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Leverage Zoom to Book More Business with Marquesa Pettway

leverage zoom to book more business with Jane Atkinson and Marquesa Pettway

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Quote:What is the experience that I want to put out there for my virtual audience and what is one thing I can learn to help me get there?”  Marquesa Pettway

In this virtual world that we have all been living in for the past year, how comfortable have you become with your online platform?  Are you using Zoom, and would you like to learn more about how to utilize it to capture more business?  On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Show, we welcome back Marquesa Pettway to share some great ideas on how to leverage Zoom to book more business. 

Marquesa is a former CNN Associate Producer turned Biz Reinvention Expert, Professional Speaker and Zoom Strategist, who helps Experts and Organizations leverage the ZOOM Platform at the highest level. Her expertise creates highly engaging, unique virtual events, smart productive meetings & multiple zoom-based income streams. As a Zoom Administrator, she holds hundreds of the coveted Zoom VIP Licenses.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • Marquesa’s path to becoming the “Zoom Queen”.  [1:15]
  • Zoomin’ like a boss.  [4:30]
  • Impressing and closing the “Big Get”.  [10:30]
  • The different levels of Zoom (it matters).  [15:30]
  • A great offer for Zoom.  [22:30]
  • The benefits of the Zoom App.  [24:30]
  • New and exciting features are coming soon!  [27:00]

Marquesa speaks and coaches about the technology, presentation skills, and technical logistics for working and speaking virtually.  Speakerpreneurs(TM), a term she created in 2004, breaks down the “how-to” of leveraging your EXPERTISE, TIME, and NETWORK from anywhere! Her entrepreneurial client’s results include creating diverse income streams, leveraging online technology, and creating a lifestyle business.

If you could use some terrific advice on how to use Zoom to help increase your business, you simply can’t afford to miss this episode.

I hope you’ll download and learn.


Marquesa’s websites:
Zoom Like a Boss

Zoom Queen
Marquesa’s email:
Marquesa’s Special Zoom Link for Jane’s Listeners



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