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[Podcast] How to Give a Speech that is Memorable, Magical & Motivational with Dr. Willie Jolley

Dr. Willie Jolley

Dr. Willie Jolley is a Hall of Fame speaker, an author, and host of his own radio show. As you might guess, he’s also a wealth of information when it comes to speaking. Willie drops by to deliver some empowering advice on how to craft and deliver a truly amazing keynote and how to tell a captivating story.

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Show Notes:

[5:50] What is it specifically that Willie’s clients want?

[8:21] There’s a much bigger focus on ROI these days.

[12:16] If you’re building a new keynote, where do you start?

[15:50] “You have to stop telling other people’s story and start telling your own.”

[19:12] Willie frames his career as a series of struggles.

[22:07] What is the “magic ingredient” that Willy adds to make his stories so compelling?

[25:08] Has Willie ever struggled with trying to fit too much into a story or speech?

[29:08] Willie offers some advice on how to get more clients.

[33:42] What’s Willie’s relationship with the education market?

[36:09] Willie is also a great singer! How does he incorporate singing into his presentations?

[40:25] The fine art of closing a speech…

[42:35] Willie does a condensed version of his “the Best is Yet to Come” story.

[50:02] What’s the best way to sell a book (without being pushy)?

[52:12] What is the “Wow Box”?

[55:06] What’s a great way to open a speech?

[58:46] What marketing tools work best for Willie?

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