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Keeping the Content Machine Running with Scott Ginsberg

Do you ever struggle to create new content?  In this video edition of the Wealthy Speaker Podcast, we are joined by Scott Ginsburg who will talk about how he continues to create a constant stream of new subject matter for his many roles in business as well as for himself.

Since 1999, Scott Ginsberg has profitably created 35 books, 8 musical albums, 3,000 articles, 600 speeches, 88 training videos, 5 software applications, 3 music films, 1 gameshow and a globally recognized brand on approachability. He’s also the world record holder of wearing nametags.


Today Scott will share his ideas on how to keep consistently creating new and interesting content.  

Listen the podcast below:

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Watch the video podcast:

Highlights of todays’ podcast episode:

  • What is the value of picking a lane?  [4:10]
  • The 3 stages of building a content machine.  [10:30]
  • How to find time to create?  [16:45]
  • Mistakes that people make around their content.  [23:55]
  • How to use collaboration to your benefit.  [27:00]
  • The biggest lesson I learned.  [35:00]

If you ever struggle with your creativity and wonder how to keep your content machine running, be sure to tune in to this video podcast for some outstanding ideas!

Podcast Resources:

Learn more about Scott Ginsburg HERE.
You can connect with Scott on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
Learn about the transcription resource Temi HERE.

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