[Podcast] ROI of LOL: Adding Humor to Your Presentation with June Cline

Does it pay to add humor to your presentation? If you ask June Cline, she’ll say YES! June Cline, CSP, is the Southern, sassy and savvy, Harley riding humorist who passionately shows people and teams how to add more humor and happiness. In this episode, June offers a 5 step formula for adding humor to programs and speeches. Also, you get to learn what an IMO is.

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Topics Discussed:

1:41 Why should speakers add humor?

3:06 “People who have been consistently booked are the ones who have humor in their programs.”

The 5 steps to adding humor:

5:01 STEP 1: Identify your comedic style. (Hint- there’s four of them!)

11:13 STEP 2: What are your life experiences?

14:43 STEP 3: What action(s) are you willing to take?

17:18 Who are some of June’s humor heroes?

20:00 STEP 4: Be resilient.

23:50 @&#! Is it ok to swear?

27:40 STEP 5: Trust yourself and trust you audience.

30:26 What does June wish she would’ve known at the beginning of her speaking career?

32:31 If you’re in Phoenix on July 22, 2016, make sure to catch June’s one woman show Make it a Great Ride. You can get details here: http://junecline.com/july-22nd-2016-phoenix-show-of-make-it-a-great-ride

Here’s a few more resources:

  • Great podcast Jane and June. You gave us a lot of great tips.

    • speakerlauncher

      Thanks Tom! June is so talented, really gets you thinking about adding more punch doesn’t it?

      • Yes I will try to add some more humor and remember her 4 comedy styles.