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Living Life in the Front Row with Marilyn Sherman

Living Life in the Front Row with Jane Atkinson and Marilyn Sherman
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Quote: “What are you doing on a consistent basis to move your business forward?” Marilyn Sherman

Living life in the front row…what exactly are we talking about? The front row symbolizes living life to the fullest and achieving your professional and personal goals. No more settling for mediocrity. On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Show, we’re thrilled to welcome back my client and friend, Marilyn Sherman, to share her wealth of knowledge about living your life in the front row and why we need to be there.

Marilyn is the Founder of UpFront Presentations and has dedicated her 25+ year career to motivating and inspiring audiences across the country. She was inducted into the National Speaker Association’s CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame, one of 182 members in the world who hold this designation. She is a highly sought-after keynote speaker and author who is driven to move her audiences out of their comfort zone and into the front row of their work and personal lives. Her engaging and fun personality makes Marilyn the perfect choice, even for audiences that are often hard to motivate.


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Welcome everyone to the wealthy speaker. Podcast. I'm super excited to be talking to you today about

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Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: how to live your life and your business in the front row. Now some of you may recognize that phrase as the brand of the fabulous Marilyn Sherman. Welcome back to the show, Marilyn. Thank you, Jane. I'm so happy to be here again.

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Jane Atkinson: Front row tell everybody let's get. Give me a little snapshot of your existing speaker business speaking business. You know you're working with bureau. What are you doing? How how often are you out on the road? And are you happy with things in the way that they're going.

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Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: I love speaking so much that I'm never quite happy. I always want more bookings, because it's such a high. I love what I do, and my business is pretty much 100 keno speaking so I don't have a consulting back end. I don't have a coaching back end. I just do keynote speaking now, I do have some feelers out with some local casinos here in Las Vegas, where I could go deeper with them.

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Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: And I do have repeat customers quite a bit, but my business is, people hired me to get on stage to do events.

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Jane Atkinson: Well, as your former coach, I'm like, let's dive into that, shall we? I wanna just go down there with you. But that's not what we're talking about today. We're talking about some of your content. So talk about who do you speak for the most? And what is the topic that they are hiring you for?

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Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: Well, it's very interesting. I literally just got a booking on Friday from someone who was just searching for an engaging motivational speaker with content. And I, that's basically what I am. I. People say that you're more than a motivational speaker because you have immediate take home value. You also talk about managing change and disruptive times, and I've been doing that as a workshop for

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Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: years, especially with my former finance background before I became a speaker. Full time, I worked in a training department of a finance company, and we were bought out by a bigger bank. And so I was part of the transition team. So I was very well versed in managing change with a positive mindset. And so that was sort of on the back burner is just an offering on my work

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Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: website. But you'd be surprised to how many people find that because they're looking for, how do we manage? Change through disruptive times? How do we get our people engaged and on board after so much they've been through.

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Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: So my motivational speaking has some depth to it with what they can do to re engage, reignite their employees in their workforce and to get more out of their workforce, especially since so many people have been taking a backseat. After, you know, post covid, they're sort of sitting back and thinking, is this really where I wanna work? Is this really where I wanna spend my time and energy? So my job is to come in and remind them that. Yes.

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Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: you can do more and have more with what you have. And so my message about living your life in the front row and front row. Success. How top performers don't settle for balcony seats.

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Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: Since the last time you and I engage I actually have an acronym, the seat of success which makes sense, because.

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Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: your success depends on where you sit, who you sit with. So the S stands for to see the outcome you desire. It all starts with your vision. Where do you see yourself, wealthy speakers out there? Where do you see your speaking career, and I love how you always start every event with closing your eyes and imagining you know the private plane, the deposit, you know the spin off after you get off stage.

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Jane Atkinson: See the outcome.

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Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: The key is to manage your energy. It's not about managing your time. It's about managing your energy, so don't get sucked up with your high energy time of the day doing things that are not going to be. Have a high return on your investment of your life, and it's so easy to get caught up with going down, for example, social media going down a rabbit hole. And suddenly your whole morning is wasted because you didn't. You didn't protect your energy.

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Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: So so that's the E in the seat of success. The A is all about attitude, and you can't be a great motivational speaker without talking about the power of attitude. And when you have a front row attitude, when you have a can do attitude when you have a resourceful attitude where you're coming to be a resource to other people and being of service. That is going to bring you more joy, and you know more fulfillment. So it's all about attitude.

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Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: And then T, in the seat of success, stands for tenacity. You have to have your tenacity at Max capacity when handling adversity, because your path to the front row is never an easy path. There's always going to be roadblocks and potholes along the way. So you have to have your tenacity prepared. You have to go, for you have to pick yourself up. You have to find another path. You have to. Don't allow the setbacks and roadblocks to keep you back in the balcony of your

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Jane Atkinson: hmm! That is so good. And I and I just wanna say that there was a time when I think motivational Speaker didn't have as good of a wrap as I. But I think things go in cycles right. And I think motivational speaking is

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Jane Atkinson: absolutely 100% needed out there. And I just wanna bring up

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Jane Atkinson: the idea. You probably knew Keith Carroll quite well. Carol was somebody that I followed and thought highly of. He made an entire business off of one word, which was attitude like built a 7 figure, speaking business off of attitude. I don't see that is anything that's going away. You can wrap it up in mindset, or whatever you want to do

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Jane Atkinson: do, but really, attitude and motivational speaking, I don't think will ever go away because it's so needed out there, especially for people who have been through the mill of Disruption. They're sitting in the balcony. They've got their feet up. They're probably in popcorn. And they're thinking.

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Jane Atkinson: Yeah, I'm here. But I'm not really here. Right quiet quitting. And so I think this is really so so so needed right now, okay, so let's apply

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Jane Atkinson: the idea of front row living to the speaking

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Jane Atkinson: profession. What does that look like? Does it come down to like decisions that you're making in your life? What does

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Jane Atkinson: what do you think front row. Living is really all about a front row of success. Well, the foundation obviously is, you get to decide. Nobody else can decide it for you. You get to decide what your front row looks like getting on stages, and I love traveling, you know. I know a lot of speakers that are my age, saying, I'm so done with drab like I'm so tired of it. I only just broke out of my covid bubble like a couple of months ago, and that was.

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Jane Atkinson: I was kind of forced out, so I would have stayed here for another few years. Quite gladly I recognized what I like. My choices are now, and they're very, very different from yours, Marilyn. I see you tripping off to Paris all the time, and I think there she is. She's doing her version of front row living. Exactly.

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Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: So you start with, you get to decide, and you get to literally paint the picture for what you want your front road to look like. So that's where it starts. And then it's about taking action. And

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Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: the thing that trips up a lot of speakers. And I'm speaking from my own experience. What? What tripped me up in the past is such a mindset of?

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Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: Why is this person getting more bookings than me? And what is wrong with me, and what am I doing wrong? And it's not about doing anything wrong. It's about. What are you doing on a consistent basis to move your business forward. What are you doing about writing those blogs? And you know, every Friday I do a front row Friday video posted on Youtube. In fact, I just had a great dinner with Mike Stavro last night.

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Who's the chair? Nsa. And he was like, I love your front row. Friday video. So I'm like, yeah

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Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: there every week. So how much planning do you think goes into these front or Friday videos? And he's like none. And that's right. They're so current that that every Wednesday I decide. Well, what do I wanna talk about today? And the feedback that I get from those front row Friday videos is that you're so authentic like, that's because I'm not wrote. I'm not reading anything. And so

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Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: and you never know when you're putting out your material like. I've been doing this going on 2 years now, when you're putting out material out into the world. You never know who is reading your blog who's listening to your podcast who is watching your videos, you never know the impact that you are making. But as long as you are consistently. Putting your material out there and taking action and moving forward. It's going to come back to you. So your front row mindset as a speaker is

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Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: let go of all the chatter in your head that you're not good enough. You don't deserve a front row seat, and you compare yourself to other speakers. You have to stop that noise in your head that keeps you in the balcony of your life, and then be careful of getting comfortable, which is general admission

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Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: when you are comfortable and in your comfort zone, and you're just sort of coasting along when you coast you coast backwards. You never coast forward so be careful of getting too comfortable, which is why I always like to evolve my presentation. And and even though the foundation is the same. Because my clients, you know, from 20 years ago, 15 years ago, 10 years ago, they're rehiring me again.

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Jane Atkinson: And I'm still talking about front row. But I've evolved the message. I have new stories. They're more current. They're more relevant today than before. Yeah, you have a new acronym to remind them of the the ideas. And so yeah, you don't rest on your laurels, because that's gonna take you backwards. And general admission, who knows where you're gonna end up.

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Jane Atkinson: So lots of decisions go into being intentional. Intentional is always going to be my word for the year. I think.

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Jane Atkinson: being intentional about that. I think it's interesting that you brought up the whole. You never know who's gonna be watching idea when you're putting out content into the world. I just did a podcast

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Jane Atkinson: with another speaker who said that they hire

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Jane Atkinson: hang on. I wanna give him props. So I'm gonna tell you his name Sean Canugo, he hires

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Jane Atkinson: a

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Jane Atkinson: videographer in every city he goes to. He spends, I don't know, 300 500 th, $2,000,

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Jane Atkinson: and he puts pieces of his presentation out as a part of his consistent messaging. And I thought, Oh, that's a new one. So watch out people, podcast listeners, for Shawn Canugo, wh. Whose message will be coming up in the next little bit. I don't know which one will run first or second, but anyway.

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Jane Atkinson: I think consistent action

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Jane Atkinson: and mindset are really. I mean, we talk about that over here. That's that's really what front row living is all about. But deciding what it is that you want.

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Jane Atkinson: So was there ever a decision for you that you know what I wanna be on the big stage? I wanna be in front of X type of an audience. I mean, you've gone really deep into. We've talked before about this food Service professionals, women

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Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: talk a little bit about that. Did you attend an event and say, you know I see what's going on here, and I want to be a part of it. No and so this sort of relates to your earlier question about who do I speak to? My message? Is so so

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Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: non specific in an industry, that I had like 7 engagements in 10 days, one time, and I looked back, and it was hilarious because one was a group of engineers. One was a group of corporate attorneys. One was a group of leaders from Girl Scouts of America, I mean, they couldn't be more different. And every single one of em, and it became comical. After the third one

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Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: someone came up to me at my book signing, and said, Oh, my gosh! You were speaking directly to me, one of us, and it was funny because I'm not an engineer. I'm not as a Girl Scout leader, and I'm certainly not a corporate attorney. But my message resonates with the individuals in the room. So it doesn't matter what their role is. And then, when I do my pre calls, I can find out what their pain points are, and I can customize my

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message. But I am all over the place, but I do a lot in the food service space, and it became

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Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: big for me, because I spoke at one event, and that one event I they resonated with it so much that they couldn't stop talking about it

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Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: after that first night of the conference, and I was speaking again the next day, and my 450 place room was had 700 people in it, just because of the word of mouth, and then they hired me back again the next year, and then they hired me back again, I mean, I spoke there for 12 years in a row, and the thirteenth year. They didn't hire me to speak at the conference, but they hired me for a 12 city tour.

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Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: So it so. It was the same message that I speak to engineers and corporate attorneys. But the food Service space they love it. And so they found me. And because the audience had decision makers in it from very large brands that you and I know they would hire me for their events that they had at their corporate headquarters. So

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and that led to franchisee conventions. And

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Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: so yeah.

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Jane Atkinson: sometimes sometimes your niche fault finds you instead of you finding I'm just getting ready to write about that actually in a in a blog. I just spoke to

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Jane Atkinson: somebody who wanted to talk to me about potentially coaching them wasn't a good fit.

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Jane Atkinson: and part of the reason why it wasn't a good fit was she had a lot of statements like. well, I know that clients aren't going to hire me back until 3 or 4 years later, so I'm not going to bother marketing to them.

00:15:24.100 --> 00:15:40.300
Jane Atkinson: and I thought about you in the moment, and I thought, should I argue with her? But we'd already had a lot of statements like that in the conversation. I just thought, no, you're just not a good fit bye, anyway. Bye, bye, that is a front row decision. Yeah.

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Jane Atkinson: Wrong fit clients. Yeah.

00:15:44.420 --> 00:15:59.230
Jane Atkinson: So I'm sure you've had conversation with clients who wanted you to do something way off. Your norm didn't have any money whatever it was like, what about wrong fit clients for?

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Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: How do you get to the front row by continuing to accept wrong fit? Oh, yeah, no, I would not take something that I'm not a good fit for. I mean, if I if they want someone to talk about future trends in the market. That's so, not me. If you wanna talk about economics. That's so, not me. I mean, that's not what I do. And I even had someone say, we want you for a luncheon as a humor speaker, and this is back in the day. And they said, It's between you and Jeannie Robertson.

00:16:28.450 --> 00:16:31.189
and I remember calling up my friend Fripp

00:16:31.230 --> 00:16:46.890
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: such a good friend, and she's so honest, I said. I can't believe I'm up for luncheon, and Jeannie Robertson is the the other candidate for this job. And she said, Marilyn, if they're looking at Jeannie Robertson, you're not a good fit.

00:16:46.890 --> 00:17:03.820
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: Yeah, and it hit me. It's like she's absolutely right. I am not a humorous luncheon keynote speaker, the client, though I am very funny. But I don't advertise that. Yeah. And and I think that's the client, maybe getting clarity around.

00:17:04.109 --> 00:17:07.720
Jane Atkinson: Well, when you say you're looking for someone

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Jane Atkinson: who's funny or humorous, you know, tell me more. What does that look like to you and digging into it. It could be that they just want people to laugh a little bit. Well, that is you, right. But when you're comparing me with a comedian. That's what they do. And by the way, Jeannie Robertson, we bow to her, and

00:17:29.970 --> 00:17:56.280
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: but her ripples are continuing. Yeah, but here's the thing. In this day and age with so much content on the Internet. By the time people call me and fill out my form on my website, they have already seen a ton of my videos. They know what they're going to get. They know by the time they call me there's no surprise, so I rarely have someone that's going to call me for something they do not do.

00:17:57.200 --> 00:18:22.199
Jane Atkinson: Savvy buyers are savvy? They're going online. They're looking at your Youtube channel. They're looking at your website. They're watching your videos. They don't have time to call up all these speakers and have a conversation. They do all their homework before they reach out to you. Yeah. So watch your social media. Footprint is a side side note from that. But also don't bury your humor, thinking I don't want to give this away

00:18:22.200 --> 00:18:46.619
Jane Atkinson: way online because of a fear based decision. I think you put your humor out there so that people can see how good you are, you know. I remember. There was a piece of Vince's presentation that I thought was really like people might be turned off by it, you know, Vince Basenti gets up on the chair and

00:18:46.620 --> 00:18:50.689
Jane Atkinson: board of Speed skiing. And when I

00:18:50.690 --> 00:19:13.190
Jane Atkinson: way way way way, this is like historic. 20 years ago type thing. I was worried that if we put it at the front of the video that people would be like, oh, that guy's too crazy for us, and they wouldn't hire him when, in fact, the moment we moved it to the front his bookings exploded. So also don't be afraid to put that out on

00:19:13.190 --> 00:19:24.209
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: social media, because that's what people like. You just said. They're reviewing your social footprint, and they are seeing whether or not you are a good fit for them. And you're gonna have

00:19:24.260 --> 00:19:33.510
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: a ton of a trail leading to you, Marilyn. I think that's really wonderful. Can I tell you a story, that sort of ties all this

00:19:33.510 --> 00:19:58.479
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: together. So my husband, as you know, is French, and his best friend, runs a economic summit every year in Provence, and we're invited as his invited guests. Now I've known his best friend for 1819 years. He never knew what I really did for a living, because in France it's a very different model for speakers until he came to visit my husband last year, and they we sat in the living room.

00:19:58.480 --> 00:20:15.150
literally watched a full keynote and his jaw drop. He had no idea that this is what I do. He's like, you're a comedian, you are. You are a show. You are engaging, but you did a whole hour. You never looked at notes. I don't understand how you did that. So anyway.

00:20:15.150 --> 00:20:42.150
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: when we are invited to the economic summit just this past June, he said. Okay, now I can introduce you to people as a potential speaker for their events, because the speakers, that or the people that come to the summit, their heads of state, their heads of the largest companies in France. They are, significant diplomats from other countries. And so this year we did something very different, very intentional. I did a 1 min.

00:20:42.270 --> 00:21:07.269
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: Introduction in French on a video inviting them to watch my demo, telling them that I want to expand my business into Europe specifically France and I would do it in English, because my French one day I can do it in French, but right now my events would be in English. So I invited them to watch this video. I had a business card made with the QR. Code of that video.

00:21:07.270 --> 00:21:21.299
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: He and I went through the entire list of people that I should meet in person. We came up with 25 people, he said. They will be speaking at different panels at as soon as they're off stage. You go up to them, shake their hand, drop my name, and invite them to engage with you.

00:21:21.440 --> 00:21:44.080
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: And what's so very funny, Jane, is because I was so outside of my comfort zone. I'm like this is easy in the States. All of sudden I'm in Europe, and I'm it's I'm like, Oh, my gosh! And all of all the insecurities came back barriers! There's all the things, all those things. But I did it, and I kept, you know, putting my hand out and meeting people. And there was one woman I met in particular.

00:21:44.080 --> 00:21:51.939
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: She's the president of the largest Women's university in the world in Saudi Arabia, and I asked. I sat in the front row

00:21:51.940 --> 00:22:23.259
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: because that's where life is, live. Yeah. And so when it came to QA. They saw my hand right away, and I asked her a very specific question about. Wow! To be the president of the University in Saudi Arabia. What gave you the courage to be who you are today? There must have been a turning point in your life? And she loved the question, answered the question, and then we had a conversation afterwards, and then I immediately followed up with an email to all the people that I connected with at the summit

00:22:23.260 --> 00:22:46.469
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: and I didn't hear from her. And I thought, Oh, that's too bad, because I thought we had a connection. Well, so I did a follow up email. And she emailed me immediately. So this is like 30 days later. And she said, Oh, my gosh, Marilyn, I sent you an email that night I met you, and it was then in my draft because I went to Cannes on a boat, and we didn't have Internet on the boat.

00:22:46.470 --> 00:22:56.790
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: So oh, I want you to know. I did watch your videos, and I want to invite you to Saudi Arabia to come and speak to our students so

00:22:56.890 --> 00:23:14.700
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: as so my mindset could have been. Oh, nobody likes me. I think I'm gonna eat some worms kind of a deal. That's not always the case. That's a little kids thing, by the way, worms.

00:23:14.840 --> 00:23:26.650
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: you know January.

00:23:26.650 --> 00:23:51.620
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: and she wants to take care of me while I'm there, because it's a long way to go, just for you know, a single event. So we're working out details of what might stay there is going to look like. So all of that happen as a result of letting people know what I do, and confident what I do, and then being intentional by going to an event and make myself known without being obnoxious about it. Being a service, asking people about this

00:23:51.620 --> 00:24:04.989
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: them and not being. Oh, it's all about me. And then, having a real footprint like you said social media where she literally went, said, Okay, who is this woman? And saw all these videos and connected them.

00:24:05.110 --> 00:24:19.699
Jane Atkinson: It starts with a decision. You decide what it is that you want to speak more in overseas. And then there's a series of actions and

00:24:20.000 --> 00:24:44.639
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: you know you don't stop taking action when somebody doesn't email you back right away. You double check, hey? Reach out one more time. Don't make up in your mind what's going on at their end, because you don't know you don't know there's a draft in her folder, and that she's sailing the beautiful waters in Cam. You don't know what's going on with her, so don't assume that you do know.

00:24:44.640 --> 00:25:13.929
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: And you know what's even funnier, Jane, I mean we II don't know about you, but don't you have every once in a while that little insecure voice, you know, in your head. So we had a zoom call, and I thought I even asked Eve. I said, How do I bring it up that you know I want to come to Saudi Arabia. How do I? How do I approach that when we're just having a get to know you? Conversation? Well, I showed up on the zoom call, and the first thing she said was, Oh, my gosh! I'm so happy to see you! I can't wait to invite you to come to Saudi Arabia. So let's make that happen.

00:25:13.930 --> 00:25:43.580
Jane Atkinson: So you just never know. So you are absolutely right. Don't don't make up the decision of your customer or prospect for them in your own mind before you know. And and the tip, I think going into that phone call is, just be curious. See where the call is there any opportunity? If it hasn't come up in the first little bit? Is there any opportunity for me to come there? I would love to do that, and I think that you show up curious to a lot of your calls.

00:25:43.790 --> 00:25:47.370
Jane Atkinson: let's talk about

00:25:48.360 --> 00:25:51.680
Jane Atkinson: front row living, you know. II

00:25:51.880 --> 00:26:11.359
Jane Atkinson: just went to see the Beyonce movie on Saturday. I want it to go on Saturday. I want it to go. And you know sometimes you want what you want because you want it. And so I don't sit in front row at the movie theater. I'm assuming that you don't expect people to do that, but I chose the best seat that I deemed in the house.

00:26:11.590 --> 00:26:15.110
Jane Atkinson: and I thought about getting other people involved

00:26:15.560 --> 00:26:21.559
Jane Atkinson: cause. But I used to go to the movie theater by myself in Dallas all the time, and I loved it.

00:26:21.610 --> 00:26:36.080
Jane Atkinson: And I thought, if I get somebody else involved, it's gonna not be that day. It's gonna be. Not that time I'm gonna have to adjust. And I'm I want what I want because I want it. So I made a front row decision. And I said.

00:26:36.100 --> 00:26:39.800
Jane Atkinson: I just booked this ticket, and I'm going. And it was so.

00:26:39.880 --> 00:26:54.740
Jane Atkinson: Yeah, I mean to to then see that act amazing. And you know, mind blowing and to see her making. And she said, at the end of the movie, at this point in my career I don't have anything left to prove

00:26:56.610 --> 00:26:58.100
Jane Atkinson: what a great

00:26:58.470 --> 00:27:08.599
Jane Atkinson: statement! And it's so true for her. But it's also true for you, Marilyn. It's true for me. At this point in our business

00:27:08.740 --> 00:27:33.840
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: we don't have anything left to prove. No. I felt like that when when you were there. When I got my Cpae induction into the Hall of Fame and the fun part is, no one knows it ahead of time until they announce it from the stage and but I knew it, and I walked around that convention with a whole different walk and a whole different mindset. It was so relaxing. It's like, I don't have anything to prove.

00:27:33.890 --> 00:27:46.920
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: IIII don't have anything to prove to anyone. I don't have to be a certain way, or act a certain way, or to talk about my business at all. I got nothing to prove, and what freedom, what freedom that is!

00:27:47.100 --> 00:28:03.500
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: And isn't there something about Front Row that says that, too, that you know. Like, let's be clear. That front row isn't about like scavenging your way there. Oh, no, no, no! Talk about what it means. Let

00:28:03.970 --> 00:28:28.649
Jane Atkinson: when you're talking to your audiences about making decisions that put them in the front row rather than the balcony. II see it so clearly for you, where people are in cultures that are disrupted, and you know it's so easy for them to sit up in the back balcony and coast right. What does it mean to have a front row attitude.

00:28:29.570 --> 00:28:41.000
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: Well, that's a very good question, because, as I said earlier, your success depends on where you sit and who you sit with, and some people need to be loved from the balcony. But

00:28:41.120 --> 00:28:50.259
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: your front row, by the way, is high rent district. Do not allow people that don't honor and respect you to to take up space in your front row, but in a work setting

00:28:50.260 --> 00:29:15.180
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: sometimes you are put on a team of people that you did not choose. You have to work with people that you wouldn't have thought to work with. You may have assumptions about people that you have to collaborate with, and it could prevent you from actually having success with that group because of a assumption you are making about that person. And one of my examples, I say very early on in my keynote

00:29:15.180 --> 00:29:30.980
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: is where I blew it, and it has to do with you, Miss Jane. And it happened when I went to Toronto, went to your what do you call it? A a live event? It's a live event, and of course II come early and sit in the front row.

00:29:30.980 --> 00:29:55.269
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: and then day 2. I had left my stuff in the front row so I could reserve my seat, but everybody moved around, and I noticed there was a guy already sitting next to me, and it was like the oldest guy in the room I'm like, Oh, no, I don't wanna sit with the old guy. I wanna sit with the young cool kids. So I made an assumption about him. And then I thought, Marilyn, let go of your ego, go and be of service. So I sat down next to him. I introduced myself.

00:29:55.430 --> 00:30:18.970
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: and he did say he was new to the speaking industry. So then my ego went the other direction, where I said, Hey, listen! If you have any questions at all you can call me, I mean, I've been in this business a long time. I've seen it all. So here's my guard. Call me, I mean, I literally just went from one massive ego to another side of my massive ego, and then, as you know, he did a showcase at the end of day 2, and my mouth

00:30:19.060 --> 00:30:30.400
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: hit the floor. He was the most fascinating person in the room, probably the one of the top 5 most fascinating people I've ever met in my life. And it was Doctor Ken Saylor. And

00:30:30.890 --> 00:30:42.690
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: yeah, I mean, II blew it because not only was he as an intern working in an emergency room when there was a big parade out, and he couldn't be at the parade because he

00:30:42.950 --> 00:31:07.129
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: and it was at Parkland Hospital, and he was the intern working emergency room when President Jfk. Was assassinated, and he literally was in the room with Jackie as she is sitting there with her husband, and it was so fascinating, and I spent the whole day sitting next to this fascinating man, and I had no idea, because I did not ask him a single

00:31:07.130 --> 00:31:13.179
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: question about who he was. What was he interested in. Where does he see? Nothing? Nothing.

00:31:13.180 --> 00:31:41.110
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: So I tell people don't blow it. You will be in situations with people that you did not choose come from a place of curiosity come from a place of tell me more. Tell me, tell me your story. I'm curious. Tell me I'm interested in in your path at how you got here, and when you're genuinely curious as opposed to being well, how'd you get here? Which is a very different, you know attitude you will find fascinating things about people and

00:31:41.400 --> 00:31:58.219
Jane Atkinson: and and it's amazing what you what you can accomplish with people because you know them better, because you came from a place of curiosity. It was a huge lesson. So thank you, Jane, for inviting him to come to your event. You're welcome Dr. Ken. Sell your

00:31:58.220 --> 00:32:18.850
Jane Atkinson: actually passed away in the last few years, and I was so upset because I saw a preview of some sort of special either. It's a documentary on one of the streaming or something about all of the doctors coming together, who were in the emergency room when Jfk. Came in that day.

00:32:19.180 --> 00:32:28.729
Jane Atkinson: and I was so upset I'm like, oh, no! He passed away. He's not gonna be, and there he is on the screen. They interviewed him for this special.

00:32:28.730 --> 00:32:51.180
Jane Atkinson: I was so happy that he, you know, they had got in the interview with him before he passed away. So anyway, that's a little side side road. You never know who is going to be a part of your front row experience, and you could create a front row experience if you let go of judgment of people. Oh, that's so good!

00:32:51.180 --> 00:32:57.289
Jane Atkinson: That's so good. Let go of your judgments. Now I do want to talk. What's the saying about

00:32:57.500 --> 00:33:06.040
Jane Atkinson: the 5 or 6 people that you hang around with. You are the average of the 5 people you hang around with the most. I think that is Jim Rone's quote, yeah.

00:33:07.080 --> 00:33:16.339
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: I always think about my crew up at the cottage, and how they're all very much happy hour people, and I think I don't know if this is doing me any favor.

00:33:16.350 --> 00:33:27.089
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: because none of them even know what I do for a living, I mean literally, nobody knows what I do for a living. And so, because it just doesn't come up.

00:33:27.400 --> 00:33:46.380
Jane Atkinson: doesn't come up anyway. So think about that. Who are you spending your time with? And are you intentionally surrounding yourself with front row people, general admission people, balcony people.

00:33:46.380 --> 00:33:55.559
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: I mean, who is it that's in your life? How is that an intentional thing for you absolutely. I mean, when I was younger I used to

00:33:55.560 --> 00:34:15.900
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: II thought it was important that everybody likes me, and it's you know there's some people that don't like me just because I remind them of their third grade teacher. You know what? It's okay. It's okay that they don't like me, cause I don't need them to like me. I am secure in my own skin. I have nothing to prove to people, so I don't have to

00:34:15.900 --> 00:34:28.260
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: run around and try to get everybody's attention. I mean, I can. In fact, my husband reminds me, Marilyn, you are a baroness. People come to you. You don't need to go to them. It's a good reminder.

00:34:28.280 --> 00:34:48.859
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: So cause I used to get up and rush to people and like, Oh, my gosh! Can I have a selfie. And can I take your picture? And it's like, Oh, my gosh! Those days! Thank God, those days are over. I don't need to do that. So I think intentionally as a result, I'm much more calm. I'm not in such a hurry. I don't talk so much. I listen more

00:34:48.860 --> 00:35:07.640
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: And I see that in new speakers now, or newer speakers. When I asked them a question, they go on and on and on and on, and they start telling me stories that are so and interesting. I'm like we've lost. We've lost the whole conversation, and so much so that there's no follow-up question, and there's no interest in

00:35:07.660 --> 00:35:14.789
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: a follow up question. So I think older I get, the wiser I get, and the quieter I get.

00:35:14.800 --> 00:35:21.279
Jane Atkinson: That new speaker thing is that they're in a hurry.

00:35:21.460 --> 00:35:45.549
Jane Atkinson: They all they can see is, I must connect with all of these people because I'm in a hurry, and I have a list of my perfect clients. Sitting in the front row means that you are crystal clear on who your perfect client is, and who your perfect client is not anybody with a negative attitude. Thank you. Next.

00:35:45.870 --> 00:35:52.690
Jane Atkinson: The last piece on my perfect client list is, has a combination.

00:35:52.690 --> 00:36:19.840
Jane Atkinson: has a combination of hunger and patience, because I feel like you need both. You need to. You need to have the hunger to take the action. But you also need to have some level of patience in the process. I have clients who think, Oh, I'm going to make it happen in less than 3 years, and it takes them 3 years to really get their business up and launch to the degree that they're quite happy with it.

00:36:20.160 --> 00:36:32.359
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: Hunger and patience. Well, that is excellent. And to add to that the focus shouldn't be on the outcome. The focus should be on the process.

00:36:32.440 --> 00:37:01.670
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: So if you if you just know that these are the things you consistently have to do every day to build your business just like health, you know. If you do everything every day to either, you know, have movement in your life and drink a lot of water and eat the right foods. You're letting go of the specific number on the scale, for example, and if you detach yourself from the specific number and just focus on your processes, then you will be less disappointed

00:37:01.670 --> 00:37:07.039
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: when it doesn't happen as quickly as you want it to. You have to trust the process.

00:37:07.320 --> 00:37:27.329
Jane Atkinson: I love the term fueling your body like think of it like, you know, you're driving an amazing race car, and you're fueling it. What are you putting in there? You putting garbage in, and I watched you on your health journey. Transform co congratulations. I know you.

00:37:27.330 --> 00:37:52.189
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: I know you've had amazing success in that regard. That's not easy. No, it's a lot of work, right? It's a lot of work, and it's it's a lot of reflection like, why would I eat really healthy on the way to a keynote and then binge on the way home, you know. What does that mean? So there's like connection with receiving love and receiving, you know.

00:37:52.190 --> 00:38:20.110
Jane Atkinson: attention, and and then being able to sit with it and accept it and feel it as opposed to. No, that can't be real. And then it's a reward thing. I reward myself for a job well done with food sometimes. That's interesting that you said that. And I've been very aware of. -Oh, you know my family's my mom's in the hospital. My family's in distress. I'm eating pizza

00:38:20.110 --> 00:38:34.389
Jane Atkinson: like it's kind of like a reward for what I'm going through. And I think that front row living means that you have an awareness for all of those things in your life, and that you're putting yourself first

00:38:34.580 --> 00:38:57.310
Jane Atkinson: is a part of that we cannot give from an a well that is dry, and we definitely can't give from a well that is continually being sabotaged by adding crap to it. So I think that's interesting. And I love the idea of really like exploring. What makes you do the things that you do?

00:38:57.430 --> 00:39:25.770
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: Yeah, and choosing the people that you want in your life. You know there's a a meeting planner that every time I have lunch with her I feel worse about myself than I did before the lunch. It's just so. It's a weird thing, I mean. She constantly talks about herself and all the, and she's not aware of how she she takes over the conversation. She is not aware about how she puts people down. And I. So I just stopped going out to lunch with her. We have a texting relationship now.

00:39:25.770 --> 00:39:49.309
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: So so we have to protect, like, I said, protect our energy. That includes being surrounding ourself with front row people and not balcony people. Because you notice, whenever you decide to like, show up sort of halfway, and you decide to sit in the balcony so you can leave and come back, and no one would know. Well, guess what. You're surrounded by other people with that same kind of disengaged mindset. So why would you put yourself in the presence of other people like that.

00:39:49.310 --> 00:39:59.050
Jane Atkinson: An executive in the Food Service space. She told me. Nothing good happens in the balcony. Always go to the front row, because that's where other front row people are. Hmm!

00:39:59.060 --> 00:40:03.810
Jane Atkinson: It's so good. I mean, even if you're just attending a conference.

00:40:03.920 --> 00:40:32.930
Jane Atkinson: And I have been II actually had a guy who was a coach to me kind of like a psychic guy. Say, I have never seen anyone trying so hard to make themselves invisible in a room, and that was my old me. That was probably 20 plus years ago. Me where I would just be. Yeah, I'm here, but I'm kind of way back here, just looking on to see what's going on, and I can dash out at any moment

00:40:32.930 --> 00:40:38.839
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: if I want to. Oh, and and I have definitely been

00:40:38.850 --> 00:41:03.429
Jane Atkinson: II could definitely cop to having done that at conventions where I don't really wanna commit to this topic. So I'm just gonna come in and sit in the back row, and then I can leave if I want to do it. If you're gonna go, go. If you're gonna if you want the topic, then go, commit to it, go and sit in the front row, be there, be ready, be ready for the unexpected thing.

00:41:03.430 --> 00:41:09.129
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: Maybe you're meant to be there because there's somebody who's really cool. That's sitting next to you.

00:41:09.130 --> 00:41:24.689
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: Yeah, I think this might. We'll try to put this out right before as a big Nsa. Convention or something. People are inspired to go and sit in the front

00:41:24.930 --> 00:41:32.920
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: row. Okay, final thoughts before, if people want to get in touch with you, Marilyn. How? What's the best way? Well,

00:41:32.920 --> 00:41:57.179
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: Marilyn Marilyn like Marilyn Monroe, young people think Maryland is the State of Maryland, but it's it's Maryland, like Marilyn, Monroe and Sherman, like the Tank and I have a Youtube channel. So if you want to subscribe to my Youtube channel, just search Marilyn Sherman because I do a free front row. Friday video every Friday. So so that that's the best way to get a hold of me. That is wonderful.

00:41:57.330 --> 00:42:10.010
Jane Atkinson: Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. Yet again, I always love hanging out with you, Marilyn. We always have some interesting things to talk about, and I'm sure our listeners have

00:42:10.100 --> 00:42:34.939
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: gobbled up some of those, and we'll take them to heart. I hope so. And let me just say how honored I was to write the forward to your book, though. Wealthy. Speaker 3, I mean, that was a real honor, because, you know, a lot of really cool, amazing speakers. So the day you asked me to write the forward to your latest book was really, really an honor. So I just want to publicly thank you, for.

00:42:34.940 --> 00:42:47.210
Jane Atkinson: I was absolutely thrilled that you agreed. And I absolutely loved what you wrote. So thank you for doing that for me, and absolutely it's it's

00:42:47.210 --> 00:43:08.609
Marilyn Sherman, CSP, CPAE: we have a little fan club here between us, and I love adulation society exactly. Exactly. Well, thank you for being here. Thank you for listening in. And we'll put some things in the show notes of things that we've talked about as well as how to connect with Marilyn and subscribe to her Youtube channel

00:43:08.610 --> 00:43:24.879
Jane Atkinson: and with that we're gonna say, come on and join us here in the wealthy Speaker school and live in the front row. Come on and check out what we're doing in the private coaching, and live in the front row. I look forward to seeing you, and with that we'll say.

00:43:24.880 --> 00:43:27.369
Jane Atkinson: See you soon, wealthy speakers, bye, for now.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • Marilyn’s love of keynoting. [1:00]
  • Take your S.E.A.T. [4:00]
  • What does your front row look like? [7:30]
  • Who is your audience? [12:30]
  • Are we a good fit? [16:00]
  • Consistency pays off. [25:00]
  • Choosing your front row. [28:30]
  • Who is your crowd? [34:00]
  • Put yourself first… 38.30

Marilyn is best known for customizing her keynotes to each audience, with attendees often saying, “She was speaking directly to me. I needed that message today.” She frequently hears, “Wow, she is so much more than a motivational speaker!” She is hired to engage audiences with stories of hope, inspiration, and practical tools to implement when they leave the conference. Marilyn is also the author of three motivational books, including “Is There A Hole In Your Bucket List? “, “Whose Comfort Zone Are You In?”, and “Why Settle for the Balcony, How to Get a Front-Row Seat in Life.” She lives in Las Vegas with her husband and travels quite a bit to keynote events. She also loves to be a local resource for the many conventions held in Las Vegas each year. 

If you would like some great ideas on living your best life and moving your business forward, you simply can’t afford to miss this episode.

I hope you’ll listen and learn.


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