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How to Set and Reach New Goals in 2021


Happy New Year! With 2020 in the rearview mirror, it’s time to look forward and think about what goals you want to set for yourself and your speaking business in 2021. To help you out, we’ve got some great tips and resources designed to help you set and reach new goals in 2021!

How to Set and Reach New Goals in 2021

To kick your goal setting off, I want to share a great podcast that I did with Jill McCabe on ‘Setting Big Goals for the New Year.”  Jill is a teacher of brain-based business skills and the creator of MINDCODE™, a high-performance method.

How to Set and Reach New Goals in 2021 - just do it

In this podcast episode, Jill shares with us why it’s important to set BIG goals for ourselves and explains the science behind it. She also shares the three big mistakes that people commonly make when setting goals, two of which are critical, and how to overcome them.

Listen to the podcast HERE.

I love to delve into the Power of Attraction and the idea behind manifesting everything your heart desires. Next, let’s dive into how to turn your new goals into achievements with a couple of exercises that I really like.

Exercise #1

Write down all of the things that you truly want (no doubt many of you have done this exercise before, but this time, write it down with the idea “I want what I want because I want it”).

When talking about setting goals, Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach recommends that “you want what you want just because you want it.” You do not have to justify it to anyone or even yourself, just want it.

Do you find some freedom in that?

How to Set and Reach New Goals in 2021 - setting goals

Exercise #2

Make a list of all of the things that you have achieved in your life.

Think about all of the times in the past that you have wanted something and you have achieved the goal. You scored your dream job. You booked a fabulous speaking engagement. A limo arrived to pick you up at the airport. You met the person of your dreams.

Every time you have gone for something and achieved it, that goes into your confidence bank for when you set this big bold goal.

By putting pen to paper and going through these two exercises, it becomes easier to focus on the target and manifest your dreams into reality. My hope is that these two exercises will allow you to amp up your goals to the next level!

Finally – let’s focus on REACHING your big goals. This means staying out of overwhelm and getting out of your own way so you don’t sabotage your ability to succeed.

reach goal

I did a podcast a while back that focuses on reaching big goals. In the episode I talk about flashpoints, taking the first big step, and ideas to keep you moving forward. I also share a great resource, The Wealthy Speaker Action Breakdown worksheet, that you can download to help you cross the finish line on each of your goals!

Listen to the podcast HERE.

Setting goals for yourself and your speaking business is the easy part. It’s staying on track and achieving those goals that is most difficult. Hopefully, the resources above will help you find the success you desire in 2021!

How to Set and Reach New Goals in 2021 - youve got this

If you want more help, we’ll be talking about setting big goals all month at The Wealthy Speaker School. Check it out now and join us for focused content and coaching on the subject! Learn more HERE.

Ready to make some magic happen in 2021? Share what goals you’ll be setting in the comments below. I’d love to see how big you are dreaming!

See you soon, Wealthy Speaker!

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