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How to Ignite Flashpoints and Fame in Your Business in 2016

flashpoints and fame

Have you ever turned a corner in your business and felt like you had suddenly hit your stride? We call these Flashpoints.

Many speakers’ careers follow a similar path. They work hard and grind it out for a few years and then suddenly they hit a flashpoint – that moment when things fall into place and the hard work really starts to pay off. The goal is to continue hitting new flashpoints as you move forward for higher fees, better clients, and greater results for those clients.

Several of my clients have experienced flashpoints this past year. Here are their stories.  

Finding a New Market

Tammy Robertson’s flashpoint came when she realized that even left brain thinkers, like accountants, were hungry for more depth, meaning and purpose in their lives and work. Her Get Your Heart in the Game message simultaneously provoked and resonated with this unlikely group, who became her biggest client and provided dozens of bookings on her calendar.

Consistency Pays Off

When Mike Lejeune owned the need to reach out to a specific number of prospects EVERY SINGLE DAY instead of a bigger number in a batch, he saw a flashpoint in his bookings. The consistent reach helped him lay the groundwork to form relationships and learn about prospects’ potential future needs, which then became bookings when the timing was right.    

A Parallel Message

One of Matt Walker’s flashpoints began when he presented to financial planners.  His material, 5 Elements of Adventure, resonated as a parallel to both how planners approach their work and the perspective of their clients. The message helped frame their professional work while also framing the personal viewpoint of their clients.  The result? Multiple bookings within that industry.

My career has held several flashpoints and I find that when I put my mind toward something (for example, enhancing my expertise by writing a book), I get results.  Suddenly a flashpoint hits and my bottom line is affected positively.

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So, what will your next flashpoint be? Share in the comments below!

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!

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