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Investing In Your Business with Cassandra Worthy

Investing In Your Business with Jane Atkinson and Cassandra Worthy
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Quote: “I use every single keynote as data to help me continue to improve.” Cassandra Worthy

Have you been thinking about ways to improve your business growth and wondering where to start? We all know that throwing money at a problem doesn’t always work, but when done correctly, it can make all the difference. On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Show, we’re thrilled to welcome back Cassandra Worthy to share some great ideas about where to invest in your business to get the best ROI.

With contagious energy that radiates throughout every room she steps into, Cassandra Worthy is the world’s truly DISRUPTIVE thought-leader on CHANGE that companies need to build organizational resilience and adaptability. During times of major shift such as merger, acquisition, organizational restructure, new systems integration, and market disruption RARELY do businesses ever face the tumultuous emotional landscape of the organization head-on. Only 10% of successful change adoption is about know-how…the other 90% is squarely centered on an organization’s motivation and willingness to embrace the change.


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Jane Atkinson: Well, welcome everyone to the wealthy speaker podcast today we are talking about investing in your business, something that many of you are likely doing already this summer, our special guest is Cassandra worthy welcome back to the show Cassandra.

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Cassandra Worthy: What I do Jane is so good to be.

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Cassandra Worthy: Low.

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Jane Atkinson: Energy everybody that's why your company is called contagious enthusiasm remind everybody what you're you've been on the podcast before So if you missed it definitely circle back and remind everybody what your business model looks like who do you help and how do you help them.

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Cassandra Worthy: Sure, so I predominantly work with a fortune 500 and those organizations going through anticipating change disruption transformation.

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Cassandra Worthy: and specifically my methodology and what I bring is really focused on the individual.

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Cassandra Worthy: To help them harness the power of those emotions that we all feel when we're going through change, where we think change is about to happen, we have to change state change ready.

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Cassandra Worthy: And how to harness the power of that energy, you know, I feel it as a gift that we all have.

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Cassandra Worthy: to harness the power of that and transform it into fuel for growth, so the work is really centered on the individual to help them really nurture their own resilience to help them see opportunity and change.

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Cassandra Worthy: And so, then the message is focused at the individual, but I work with large organizations and incorporation some business associations or really anyone going through change or anticipating change to come so Fortunately, that means i've been very busy.

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Jane Atkinson: I was cove it kind of walk us through um you know I don't know when we could say coven was really over it's not really over even yet, but.

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Jane Atkinson: Post coven kind of what you started to see business come back and look like and has it been like that, and then some.

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Cassandra Worthy: For yeah yeah it has which i'm so grateful for now, as we all know, and I was not immune to this March of 2020 was rough.

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Cassandra Worthy: was very, very rough and, of course, there was a time where I personally was feeling all my signal emotions all my anxiety all my fear and my grief of no longer having a steady paycheck yeah.

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Cassandra Worthy: But fortunately I really started to dig in seeing it all as an opportunity and really rise into a call.

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Cassandra Worthy: on how I can reach out and help clients help organizations that really needed this message of change enthusiasm, you know now more than ever.

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Cassandra Worthy: And so, initially it started, as we all did through the virtual space and and I was able to garner a lot of attention because of the message, because of its uniqueness and kind of this nation i've carved out and, of course, hit.

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Cassandra Worthy: We thought, maybe we get back into in persons, but I predominantly did virtuous through 2021.

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Cassandra Worthy: it's really just been this year that i've gotten back on the road and back on on stages and so right now the business looks like about 65% in person and the balance being virtual and if I look to the fall it's it's more like 7030, which is a which is great, you know because I do notice.

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Cassandra Worthy: isn't it yeah it is.

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Jane Atkinson: So back to 100% or would it be nice if it just kind of stayed 70.

00:03:27.690 --> 00:03:29.280
Cassandra Worthy: I could go with 5050.

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Jane Atkinson: yeah, to be honest with you yeah that's.

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Cassandra Worthy: that's the sweet spot we were there, I think quarter one when the berry and started hitting we thought were to be at 20, but it was around 5050 and the first and second quarter, but now it's starting to inch inch by couple of it but.

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Cassandra Worthy: But yeah it's been good and and, for me, I have seen the keynotes creating a lot of pull to integrate and sustain the message and so over the past several months, and when I.

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Cassandra Worthy: As I look to the next 12 to 18 months, where my strategic growth of the business it's really pulling through the message, creating those training programs.

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Cassandra Worthy: That credible content, how you sustain creating train the trainer program so that these this content these this mindset these skills can continue to get practice, even after I get off the stage.

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Jane Atkinson: minutes really going to solve a cultural problem.

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Cassandra Worthy: Exactly exactly I can get people hyped like nobody's business.

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Cassandra Worthy: And I can instill and plant a seed that gets people's minds going.

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Cassandra Worthy: But it's that you know consistency of the message the consistency of having those tools.

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Cassandra Worthy: And the steady communication of that that really becomes powerful and so i've seen a lot of clients, you know enjoy that pull through and and working in many ways to extend way beyond the keynote which has been which has been exciting and really a big area of growth for me.

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Jane Atkinson: and your and my friend, Chris West talked about the keynote being like the opening of the work together.

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Cassandra Worthy: You got it you got it.

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Jane Atkinson: In so you go in and you deliver a keynote at a mighty fine fee, might I add, and then you turn that into a package that involves training and train the trainer and the things that are actually going to keep this message alive and allow it to go deep into the organization.

00:05:27.750 --> 00:05:28.260
Cassandra Worthy: Not it.

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Jane Atkinson: we're talking six figure contracts likely and some like really amazing contracts with some pretty huge players out there for you, congratulations.

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Cassandra Worthy: Thank you so much it's been it blows my mind still don't get listeners and blows my mind every day.

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Cassandra Worthy: But I am just grateful to be able, like, I said to rise to the call.

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Cassandra Worthy: And you know I actually I partnered with CG K a research firm and we did some research on all of this and the research proves that this is work that needs to happen.

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Cassandra Worthy: Yes, work that people are hungry for and so again for me it's just.

00:06:04.680 --> 00:06:07.530
Cassandra Worthy: it's living on purpose i'm living on purpose and I get to.

00:06:07.530 --> 00:06:11.340
Jane Atkinson: go in the theme of this which is investing in your business.

00:06:11.580 --> 00:06:13.590
Jane Atkinson: You didn't have to do the research because.

00:06:13.590 --> 00:06:26.460
Jane Atkinson: Already booming and yet you said no, I want to go deeper, I want to help them more, let me grab some research that's really going to make a difference, huge invest in your business.

00:06:26.820 --> 00:06:47.310
Jane Atkinson: You also have invested I don't know exactly how but you've gotten like amazingly good on the platform did that just come naturally to you or did you invest in, say, a coach or anything like that to help you in this stage and presentation skills portion of things.

00:06:47.580 --> 00:06:50.940
Cassandra Worthy: So i'm not gonna lie about it, I do think, I have a gift and a talent for it.

00:06:51.660 --> 00:06:53.730
Cassandra Worthy: But I will tell you what has helped me.

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Cassandra Worthy: Is the experience speaking more and more having more experience on the stage and i've made it a point now to after every keynote engagement I think about the questions that were asked during the Q amp a.

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Cassandra Worthy: I think about the testimonial testimonials that I get what resonated what didn't and I use every single keynote as data to help me continue to improve.

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Cassandra Worthy: And that's some of the data that led me to you know what if I really want to build out this B2B portion of the business, I need to have.

00:07:24.240 --> 00:07:34.140
Cassandra Worthy: Some some credibility, I need to have some some hard fast research some data behind this so that clients can understand the need, so that clients can understand that, no, no, this is not whoo.

00:07:34.710 --> 00:07:46.020
Cassandra Worthy: This is something that that you know the nation that your employees are yearning for and it's very, very practical and applicable, regardless of the organization so so yeah it's been the experience on the platform.

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Jane Atkinson: and your investment has been in the time and energy that it takes to go back and review the game tapes to to look at what people are saying to review the materials each.

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Jane Atkinson: i'm trying to kind of dissect why you are so hot and a I do believe that the topic is incredibly timely and valid because everybody's going through change, I mean who really doesn't need you right.

00:08:14.580 --> 00:08:27.510
Jane Atkinson: So be good marketing is when you're just brilliant on the platform you're doing that, well, we can check that box, but let's talk about some of the other investments that you make in terms of marketing.

00:08:27.780 --> 00:08:29.130
Jane Atkinson: social media.

00:08:29.280 --> 00:08:36.960
Jane Atkinson: Yes, what do you do, do you have a mailing list and how do you operate that talk a little bit about the things that you do on a consistent basis.

00:08:37.020 --> 00:08:41.670
Cassandra Worthy: yeah so about eight or nine months ago, I decided to hire a marketing team.

00:08:42.210 --> 00:08:48.210
Cassandra Worthy: Now these are contracted out, but they are a cohesive marketing agency that I brought on to to work with.

00:08:48.480 --> 00:08:51.360
Cassandra Worthy: With me and they have been in credible.

00:08:51.720 --> 00:09:04.770
Cassandra Worthy: They took the time to understand the brand to understand what my brand is all about not only the console where the speaking brand but also the change enthusiasm global training and leadership development brand they took the time to understand that.

00:09:05.070 --> 00:09:11.310
Cassandra Worthy: The look of it, the feel of it, I actually had them work with my designer and creating a lot of the social media post templates.

00:09:11.550 --> 00:09:19.530
Cassandra Worthy: And then they've just been off to the races and continued with the consistency of posting they now taken over my newsletter because I do such an exceptional job.

00:09:20.250 --> 00:09:30.870
Cassandra Worthy: But being able to make that investment and let that go, not only has it meant so much around business, as well as far as keeping the brand so high level and consistent.

00:09:31.080 --> 00:09:36.990
Cassandra Worthy: But it's also freed me up to work on more revenue generating ideas and really start Okay, what is trying you're trying to look like.

00:09:37.170 --> 00:09:49.110
Cassandra Worthy: hiring my legal team, and all that kind of stuff so that has been a huge asset to the business and a worthwhile investment I don't even want to estimate the Roi probably paid for itself, five or six times over, oh.

00:09:49.140 --> 00:10:07.410
Jane Atkinson: Yes, yes beautiful so investing in team in a few different places that you just mentioned actually not only the legal team to help you put together train the trainer contracts and things like that make sure you're managing your intellectual property, but also the social media and marketing.

00:10:07.410 --> 00:10:07.980
Jane Atkinson: teams.

00:10:08.310 --> 00:10:10.890
Jane Atkinson: You said they took over your newsletter.

00:10:10.980 --> 00:10:15.420
Jane Atkinson: You talk about how often you do your newsletter and how how often that gets sent.

00:10:15.600 --> 00:10:16.380
Cassandra Worthy: yeah once a month.

00:10:16.680 --> 00:10:27.240
Cassandra Worthy: once a month, so they'll reach out to me saying it's time you know the last week of the month it's time we need to get things going i'll shoot shoot some ideas here's where I think our focus would be knowing what you know what's coming down the pipeline.

00:10:27.480 --> 00:10:34.530
Cassandra Worthy: They draft up you know newsletter I have read, given my approval and then we go from there, so once a month we're putting those together.

00:10:35.040 --> 00:10:49.650
Jane Atkinson: And, and so, how, when it comes back to any of the marketing social media, the newsletter etc how important do you think consistency has been to where you are today.

00:10:50.100 --> 00:11:04.110
Cassandra Worthy: hugely I had one of the most important things I in fact I was just sharing with with someone who, who I mentor about branding it's all about consistency, because branding is based on belief.

00:11:04.470 --> 00:11:18.090
Cassandra Worthy: it's based on belief, which is trust right trust is just belief in somebody doing something right I believe Nike is going to deliver to me and amazing well fitting shoe that fits my narrow foot.

00:11:19.320 --> 00:11:29.640
Cassandra Worthy: I believe, in that I trust them because of the consistency of their product or their communication and so that's what a speaker brand needs to be about you need to be putting content out.

00:11:29.850 --> 00:11:44.520
Cassandra Worthy: That actually reinforces the beliefs, the thoughts that you want clients and people to continue thinking when they think about you, as a speaker and create a strategy to actually promote that consistent messaging around those thoughts.

00:11:44.850 --> 00:12:00.210
Cassandra Worthy: And so I was able to honestly it's through some you know diamonds, that I found it NSA created pretty robust, you know post strategy that I was doing myself, so I had something for them to go off on what I transition it on to the marketing team.

00:12:00.540 --> 00:12:04.980
Jane Atkinson: Nice and 12 times a year is not an impossible task.

00:12:05.100 --> 00:12:06.000
Jane Atkinson: or putting it out.

00:12:06.030 --> 00:12:12.450
Jane Atkinson: monthly I just like that you're committed to it, so we talked about two things required to make it in the speaking business.

00:12:12.810 --> 00:12:22.140
Jane Atkinson: Number one is belief of being 100% all in, and this is what investing in your business actually shows your brain i'm all in.

00:12:22.560 --> 00:12:37.770
Jane Atkinson: And that will allow your brain to know that okay i'm going to help you figure out solutions to any problems that we come across the second thing is consistent action belief and consistent action, those are words that probably you use a lot.

00:12:37.770 --> 00:12:38.910
Cassandra Worthy: So time.

00:12:39.150 --> 00:13:00.000
Jane Atkinson: I love that so a lot of things are going in talk about is there any kind of like outbound approach to securing business is there any time some sales funnel or anything, or is the be good marketing doing enough to create two and three spin off of every engagement.

00:13:00.030 --> 00:13:00.870
Cassandra Worthy: That you're.

00:13:01.320 --> 00:13:04.230
Jane Atkinson: You don't necessarily have to be doing a lot of outbound.

00:13:04.500 --> 00:13:08.220
Cassandra Worthy: yeah I don't know who said it, but it's True, the more you speak, the more you speak.

00:13:09.030 --> 00:13:15.120
Cassandra Worthy: And that's certainly been the case for me and i've also been very intentional about outreach to bureau corners.

00:13:15.930 --> 00:13:24.750
Cassandra Worthy: And you know i've networked with a really a great group of speakers and they've been a great help as far as warm introductions to bureaus.

00:13:25.200 --> 00:13:28.140
Cassandra Worthy: Their bureau partners have introduced me to their.

00:13:28.800 --> 00:13:42.480
Cassandra Worthy: Their bureau partners that they know so i've had really over the past 12 months that's been one of my strategic growth focuses is getting on more bureau list as I possibly can, and then nurturing those relationships, because they do incredible outbound outbound marketing for you.

00:13:42.840 --> 00:13:45.810
Cassandra Worthy: And of course it's my job as I think about sales.

00:13:45.960 --> 00:13:54.210
Cassandra Worthy: to shine on the stage to bring my authentic light share my message as clearly and you know as as refreshingly as as I can.

00:13:54.600 --> 00:14:08.550
Jane Atkinson: I love that and can I just tell everybody who's thinking oh i'm going to do that to where Cassandra is she's got one heck of a DEMO video which I don't know if it won or came in second in our best.

00:14:09.420 --> 00:14:17.100
Jane Atkinson: DEMO video contest she's got one heck of a website which came in either first or second in our best website.

00:14:18.660 --> 00:14:33.540
Jane Atkinson: So she has invested heavily in her growth and and putting her in front of bureaus once she's already done, that is exactly the right timing your fee is perfect in terms of.

00:14:34.290 --> 00:14:42.960
Jane Atkinson: bureaus being interested in, so I think that you know the stars are totally aligned what percentage of business, are you doing bureaus right now.

00:14:43.230 --> 00:14:53.910
Cassandra Worthy: So I keeps inching up which I guess makes sense because it's been my focus areas of a lot of energy behind it um there was a time that was about only 25% 25 30%.

00:14:54.180 --> 00:14:57.780
Cassandra Worthy: it's all split now about 60% of my business is through bureau.

00:14:58.560 --> 00:14:59.550
Jane Atkinson: i'm not surprised.

00:14:59.610 --> 00:15:00.420
Jane Atkinson: i'm not surprised.

00:15:00.720 --> 00:15:04.740
Jane Atkinson: That My advice to you is to make sure that you keep just a little chunk direct.

00:15:04.860 --> 00:15:07.320
Cassandra Worthy: Of course, of course, yes.

00:15:08.340 --> 00:15:09.180
Cassandra Worthy: A reminder to.

00:15:11.190 --> 00:15:17.550
Jane Atkinson: keep that in your back pocket calendar appointments do you, you know, keep some dates for yourself.

00:15:17.580 --> 00:15:21.000
Jane Atkinson: And she and I think that'll be great so.

00:15:22.140 --> 00:15:44.970
Jane Atkinson: A lot going on over here and you've invested in like I said the video in the website, both with Chris West, by the way in the research in the team and you've also invested in kind of like your own expertise and I love that you've been what made you decide to do this research.

00:15:45.540 --> 00:15:50.700
Cassandra Worthy: Ah, so I went to NSA winter conference.

00:15:51.420 --> 00:15:55.290
Cassandra Worthy: What are the special kind of workshops that they had.

00:15:55.770 --> 00:15:59.730
Cassandra Worthy: For for a group and I met Jason dorsey.

00:16:00.030 --> 00:16:12.210
Cassandra Worthy: Now I had heard about Jason dorsey through ship hiking chef and I cross paths and became friends and he told me about losing because he also hired him to do research and so often in my work because I deal with the emotions of change.

00:16:12.420 --> 00:16:21.750
Cassandra Worthy: I do hear a little bit of that push back that this is a bit whoo whoo I don't know if you know my senior leaders will be able to hold on to this, and so I knew that having some data.

00:16:21.960 --> 00:16:29.070
Cassandra Worthy: would be a lot more compelling to convey the the importance of this message, and so, when he started talking about research, I was like you know what.

00:16:29.520 --> 00:16:36.030
Cassandra Worthy: I that's something that I think could be interesting for me to do, and so I had a conversation with Jason following the NSA.

00:16:36.510 --> 00:16:41.610
Cassandra Worthy: Winter conference and it just made sense it just made sense and it's not a small investment.

00:16:42.270 --> 00:16:53.430
Cassandra Worthy: But I knew that that it would actually lead to so many more of those six and even seven figure contracts so we're using and the the results been.

00:16:53.790 --> 00:17:09.750
Cassandra Worthy: insane like he took me through the insights and everything that we learn from from the research and it's like it was overwhelming because it just underline Cassandra you are doing exactly what you're supposed to be doing right or world needs this work.

00:17:10.470 --> 00:17:12.300
Cassandra Worthy: And so, for me it was like ah.

00:17:12.570 --> 00:17:14.580
Cassandra Worthy: Yes, I gotta keep going.

00:17:16.290 --> 00:17:20.490
Cassandra Worthy: And we're using that research now to be the foundation of a brand new website.

00:17:20.880 --> 00:17:32.940
Cassandra Worthy: That we're going to be launching quarter one of next year change enthusiasm it's going to have the research, you know you know painted throughout why the training that we offer is so important and now it's data insight backed.

00:17:33.780 --> 00:17:44.160
Cassandra Worthy: And so yeah it was an important investment, I think, especially given the nature of my work another thing that i'm going to be investing in because i'm splitting out my business between B2B and B2C.

00:17:44.520 --> 00:18:00.480
Cassandra Worthy: And so to continue building my credibility and my B2C following is i'm going to invest in some YouTube videos and partnering with nate you know, and I forget nate's lasting, which is horrible because i'm trying to give him a plug.

00:18:01.740 --> 00:18:13.530
Cassandra Worthy: he's incredible he's also a part of NSA but he's going to help me create some really compelling bite sized crable YouTube video content that will start launching next year you get a video a day.

00:18:13.980 --> 00:18:19.110
Cassandra Worthy: Really, to build and grow that following because, of course, eventually, I want to launch an e learning platform.

00:18:19.770 --> 00:18:29.520
Cassandra Worthy: But I want to have the following of people hungry hey I want to get this training to I don't work in a big corporation, how can I get trained and so I want to grow that follow me and that's another sizable investment so.

00:18:29.670 --> 00:18:41.760
Jane Atkinson: Fantastic and and talk about how do you pull people from your audiences into your database in in with that future in mind of the E learning and to sell.

00:18:41.760 --> 00:18:41.910
Jane Atkinson: them.

00:18:42.360 --> 00:18:51.390
Cassandra Worthy: My have well sure so sometimes not always, especially when we don't have Q amp a or when QA gets cut short I always invite them onto my social platforms.

00:18:51.840 --> 00:18:59.790
Cassandra Worthy: And then also wanting to be as action oriented, as I can every single one of my keynote messages comes with a worksheet.

00:19:00.000 --> 00:19:07.860
Cassandra Worthy: Something that an attendee can take and actually start putting the concepts, I heard in the in the keynote into practice and that worksheet has all of our contact information.

00:19:09.000 --> 00:19:14.760
Cassandra Worthy: So it's a very easy way for them to get back in contact and then also go to the website and become a subscriber.

00:19:15.150 --> 00:19:19.410
Jane Atkinson: Well, let me give you an idea, because I think this might be good for everybody.

00:19:19.410 --> 00:19:20.100
Cassandra Worthy: Actually.

00:19:20.670 --> 00:19:34.830
Jane Atkinson: You know if there was one thing that you had that they thought like maybe, just like a little slice of the research that top 10 things that came out of the research, you know you are not going to want to miss this.

00:19:35.190 --> 00:19:41.790
Jane Atkinson: And in when you're offering your carrot we kind of call it a carrot or a lead magnet you have to really sell it right and.

00:19:41.790 --> 00:19:43.200
Jane Atkinson: you're so enthusiastic about.

00:19:43.200 --> 00:19:51.120
Jane Atkinson: Everything you'll sell it, but you could do a qr code to a carrot being like some little snippet.

00:19:51.150 --> 00:19:58.830
Jane Atkinson: of your research, because that research is gold every you've told me about it a couple of times now and i've gotten very excited just.

00:19:58.860 --> 00:19:59.370

00:20:00.660 --> 00:20:15.150
Jane Atkinson: So qr code and then you're in charge, because, in order to get it they're going to give you their name and their email address, and then you are going to give them that beautiful research and then they're going to get your newsletter every month and keep you.

00:20:16.050 --> 00:20:20.490
Cassandra Worthy: I love it what is a service that I can use to get to generate the qr code.

00:20:21.750 --> 00:20:24.810
Jane Atkinson: generator I think just Google qr codes.

00:20:25.440 --> 00:20:40.980
Jane Atkinson: or or pass that along to your marketing team and make me a qr code that the APP isn't really even an APP because when somebody pulls up their camera on with you so everybody take out your cameras.

00:20:41.010 --> 00:20:43.680
Jane Atkinson: Yes, qr code up on the big screen.

00:20:43.740 --> 00:20:44.040
Cassandra Worthy: yep.

00:20:44.160 --> 00:20:47.010
Jane Atkinson: you're going to just open it in chrome or safari your son.

00:20:47.010 --> 00:20:47.610
Cassandra Worthy: goes to the land.

00:20:47.880 --> 00:20:56.700
Jane Atkinson: And then they're gonna fill in their name and email and they're going to get this amazing research this amazing carrot that you're going to dangle in front of I think.

00:20:58.230 --> 00:20:59.970
Cassandra Worthy: This is why come on your podcast.

00:21:02.220 --> 00:21:06.660
Jane Atkinson: Saying this, for you, but for also for other people okay cool everybody listen.

00:21:07.890 --> 00:21:08.160
Cassandra Worthy: what's.

00:21:09.270 --> 00:21:17.190
Jane Atkinson: Coming right so not only and the other thing i'm thinking about is okay this research is going to be book number two.

00:21:17.520 --> 00:21:19.800
Jane Atkinson: is changing susie as your first book.

00:21:19.890 --> 00:21:20.790
Cassandra Worthy: My first book yeah.

00:21:20.820 --> 00:21:23.940
Cassandra Worthy: Okay, so yeah you're right, I will use a lot of the research and a book to.

00:21:24.090 --> 00:21:35.730
Jane Atkinson: yeah Let me give you all the the subtitle of this book because it's great change enthusiasm, how to harness the power of emotion for leadership and success, did I get that right.

00:21:35.820 --> 00:21:36.540
Cassandra Worthy: You got it yep.

00:21:37.290 --> 00:21:51.300
Jane Atkinson: So number one pick that book up but number two I could see book number two being everybody, just like chomping at the bit for it waiting for it to come out in between, so I think.

00:21:51.300 --> 00:21:58.170
Jane Atkinson: This you know grabbing the people onto your list and having them waiting for what's coming down the pipe for you.

00:21:58.200 --> 00:21:59.460
Cassandra Worthy: you've got love it.

00:22:00.390 --> 00:22:03.810
Jane Atkinson: is coming down okay last question for you.

00:22:04.050 --> 00:22:04.500
Cassandra Worthy: door.

00:22:04.920 --> 00:22:13.350
Jane Atkinson: i'm going to do it's a two parter, what do you love least about speaking and what do you love the most about speaking.

00:22:13.650 --> 00:22:14.640

00:22:17.400 --> 00:22:19.830
Cassandra Worthy: Speaking i'm.

00:22:21.120 --> 00:22:28.320
Cassandra Worthy: holly that's a hard, one that i've been speaking i'm still in the honeymoon phase, you know everything's just exciting.

00:22:28.440 --> 00:22:29.520
Cassandra Worthy: it's um.

00:22:29.790 --> 00:22:43.230
Cassandra Worthy: But I guess now that I have the contrast between what it's like to get out get glam come stand here do a keynote tool ends and go get on the couch versus calling the car service on the airport to the hotel a lot.

00:22:44.010 --> 00:22:52.470
Cassandra Worthy: So I guess a little bit as the travel, but I still enjoy it i'm answering because you've asked the question that I gotta give you something.

00:22:54.270 --> 00:22:54.840
Cassandra Worthy: um.

00:22:55.290 --> 00:23:14.130
Jane Atkinson: yeah maybe that's probably going to be them, you know your people are gonna concur with that because, especially right now here in Canada, I don't know if it's worse than it is there, but i'm just hearing a lot of stories from both places that it's just rough out there.

00:23:14.130 --> 00:23:16.200
Cassandra Worthy: traveling is i'm telling you.

00:23:16.230 --> 00:23:21.240
Jane Atkinson: A lot of buffer involved like booking two flights, every time type of thing.

00:23:22.230 --> 00:23:26.820
Cassandra Worthy: makes the logistics, really, really challenging, especially when you're trying to book back to back engagement.

00:23:27.330 --> 00:23:29.520
Cassandra Worthy: And so it makes me nervous every time but.

00:23:30.000 --> 00:23:30.540
Jane Atkinson: For sure.

00:23:30.870 --> 00:23:32.280
Cassandra Worthy: The thing I love the most.

00:23:32.910 --> 00:23:33.960
Cassandra Worthy: Are my audiences.

00:23:34.200 --> 00:23:39.840
Cassandra Worthy: Are the Aha moments are the light bulbs go off every conversation that I have, after a keynote.

00:23:40.140 --> 00:23:53.130
Cassandra Worthy: The testimonials I get through social media, the impact that my energy and the message has on the world because that's the whole point right that's my whole purpose so to see that it's working lights me up and keeps me going.

00:23:54.540 --> 00:24:02.850
Jane Atkinson: Well, you are doing amazing things out there and i'm off actually i'm taking a social media cleanse for the month of July, oh.

00:24:02.850 --> 00:24:03.630
Cassandra Worthy: I love that.

00:24:03.690 --> 00:24:04.260
Cassandra Worthy: I haven't.

00:24:04.530 --> 00:24:12.780
Jane Atkinson: I haven't seen what you're up to, but I normally follow you quite closely and every time I can look at that.

00:24:14.250 --> 00:24:20.280
Jane Atkinson: Just killing it always doing just amazing good work and.

00:24:20.340 --> 00:24:28.080
Jane Atkinson: you're contagious enthusiasm just shines right off the platform so congratulations on doing.

00:24:28.920 --> 00:24:33.540
Cassandra Worthy: Thank you so much, and if I could I just want to go back and revisit that plug it's nate woodbury.

00:24:33.810 --> 00:24:37.350
Cassandra Worthy: and his website is the hero studios COM.

00:24:37.590 --> 00:24:38.220
Cassandra Worthy: You to.

00:24:38.700 --> 00:24:39.900
Cassandra Worthy: Take creator genius.

00:24:39.930 --> 00:24:48.390
Jane Atkinson: Maybe YouTube guy okay fantastic and tell everybody if they would like to connect with you what the best way to do that would be.

00:24:48.750 --> 00:24:57.060
Cassandra Worthy: me on linkedin i'm even though i'm all across all the social channels that the marketing teams, taking care of i'm probably personally most active on on linkedin.

00:24:57.330 --> 00:25:05.670
Jane Atkinson: Okay cool and i've talked definitely talk to you out there, quite a bit Cassandra Thank you so much, if anybody wants to.

00:25:05.670 --> 00:25:10.860
Jane Atkinson: check out we're going to put your video and your website in the show notes I.

00:25:11.400 --> 00:25:16.530
Jane Atkinson: I bet you I alone am worthy of like 50 hits a month on your website.

00:25:18.540 --> 00:25:19.770
Jane Atkinson: You talk to people.

00:25:20.820 --> 00:25:32.460
Jane Atkinson: This website okay see what they did there see what they did there it's it's really, really, really good and i'm excited to see your global version for the training that will be really, really exciting.

00:25:32.550 --> 00:25:36.090
Cassandra Worthy: i'm excited Thank you so much for having me, and thank you to all the listeners, I appreciate y'all.

00:25:36.900 --> 00:25:47.820
Jane Atkinson: And for those of you tuning in Thank you so much, we will be back with you next week with a new episode of the wealthy speaker podcast see you soon love these speakers bye for now.


Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • Cassandra’s current business model. [1:00]
  • The “post COVID” version. [2:30]
  • The keynote is only the beginning. [5:30]
  • Investing to create a team. [8:30]
  • The more you speak, the more you speak! [13:00]
  • Making connections at NSA. [16:00]
  • The best part of speaking. [22:30]

In her leadership-centric presentations, Cassandra is not only sharing this unique strategy of Change Enthusiasm® but also 10+ years of M&A experience distilled down into the critical leadership traits required to lead with exception during high-stress times of change and transformation. Cassandra’s client base spans the Fortune 500 and larger all over the world including Procter & Gamble, Allstate, Jones Lang LaSalle, Centene Corporation, ConferenceDirect, and WeWork.

If you would like some fantastic ideas to help you create a solid business growth plan, you simply can’t afford to miss this episode!

I hope you’ll download and learn.


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