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[Podcast] Leverage Your Strengths for a Profitable Speaking Career with Delatorro McNeal

Leverage Your Strengths

This episode is a conversation with performance expert, speaker, author and television host, Delatorro McNeal. We discuss the career flash-points that have catapulted him to fans, fame and fortune. We also discuss the importance of authentic expertise and over-delivering on the stage.

[Tweet “”Your past is not your destination, it is only preparation.” Delatorro McNeal”]

Topics Discussed:

[6:13] “Never a waste a crisis.” As a speaker, you have to take yourself off the pedestal and embrace the conflict that you’ve faced.

[6:57] To relate to our audiences, we have to be authentic and share our own challenging times.

[11:20] Delatorro tells a powerful story about his first trip to an NSA convention as a young man.

[14:16] When it comes time to make the leap into full-time speaking, you can take the “leapfrog” approach, OR the “Tarzan” approach.

[16:05] You can leverage your book so that your clients see you as THE expert.

[21:09] Why is it so important to “pick a lane”?

[24:39] Putting your expertise front and center helps you get specific results with clients.

[26:00] What were some of Delatorro’s marketing flashpoints?

[27:28] Learn how Delatorro made a commitment to always over-deliver on the stage.

[31:43] Find out what Delatorro’s “one big thing” as a speaker is.

[34:05] What two things would Delatorro tell his younger speaker self?


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