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Leveraging LinkedIn to Book More Business with Jennifer Darling

Leveraging LinkedIn to Book More Business with Jane Atkinson and Jennifer Darling
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Quote: “Having been in sales for a very long time, I know the numbers. When you call people on the phone, it’s about a 12% pick-up rate. When you send out an email, it’s about 20%. When you connect with somebody on LinkedIn, it’s about 30%. So, if I add these up, I can get through to a person with a much bigger success response than if I do any one of those things alone.” Jennifer Darling

How do you use LinkedIn for your business? Do you just connect with a lot of people and hope for the best, or do you have a strategy that helps you utilize your connections to increase business? On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Show, we’re excited to welcome back Jennifer Darling to share some of her best practices that will teach us how to better develop connections and increase your leads on LinkedIn!

Jennifer has the unique ability to uncover complex business problems and turn them into money-making opportunities. She helps audiences and clients get out of comfort zones that can hinder success, teach them to engage innovatively, connect more effectively, and increase their online visibility in new and valuable ways that lead to more customers, referrals, productivity, and profitability. 

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Jane Atkinson: hey welcome everyone to the wealthy speaker podcast as we start to get ramped back up into the fall season booking business may be on your mind i'm pretty sure it is.

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Jane Atkinson: get your pen and paper or your voice notes APP out because the amazing Jennifer darling is back to tell us exactly how she and her clients leverage linkedin to book more business welcome back to the show Jennifer.

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Jennifer Darling: Hello Jane.

00:00:30.270 --> 00:00:31.530
Jennifer Darling: i'm so glad to be here.

00:00:32.490 --> 00:00:45.480
Jane Atkinson: i'm happy to have you back, because I know that you are going to give us a plethora of great information that people can go and use immediately now, before we do that.

00:00:46.140 --> 00:00:52.770
Jane Atkinson: If you didn't see Jennifer and my first podcast if you haven't listened to that yet.

00:00:53.160 --> 00:01:10.890
Jane Atkinson: Go back to making your linkedin profile pop you can actually go out to speaker and hit click on podcasts and search anybody just put in Jennifer and you'll see it making your linkedin profile pop you need that as Level one of what we're going to talk about today.

00:01:12.090 --> 00:01:17.400
Jane Atkinson: Tell everybody Jennifer what your current business model looks like.

00:01:17.880 --> 00:01:27.150
Jennifer Darling: yeah so I call it a hybrid business model, and I call it hybrid because I do coaching consulting training and speaking.

00:01:27.540 --> 00:01:35.550
Jennifer Darling: And that means sometimes I might speak for free to groups who are my ideal clients who might be my coaching and consulting clients.

00:01:35.940 --> 00:01:50.490
Jennifer Darling: and other times I get paid to speak, he noting or breakouts for people who maybe are my ideal clients, but they could also be a different type of my who's not going to be naturally bugging me for coaching or consulting gotcha.

00:01:50.730 --> 00:02:10.230
Jane Atkinson: gotcha so and and on this show we try to expose everyone to lots of different business models and I have to say, having done some coaching work with you, before it works you're building the business that's perfect for you, what did you discover during coven.

00:02:11.040 --> 00:02:22.770
Jennifer Darling: yeah well when I discovered during coven was in January of 2020 I was going to have my best year ever have paid speaking engagements and just like every other speaker who's listening to this podcast.

00:02:23.100 --> 00:02:34.080
Jennifer Darling: Is that by March 2020 that all went up in smoke and I was laying in my bed depressed for a couple of weeks asked myself what in the world can I do to support the business community.

00:02:34.350 --> 00:02:41.970
Jennifer Darling: And so I came out, and I said, you know here's what i'm going to do i'm going to give away my best training that I have, which is my linkedin training.

00:02:42.240 --> 00:03:00.990
Jennifer Darling: And I started offering for deep dive weeks of how to use linkedin to promote your business in the very first month I did that I actually made $10,000 in sales, so I went from zero dollars offering a free class to having $10,000 in sales in April.

00:03:01.350 --> 00:03:10.140
Jane Atkinson: yeah that's funny that you did that, because i'm meanwhile over here, Chris West said to me hey Jane I think people need to hear us.

00:03:10.680 --> 00:03:23.670
Jane Atkinson: We need to hear from experts in the industry, right now, and I agreed with him to do a brand camp, and so we put on a four week brand camp and during that time.

00:03:24.090 --> 00:03:33.960
Jane Atkinson: I had set an impossible goal, because I was listening to my coach focus to talk about mindset and what we needed to get through what we were going through.

00:03:34.590 --> 00:03:52.290
Jane Atkinson: And so I sat what I thought was a ridiculous like number $50,000 I was going to earn in four weeks yeah right is what i'm thinking as i'm setting this impossible goal, and it must have been due to brand camp that it just happened both.

00:03:52.350 --> 00:04:05.940
Jane Atkinson: My I couldn't believe it now honestly it wouldn't have happened in week one for me, because I was not even present on that call I was still in my I was still curled up in the fetal position on the bed like you were.

00:04:06.330 --> 00:04:18.300
Jane Atkinson: Right, but once I kicked in it was amazing so another plug, for you know serving and finding opportunity during whatever is going.

00:04:18.300 --> 00:04:21.360
Jane Atkinson: On everybody's talking about a recession coming and what have you.

00:04:21.360 --> 00:04:21.720
Jennifer Darling: yeah.

00:04:21.900 --> 00:04:25.800
Jane Atkinson: You know what what I see is opportunity we.

00:04:26.010 --> 00:04:26.610
Jennifer Darling: need to.

00:04:26.730 --> 00:04:29.580
Jane Atkinson: We can do hard things and we can do this, and I see how.

00:04:30.300 --> 00:04:31.620
Jennifer Darling: You just gave me chills.

00:04:32.550 --> 00:04:41.580
Jane Atkinson: We can do hard things Okay, so your business model is one that really it kind of has.

00:04:42.690 --> 00:04:48.330
Jane Atkinson: linkedin built to the top of the umbrella but you're really good at selling.

00:04:48.900 --> 00:04:58.020
Jane Atkinson: And I want people to hear from you what do you do, before, during and after a presentation.

00:04:58.380 --> 00:05:11.220
Jane Atkinson: In order to book more business, so we could even dive into you know, to get the business in the first place, but I think I think this will keep us on track if we talk about before, during and after and you're out speaking and so.

00:05:11.220 --> 00:05:23.010
Jennifer Darling: yeah yeah yeah yeah absolutely and you know people call me a linkedin expert, but I don't see myself that way, I am a sales professional who uses linkedin for sales and marketing.

00:05:23.460 --> 00:05:33.120
Jennifer Darling: So yeah I mean i'm coming at this from a sales angle and my background is actually 20 years working for TV stations and advertising sales and sales management.

00:05:33.570 --> 00:05:40.230
Jennifer Darling: So you're not going to hear these tips from anyone else i'm the only person who talks about linkedin who has a.

00:05:40.470 --> 00:05:58.050
Jennifer Darling: TV and digital advertising background experience, so what i'm telling you today is coming from the big big promotional background that I have and what I know for sure is that the number one place to get a speaking engagement is the speaking engagement that you're at.

00:05:58.320 --> 00:06:04.620
Jane Atkinson: Okay, the number one place, you heard it here first people you might have heard it before.

00:06:04.680 --> 00:06:07.470
Jennifer Darling: Now you probably heard it from Jane before i'm sure.

00:06:07.620 --> 00:06:20.220
Jane Atkinson: Number one place to get a speaking engagement is the speaking engagement that you're at the way we say that is there is no better form of marketing than a great presentation.

00:06:20.520 --> 00:06:22.230
Jennifer Darling: Excellent excellent.

00:06:22.320 --> 00:06:22.980
Jennifer Darling: Oh yeah.

00:06:23.220 --> 00:06:38.370
Jane Atkinson: doing a great job but you're kind of coming at it from these before, during and after ideas that really takes what I just said, to a totally new level because you're doing very intentional markets marketing.

00:06:38.460 --> 00:06:48.480
Jane Atkinson: Okay So yes, a gig booked for September in anaheim what do we do beforehand to start to grease the wheels.

00:06:48.750 --> 00:06:58.470
Jennifer Darling: Yes, so i'm going to say this first, is that you cannot do this for every single speaking engagement, because it might be overwhelming do this one for the best opportunities that you have.

00:06:58.710 --> 00:07:06.270
Jennifer Darling: And I just worked my biggest ever speaking engagement doing these things i'm about to tell you, so the first part is the before.

00:07:06.450 --> 00:07:15.570
Jennifer Darling: Okay, so when you get one first speaking engagement there are a few things that you can do in advance of that speaking engagement The first one is you can go to linkedin.

00:07:15.870 --> 00:07:23.730
Jennifer Darling: And you can start to promote the speaking engagement on linkedin now what does that look like that might be a post that you make.

00:07:24.090 --> 00:07:28.860
Jennifer Darling: telling people you're really excited to go to let's just say i'm going to be speaking.

00:07:29.400 --> 00:07:33.930
Jennifer Darling: At the indiana apartment association and i'd like to get more engagements with department associations.

00:07:34.200 --> 00:07:40.980
Jennifer Darling: So i'm going to say i'm i'm really excited to be speaking for the indiana apartment association and then i'm going to go look at their website.

00:07:41.190 --> 00:07:48.720
Jennifer Darling: i'm going to find the elite for their event i'm going to talk a little bit about their event and what i'm speaking about and i'm going to tad the people who hired me.

00:07:50.100 --> 00:07:52.020
Jennifer Darling: Everyone loves promotion.

00:07:52.110 --> 00:08:00.030
Jane Atkinson: you're like their hype girl I love this I love this now let's do a little caveat because there are going to be speakers.

00:08:00.450 --> 00:08:20.940
Jane Atkinson: At some kind of higher levels of exposure who might actually build that in as a part of their package you know Ryan and kendra they have 30,000 followers plus on instagram, and so they might actually include that in their highest level package that we're going to.

00:08:22.680 --> 00:08:43.470
Jane Atkinson: Your event, so if you have enough influence you can actually make this a line item in a package and that is what will make people go to the higher price packages so i'll say that I love this, you are the hype girl, promote the event and how far in advance, would you do this.

00:08:44.160 --> 00:08:47.610
Jennifer Darling: Oh it's just kind of depends, I want to look at when their ticket sales are.

00:08:47.850 --> 00:08:54.510
Jennifer Darling: I want to make sure i'm promoting it during when their window is for their ticket sales I don't want to promote it after their ticket sales of clothes.

00:08:54.780 --> 00:08:58.410
Jennifer Darling: Right, so I want to be in line when they're promoting their event yeah.

00:08:58.710 --> 00:09:01.380
Jane Atkinson: yeah really, really good Okay, what else.

00:09:01.710 --> 00:09:15.750
Jennifer Darling: Now the second thing that I think it's really racking is to make a video post on linkedin now some of these things you can also do on other social media platforms too so it's not just linkedin there are a few things that are specific to linkedin i'll talk about.

00:09:15.960 --> 00:09:16.740
Jennifer Darling: But you could.

00:09:16.890 --> 00:09:20.460
Jennifer Darling: Do these things across any other social media platform.

00:09:20.820 --> 00:09:31.110
Jennifer Darling: And linkedin my preferred yeah The third thing you can do, and this is it's got to be for the right event is changed her linkedin banner to promote their event.

00:09:31.950 --> 00:09:49.140
Jane Atkinson: You know that's going above and beyond, and I love it so okay indiana apartment association is now my banner on my page so How much are they appreciating that like.

00:09:49.170 --> 00:09:50.280
Jennifer Darling: You oh baby.

00:09:50.460 --> 00:09:52.710
Jane Atkinson: is going gaga for them.

00:09:52.800 --> 00:10:00.180
Jennifer Darling: Oh, they love it and I only have it for a short window, because I don't want to be I don't want to be my linkedin page all the time, but maybe i'll have it for a week or two.

00:10:00.390 --> 00:10:02.400
Jennifer Darling: yeah super tip.

00:10:02.910 --> 00:10:08.700
Jennifer Darling: Okay, take screenshots of these things because i'm going to tell you what to do with them afterwards.

00:10:08.940 --> 00:10:11.490
Jennifer Darling: When you get to that point so take screenshots.

00:10:11.700 --> 00:10:16.950
Jane Atkinson: I am not everything already love the tip that you're going to give because I know what it is and that's so good.

00:10:18.180 --> 00:10:26.070
Jane Atkinson: Changing out your banner is not that difficult give me a heads up on where do you click first to do that on your linkedin profile.

00:10:26.100 --> 00:10:30.120
Jennifer Darling: yeah yeah so first, you have to make the banner, and you can just make one on kamba.

00:10:30.240 --> 00:10:32.310
Jennifer Darling: For this just go use that they have.

00:10:32.550 --> 00:10:36.630
Jane Atkinson: logo and maybe their theme on so.

00:10:37.230 --> 00:10:38.310
Jennifer Darling: Now we'll do yeah.

00:10:38.580 --> 00:10:40.200
Jane Atkinson: i'm so excited to be speaking I.

00:10:40.200 --> 00:10:49.110
Jennifer Darling: know I I don't I don't say that um I actually i'll email them first I say, can you give me your logo i'm not changed my linkedin banner for a week.

00:10:50.070 --> 00:10:59.940
Jennifer Darling: So I can promote your event right so they're like oh my gosh that's so awesome so i'm going to take whatever their theme is i'm gonna i'm going to put the dates of their event.

00:11:00.900 --> 00:11:11.100
Jennifer Darling: You know so it's not going to be i'm site i'm speaking out i'm going to put their logo, the date, the theme, and I might put a call to action like click the link to join us, or something like that.

00:11:11.220 --> 00:11:17.760
Jennifer Darling: Okay Now you can there's not a week there's not a link on a banner banner does not have a hyperlink so you know.

00:11:18.000 --> 00:11:18.660
Jane Atkinson: Where to go.

00:11:18.990 --> 00:11:22.830
Jennifer Darling: it's just it's fine you know it's like learn more and their website.

00:11:23.160 --> 00:11:23.670
Jane Atkinson: You to.

00:11:24.120 --> 00:11:25.710
Jennifer Darling: So that's what i'm going to do on that.

00:11:25.860 --> 00:11:35.460
Jennifer Darling: And then the fourth thing i'm going to do before there's actually there's one there's couple things that go kind of there before and during but i'll.

00:11:35.940 --> 00:11:50.850
Jennifer Darling: Talk about that next the fourth thing is any promotions, that they do i'm going to reshare their promotions and i'm going to share all of them know but I might reshare one or two and put a little bit of one or two sentences on that post.

00:11:51.180 --> 00:11:52.440
Jane Atkinson: Their loving you already.

00:11:53.070 --> 00:11:57.030
Jennifer Darling: There love oh yeah so by the time I get there i've already been pre noting.

00:11:58.110 --> 00:12:03.720
Jane Atkinson: banner, I mean really this is above and beyond so like you said.

00:12:04.410 --> 00:12:10.020
Jane Atkinson: If you're speaking a lot this might feel a little bit overwhelming so cherry pick.

00:12:10.290 --> 00:12:24.630
Jane Atkinson: which ones are you going to go all out on okay it's 25 people as an internal know meeting somewhere you're not going to do that anyway, because that company won't appreciate it the same way that a big association might so.

00:12:25.200 --> 00:12:27.240
Jennifer Darling: This is true, with one exception.

00:12:27.480 --> 00:12:28.770
Jennifer Darling: And that's 100 that's.

00:12:29.010 --> 00:12:42.540
Jennifer Darling: 95% true but, if i'm speaking at Dell industries Dell computers for 25 people i'm going to do the same thing for Dell, because I want the brand awareness that i'm speaking for Dell.

00:12:42.750 --> 00:12:47.730
Jane Atkinson: Okay, and they're cool with it, because what they're doing is you know public knowledge.

00:12:48.120 --> 00:12:49.320
Jennifer Darling: has to be the right client.

00:12:49.440 --> 00:12:49.650
Jane Atkinson: yeah.

00:12:49.710 --> 00:12:51.000
Jennifer Darling: yeah yeah I gotcha.

00:12:51.540 --> 00:12:59.070
Jane Atkinson: Okay, and some people are dealing with things that are a little bit more sensitive and they might you know.

00:12:59.160 --> 00:13:10.380
Jennifer Darling: Absolutely absolutely I always let them if it's not a public event, if it's a private client i'm going to get their permission first or sure okay.

00:13:10.560 --> 00:13:16.320
Jane Atkinson: All right, fair enough okay so have we covered everything that you're going to want to do, leading up to.

00:13:16.830 --> 00:13:22.860
Jennifer Darling: Yes, now there's a little bit of crossover and during, so I think that would be a good time to talk about the during.

00:13:23.040 --> 00:13:23.430
Jane Atkinson: All right.

00:13:24.300 --> 00:13:29.130
Jennifer Darling: Okay, so when I get to the event and i'm gonna get there early.

00:13:29.340 --> 00:13:29.760
Jane Atkinson: mm hmm.

00:13:30.270 --> 00:13:37.530
Jennifer Darling: I don't mean before the event starts I just mean that i'm going to be there, early well, you should anyway, with the way flights are coming now.

00:13:37.860 --> 00:13:40.230
Jennifer Darling: You know, you want to be there, early but I like to be.

00:13:40.590 --> 00:13:50.580
Jennifer Darling: A participant of event meaning, I want to be there, I want to talk to people, I want to see what's going on, so there's a couple things you can do here, one is, if you want to try to.

00:13:50.970 --> 00:13:55.680
Jennifer Darling: negotiate and get a sponsor and you have a book, you can do a book signing.

00:13:55.980 --> 00:14:12.270
Jennifer Darling: And so you will take pictures and promote the book signing on your linkedin and take pictures at the book signing, you can get an additional fee for having it for them having a sponsor and doing a book signing so that might be before our and during like it's a combo right.

00:14:13.290 --> 00:14:28.470
Jennifer Darling: And while i'm at either the book signing or i'm walking the halls what I do is I let people know that i'm going to be speaking what i'm speaking about and where i'm at and what they like to take a picture for social media to help promote the event.

00:14:28.680 --> 00:14:30.180
Jennifer Darling: Oh, Nice and.

00:14:31.260 --> 00:14:34.770
Jennifer Darling: Out of years of doing this, only one person's ever told me know.

00:14:35.610 --> 00:14:46.380
Jane Atkinson: you're schmoozing and you're helping the owners of the event, you know really create more buzz and come on let's get this going.

00:14:46.770 --> 00:14:57.630
Jane Atkinson: And when they have somebody walking the hallways doing that for them, I know they appreciate it, because whatever the hashtag is the event i'm assuming you're using that.

00:14:57.840 --> 00:14:58.080

00:14:59.100 --> 00:15:00.660
Jane Atkinson: And you're finding that out ahead of.

00:15:00.660 --> 00:15:10.110
Jane Atkinson: time so that you can include it and somebody looks at that whole feed oh look at that Jennifer darling girl she's all over the place, at this event she's.

00:15:11.280 --> 00:15:14.040
Jane Atkinson: The darling of this event haha no pun intended.

00:15:14.760 --> 00:15:24.690
Jennifer Darling: Yes, actually i'm using hashtags and i'm using the APP time to make sure i'm tagging their event and i'm tagging whoever hired me and i'm filling my room.

00:15:25.440 --> 00:15:37.110
Jane Atkinson: Yes, because if you're doing a breakout session for sure you want to make sure that you're hyping up your event, so that people want to come you're selling it ahead of time.

00:15:37.620 --> 00:15:41.010
Jennifer Darling: that's right I want my room to be standing room only.

00:15:42.030 --> 00:15:44.280
Jane Atkinson: Yes, and I bet you that works too.

00:15:45.120 --> 00:15:49.350
Jennifer Darling: Oh, it sure, does it does because they're considering who am I going to go see.

00:15:49.710 --> 00:15:51.090
Jennifer Darling: who's the person i'm going to go see.

00:15:51.480 --> 00:15:59.010
Jennifer Darling: So I did this at a really big event you'll you're familiar with Jay but not everybody might be called the PC ma convening leaders.

00:15:59.100 --> 00:16:04.560
Jennifer Darling: Asia, it is the one of the gold standard.

00:16:05.910 --> 00:16:08.490
Jennifer Darling: meetings, conferences for meeting planners.

00:16:08.790 --> 00:16:15.570
Jennifer Darling: And their suppliers and it was in San Francisco they had 5000 meeting planners and suppliers, it was a huge event.

00:16:15.930 --> 00:16:21.450
Jennifer Darling: So that's what I did I showed up I started taking pictures Now I want to give you a super tip about that because.

00:16:22.110 --> 00:16:34.740
Jennifer Darling: You need to tag the people in the pictures well how are you going to remember everyone so when I take a picture of somebody I immediately looked down and take a picture of their bad batch so I have picture badge picture badge picture badge.

00:16:34.800 --> 00:16:36.060
Jennifer Darling: And then, when I go to promote.

00:16:36.390 --> 00:16:37.110
Jane Atkinson: order.

00:16:37.170 --> 00:16:40.830
Jane Atkinson: or so get Max mixed up and tag people wrong so.

00:16:40.860 --> 00:16:41.670
Jane Atkinson: that's right.

00:16:41.790 --> 00:16:45.600
Jane Atkinson: In the right order very good oh that's a super tip I love.

00:16:45.630 --> 00:16:57.900
Jennifer Darling: yeah that's right i'm also making sure to take a picture of anybody who's a sponsor because sometimes they might even not may not sponsor my book signing but they may sponsor my talk yeah and so visit.

00:16:58.440 --> 00:17:09.450
Jennifer Darling: Houston may sponsor my talk through the event, and I want to make sure i'm taking pictures of visit Houston person and their tag and if they introduced me or whatever take pictures of those people as well.

00:17:10.200 --> 00:17:25.110
Jane Atkinson: and on linkedin it matters that you say something meaningful, you know not check this out, but you're using seven words or more that's, how will your linkedin juice goes up your SSI score which we talked about on the first.

00:17:25.770 --> 00:17:40.740
Jane Atkinson: On the first podcast that we did together you're saying something that is intentional and meaningful and will they'll really appreciate it when you take the time to do that at the other end the client loves that.

00:17:41.280 --> 00:17:45.480
Jennifer Darling: Yes, the client loves it the attendees love it.

00:17:45.960 --> 00:17:51.630
Jennifer Darling: They love their there they're so excited you know if it's a great conference which usually they are.

00:17:51.870 --> 00:18:04.680
Jennifer Darling: Right there's so much energy everybody's excited and want to be back in person, anyway, now, so you know there's there's we're helping to build up some energy we're helping to build that promotion we're helping to build that buzz for that event.

00:18:05.100 --> 00:18:25.350
Jane Atkinson: Okay, so I want to walk back to your I love the idea of getting someone to sponsor your book and during your presentation you're definitely going to want to make them the hero, and I, you know nowadays there's actually chairs that are built with a place for a book underneath them.

00:18:25.380 --> 00:18:26.550
Jennifer Darling: conference chairs.

00:18:27.150 --> 00:18:43.800
Jane Atkinson: So that's really cool it's like breach under your seat and edited it on let's make a big deal of this sponsor my only aquarius i'm wondering if it wouldn't be better if there wouldn't be more hype around your book signing after your presentation.

00:18:43.830 --> 00:18:45.600
Jennifer Darling: Well i'm not done yet James.

00:18:45.810 --> 00:18:46.170

00:18:49.050 --> 00:18:49.980
Jane Atkinson: Okay, keep going.

00:18:50.430 --> 00:18:51.630
Jennifer Darling: i'm not done sister.

00:18:53.070 --> 00:18:58.650
Jennifer Darling: Okay, so let me get to that Okay, let me get to that we're not quite there yet.

00:18:58.740 --> 00:19:00.240
Jennifer Darling: I want to go into like order.

00:19:00.450 --> 00:19:12.390
Jennifer Darling: And I also want to say you know this sounds like a lot but it's not if you just are if you're there walking around just do the pictures just do an order like this it actually becomes pretty easy you just have to think about doing it.

00:19:13.410 --> 00:19:24.120
Jennifer Darling: Okay, so the next thing I want you to do is I want you to look around and see what else is going on at the event so i'm going to continue with PC ma here, because what happened was pretty cool.

00:19:24.450 --> 00:19:38.250
Jennifer Darling: Okay, I open up the floor plan and what I see is that I am going to be speaking right next to Simon simic right after he's done speaking.

00:19:38.610 --> 00:19:53.040
Jennifer Darling: So Simon so imagine the floor plan has the main stage with Simon simic and then right next to it has my stage, so I make this huge orange circle around Simon cynics stage.

00:19:53.070 --> 00:19:56.190
Jennifer Darling: And a huge or a circle around Jennifer darling stage.

00:19:56.610 --> 00:20:07.530
Jennifer Darling: And i'm going to post that on linkedin isn't this cool Simon so Nick is speaking right before me, I wonder if he'll come to my my presentation right.

00:20:07.830 --> 00:20:21.360
Jennifer Darling: So, and you post that on linkedin and you get to tag silence and neck because he was a real part of the conversation you don't just tag him because he's at the event, but he was a real part of something meaningful, as you said.

00:20:22.440 --> 00:20:23.580
Jennifer Darling: That makes for fun.

00:20:23.790 --> 00:20:40.140
Jennifer Darling: Post what's going on around here now, at the same particular I love talking about this one, because there's so many remarkable things that happened at this one is that they have me seated for 200 people that's those are the chairs, I had 497.

00:20:42.000 --> 00:20:46.110
Jane Atkinson: Okay, how the heck did that work, did they have to just bring in a ton of chairs.

00:20:46.140 --> 00:20:49.560
Jennifer Darling: There were no they couldn't they were people on the floor people.

00:20:49.560 --> 00:20:53.700
Jennifer Darling: Standing people laying down there were people everywhere.

00:20:53.970 --> 00:20:56.400
Jennifer Darling: For my presentation, you see, I had done.

00:20:56.460 --> 00:20:59.760
Jennifer Darling: All of these things leading up to it, which probably helped fill that when.

00:21:00.300 --> 00:21:02.430
Jennifer Darling: They were coming to see my presentation.

00:21:02.640 --> 00:21:11.490
Jennifer Darling: Yes, right Okay, so what happened at the end of the presentation was I brought 200 books, because I was eating for 200 people, so I bought.

00:21:11.820 --> 00:21:23.880
Jennifer Darling: 200 free books and I gave them out, I knew I was going to have to have hands, so I got the sponsors I got with us both books about signing sponsors and the sponsor of the.

00:21:24.180 --> 00:21:40.980
Jennifer Darling: The talk to come up on stage with me and we literally gave out 200 books, I had a mad rush to the to the front, I had to give one of the attendees he was one of my super fans who've been following me around my phone and say get pictures of this.

00:21:41.130 --> 00:21:44.640
Jennifer Darling: Yes, I have all these pictures of me being rushed.

00:21:44.910 --> 00:21:50.700
Jennifer Darling: For these books that makes for an awesome social media post that.

00:21:50.730 --> 00:22:08.520
Jane Atkinson: is amazing, and you could have asked them do a little bit of video and still photos right and that could have gone in to lots of different places, how cool is that Okay, so you say you're giving away 200 books, but the sponsor actually sponsored the 200 books is that.

00:22:08.880 --> 00:22:12.990
Jennifer Darling: In this, in this case no, they did not I intentionally it was.

00:22:13.260 --> 00:22:14.850
Jennifer Darling: You know i'm meeting planner.

00:22:14.880 --> 00:22:15.300

00:22:17.220 --> 00:22:21.810
Jennifer Darling: i'm going to give these books away because I want the meeting planners walking out.

00:22:22.680 --> 00:22:24.270
Jennifer Darling: These are ways badly.

00:22:24.600 --> 00:22:31.710
Jennifer Darling: And I did get bookings immediately like i'm not kidding on the stage people coming to get the book.

00:22:32.760 --> 00:22:35.880
Jennifer Darling: I had people on my stage saying, can I book you.

00:22:36.090 --> 00:22:57.930
Jane Atkinson: Oh wow okay so clearly I don't even know how they managed it with fire regulations and such but clearly 200 people was not enough, you had massive standing room only, and you know what happens is out in the hallway people peek in the door and they're like what the heck is going on here.

00:22:57.960 --> 00:23:11.280
Jennifer Darling: We actually we had an open, we had an innovative way it was an innovation Conference, so we did not have a closed room session, it was an open it I can't even tell you how you have to look at the floor plan, it was an open session.

00:23:11.520 --> 00:23:12.900
Jennifer Darling: wow okay.

00:23:12.930 --> 00:23:17.520
Jennifer Darling: Literally everyone walking by could see this massive crowd of people at my.

00:23:18.000 --> 00:23:18.690
Jennifer Darling: really nice.

00:23:18.990 --> 00:23:25.590
Jennifer Darling: And I ended up getting an award for my speaking presentation and and a special contract.

00:23:25.860 --> 00:23:39.540
Jennifer Darling: With the PC AMA now unfortunately this all happened in January and then everything went out the door and March, but I actually got a special contract with them that guaranteed me a minimum rate speaking at any PC me chapters across the country.

00:23:39.720 --> 00:23:42.810
Jane Atkinson: Oh, my goodness okay so much golden here.

00:23:44.280 --> 00:23:51.300
Jane Atkinson: wow okay so have we covered the before and the during.

00:23:51.390 --> 00:23:53.310
Jane Atkinson: No Okay, what else you got.

00:23:53.400 --> 00:23:55.080
Jennifer Darling: For Joe okay so here's the.

00:23:55.080 --> 00:24:05.850
Jennifer Darling: During I want you to make sure you get your linkedin qr code and I want you to put it on the screen of your presentation.

00:24:05.940 --> 00:24:13.710
Jane Atkinson: I did not realize so you're giving me an Aha right now so i've been talking to my clients about making sure you have a qr code.

00:24:15.030 --> 00:24:21.810
Jane Atkinson: But I did not realize that linkedin could give you one what's your first step for getting that on linkedin.

00:24:21.900 --> 00:24:23.940
Jennifer Darling: it's on your mobile APP.

00:24:24.630 --> 00:24:35.760
Jennifer Darling: Okay, so you're going to go to your linkedin mobile APP and search button put your finger there's nothing on the search put your finger in it, and a new little box a qr code box pops up.

00:24:36.090 --> 00:24:56.490
Jennifer Darling: click on the qr code box and automatically you have your linkedin qr code take a screenshot of it, email it to yourself, and then I put that puppy on my linkedin I sorry on my my PowerPoint presentation and any other marketing that you can, and then I pair it with a prize giveaway.

00:24:56.760 --> 00:25:02.880
Jane Atkinson: Right Okay, so the the qr code leads them to what.

00:25:02.940 --> 00:25:05.070
Jane Atkinson: Is it going to give them.

00:25:05.130 --> 00:25:06.930
Jennifer Darling: With first.

00:25:06.960 --> 00:25:09.660
Jane Atkinson: Yes, and there's something else that comes later.

00:25:09.870 --> 00:25:23.250
Jennifer Darling: Yes, so what I do here's here's the strategy behind this and what I do is I want them to connect with me on linkedin and I want them to let me know that they met me at the indiana apartment association, say, for example.

00:25:24.270 --> 00:25:32.580
Jennifer Darling: And the reason I want, that is, because now, I have in my messenger history box of all the people I met at the indiana apartment association.

00:25:33.420 --> 00:25:44.550
Jennifer Darling: I don't want them to just look at my linkedin profile I want them to connect with me, and I say, if you connect with me i'm going to give away to one person my rock your sales results online training.

00:25:44.790 --> 00:25:51.690
Jennifer Darling: So I can almost guarantee that they're going to connect with me because they all want that training after they've been to this, you know awesome talk.

00:25:51.840 --> 00:26:05.550
Jane Atkinson: Right and and let me just say this for people who, if you're collecting names and email addresses, you may do this a little bit differently, but Jennifer does all her business.

00:26:05.580 --> 00:26:08.610
Jennifer Darling: All, but I still get their email address.

00:26:08.670 --> 00:26:09.660
Jane Atkinson: Okay, how do you do that.

00:26:10.830 --> 00:26:17.490
Jennifer Darling: Because I follow up with them, and I say thank you so much for connecting here is my lead magnet.

00:26:18.720 --> 00:26:32.580
Jennifer Darling: So for this for talking about linkedin it's the ultimate linkedin profile checklist i'm talking about sales now it's a special training call get a plethora of prospects either wait people want that, so now I follow up with everyone.

00:26:33.000 --> 00:26:46.050
Jennifer Darling: And so I don't want them just on linkedin I want them both I linked in an email so now i've given them another another training that I have in the bath and I get their email and now they're on my list now their linkedin and he.

00:26:46.620 --> 00:26:55.860
Jane Atkinson: says, say, and we can put a link to this in your show notes, because I think people might want it say the name of your primary lead magnet again.

00:26:56.550 --> 00:26:59.130
Jennifer Darling: ultimate profile checklist COM.

00:26:59.460 --> 00:27:09.870
Jane Atkinson: Okay ultimate profile checklist calm you're going to want that, because you're going to want to make sure that your profile is doing what you needed to do.

00:27:10.350 --> 00:27:19.290
Jane Atkinson: I love that you're getting both the linkedin connection, and I do find lots of business on linkedin clearly that's where you do.

00:27:19.860 --> 00:27:39.720
Jane Atkinson: Probably the majority of your business right and I love that you're also taking it a step further don't stop there, take it a step further and ask them would you like my lead magnet whatever that might be and yours are such good titles that anybody would be silly not to grab them.

00:27:41.010 --> 00:27:52.830
Jennifer Darling: Yes, and when they get it, and when they react with me are interact with me on linkedin now linkedin says Oh, this is a new prospect or this is new person contact, let me share more of jennifer's work.

00:27:53.130 --> 00:28:06.120
Jennifer Darling: And the link in linkedin with this person now what I specifically do is I go back and I look at the people who've liked my post and i'm going to make sure i'm connecting with meeting planners.

00:28:07.830 --> 00:28:13.320
Jennifer Darling: So the audience is great, but I also want to get connected with the meeting planners who happened to be in that room.

00:28:13.440 --> 00:28:24.960
Jane Atkinson: Okay, so you're in your presentation you've put your qr code up on the screen and then the steps we've talked about what will come after that, is there anything else during that you do.

00:28:25.320 --> 00:28:34.410
Jennifer Darling: The only other thing during there's two simple things I do is, I take a picture I try to take a picture of myself on stage with my audience, so I have that PIC that selfie picture.

00:28:34.770 --> 00:28:50.880
Jennifer Darling: And works great when I have you know the 500 audience in the 200 seats and then also i'll take a picture of any other speakers who I really love, but I feel connected with so there was a speaker from visit Detroit at this particular.

00:28:51.510 --> 00:29:02.790
Jennifer Darling: conference and so she obviously she's in you know the meetings industry so and I loved her presentation and i'm originally from Michigan so all these things make sense.

00:29:03.090 --> 00:29:07.530
Jennifer Darling: So I I tagged her what I don't realize is she's actually brand new to that position.

00:29:07.830 --> 00:29:23.850
Jennifer Darling: So what happens is this post gets thousands of views and all kinds of likes because it's in her newsfeed and I go open up the likes and it's just meeting planner after meeting planner after meeting planner in that post that was a smart move.

00:29:24.120 --> 00:29:25.830
Jennifer Darling: To promote another speaker.

00:29:25.950 --> 00:29:34.890
Jane Atkinson: So, promote other speakers, and this is where doing the parachute idea where you fly and do your thing and then leave.

00:29:35.520 --> 00:29:51.000
Jane Atkinson: may not be serving you, because when you actually know what's going on at the conference when you can tag other speakers, like I loved not tagging Simon cynic in a way that was I don't know.

00:29:51.660 --> 00:29:53.100
Jennifer Darling: At all it's just promotional right.

00:29:53.580 --> 00:30:08.730
Jane Atkinson: Promotional, but this is relevant like hey everybody look at me i'm going to tag this guy to get more it was actually meaningful and I would have loved like here's his room and here's my room and look all you have to do is come out the door and turn right and you're going to be a.

00:30:10.110 --> 00:30:11.520
Jane Atkinson: 500 people in a 200.

00:30:12.990 --> 00:30:27.240
Jane Atkinson: But I that's meaningful so tagging other speakers is it's just good business anyway and being connected with other people who are out there, sharing the platform with you is a beautiful thing.

00:30:28.500 --> 00:30:31.710
Jennifer Darling: Yes, now there's one more piece of the during which is.

00:30:32.160 --> 00:30:36.630
Jennifer Darling: i'm in a virtual speaking engagement because we're all doing a lot of virtual speaking engagements.

00:30:36.810 --> 00:30:48.030
Jennifer Darling: Take a screenshot at but make sure you ask the audience first I don't want to get anybody in an ugly position I want them to all look like a million bucks right, so I say.

00:30:48.480 --> 00:31:01.170
Jennifer Darling: i'd like to take a picture to share on social media so everybody smile i'm hitting print screen and I hit print screen, then I go put it on the back end of my PowerPoint so I have nowhere, I put it, and then I post that one in 10 people.

00:31:01.470 --> 00:31:10.260
Jane Atkinson: And if you do kind of fun things during your presentation have them doing something fun, so that people can see oh there they all do in the chicken dance or whatever it.

00:31:10.260 --> 00:31:10.380

00:31:11.790 --> 00:31:23.460
Jane Atkinson: that's really a great idea okay love it so now let's talk about when you're hopping on the plane to go home you're starting your after process and again.

00:31:23.790 --> 00:31:37.500
Jane Atkinson: These things might seem like a lot but i'm sure that these become just part of your it becomes very organic after a while to just kind of do the checklist of things and it's not that hard I don't think.

00:31:37.710 --> 00:31:48.120
Jennifer Darling: yeah and you know, the thing is, though, the thing that's probably going to take the most time which you can have a virtual assistant help you do this piece is follow.

00:31:48.870 --> 00:31:54.960
Jennifer Darling: Because so often, you know 90% of the sales are lost and follow up because we're not following up right.

00:31:55.440 --> 00:32:08.460
Jennifer Darling: So if you're speaking on a stage where you get this works for you and you get thousands of people connecting with you on linkedin then get a virtual assistant to sign into your account which you're not supposed to do, by the way, it's against the linkedin rolls.

00:32:08.760 --> 00:32:09.090
are not.

00:32:10.260 --> 00:32:14.010
Jennifer Darling: know and and don't do don't get one out of the country.

00:32:14.400 --> 00:32:17.700
Jennifer Darling: Make sure to the country you're in because that's how you'll probably get flagged.

00:32:18.330 --> 00:32:34.920
Jennifer Darling: But get somebody local to go in for you and and do that send them the link with your lead magnet because that's really important we don't want to only have linkedin followers we want you to grow your linkedin email or your email list yes.

00:32:35.100 --> 00:32:36.150
Jennifer Darling: that's yours.

00:32:36.450 --> 00:32:39.810
Jennifer Darling: Right so that's one thing I do after as I send my lead magnet.

00:32:40.140 --> 00:32:40.770
Jane Atkinson: follow up.

00:32:41.250 --> 00:32:55.230
Jennifer Darling: The next thing i'm going to do is i'm going to publish a newsletter on my topic, or you could make a post, but the newsletter is working like gangbusters I posted one newsletter and had 1000 subscribers.

00:32:56.760 --> 00:33:00.510
Jane Atkinson: So what's it got to do with the event.

00:33:01.260 --> 00:33:05.460
Jennifer Darling: The newsletter is a continuation of the topic so.

00:33:05.670 --> 00:33:13.110
Jennifer Darling: First first off, let me just say something about newsletter nobody wants a newsletter Okay, I wish they didn't call it a newsletter.

00:33:13.380 --> 00:33:15.930
Jennifer Darling: Is a newsletter means you're going to talk all about yourself.

00:33:16.230 --> 00:33:28.800
Jennifer Darling: Right I don't ever do that even my emails are not a newsletter there more content more education more information, so when you're publishing a newsletter that's what it's called and like dead, but what I mean is you're going to extend your topic.

00:33:29.040 --> 00:33:31.920
Jane Atkinson: Okay, extend your topic okay.

00:33:33.210 --> 00:33:35.700
Jane Atkinson: And can everybody do A newsletter nowadays.

00:33:36.150 --> 00:33:40.080
Jennifer Darling: No, you need to be on creator mode to do a newsletter.

00:33:41.640 --> 00:33:45.660
Jane Atkinson: And if you want to get on to creator mode, what do you have to do.

00:33:46.200 --> 00:33:48.570
Jennifer Darling: right on your profile about.

00:33:49.350 --> 00:33:57.720
Jennifer Darling: A few inches below your headline you'll see where you have a dashboard and it'll say turn creator mode on or off.

00:33:57.930 --> 00:34:09.180
Jennifer Darling: And so you'll turn creator mode on and then you'll have access to link well you won't have access to linkedin live you still need to apply for it but you'll have access to that access to linkedin audio and access to linkedin newsletters.

00:34:09.450 --> 00:34:24.090
Jane Atkinson: Okay, so creator mode on and then you're going to extend your topic by doing a newsletter to your whole list that continues what they were learning in the classroom.

00:34:24.750 --> 00:34:33.660
Jennifer Darling: Exactly so i'm hoping to get them both subscribed on my email, and my linkedin because, having been in sales for a very long time.

00:34:33.960 --> 00:34:45.180
Jennifer Darling: I know the numbers but, and when you call people on the phone it's about a 12% pick up rate or somebody get you getting through the decision maker spot 12%.

00:34:45.660 --> 00:35:04.830
Jennifer Darling: When you send out an email an email is about 20% open when you connect with somebody on linkedin is about 30% open So if I add those up, I can get through to a person much with a much greater success response than if I do any one of those things alone.

00:35:05.760 --> 00:35:21.900
Jane Atkinson: Very good, just as a small small small because we're a little tight on time here little side whole rabbit hole a linkedin live, yes or no are people getting any traction from doing the weekly videos on linkedin.

00:35:22.560 --> 00:35:38.760
Jennifer Darling: i'm not hearing, many people getting too much traffic, there are strategic reasons why you would do it, but if you are working really hard to get linkedin live and you're upset that you haven't I wouldn't worry too much about it, organic video on linkedin works great to you.

00:35:38.970 --> 00:35:44.520
Jane Atkinson: Okay, good good good okay so afterwards we're going to.

00:35:45.840 --> 00:35:56.940
Jane Atkinson: Number one follow up, that is the most important thing of any sales cycle, I mean if you're if you've got a stack of business cards that you have done nothing with.

00:35:57.240 --> 00:36:15.210
Jane Atkinson: Or if you've got a bunch of people on linkedin who have connected with you and you have no process after that you have a problem fix it follow up that is super super super important then extend the learning with a newsletter on that topic, what else for the after.

00:36:15.300 --> 00:36:23.340
Jennifer Darling: Have you got so we have two more things and then we'll wrap up because I know people's minds are probably blown right now with what we've done so far.

00:36:24.030 --> 00:36:26.340
Jennifer Darling: Okay, so I like to say in my.

00:36:26.340 --> 00:36:33.270
Jennifer Darling: contract and have a conversation that if you absolutely loved working with me you'll write me an endorsement.

00:36:33.300 --> 00:36:36.030
Jane Atkinson: And endorsement beautiful.

00:36:36.270 --> 00:36:44.340
Jennifer Darling: And that is a testimonial just called endorsement, I mean dense you need to follow up and get your endorsement you're probably going to need to write it for them.

00:36:44.670 --> 00:36:53.910
Jennifer Darling: Because they're so busy so just take what they tell you all the great things that they tell you, and then write it for them, and just submitted to them and they'll copy and paste movie they're.

00:36:54.180 --> 00:36:56.730
Jennifer Darling: Beautiful one more thing yeah.

00:36:57.900 --> 00:37:02.820
Jennifer Darling: Take all of this stuff that you've done and take screenshots of it.

00:37:03.120 --> 00:37:03.780
Jane Atkinson: Is my favorite.

00:37:05.370 --> 00:37:06.360
Jane Atkinson: Miss this one.

00:37:07.770 --> 00:37:20.010
Jennifer Darling: And you are going to put them in a PowerPoint and you're going to send a recap to your meeting planner with all of the social media buzz that you made for their event.

00:37:21.840 --> 00:37:29.520
Jennifer Darling: You can have a virtual assistant they'll be you've tagged all the posts, so you can have a va go through and screenshot all those posts.

00:37:29.730 --> 00:37:36.870
Jane Atkinson: Do you mind if we show, and we can just do that part of the slides maybe a PDF of that.

00:37:36.900 --> 00:37:38.430
Jennifer Darling: out on the show now sure.

00:37:38.670 --> 00:37:43.650
Jennifer Darling: yeah if you want to do a PDF of the recap for the BMW supplier conference absolutely.

00:37:44.130 --> 00:37:50.250
Jane Atkinson: I love, how you showed the recap, and so you've got a beautiful.

00:37:51.840 --> 00:38:12.960
Jane Atkinson: Title page for it, and then I scroll down, and I see you tagging a bunch of different people and some meaningful comments and really showing them all of the the social media juice that you got for them, that is so smart Jennifer such a good idea.

00:38:13.410 --> 00:38:16.890
Jennifer Darling: They loved it and then what I did was I also sent a link.

00:38:17.400 --> 00:38:23.220
Jennifer Darling: So this one was through a Bureau so I emailed the Bureau first, and I said I put together this recap, please.

00:38:23.520 --> 00:38:29.550
Jennifer Darling: i'm happy to send it to you to send to the client and she said no go ahead and send to the client and tat and copy me.

00:38:29.880 --> 00:38:48.960
Jennifer Darling: yeah so I did the recap, I also sent a little video message to both of them Thank you so much for booking me thank you so much for booking and as a thank you here's a link to get my free linkedin training and do you know that the client actually took the linkedin training.

00:38:49.080 --> 00:38:50.340
Jane Atkinson: That is.

00:38:50.970 --> 00:38:51.960
Jennifer Darling: About so cool.

00:38:52.710 --> 00:38:56.550
Jane Atkinson: Above and beyond, how long would it take to put together the recap.

00:38:57.030 --> 00:39:00.510
Jennifer Darling: Well, I have my assistant do it, so I didn't really spend any time.

00:39:02.340 --> 00:39:02.970
Jane Atkinson: To do it.

00:39:03.810 --> 00:39:11.100
Jane Atkinson: I love that even more I it's it's a good looking thing and then there's a real great picture of Jennifer at the end of the.

00:39:12.000 --> 00:39:13.470
Jane Atkinson: conference everybody.

00:39:13.680 --> 00:39:19.740
Jane Atkinson: Good go good go in team, and I just think that that is a terrific way too.

00:39:20.130 --> 00:39:33.300
Jane Atkinson: and your relationship at this point with them, you know there's still more things that you're going to do with them, but what a wonderful wonderful way to close out our you know this chapter of your relationship, well done.

00:39:33.810 --> 00:39:34.560
Jennifer Darling: Thank you.

00:39:34.770 --> 00:39:44.730
Jane Atkinson: Well done all right so we're going to close out this podcast if you would like to get more information about Jennifer darling tell everybody where to go again.

00:39:45.540 --> 00:39:53.520
Jennifer Darling: Yes, so you can connect with me on linkedin look for Jennifer darling speaks not just Jennifer darling someone else Jennifer darling speaks.

00:39:53.910 --> 00:40:02.280
Jennifer Darling: You can also download that ultimate linkedin profile checklist and you'll hear more from me and you'll get a lot more training from me on that as well, you.

00:40:02.310 --> 00:40:03.240
Jennifer Darling: Make sure.

00:40:03.450 --> 00:40:13.800
Jennifer Darling: That when you connect with me, you say that you heard it on Jane atkinson's wealthy speaker say that in the messenger and I will send you a bonus training.

00:40:14.130 --> 00:40:14.820
Jennifer Darling: as well.

00:40:15.360 --> 00:40:33.540
Jane Atkinson: love it Thank you so much Jennifer as usual you've blown our doors off, I appreciate you Thank you so much for doing what you do for our school we love having you as one of our masters and for those of you listening in.

00:40:34.680 --> 00:40:46.260
Jane Atkinson: I bet you got a good earful today, and I hope that you will let us know that you've appreciated this with that we're going to say see you soon well these speakers bye for now bye everyone.


Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • Jennifer’s hybrid business model. [1:30]
  • Booking more business. [5:30]
  • Utilizing social media to promote your client. [9:00]
  • Creating buzz for an event. [13:30]
  • Tagging with purpose. [18:30]
  • Did you know that your LinkedIn has a QR code? [24:00]
  • The follow-up…give great content. [31:30]
  • Send a recap and ask for a testimonial. [36:30]

With over 20 years of experience in advertising sales and sales management for companies such as FOX, NBC, CBS, and Comcast, Jennifer knows what works and what doesn’t to boost sales. Even in the most challenging times, she’s led her team to record-breaking results (during the recession, she bought her boss a new Audi, yay him!). Thinking creatively, being different, and playing big are the game-changers you need to stand out, especially these days.

If you want some great ideas on how to leverage LinkedIn to increase your leads, you simply can’t afford to miss this episode!

I hope you’ll download and learn.


Jennifer’s website
Jennifer’s previous podcast with Jane
Ultimate Profile Checklist
BMW Recap from Jennifer
Jennifer’s LinkedIn profile
(connect with Jennifer & mention this podcast for bonus material)
Jane’s LinkedIn profile
The Wealthy Speaker School

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