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Launching Your Speaking Business with Focused Hustle with David Atkins

Launching Your Speaking Business with Focused Hustle with Jane Atkinson and David Atkins
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Quote:My income tripled this past year to the year before, and I am looking to at least double again in 2024.” David Atkins

Focused Hustle is a term that we often use at Speaker Launcher and The Wealthy Speaker School. Here’s my definition: Consistently performing the tasks that are aligned with your long-term goals.  Following every lead, down every avenue, while avoiding squirrels. Here’s the caveat: Your long-term goals may and should include a level of balance that works for you. On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Show, we’re thrilled to welcome my client, David Atkins, to share how he has scaled his speaking business in just a few short years.

David is a retired New York State Police Captain after 22 years of service. He ran all State Police operations for the County of Westchester, NY, averaging approximately 400-500,000 911 calls a year. David was the New York State Trooper of the Year in 2003, followed by New York State Police Investigator of the Year in 2007. He moved up through the ranks during his 22-year career with the New York State Police. He went from patrol to Investigations to leading undercover units involved in Organized Crime, Auto Theft, Money Laundering, and large-scale drug organizations. David was also a first responder at Ground Zero on 09/11, where he spent weeks working in New York City. At the end of his career, he was the Incident Commander for the USGA 2020 US Open at Winged Foot Golf Club in Mamaroneck, NY.


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David Atkins: Well welcome everyone to the wealthy speaker. Show to day is a great day. We are going to dive right in to talk about how to grow your speaking business. Our special guest today, David Atkins. Welcome to the show, David. Hello! Hello! Everybody so excited to be here.

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Jane Atkinson: Well, I'm excited to have you here every time I write your last name. Of course I want to put it on when on the end, like it just rolls right off my fingertips. David Atkins. No? ON, David, tell everybody about your current

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Jane Atkinson: business model and speaking

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David Atkins: so right now, I'm actively speaking, something. I'm pretty much doing, trying to do full time. It took a a lot of work. I'm still in the active, growing mode every single day. Planting seeds, trying to reap a harvest, but it's something

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David Atkins: every day, 7 days a week, I think about it. I'm passionate about it. I just came off a busy season of about 9 keynotes and 7 weeks. But I'm already really excited to kind of get 2,024 started into speak, you know, even more in the upcoming year.

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David Atkins: So you, I think, doubled your business from year one into year 2, and you're hoping to do the same in year 3. Is that right? I mean my income tripled in year, this past year to the year before.

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Jane Atkinson: and I'm looking to at least double again in 2,024, and show everybody kind of all the things that you did. But first.

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Jane Atkinson: yeah, didn't start out as a speaker like everybody. What your background was. Your day job. Also your Passion project where you came from before you got into speaking. It's a great question all the time people are like, how did you get started speaking, and it's something I never saw

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David Atkins: coming. So my background is, I was a New York State trooper. I was with the State Police for 22 years I retired as a State police captain, where I ran all State police operations for an entire county where I lived, and to give a I idea with people, I said. I handled about 4 t050-00-0910ne calls a year, so it was a busy place in the State police.

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Parallel to that the last

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David Atkins: 10 years of my career, II built a large scale, direct sales business with a fitness company called Beachbody, which so many people like. I've heard of them. Dx. A 21 day Fix

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and and I built it to a million dollar business working it over, you know now 13 years. But what started happening is through my success in business and building a team to 1,400 people internationally, that I led Beach Body started having me asking me to speak.

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and it started at like a small library. We had these quarterly events called Super Saturdays, and every quarter we'd have it, and in a small library I would share my story about like how I built the business and having, you know, 2 kids going on 3, and just all of the things and it and it became more of a motivational message to help other people grow and face adversity, and that grew from a library to David. Can you speak to 300, to a

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David Atkins: 1,000, to? We want you to speak to 20,000 in the Nfl superdome. And then it's just people. Executives started getting in my ear, and they were like, David, you have a powerful message. You have a gift to speak something that I just walked through a door that opened, and they said, I think you should look into keynote speaking. So the issue was, I cannot run accounting with the State police and have my beach body business, and now be a speaker. So I

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I retired 3 years ago. September 2,020 still have my beach body business now called body. But my passion now is growing my keynote speaking, and I kinda say, it's like, after you finish a good workout, and that feeling you get when the endorphins are like pounding after I spoke on stage, you know, through the years I'm like this is II get the same feeling, I love this.

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So that's when I knew as much as people. And Jane, a big thing is, I would say the majority of people thought I was crazy. You have a great job. You have a great career. You're gonna get promoted to, Major. But I had to follow my heart.

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David Atkins: and I'm so glad that I did that, and I retired at a young age at 43. But I wouldn't be where I am now if I wasn't to kinda ha kind of have faith over fear right, and have the faith to grow. And now it's something I love, and it's it takes a lot of hard work. I'm still in it every single day. But II love the ability to empower and inspire people when I speak on stage

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Jane Atkinson: I love that, and I love that you have persevered because I don't think it's always been like, Hey, I'm gonna be a speaker, and then you just go and do it. So how long did I tell you it was? Gonna take for you to build a speaker, and you're like Nope, I cannot wait that long. But

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David Atkins: here we are, and I think we're in year 3 coming up right year 3, I mean, the first year was Covid so there really were no events. But I did perfect timing to start. There's no events. But I did so much of the behind the scenes work, you know, whether it was the website stuff and the videos and and getting my, you know things together. But I would say, really strong. The last year and a half 2 years

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David Atkins: of really working the business every single day and realizing the time you have to put in, because I think the big thing somebody said to me is that I've been speaking for 10 years, and in the beach body world. Everybody knows me, but nobody knew me outside the fitness industry. So it was like I had the ability to speak. But now it's David. You gotta pay the token. Pay the toll to build to get your name out there, and that's even what I'm still in right now, as I'm working every day.

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Jane Atkinson: Yeah, I always think of it like a blank farmer's field. You actually have 2 fields

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David Atkins: and one of your fields has a ton of harvest happening in the beach. Buddy side of the business. You have grown that along. Talk a little bit about your wife and you being partners in that business. That's great. So, my my wife Kristen, we have 3 daughters. She was a school teacher.

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David Atkins: Worked with her masters, plus 60 credits. And then about it was 7 years ago, 7 years ago, we retired her when our beach body business grew. So she came home. We work together as a team

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David Atkins: to build and manage the team. And then, 3 years ago, you know, we shifted when I retired, and now I would say more of my time, for sure is spent in the speaking area. I still have the team. My wife still leads and manages that. But my heart right now, day in and day out, is building and sharing what I feel is my gift to give to others, to inspire and empower. So that's where we're at.

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Jane Atkinson: you know. I wanna circle back to the fear that you might have had about leaving your job. This was your policing job. And you know you've got the

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Jane Atkinson: the golden retirement kind of dangling. This is how they keep you there, and I'm not suggesting that people who want to start a speaking business.

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Quit their job cold because you had something else to fall back on. Maybe there wasn't as much fear, or tell me a little bit about how frightening it was

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Jane Atkinson: to go from 3 to 2.

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David Atkins: Jane, I can say it, was it. It was very frightening, because everybody in my circle was against it except my wife. And maybe, like my mom was like, Okay, you know, because I, even since I was like 12 years old and part of the stories I share. I'm very like when I set a goal on something like I'm relentless. You know. My my main theme is no excuses right on my keynote. And and it's really about I'll just be relentless until I reach the goal. And

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and that's what I went with, I said. The only person that needs to believe in myself is the one that you see in the mirror every single day, and that was me, and nobody else is supporting me. And I said, You know what it was, the same thing would happen with Beachbody Jane, is that when I decided to do a network marketing business that people will label. It's a pyramid scheme, you know, and being a guy doing it when a lot that it's a dominated female industry.

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David Atkins: But I had the vision, and I said, I'm gonna go after it. And I built the business, and I felt I was in the same thing again when I was getting ready to leave. And, David, you're so young. And but again it think it's doing been through all the personal development I did, and reading hundreds of books about my mindset and leadership that I wanted to be like, you know, it's that 2% mindset live life by design, not the 98% that live life by default.

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David Atkins: And I said, I've been a 2 percenter of my State police career moving up through the ranks. I did something with beach body. And now I want to be a 2 percenter and be a speaker. And and I just said, Just follow your heart, follow your gut. And and I did it, and I'm and I and people have come back. And as some people like II know I didn't support you, but II

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II apologize for how hard I was on you for the things you've done. But look where you are now.

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Jane Atkinson: Yeah. So that is a message for anyone who has nay, Sayers in your life, because what there's no like career path that you taking college to become a professional speaker, there's there's this isn't a thing that most people, the majority of people in our lives in this industry are secretly hoping that we will someday get a real job.

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Jane Atkinson: real job. They don't understand the industry. When it comes to no excuses, your talk, mindset is a big piece of it.

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David Atkins: Yes, huge. So so it's it's no excuses, and it's to help people break through fear and adversity to play a bigger game in business and life, which is like my promise statement right? And then my 3 objectives is the one is having a vision like, what are your goals? What are your dreams? I think so often people kind of accept their life for what it is every day, instead of leading their life to where they want to go, something that

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David Atkins: I've lived through. So one is having a vision, you know. Don't be, I like to say a ship without a sale is most people. We float out there and hope we hit our goals, and it doesn't work like that. You have to have a vision and direction. So second is mindset that I think, is everything, you know. And and you know we can't control what happens to us with

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David Atkins: Covid or the economy. I gas prices. But I like to say you can control how you react like your attitude is a choice. Your energy is a choice how you show up as a choice. So I hit on mindset because I think that's a huge piece, and the last is sense of urgency, and that's not procrastinating, and that, you know, I share the near and dear story. When my best friend was shot and killed as a State trooper, and for me, I like to say, life doesn't always fire a warning shot.

00:11:06.580 --> 00:11:26.359
and people so often we wait whether it's your speaking business or anything to things that more convenient, or we're less less busy. And I like to say you may not be here tomorrow, so it's what you do with your 24 h in each day. That makes a difference. So like I drive home, you know, living with a sense of urgency, and then the mindset, and having a vision

00:11:26.590 --> 00:11:31.429
Jane Atkinson: that's beautiful, and so many of those things I mean I am.

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Jane Atkinson: I had to give myself a little talking to last week, and I'm sure you've had to do the same as you've been going through this process. One of the things that was really really helpful to me, and I just want to share it with our audience, and you probably already have it.

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I got re clear cause. I have been clear in the past, but I wasn't super clear, and this is where this idea of a combination of hunger and patience I got really clear on who my perfect client was. And this these are things that probably you came to me. I could have checked off every box. So I'm just gonna share this list and

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Jane Atkinson: If anybody's out there who meets this list, give me a call because I wanna talk to you. My perfect client arrives fully cooked. They know my reputation. So when you have a client come to you for a speaking engagement.

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Jane Atkinson: you don't want them to say, oh, I just found you, Googling, you. You really want them to say somebody told me something, and I

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Jane Atkinson: I'm cooked it's likeable, and we get along easily, has a solid and positive mindset can easily afford me, makes decisions quickly, doesn't allow distractions to slow them down. This is you, and for sure has a combination of hunger and patience. And so I've had to kind of reen the pay. We've had to have the patience conversation about what?

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Jane Atkinson: Absolutely, and and I think to give people an idea. And, Jamie, I'd like to share it like. In the last 2 years I've reached out to over 4,000 people through through over 4,000, and every week I'm working at it. And because my

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David Atkins: my belief is so strong and my message what I do that I know 98, 99% won't answer. But it's when I get on, and then the the message, and then it can spin off you. Just you're you just have to have that faith to keep going if you believe in it. And I think everything you just listed, you know, absolutely in a line, same thing.

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David Atkins: 4,000 people. That's where I want to start on this journey, because your process

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David Atkins: has brought you these, double it and double it and double it again. Okay, so year over year for 3 years you have been looking at your farmers, Field, and you have been planting and planting and planting seeds.

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Jane Atkinson: So let's talk about how you send emails. Let's talk about the follow up process. What give us what you actually are doing. And and we do get clear initially with some particular target markets. I think that's really helpful.

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David Atkins: Right? No, we have target markets, but this is like golden information like I. And this is me from having some mistakes along the way. So what I do is I have my assistant who pulls information for me of events online that are my target market. Now, as a motivational speaker. You know anything in sales, anything in real estate, you know. I've spoken to sherm events. Hr. Events real estate, a a anything where people need an inspiring message. I'm not gonna talk about science to a bunch of doctors. Right? So I pull, II pull the I get the events. And then every week I'm very diligent. And what I do is I send them an email, a personal email to them directly.

00:15:00.340 --> 00:15:23.670
And I introduce myself. I have my highlight reel with the link in there. And I send that to all the new leads I get each week. Now the first thing I learned is that my email, when I first started this got blocked because I had to take that email. And I created multiple versions of it. So if I'm gonna send 10 emails today, I'm rotating the 3 to 4 versions

00:15:23.670 --> 00:15:34.440
through the 10. So I'm sending the same email switching things around. So it doesn't look like I'm blasting a newsletter, so I personalize it. I rearrange the paragraphs. so I send that

00:15:34.720 --> 00:15:51.299
David Atkins: every week to all of my new leads the following week. If anybody does not answer me. And this is important. People are so busy these days so often they just they see your email. They forget to answer. I've had bookings because everybody that I email, I track.

00:15:51.300 --> 00:16:06.250
And I follow up with them with a follow up email. I have also with multiple versions to everybody that I sent the emails to. Now, at that point, if they don't answer me, I move on, bless and release. I move on. I don't stress about it.

00:16:06.250 --> 00:16:30.509
David Atkins: I am. But then one or 2. That answer may lead to conversation. It may lead to getting on a zoom call to talk about speaking, and yes, in the beginning II think you have to play the numbers game. I had to do it in Beachbody until you gain enough traction where it switches when you're attracting people in. And I feel like people sometimes ask you gonna write another book. I said, I'm Li. I feel like I'm living it right now, Jane, cause like I'm in that space where

00:16:30.510 --> 00:16:41.299
David Atkins: people are starting to come to me, but not enough where I wanna take the switch. So I am very actively every week reaching out to those people. And then, if people do answer, they get tracked in my Crm.

00:16:41.300 --> 00:17:05.219
David Atkins: They get tracked in my Crm. And I'm constantly nurturing the relationship, even if I get to the final. And I don't get picked, which has happened in part of the process. I still will follow up with them the week before the event, and wish them good luck. And say, I know Jane got the keynote. Good luck to Jane. She's gonna kill it, and then I'll follow up with them a couple of months later. Right now we're in the holiday season. Everybody's getting a video message from me.

00:17:05.220 --> 00:17:29.039
Happy Thanksgiving here in the United States have a great week happy holidays. And it's just that touch point. And I've gotten messages back from people and bureau, saying, David, this was great. Kept me kept you front of mind, you know, very personal. So it's relationships are everything. So it's a little bit of a numbers game and then tracking and then keeping in touch with those people. And I've been in talking to some people but over 2 years. It's just

00:17:29.200 --> 00:17:30.360
David Atkins: patience.

00:17:30.380 --> 00:17:38.419
David Atkins: Okay, I wanna break something things down a little. What crm are you using? Currently? So I'm using Karma

00:17:38.450 --> 00:18:02.959
Jane Atkinson: Karma, okay, speakers? We used to recommend Karma quite a bit, and you were one of the of that, and we got some feedback that people weren't getting the support that they needed. So we pulled back a little bit. But let me ask you, what's your experience, Ben? So II haven't had any issues, because I only use it to like. I add somebody's name in

00:18:02.960 --> 00:18:11.519
email and a one sentence, you know, they answered my email. They were interested. And then I just mark a follow up in there like I don't use it to

00:18:11.520 --> 00:18:15.360
David Atkins: how big of a system it is. I literally just use it to like track.

00:18:15.510 --> 00:18:33.750
Jane Atkinson: Track. Follow up that. Okay? So that's really helpful for people to know that. You know, this is something that's important that you do. II love your background. And you just started sending videos. Let's talk about videos. How are you sending them? What's that look like?

00:18:33.750 --> 00:18:57.590
So my, my, I'm using a service. I'm actually doing a free trial, because I wanna see the open rates cause there's analytics before I spend it. But it's through bomb bomb, be OMBO. That was a recommendation. Thank you, Jane. So I've been doing it. And it's quick, like I'm a Ve. So I'm a video person on my social media. I have no problem going on. It's something, I think, just from beach body to on

00:18:57.590 --> 00:19:22.360
David Atkins: me, recording a 10 s message and smiling. I think it's more personal. I believe it is. So I use bomb bomb. I send it. You can paste it in right into your email. And it actually has, like a 3 s gift like it moves it knows it's you I'm putting it in. I'm tracking the analytics to see if I'm gonna splurge and send the money. Who's opening it? Who's not opening it? So I'm in the phase. But again, I'm just trying. I'm trying to learn.

00:19:22.360 --> 00:19:44.650
David Atkins: Okay.

00:19:44.650 --> 00:19:58.949
Jane Atkinson: you've got your microphone, your backdrop, and you're like good to go. You can do all the things that you want from this little space. Where are you actually in your house. So I'm in my office, I mean, but I can show you guys there's the bottom

00:19:58.950 --> 00:20:27.939
David Atkins: on Youtube. There's like a retirement thing right there from my my plaque, and and it's just a backdrop. And and I had some sunlight coming through. So I literally, this is the real day. II literally put a blanket up over the window. You could see it, but I'm just, and that's it. And then I have a a standard ring light behind my computer, and here I am, and if I whipped my stuff around you would see I have like

00:20:27.940 --> 00:20:57.149
Jane Atkinson: a flip chart in front of my window to block the light, and then I just put a box that I used to. It's a flat box, but you could put it together into a pizza box mail out, and I just have a pizza box kind of at the top to try to block this online. So you know, we use what we've got. I think the important thing is when you walk into your space that you feel kind of excited and get it to get going. So okay?

00:20:57.390 --> 00:21:21.259
Jane Atkinson: So we're planting a ton of seeds here. I loved what you said about if they don't get back to you, how many times do you email them before you bless and release. II do one. I do one file, I do one file. So II said, so twice they get 2 emails from me. Has anybody ever circled back

00:21:21.260 --> 00:21:37.730
David Atkins: from the blessed release list? Yes, I mean, I had somebody. I followed up with Jane that 5 months later. So, David, I'm finally getting around to answering your email. And I'd like to talk to you about an event for next year. 5. It was July. I sent it in July.

00:21:37.730 --> 00:21:41.519
David Atkins: and then they followed up with me in October.

00:21:41.520 --> 00:22:05.460
Jane Atkinson: Okay, so that's just good news for people who might, you know. Here's one of the things that we teach here is never imagined that you know what's going on at the other person's end. At you it the thought might be, this is where our thoughts can play, wreak havoc with our progress. The thought may be, oh, they're not interested.

00:22:05.580 --> 00:22:33.120
Jane Atkinson: But really, what's happening is they're upset because their kid has gotta change schools or something. I mean, there could be something that has absolutely nothing to do with work that has them completely distracted. And they're just not interested in dealing with you in that moment you might even on a short list. And it takes them months to actually okay. We're finally all coming back together to make a decision. We got distracted over here doing something else.

00:22:33.120 --> 00:22:39.590
you know. Have there ever been any engagements that just went away completely, and then came back to you.

00:22:39.590 --> 00:23:04.809
David Atkins: Yes, I mean, IIE emails, I've gotten emails some from like a year later. And you know, I try not. The thing is, I have learned not to attach a motion to it, and if once you get good at the numbers game and you do that, then if stuff comes back to you, then great, but otherwise, if you don't attach a motion to it, you don't get down on it, but it definitely happens. That's why you just gotta stay consistent with doing the process every single day.

00:23:04.870 --> 00:23:26.260
Jane Atkinson: Yeah, love it. Talk a little bit about the speech. And how much have you worked? Okay? So when you are a beach body, you're standing sometimes in front of what 10,000 people more. Okay? So you are literally thrown

00:23:26.260 --> 00:23:48.529
Jane Atkinson: into the biggest potential booking arena of your life, because literally, it is an arena, sometimes, or any, there's. There's 20,000 people. There's a massive massive production. Did you ever sit in the audience and say, I wanna be up on that stage?

00:23:48.860 --> 00:24:02.729
David Atkins: Yeah, I yeah, I have. And and I think it was when I started in the smaller areas and went bay bigger and bigger. And I said, Wow, I wonder if I can speak on that stage. And just last year I I've been on that big of a stage twice.

00:24:02.830 --> 00:24:05.550
David Atkins: And it's it.

00:24:05.580 --> 00:24:28.109
David Atkins: It's pretty amazing. You know. It's yeah. It's just the first time I did it I came off, and I had remember having tears going. Oh, like the feeling was unbelievable. There's a lot of adrenaline, and I remember I don't speak right. This is not the thing I do. And so I went out in front of an audience of you know, even 500 people was intimidating to me.

00:24:28.170 --> 00:24:35.080
David Atkins: and I had to just do like deep breath work ahead of time. And really I call myself down, even though

00:24:35.130 --> 00:24:48.880
Jane Atkinson: most people. This is like, Yeah, whatever old hat. But talk about the preparation that it took cause. Usually, at those events, you only have like what? 20 min, 30 min.

00:24:49.090 --> 00:24:57.039
David Atkins: It sure it's short. So I've done a 20 min block, and I've done a 10 min block on the big stage, and then my normal keynotes an hour

00:24:57.040 --> 00:25:19.539
to an hour and 15 min. But sometimes people like like David. We only have 45 min that happened to me recently, and II literally just cut out one of the stories I share. So it's a little bit all over the chart. But the preparation II think it's a lot of the same, you know, like, I like to say, my keynote is 80, 2080% the same and 20. I always personalize it to the client.

00:25:19.540 --> 00:25:31.539
David Atkins: So getting on a call with them beforehand a week or 2 weeks before. What's going on? What's the water? Cooler talk? How? What's the struggles? Helps me personalize it to them for their events. What I think is super important.

00:25:31.570 --> 00:25:48.179
Jane Atkinson: awesome. And when you're doing like 10 and 20 min is not easy. The Ted Talk people is the hardest talk because of the structure that you are put into. So

00:25:48.400 --> 00:25:59.249
Jane Atkinson: how hard is it to make it meaningful in 10 min very hard, and I think of a speaker showcase I did last summer, and it was like I had 12 min.

00:25:59.250 --> 00:26:23.439
David Atkins: So what I did is, I took, like my most powerful story, which was the loss of my best friend, and I take my opening, and I have a very power. I've already strong, open with energy. So I took my opening, had my story, and then cut my ending in half, which also ends on a powerful ending, and I got it to 12 min. So you have to. Sometimes. You just can't be robotic. You gotta work with what you have in those parameters, I said, all right, which story?

00:26:23.440 --> 00:26:42.080
Jane Atkinson: It's gonna send the biggest emotion to the energy. And that was my best friend story. And then I sandwiched it with a little bit of my opening and a little bit of my my closing, and really, in 10 min or 20 min, or a Ted Talk, you only have time for one like kind of the idea.

00:26:42.080 --> 00:27:11.169
Jane Atkinson: 1 point. And it's that point all the way down, like you don't have time for 3 of anything. Usually it's threes you. Don't. You have time, for one thing. So I think also, what did you have any backstage? Prep. I mean, I'm thinking that there probably are people back there throwing up because they're about 20,000 people. It it is my backstage prep. Now

00:27:11.190 --> 00:27:36.170
David Atkins: is I always. I need to be in a place by myself, whether it's down a hallway or in a room I have headphones in. I have music because I like. I'm all about bringing the energy and excitement, so I can't be sitting, and then they say my name and I come out like I open up with the song and try to get people up and just get them moving around, you know. So I definitely have prep. It's very. It's like, it's very religious, structured and religious music

00:27:36.170 --> 00:28:00.600
David Atkins: in the year. Leave me by myself. I need 30 min to get my place in a good space, my keynote going through to my head, and then that's it, and go. So I think you always will have nerves, which is a good thing. But now I've shifted to like I'm like, let's go cause. Like, let's own the stage. And and really, it's making it about other people. But yeah, there's definitely a process, and it's definitely every time I do it. You get better every time you get better.

00:28:00.600 --> 00:28:24.129
David Atkins: better, you tweak and you get more confident. So it's it's always a growth journey. Yeah. And oh, that line gotta laugh. I'm gonna exercise that next time, and I think you're channeling any nervous energy into energy and just bring it all with you. I love that. The idea of music kinda bringing it out.

00:28:24.340 --> 00:28:27.690
Jane Atkinson: Okay, so

00:28:28.040 --> 00:28:41.909
Jane Atkinson: what are some of your other kind of procedures that you do? Well, let me just ask you this. what has been the one thing that you've done that has reaped you the biggest rewards?

00:28:42.650 --> 00:28:47.810
So I think I recently added a survey using

00:28:47.990 --> 00:29:12.370
David Atkins: So I open up. I do a real time survey in the beginning. I kinda open up with that. My, it's called the framework which I just created, personal perseverance project. And I say, within that are 3 objectives which we spoke about vision mindset urgency. And then I kinda talk a little bit about them with this story, and my first survey is a real time survey of

00:29:12.370 --> 00:29:34.979
David Atkins: what do you struggle with most vision, mindset or urgency, and they get a survey the QR. Code up and then right away, I'm getting feedback on what they're struggling with the most, and then at the end I ask for I do another survey which is their feedback on my keynote, and I also ask right there, do you know anybody that book speakers? Or do you book speakers?

00:29:35.010 --> 00:29:59.400
David Atkins: And then, in return for me doing that, I give them a free pdf, workbook that goes along with my book that I publish the leveled up life, so I give them something for free. They fill the survey. And now what happens is this is like the gold. In my 2 surveys I have my first form, which is feedback to my client to hopefully get spin off, coaching or consulting. This is all new for me, because now I could say, this is what they're struggling with.

00:29:59.440 --> 00:30:11.380
and then with the feedback survey. I also share their answers with the my client. And now I have potential leads to follow up with, because a lot of them. Now, either book speakers or know somebody and refer me.

00:30:11.440 --> 00:30:20.089
David Atkins: Love it, love it, asking for the business people. So

00:30:20.390 --> 00:30:42.279
Jane Atkinson: a asking for the business is the first rule of business. We know that. And now you're doing it in the form of a survey and the QR. Code thing. I think it's here to stay. I think it's very. That's a great way to get name, email address and a couple of answers. And and, by the way.

00:30:42.280 --> 00:31:06.699
Jane Atkinson: you need to sell the bonus in order to get them, so that the piece of the book that you talked about. You need to sell that piece in order to get them to, so that your percentages continue to go up and up and up. One thing. I think that. So we have a little chapter inside the wealthy speaker. 3, 3. So if you already have the book.

00:31:06.890 --> 00:31:11.890
Jane Atkinson: I don't. I don't know exactly where it is in the book, but it's called the Help Me Speech.

00:31:12.160 --> 00:31:23.589
Jane Atkinson: and it's right before you close, so let's say you don't have any QR codes. You're like completely non technical in your talk, right before the closing story, you would say.

00:31:24.460 --> 00:31:27.229
As you can see, I am

00:31:27.620 --> 00:31:39.369
Jane Atkinson: incredibly passionate about no excuses living. If you know of anyone who could benefit from this, please come and hand me your business card afterwards. So that's David saying.

00:31:39.370 --> 00:31:58.059
Jane Atkinson: can you please help me? We help me speech. And it was created, by the way, and amazing Nsa, founder, I wanna say, or or has been around for long, had been around for a long time. His name is Tom Winninger, and then we just tweaked it to be called the Help Me speech

00:31:58.060 --> 00:32:24.890
Jane Atkinson: asking for the business. I mean, I cannot state enough how important this is, because now you're getting a whole new addition to your funnel, and it's a beautiful thing. So I wanna thank you for coming on and just sharing all of your good tools. I mean, you drilled it right down for us opinion like this is so good.

00:32:24.980 --> 00:32:32.240
Jane Atkinson: is there anything that you would? Okay, if we were circling back to year one?

00:32:32.750 --> 00:32:46.820
David Atkins: What would? What advice. Would you give Year one. In speaking, David? It's gonna be patience, right that you give me. II think it's that if you believe in your message and what you have. That's the most important thing. If

00:32:46.820 --> 00:32:53.229
David Atkins: cause, if you love what you do and believe in it, you will push through the hard work. It's going to be hard work you're going to get knows.

00:32:53.230 --> 00:33:18.059
David Atkins: And for me it was just having the patience, having the belief and being consistent to do it every single day and do. It's that dark work doing it when nobody's watching and sending the emails like before we came on with you, Jane. It was 2 h of just emails and putting it in. I'm not speaking. I'm not in front of 20,000 people, but it's these important things, you know that you need to do to be able to get to where you want to go.

00:33:18.060 --> 00:33:21.250
And I just think you just gotta be consistent and do it every day.

00:33:21.270 --> 00:33:39.349
Jane Atkinson: Hmm! Love it. Love it. Well, if people wanna get in touch with you, how should they? How should they connect with you? You have a big following out on Instagram. Right? So I'm on Instagram. David underscore W. Underscore Atkins. Also, my website is David Atkins Speaksom.

00:33:39.350 --> 00:33:55.699
Jane Atkinson: I'm on linkedin I'm on Facebook, if you find Youtube. So I think on Instagram, people find me the easiest. But you can find me online quite easily. Okay, beautiful. And and for me, I'm gonna say, first rule of business is asking for the business.

00:33:55.800 --> 00:34:12.900
Jane Atkinson: David is a perfect client for me, because he doesn't allow distractions to slow him down, and he has a combination of hunger and patience, and if that sounds like you and you wanna double, and then double again and then double again your business.

00:34:12.909 --> 00:34:42.539
Jane Atkinson: I would like to talk to you. We'll let's schedule a 15 min. Call email me Jane at speaker,, and we'll get it going. We also have a really good strong group of people who are working towards the first 100 K inside the wealthy Speaker school. So if Price Point, maybe I'm not the perfect fit for you. Maybe. You might be able to take a look at wealthy speaker.

00:34:42.540 --> 00:34:43.350
Jane Atkinson: Come.

00:34:43.350 --> 00:34:57.879
David Atkins: that is it for us today, everybody. Oh, David, thank you for coming and sharing all the goods. I appreciate you so much, and with that we'll say seasonal speakers bye, for now.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • Launching your speaking business with Focused Hustle. 0.00
  • Planting seeds and reaping the rewards. [1:00]
  • Working the business every single day. [5:00]
  • It takes patience and tenacity. [13:00]
  • Bless and release. [21:30]
  • Preparation to personalize your message. [25:00]
  • The P-3 Framework. [29:00]
  • Ask for the business. [32:00]

While working full-time with the NY State Police, David also built a million-dollar international direct sales business with Beachbody, leading a team of 1,400 people today. Through his success both in law enforcement and business, David became a Keynote Motivational Speaker, presenting to groups of a few hundred people to over 20,000 people in the NFL Super Dome in New Orleans. David recently published his first book, The Leveled Up Life, and exclusively works with clients 1:1 as an Executive Coach and in groups in his Consulting business. Most importantly, David is a husband and a father to his three daughters. 

If you would like some great strategies to help you build the speaking business of your dreams using Focused Hustle, you simply can’t afford to miss this episode!

I hope you’ll listen and learn.


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