getting on the path to 100% success with your goals?

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See you soon Wealthy

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