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3 Strategies for Moving Out of Your ‘Money Comfort Zone’ and Finding Greater Success

money comfort zone

We have all been there. Trying to achieve the next level of our income in our business and boom – we hit a brick wall. We are stuck in our ‘Money Comfort Zone’.

It is almost like your subconscious says, “well, we are making just about the right amount of money, so let’s stay here and put up our feet.” It is not unlike that 5 or 10 pounds that just keeps you moving back to the same number on the scale.

We get stuck in our comfort zone… and it is frustrating!

frustrated business owner

For some, a goal might be to get to $100K, but your Money Comfort Zone keeps you at $65K. For others, getting past that $500K mark is just not happening. Then we have our folks who are sitting at $1M with the desire to achieve even higher revenues, but they just cannot get there.

(For those of you thinking $1M would be a pretty nice place to get stuck, I hear you. It is all relative right? Sometimes we just need to ensure that our mortgage gets paid and the lights stay on.)

So, how do we move out of our Money Comfort Zone so we can break the income barriers we desire? I have three strategies that can help.

3 Strategies for Moving Out of Your ‘Money Comfort Zone’

Moving out of your Money Comfort Zone is possible. It just takes a combination of changing your mindset and taking action. Here are my three strategies that will get you started.

breaking out of your money comfort zone


Mental Conditioning

You have heard me talk about our Wealthy Speaker Meditation before and it is so good, I want to make sure that you are taking advantage. This meditation is an excellent way to work those old thoughts about money out of your subconscious and replace them with new, more positive ones. Do this quick 10-minute guided meditation every day for 30 days and let me know what great things happen, will you?

meditating to move out of your money comfort zone

Create Urgency

I remember in my podcast with Michael Port, him talking about his initiatives. When he gets an idea, he lights a fire under his team, and they help him take massive action with urgency. Creating urgency around your projects (and not letting them take forever to come to life) is the best way to move your business to new heights. If you suffer from paralysis thru analysis, you will want to take this one to heart; it is the key to moving to the next level in your business.

taking action

Massive Focused Action

The tricky part about the Money Comfort Zone is that it is a place of comfort. You have got your bills paid and likely live quite comfortably, and that is not helping. You need to jar yourself out of complacency into action.

Many of you speak or train for a living. One way to raise your income is to raise your fees. That may get you to your magic number, but if it is not enough, you may need to look at alternative ways that don’t rely on you trading your time for money.

Perhaps you start (and monetize) a podcast, or you write your next book. Maybe you develop an online course or membership platform. Be thinking about your magic number and then set out a plan to get there.

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!

Jane Atkinson




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