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Industry Ups, Downs and Videos with Chris West

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Quote: “There is no external that is greater than our internal…EVER!” Chris West

The speaking industry has seen more changes in the past few years than ever before. On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Show, we’re thrilled to welcome Chris West back to share his expertise while discussing the highs, lows, and what’s coming up in speaker videos.

Chris is the owner and founder of Video Narrative, a production company that specializes in growing speaking businesses through brand clarity, speaker demo reels, and website design. The origin of Chris’ narrative work came in a neurobiology class, where he first learned the power of story for organizing information in the mind.  Completing this research one May afternoon, he resolved never to create another video without telling an authentic story…a commitment that led to years of research on how we connect, learn, and grow through stories.


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Jane Atkinson: Hey, welcome everyone to the wealthy speaker podcast. For those of you tuning in on our Youtube channel. You will see that I am not at my desk. I'm actually coming to you from the lake on Eclipse Day, so it might be getting pretty dark in here. I have no idea if that's going to affect us at all today, we're talking about the industry, the highs, the low.

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Jane Atkinson: What's new and exciting in preview videos. And of course.

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Jane Atkinson: who better to discuss this with? And my friend

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Jane Atkinson: Chris West of video narrative, welcome back to the show, Chris.

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Chris West: It's always so so good to be with you, Jane. We all we all hear your voices kind of like.

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Jane Atkinson: You know.

00:00:47.222 --> 00:00:48.589
Chris West: Weekly part of our.

00:00:48.600 --> 00:00:52.269
Chris West: you know the whole speaker. Industry is just weakly part of our rhythm.

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Jane Atkinson: Oh, well, thank you so much for saying that now I actually need to give huge flowers to you, my friend, because

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Jane Atkinson: I don't know if we've talked about this on other podcasts before or since. But during the darkest hours of Covid.

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Jane Atkinson: you, my friend, Shawn, the light, and came in and plucked me out of my darkness, and drew me in and said, Hey, Jane, we need to do something, and you said

00:01:22.210 --> 00:01:24.519
Jane Atkinson: people need us now more than ever.

00:01:24.890 --> 00:01:30.470
Jane Atkinson: and I wrote that on a post-it note which I would show you if it was if I was in my normal office.

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Jane Atkinson: I still look at that post it note every single day you drew me out of a bad place. It was only about a few days into Covid, but at the same time I was in the thick of it. I was in the dooms and glooms. And Chris is like, Yeah, let's do this. And I'm like, okay, and we decided to do a brand camp

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Jane Atkinson: I don't know. A month long thing, and it was some of the best work. I think I've is ever come out of me but week one I wasn't even with you like I was still reeling from Covid. Do you remember that.

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Chris West: I do, I do. And you know what I think it. It's something that if we all fall into in that sometimes I hear people say things like this.

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Chris West: and let me meet with some of my speaking friends and colleagues. And let me ask, how are you experiencing the industry? What are you seeing work well, and what people do with their words is, pass around ideas that can either be gifts or they can be toxic right. And I have made a personal commitment to myself, because this has been a passion of mine for so long, but because I've seen it work so much that

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Chris West: I create the reality around me.

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Chris West: I create my future, and there's never a time where someone could tell me the industry is doing well or not doing well, like, Hey, a lot of companies have frozen their budgets. A lot of events aren't working well. Speaking is going down because

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Chris West: on any given week you and I have conversations with maybe 12 to 16 speakers, and

00:03:06.469 --> 00:03:10.219
Chris West: you can find someone who is as booked as you can possibly be.

00:03:10.600 --> 00:03:15.986
Chris West: Find someone who's saying the industry is not doing well, and they're both happening at the same time.

00:03:16.340 --> 00:03:16.920
Jane Atkinson: Tube.

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Chris West: And so it's that decision point that inflection point for us every single day that either I'm in control of my life.

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Chris West: or I think the external world is, you know, coming at me, and I've gotta deal with it, and I've just made a decision. I am far, far greater internally than I am externally. And anytime I'm feeling that little part where I feel off. I'm gonna sit down, and if it takes me 2 h I'm not getting up until I feel differently, because.

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Jane Atkinson: Okay.

00:03:44.390 --> 00:03:46.990
Chris West: There's no external that's greater than our internal ever.

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Jane Atkinson: So good, and that's reinforcing this mindset piece. So not even a month later, Chris, after you pulled me out of the doldrums

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Jane Atkinson: and literally you were the one that flipped my, I could have gone out and found evidence by asking people, Are you in bad shape like I could have gone out and found more and more evidence that supported my idea that our industry was in trouble.

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Jane Atkinson: But instead, I remembered about maybe day 4 or 5 into Covid. Hey? Wait a second. I'll make decisions based on fear.

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Jane Atkinson: I went and spent a month later, $18,000. Us. Living in Canada. That's 30 more, by the way.

00:04:33.836 --> 00:04:38.600
Jane Atkinson: to get certified in a very particular mindset thought model.

00:04:38.880 --> 00:04:56.809
Jane Atkinson: And that whole thought model process has not only changed my life. But all of my clients now get the benefit of that, and I know now that people are not going to get results if they haven't done the upstairs work in their in their own brains.

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Jane Atkinson: our thoughts equal our results. I mean, that's literally the bottom line on it. And so I wouldn't.

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Jane Atkinson: Anyway, I just wanna say, Thank you, my friend, because you you

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Jane Atkinson: carried me for week one of our brand camp, and then weeks 2, 3, and 4. And I thought your content was absolutely genius. And, by the way, if you wanna see that go to my Youtube channel, just Google, Jane Atkinson, and you'll get my Youtube channel, and you'll see the brand camp 4 week process. It was so good, Chris, and it still holds up.

00:05:35.650 --> 00:05:53.169
Chris West: Yeah, well, I mean, it is the case. Whenever you need to get back to stuff. What we did was so good, it would be focused on. What's the story you're telling with your brand? What's your website look like? How do you outline a really good video? And then what should you be doing your sales process and that 4 part process? It's always gonna be that the way to go back to things.

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Jane Atkinson: I love that you remember. Boom! Boom, boom! What it was about. So good. Okay, so tell everybody. Let's pretend people don't know who you are, the famous Chris West of video narrative. I mean, you have built such a following in this industry.

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Jane Atkinson: I almost everybody I know knows you. Tell everybody, though, if they like, they don't know you. What your business model is today.

00:06:21.800 --> 00:06:26.039
Chris West: Yeah, if it's okay, can I just share a quick story to begin? Because.

00:06:26.040 --> 00:06:26.560
Jane Atkinson: Is.

00:06:26.560 --> 00:06:27.470
Chris West: Sorry. Right.

00:06:27.870 --> 00:06:28.670
Jane Atkinson: Please.

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Chris West: When I was in graduate school I was studying narrative therapy. It was 2013, 2012, 2013, and a speaker reached out to me. And it was just a local speaker. I didn't know much about the speaker industry. And he said, Can you do a video for me for Speaker Video. And I I didn't know anything about speaker videos. But I did know that the brain processes information in story.

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Chris West: And so I made it into a story video. That video got shown at the 2,013 Influence Conference and got shown in a panel. And a number of it was a panel that was had a a beer owner and a speaker agent. And you know, someone else. And they basically were viewing speaker videos right? And they said, this really broke

00:07:11.510 --> 00:07:12.859
Chris West: the mold of everything we.

00:07:13.580 --> 00:07:34.409
Chris West: To do like it completely broke the mold. And but do you notice it was the only video we didn't turn off. And the reason is, it was telling a complete story, and you can't get to. You're right in the middle of a story. You don't want to find out what doesn't happen. The end right? I started getting called by speakers. And the the second speaker I worked with is someone who's had been on your podcast named Jerry O'brien

00:07:34.660 --> 00:07:46.749
Chris West: and Jerry, you know, former brand manager, of course. Light, you know, red Robins. He's done a lot, and many multi-billion dollar brands, and Jerry and his keynote tells the story, of course, light in 2,005, which was a very generic

00:07:47.270 --> 00:07:59.350
Chris West: beer. It was very beer, very generic. You could just take their can out, put another can in. The commercials didn't change. So they asked themselves, what do they wanted to be? They found out the only thing in the market that they could be that wasn't taken was cold.

00:07:59.350 --> 00:07:59.860
Jane Atkinson: Old.

00:08:00.370 --> 00:08:06.620
Chris West: And they decided, could we say, We're the coldest beer? And here's the where this is all leading is. I was watching this keynote.

00:08:06.690 --> 00:08:19.801
Chris West: and I found that I loved working professional speakers, cause I was so inspired by them, and I'm obsessed with learning, and I am very, very good at hearing an idea, and then turning it into a story like my brain does it without like, just instantly.

00:08:20.140 --> 00:08:23.480
Chris West: And I thought, I wonder if I could become the coldest.

00:08:24.080 --> 00:08:46.249
Chris West: you know, name in the Speaker initiative for production for video work. And I'm only sharing this story simply because I think it's so important when you're starting out in your speaking business wherever you are to have a guiding vision, that you make. Every decision on every single decision is based on this vision. And so this was 2013. I'm in graduate school. I'm just wrapping up my graduate school. I'm planning on being a

00:08:46.250 --> 00:08:54.829
Chris West: therapist or working with kids. I wasn't necessarily planning. I was literally paying my way through graduate school doing video works. I've done it for years. So I quit everything.

00:08:55.300 --> 00:09:02.739
Chris West: I take a sheet of paper out, and I write by 2,018 I'll be the most trusted name for video production in the speaker industry.

00:09:03.250 --> 00:09:09.440
Chris West: And and then I put it up on my computer, and from then on I made every single decision

00:09:09.660 --> 00:09:29.950
Chris West: based on whether I would that would take me to that goal or that would not. And there's so many names that people know, like Cassandra worthy, which is a great example. Where, when I met Cassandra in 2,019, she was already killing it. There was nothing we did besides, just help her do what she does. But she told me, Chris, my vision is that my name will be synonymous with change. Someone says, change, they'll say Cassandra.

00:09:29.950 --> 00:09:49.720
Chris West: right? And I love when I meet people who have a guiding vision that's guiding their brand. It doesn't even have to be that big. But like I will tell you that the origin story of my work was deciding that I will, I'll I'll get there and I will. I would just say, for all of my clients, I'm always asking you what's your vision that you're making all decisions on, because we do help people

00:09:49.800 --> 00:09:57.090
Chris West: kind of do that. So they'll to answer it all at the end is that we started with this video. But it was around what would make us the most trusted.

00:09:57.130 --> 00:10:25.079
Chris West: And so the way that our team does work is that we help people in 3 stages, one, their brand clarity figuring out what that brand story is. They're telling their category of one stage 2, their speaker videos and websites and Stage 3. That launch and marketing plan that really grows them. And a lot of times we work kind of seamlessly in a way that you work the coaching and the mindset, and you help people get really clear about their brand. But now they're ready for their assets right? A lot of times you and I kind of collaborate back and forth. That's.

00:10:25.080 --> 00:10:29.970
Jane Atkinson: Yes, and I know that when I get a Chris West

00:10:30.916 --> 00:10:47.050
Jane Atkinson: cooked, cooked speaker, they come. They're coming to me like almost fully cooked. I mean, my job is so much easier because and I've used cooking in different ways before. But what I mean by that

00:10:47.070 --> 00:10:50.260
Jane Atkinson: is that they are ready to launch.

00:10:50.390 --> 00:11:01.850
Jane Atkinson: and we can go straight at it, and they have everything in place and ready to go. And I've had so many clients who have used your services. So

00:11:02.460 --> 00:11:07.780
Jane Atkinson: there is something new on the horizon in your business.

00:11:07.970 --> 00:11:11.339
Jane Atkinson: I mean, let's just dive in. What what are you doing.

00:11:11.730 --> 00:11:36.811
Chris West: Yeah. Well, you know, what we have found is is that speed? Right? Is where we're at. And Jay Bear, who does a lot of research in the industry right? In many different ways. He did a lot of really fascinating research. To find that time is what people care about the most. Well, right now, after Covid, we really it's like you go in, and it's like you. You try to get a couch, and it's like your couch will be ready in 8 months. It's like.

00:11:38.670 --> 00:11:43.160
Jane Atkinson: I'm waiting for furniture right now. I can completely relate to that.

00:11:43.160 --> 00:11:51.189
Chris West: I care a lot about time and our our video work and our branding work it. It is something where someone is becoming more

00:11:51.330 --> 00:12:13.119
Chris West: right. So a lot of our work takes about 4 to 6 months. It's just a process where we're looking for the right events. They're they're growing a lot in their work and their stuff, and I know that in each of our lives we have that inflection point where we can only go so far, and I realize for us this 4 to 6 month isn't for everyone. And so we knew that with AI and other stuff going on

00:12:13.170 --> 00:12:18.569
Chris West: speakers now more than ever. The the name of the game is to be strategically found

00:12:19.160 --> 00:12:43.379
Chris West: right? So you are everywhere. Someone's looking, and lo and behold, they find you as a speaker, and they wanna be like, yes, I found this amazing speaker. You made it so. They found you right. And and one of the biggest ways to do that is, have really steady up, go up regular video. And so I, behind the scenes, wanted to create a way to do that. I knew international editors was the only way to make that possible at a cost effective way for people. But I kept thinking.

00:12:43.380 --> 00:12:52.379
Chris West: how in the world can I find and train and and and retain quality because we kind of base our brand at the highest quality level

00:12:52.820 --> 00:12:56.990
Chris West: with international editors. And I, instead of trying to figure out

00:12:57.550 --> 00:13:06.959
Chris West: the how? I just asked myself every day as I ran, what's the way I can do it? What's the way I can do it? What's the way I can do it. And as my brain

00:13:07.020 --> 00:13:09.379
Chris West: kept asking that question every day.

00:13:09.730 --> 00:13:24.050
Chris West: I remembered that on Instagram I had seen a lot of ads for this travel company where they said, You know, get back from your travels, upload your video within 2 days or 72 h. We're gonna have a great travel video for you to remember these memories.

00:13:24.050 --> 00:13:25.000
Jane Atkinson: Oh!

00:13:25.000 --> 00:13:32.910
Chris West: And I was like man. I love their ads. I love how effective they are! I reach out to the founder, and the founder goes no way.

00:13:33.740 --> 00:13:50.389
Chris West: We were just in a meeting yesterday where my part, business partner and I were saying, we have done this as far as we can go in the travel industry. I mean, there's nowhere higher we can go. We have dialed it in. We have international editors everywhere in the world. People can upload their content in 72 h. They have in a great video. We have

00:13:50.550 --> 00:13:56.509
Chris West: 100. We have thousands of 5 star reviews like, but we don't know how to do this for any other industry, and I was like.

00:13:57.040 --> 00:14:00.430
Chris West: I am looking to do this for the speaker industry. And so

00:14:00.550 --> 00:14:27.400
Chris West: th they had all the things I needed, and I had all the things they needed, and we just got together. And I just will tell you this is that mindset piece. This is that whole thing is that I don't worry about the how I just worry about the vision and the clarity of what I'm after, and I ask for it every day. What's a way? What's another way? What's another way? What's another way? And we got together? And it it was so exciting. We we have a meeting this morning. We have a meeting every week

00:14:27.440 --> 00:14:34.649
Chris West: from the day we met till today. I still get giddy to talk to these 2 guys cause we have so much fun together. But it.

00:14:34.650 --> 00:14:35.380
Jane Atkinson: Some.

00:14:35.380 --> 00:14:39.220
Chris West: The what we designed was a way for speakers to

00:14:39.720 --> 00:14:41.119
Chris West: fill out a creative brief

00:14:41.580 --> 00:14:49.100
Chris West: upload their video content. And within 2 weeks they have a really, really good speaker. Video.

00:14:49.970 --> 00:14:51.030
Jane Atkinson: Wow, so.

00:14:51.030 --> 00:15:05.119
Chris West: Took us months, and I am, I mean, 10 to 12 months of strategically figuring this out and testing it and testing it. And because I didn't wanna launch it or let anyone know about it until people could say, Wow, that was an incredible experience.

00:15:05.120 --> 00:15:11.150
Jane Atkinson: That is so cool. Tell everybody kind of which level of speaker.

00:15:11.720 --> 00:15:19.840
Jane Atkinson: let's say the Cassandra were these at the top, and you know 30,000 plus keynote fees

00:15:20.180 --> 00:15:27.329
Jane Atkinson: to the just starting out. Speaker, where do you see people? This being perfect for them?

00:15:27.550 --> 00:15:46.749
Chris West: I mean, it certainly does work well for emerging speakers, because the rate is like the the minimal of the market, you know, to get an amazing speaker video for 5,500, like a really high quality. One is very, very competitive and very good, right? Because these are trained editors who know the formula that makes someone say yes.

00:15:46.940 --> 00:15:50.050
Chris West: and that took us years to figure out right. But

00:15:50.110 --> 00:15:59.879
Chris West: we find that it's an amazing offering for really so like established speakers who are like, I don't want to redo my whole thing, but I need a new video for a new topic.

00:16:00.050 --> 00:16:07.610
Jane Atkinson: And I already have. Oh, really! And I already have a really strong vision of what it you know, they can fill out the creative.

00:16:07.690 --> 00:16:12.679
Jane Atkinson: Tell everybody where they should go. If they want to learn more about this.

00:16:12.680 --> 00:16:23.772
Chris West: Yeah, so it's called out, speak is the brand that we developed and it's out, speak, And people can do it to to experience it. But I I think what it does. Jane is

00:16:24.610 --> 00:16:38.450
Chris West: we we were talking about this podcast being more of a update on the industry. Right? I I just think there's a lot to be said there, because so much has happened over the past, you know, 3 years, as we all know. But it's incredible to me

00:16:39.340 --> 00:16:42.170
Chris West: how little time people give videos. Now.

00:16:43.260 --> 00:16:44.740
Jane Atkinson: You mean the buyer.

00:16:44.740 --> 00:16:46.730
Chris West: The buyer right? And

00:16:46.750 --> 00:17:01.790
Chris West: so you know, you and I both. You come from this background, and you know what it's like to be watching a lot of different videos and choosing the speakers. And you know what it's like to work with different people. And it's it's gotten less and less and less where people with consistency say, I give 2 min, Max.

00:17:02.260 --> 00:17:13.400
Jane Atkinson: So let me give you a painted picture of that. When I was with International Speakers Bureau in Dallas of 6, 7, 8 of us would sit around a boardroom table

00:17:13.780 --> 00:17:18.609
Jane Atkinson: and back. Then, excuse me, we were putting Vhs into the player.

00:17:19.290 --> 00:17:23.949
Jane Atkinson: Yeah, it's just is a type of video. Everybody. If you're too young to know.

00:17:23.990 --> 00:17:24.795
Jane Atkinson: And

00:17:25.839 --> 00:17:27.710
Jane Atkinson: inevitably

00:17:27.960 --> 00:17:31.080
Jane Atkinson: someone in the room would say next.

00:17:31.190 --> 00:17:31.930
Jane Atkinson: Yep.

00:17:32.500 --> 00:17:38.979
Jane Atkinson: and it excuse me, it would go really, really quickly.

00:17:39.030 --> 00:17:44.639
Jane Atkinson: And if you didn't have us and back then, Chris, the videos were much longer, weren't they?

00:17:44.640 --> 00:17:45.130
Chris West: 15 min.

00:17:45.130 --> 00:17:47.400
Jane Atkinson: We're talking. 2030 years ago.

00:17:47.400 --> 00:17:47.950
Chris West: Yeah.

00:17:48.483 --> 00:18:00.760
Jane Atkinson: It went really, really quickly. And so our attention as people who were kinda jaded in the industry you had about 30 s

00:18:01.110 --> 00:18:05.960
Jane Atkinson: before somebody you were in danger of getting somebody saying next.

00:18:06.350 --> 00:18:17.020
Chris West: And that's it is that we we see that 30 s is that crucial mark. And so for anyone who's thinking about their speaker video today, like the big takeaway is, you do have to be

00:18:17.190 --> 00:18:24.270
Chris West: ultra ultra clear about the problem you solve. And this is not new when they hear it's like Duh. But

00:18:24.300 --> 00:18:26.829
Chris West: today, more than ever.

00:18:27.660 --> 00:18:33.970
Chris West: you have to identify that problem you solve and your solution to it within 30 s.

00:18:34.330 --> 00:18:53.749
Chris West: And so, like, for example, our editors are trained like obsessively they take it. We go through 3 months of training before someone even makes a video at for us, and then it's more, and then it's more training. But they are so good at finding where someone in their keynote talks about the problem and starting the video that way, because

00:18:54.770 --> 00:18:58.719
Chris West: you have to have a problem identified in your solution to it.

00:18:59.720 --> 00:19:07.520
Chris West: Right. And and when you start your video out, the outline of a great video is you're identifying the problem.

00:19:07.590 --> 00:19:12.429
Chris West: giving them a solution. And then you're moving into insight that they didn't know about their problem.

00:19:13.050 --> 00:19:17.200
Chris West: When you're doing that for a brain, it's like, I didn't know that

00:19:17.360 --> 00:19:28.359
Chris West: right, and only then are we then quickly moving into the credibility piece? Why, you're uniquely qualified to do it. And right after that you have to give them some type of plan.

00:19:28.520 --> 00:19:35.839
Chris West: you know, if you're gonna solve this problem, here's what it's gonna take. And when the brain is both hearing the problem, then you hearing insight into it.

00:19:36.240 --> 00:19:47.080
Chris West: And then, next, the brain is getting this like quick snip synopsis of Wow. This is person extremely qualified to solve this problem. And then you say, and here's what you're going to have to do. If you want to get this right.

00:19:47.160 --> 00:19:50.569
Chris West: they're not going to turn it off because they got to know. What is it.

00:19:50.570 --> 00:19:53.109
Jane Atkinson: You're gonna what do you need? Oh, yes.

00:19:53.110 --> 00:20:00.879
Chris West: And every time you say that 1 one thing to do right, or one thing to do different, you wanna back that up with a very quick, very short.

00:20:01.060 --> 00:20:05.329
Chris West: 3 to 5 written word testimonial. This worked for us

00:20:05.770 --> 00:20:10.509
Chris West: right? And if we, you can do all of that in 2 min and 45 s or less.

00:20:11.010 --> 00:20:18.909
Chris West: You know, you've got a winning combination there. And so I would say, the biggest change in the speaker industry is that people really used to give videos

00:20:18.940 --> 00:20:32.270
Chris West: 3 to 4 min sometimes if they are really compelled. But now we're seeing people turn it off a minute. Minute. 22, 2 min and 22 s is kind of the longest. We see. People watch a videos on the first time. And so

00:20:32.770 --> 00:20:40.919
Chris West: you got the problem, you got the solution. And I can give examples of how to do that in your speaker video. But that is the secret. Today. It's you gotta solve that problem. In the first 30 s.

00:20:40.920 --> 00:21:01.266
Jane Atkinson: I love it. I love it. And and we talk about that on websites, too. We need that promise up front and center. Don't make me dig around for it. It needs to be above the fold, and I need to see it in the first 5 s, or if I don't see what I'm looking for. I'm out of there.

00:21:01.730 --> 00:21:04.850
Jane Atkinson: Yup, okay. So

00:21:05.140 --> 00:21:18.140
Jane Atkinson: we know that what's changed in terms of video and the industry is that our attention, Shan. And is it any surprise that attention spans have got shorter?

00:21:18.742 --> 00:21:24.720
Jane Atkinson: I mean, we live in a Tiktok world. Is it any surprise that attention spans have gotten shorter.

00:21:25.130 --> 00:21:32.389
Chris West: Right. And but that's that other side. And this is where I knew we needed. Something like outspeak media in the world is that. And people are plenty of people are doing it. So it's nothing new. But

00:21:32.840 --> 00:21:41.339
Chris West: it's just so important that they see from you 6 to 8 times. And and and so they might watch your speaker Video, and be like, huh.

00:21:41.680 --> 00:21:52.269
Chris West: you know. But if they watch your speaker Video, and then on Linkedin, you've got regular content where you are solving those problems, or you've got the 1 min clip about this. You've got another minute. 1 min. Clip about this.

00:21:52.280 --> 00:22:06.980
Chris West: They start just seeing more and more from you. And that's where that idea came from is like we were like, Okay, we need a way for people to. Oh, this is the other fun thing is to film any event they have anywhere in in the in the world.

00:22:07.390 --> 00:22:10.999
Chris West: So since to since 2020, we've been building a

00:22:11.110 --> 00:22:14.479
Chris West: global network of trained videographers.

00:22:14.895 --> 00:22:15.310
Jane Atkinson: And.

00:22:15.310 --> 00:22:24.820
Chris West: Soon we're gonna be launching a platform where simply people can just type in the name of wherever they're gonna be. And there'll be a trained team that will pop up 2 to 3 in that location.

00:22:24.820 --> 00:22:25.210
Jane Atkinson: Including.

00:22:25.210 --> 00:22:37.059
Chris West: Every Canadian province, Puerto Rico, China, like, you know, many of the different places in, you know, we don't have anyone in Russia, but we do have places in China, Puerto Rico, all over the United.

00:22:37.060 --> 00:22:37.670
Jane Atkinson: What is it?

00:22:37.985 --> 00:22:48.384
Chris West: Every province in Canada, and these are train teams who film the before, the during and after. And people need a way to go. Okay, I'm speaking in Ontario, Canada, great. And

00:22:48.820 --> 00:23:06.449
Chris West: I need a video team there and then I want it broken into 8 to 10 clips after ready to go for social media, so that I can with consistency, you know, have a specific budget that I have in mind, which is maybe like 10% of my speaking fee, I reinvest.

00:23:06.885 --> 00:23:07.320
Jane Atkinson: Team.

00:23:07.320 --> 00:23:12.307
Chris West: Turning every engagement. That's a quality one into more ways that people can find me.

00:23:12.640 --> 00:23:18.920
Jane Atkinson: Oh, good d, we did a whole podcast. On this is Shawn Canuga, one of your clients.

00:23:18.920 --> 00:23:20.189
Chris West: I don't think so. No.

00:23:20.190 --> 00:23:26.076
Jane Atkinson: So Shawn talks about the the name of the

00:23:27.020 --> 00:23:33.569
Jane Atkinson: podcast is innovative marketing for your speaking business. He films everything.

00:23:33.804 --> 00:23:34.040
Chris West: He.

00:23:34.040 --> 00:23:44.550
Jane Atkinson: Your service. Actually, I'm gonna connect the 2 with you because he films everything and he goes and resources his own video crew for every city he goes to

00:23:44.610 --> 00:23:51.220
Jane Atkinson: and films everything with that exact idea in mind that he is going to go out and

00:23:51.869 --> 00:24:16.890
Jane Atkinson: he he's gonna post it on social media in lots of different ways. And I I love that you're talking about. Just let people see you 6 to 8 times. Be around, be, you know somebody who made a comment on something they said on Linkedin. Even, I mean, that's your your presence. They're just gonna say, Oh, I keep seeing that Chris West guy everywhere.

00:24:17.270 --> 00:24:37.510
Chris West: Exactly. And and and the secret is, if they see your name everywhere. But you're always solving the same problem, and I don't care what it is. I don't care if you're talking about burnout, and you wanna be the best for burnout, because you know that that is, gonna be a very heavy market of lots of competitors. But if they hear you talking about burnout in unique way, 6 to 8 times.

00:24:37.670 --> 00:24:48.759
Chris West: they're gonna take note of you. And so you have to look throughout your background and your career and get obsessively clear about the one problem you are best at helping clients solve.

00:24:48.760 --> 00:24:52.014
Jane Atkinson: Oh, you're you're really making me think about this, because

00:24:52.770 --> 00:24:56.169
Jane Atkinson: and we, you know, we talk about picking a lane right.

00:24:56.450 --> 00:24:57.010
Chris West: And so.

00:24:57.010 --> 00:25:09.180
Jane Atkinson: Solving that one problem. And I have people who are writing books outside their lane. They're doing tiktoks outside their lane. They're writing articles outside their lane, not helping people.

00:25:09.820 --> 00:25:26.049
Jane Atkinson: All you're doing is muddying the water for your client, Chris. What you just said is completely reinforcing this idea of not only picking a lane, but picking a pro one problem that you solve and show people in different ways how you solve it.

00:25:26.370 --> 00:25:36.720
Chris West: Yeah, and and do it in a way that feels fun to you. And and a great example is one of the things I always recommend people do is of all the things they do on Linkedin. Pick one day a week

00:25:37.020 --> 00:25:50.046
Chris West: that you can do with consistency. That is a fun way that you solve the problem that you're best at. So so a a an example. Jason O'haris, who is a good friend of yours, and and a former client of both of ours is

00:25:50.360 --> 00:25:55.570
Chris West: He does a donut day with his daughter every Friday, every Friday him and his daughter go and get donuts.

00:25:55.570 --> 00:25:56.800
Jane Atkinson: Donna, it's yes.

00:25:56.800 --> 00:26:03.259
Chris West: We talked about. You know what's a fun way that, you know. He he solves this lack of trust in organizations.

00:26:03.670 --> 00:26:22.080
Chris West: What better way for him to build trust and connection with his family and his daughters every Friday for him to get a donut with her. So we talked about okay, well, if every week people can just consistently hear from you in one way or another that way, you're free to do as much Linkedin and other posts as possible. But like, what if every Friday there was this donut moment?

00:26:22.370 --> 00:26:30.109
Chris West: Right? And again, it's a way that's fun for him. He likes it, and it's a part of his weekly rhythm where it's like.

00:26:30.210 --> 00:26:41.019
Chris West: in one way or another every week on a specific day. Let's do something that's on brand for you, that people hear from you on a problem that you solve

00:26:41.370 --> 00:26:55.260
Chris West: right and just do it with consistency that makes it so steady. You just have to be clear about that one problem you're best at solving. And the best solution that you have for it, and the methodology to get people there, and you gotta say it over and over and over, and

00:26:55.630 --> 00:27:00.930
Chris West: and then have a lot of fun in the variety of which ways you do it, but but don't break from it.

00:27:01.140 --> 00:27:15.789
Jane Atkinson: Yeah, I love that. And you're making me think about my reels, maybe dialing them in to be even more focused on one of the problems inside the speaking industry. We've kind of had the whole

00:27:15.890 --> 00:27:28.380
Jane Atkinson: gamut including, you know, personal things and stuff like that. But I like the idea of bringing it back to one problem. That's so good, Chris.

00:27:28.590 --> 00:27:31.230
Jane Atkinson: Talk about what?

00:27:31.250 --> 00:27:37.600
Jane Atkinson: When people arrive at your doorstep, what are some of the mistakes you've seen in their past videos.

00:27:37.820 --> 00:27:40.529
Chris West: With, with clients, with speakers and their in the video.

00:27:40.530 --> 00:27:41.140
Jane Atkinson: Yeah.

00:27:41.840 --> 00:27:47.220
Chris West: I think more than anything is that people don't know how to tell a story with their speaker video.

00:27:47.220 --> 00:27:47.690
Jane Atkinson: Okay.

00:27:47.690 --> 00:27:52.989
Chris West: And as a result they're either usually at the whim of 2 things. Either they're with the whim of the editor.

00:27:53.310 --> 00:27:56.009
Chris West: whichever kind of direction that editor wants to take.

00:27:56.700 --> 00:28:11.590
Chris West: and or 2 they are kind of following. Hey? This video looked good. I want a video like that. So they're just following what looked good in the industry, right? But if people understand that the way that

00:28:12.140 --> 00:28:17.479
Chris West: our brain processes information and story is that whenever we want something.

00:28:17.650 --> 00:28:19.980
Chris West: we have a problem. And that is, how do we get it?

00:28:20.750 --> 00:28:38.829
Chris West: And so you have to get really clear about what your clients want and what the problem is to get there. So if if you do solve lack of engagement, low turn, you know those kinds of things or burnout. Well, what's the problem? And how is it? What's it costing them? And so in this beginning of your video, you have to do one of 2 things.

00:28:39.150 --> 00:28:55.090
Chris West: Either you have to ask the question that they're asking themselves, and it looks like this, you know, so often as I work with organizations throughout the country. What I consistently hear is leaders. Ask me, boom and boom and boom, when you're naming the problem that they're asking them.

00:28:55.090 --> 00:28:55.580
Jane Atkinson: Yeah.

00:28:55.580 --> 00:28:57.590
Chris West: Right in the beginning of your video.

00:28:57.990 --> 00:29:12.769
Chris West: And so if you know you're on stage, or if you get some recorded, I know so many in this room? And you're asking yourself these questions, how do we solve? Turn right? How do we do that like? If you're any type of question, is one of the key areas that will identify the problem. And then you have to give us a solution to it.

00:29:13.260 --> 00:29:14.350
Chris West: What

00:29:14.470 --> 00:29:18.539
Chris West: what will really move the needle in this area is blank.

00:29:18.750 --> 00:29:25.650
Chris West: Or if we're going to be the kinds of leaders who create this thing, here's what we're going to have to focus on going forward, and you have to give us your answer.

00:29:25.820 --> 00:29:29.449
Chris West: Right? So that's the one way or 2 you have to tell a story.

00:29:29.720 --> 00:29:52.619
Chris West: You have to start us off with. Recently I was working with a CEO named Janet, who's company, has gone through massive shifts. Like many of ours in the last 3 years. Half employees are hybrid, half work, you know, in the office, and one of the things that Janet was telling me was that they haven't seen exhaustion and burn out like this before, and it's something that so many leaders tell me every day.

00:29:53.320 --> 00:29:56.370
Chris West: And when Janet was asking me how we solve that.

00:29:56.790 --> 00:29:58.800
Chris West: I shared one idea with her.

00:29:58.860 --> 00:30:01.109
Chris West: And it's the idea I want to share with all of you today.

00:30:01.220 --> 00:30:06.789
Chris West: you know again, it's like, there's the problem, and there's the answer, and if you can do that in the first 30 s.

00:30:06.790 --> 00:30:07.420
Jane Atkinson: Cow.

00:30:07.420 --> 00:30:12.899
Chris West: That's the way you start your video. And then the video then picks it up to say, You know.

00:30:13.260 --> 00:30:21.159
Chris West: whatever Barry is the best at solving this, and you got to be so bold in the way you say, is one of the leading experts on burnout in the world.

00:30:21.520 --> 00:30:21.940
Jane Atkinson: Hmm.

00:30:21.940 --> 00:30:40.360
Chris West: Wrote in this book done this thing boom, boom! And you're giving them the insight. And you say, if we're gonna solve that, it's gonna take a process. And here's how we have to start thinking differently. And you give them the insights of how they start thinking different. Give them a plan for change with social proof, and then finish with the results of what things can happen. And so those are the 5 elements in a speaker video.

00:30:40.430 --> 00:30:54.190
Chris West: the problem and the insight to the problem, credibility, a path forward and the results. And when you get those things right, the brain has heard a complete story and makes you make something like, I think that speaker compared to the other one, and they don't know how.

00:30:54.670 --> 00:31:09.696
Jane Atkinson: You're wanna gonna wanna come back to the show notes on this one cause we are going to give this all to you in a beautiful digest, go over to Speaker, and click on the podcast if you don't see Chris's right there. Just search Chris, and he'll come up

00:31:11.196 --> 00:31:17.330
Jane Atkinson: once again, my friend, you have just

00:31:17.490 --> 00:31:23.810
Jane Atkinson: rock my world. I cannot wait to talk to you more about this.

00:31:23.940 --> 00:31:28.899
Jane Atkinson: Tell everybody if they want to get in touch with you, Chris, what they should do.

00:31:29.070 --> 00:31:56.340
Chris West: Yeah, our company is called video, or via video narrative com. If you just go there, fill out the form you know, we'll get back to you within less than 24 h. And, above all, what I want people to know is, I think, a lot of people choose not to reach out, because they don't think they're ready. And over time, as we know the the the habits right is I've never forgotten. I don't know. Or if you guys all remember the first time you read the 7 Habits highly affected people, I'll just never forget the number. One habit is being proactive.

00:31:56.340 --> 00:31:56.730
Jane Atkinson: Yeah.

00:31:56.730 --> 00:32:06.010
Chris West: Right. And I love when people are like, Hey, it's 8 months before I think I'm going to be ready. But I wanna reach out right. I love when people are proactive, and I think you're the same. It's like.

00:32:06.336 --> 00:32:06.989
Jane Atkinson: Reach out.

00:32:06.990 --> 00:32:31.400
Chris West: Try something, have a conversation, even if it's not the right time. It always makes me happy when people are proactive and are just moving things forward before they think they're ready, cause there's just too many people waiting to get ready, waiting to get the next thing wanting certainty when this is in place. Then I'll do that, and I think take a step, and certainty will come along the way as you walk your path.

00:32:31.640 --> 00:32:49.990
Jane Atkinson: So good, so is good. You have laid down the gold for us today, Chris West. Thank you so much for being here. I do believe in eclipse is happening outside my window. So I'm gonna say, thank you for listening everybody. Chris, thank you for your time today.

00:32:50.190 --> 00:32:55.009
Jane Atkinson: And with that we're gonna say, see zoom multi speakers bye, for now everyone.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • Create your own reality. [2:00]
  • Breaking the mold. [6:30]
  • Chris’ latest vision. [11:30]
  • You get about 30 seconds to impress. [17:00]
  • They need to see you 6 to 8 times. [21:30]
  • Solve that ONE problem. [24:30]
  • The five elements of a great video. [28:00]
  • You’re ready, be proactive. [32:00]

Today Chris works alongside thought leaders to increase their message, clarity, and impact through powerful narratives.  When not creating videos, Chris is out backpacking with his wife and daughter, and serves as the volunteer director of the Bukesa Children’s Home in Uganda, Africa. 

If you want to learn all about what’s new in video and what it takes for you to create a compelling speaker reel, you simply can’t afford to miss this episode! 

I hope you’ll listen and learn.


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