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Most Promising Speakers of 2016

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Our list of Most Promising Speakers you should be watching out for in 2016

Welcome to the Decision Makers Guide to Emerging Speakers who are Hot, Hot, Hot!!!

We’ve created a list of up and comers that we think you are going to see more and more of in the future and here’s why: They are talented and they are getting great results with their clients!


JANE IMAGE copyOur Criteria

When picking our Promising Speakers for 2016, we looked at how sought after they were in the market (clients love them) and overall representation of themselves and their product. Additionally, those chosen deeply understand their core market and offer key differentiators that set them apart from the sea of speakers competing in their space.

4 of Our Most Promising Speakers of 2016



Julie Henry helps companies with a social conscience take their leaders to the next level.  Her Finish Line Leadership programs help businesses turn strategy into action and move through change with less disruption and chaos.

What differentiates Julie from other speakers and gets her hired?

After many years of facilitation and achieving high impact outcomes for her clients, Julie has transitioned over to more keynotes and workshops.

Along with that, she’s drawn a clear line in the sand: Rather than trying to be all things to all people and blending into a sea of leadership speakers, she’s leveraging her professional history and passion for sustainability, nature, and change.

Julie says, “By focusing on helping globally-conscious organizations develop leaders, I’m claiming a unique niche and feel more happy and confident just being ‘me’.” 



Pierre Battah is a well-known personality on CBC Radio in Canada. He’s been nominated several times for HR Person of the Year and strikes a cord with corporate clients with his leadership talks around Mobilizing Your Workforce. Pierre speaks their language, which is why they love him. (Note: Watch for a shift to Pierre’s website coming later in 2016!)

What differentiates Pierre from other speakers and gets him hired?

Pierre has the ability to bring a humorous and captivating blend of lessons from today’s news events, contemporary research and age-old wisdom that makes a measurable and observable difference to his audience. He also ensures that working with him is easy – from the beginning of the planning process to the logistics leading up to the event and especially displaying professionalism and flexibility when things go sideways the day of the event.

“Another factor that I think differentiates me from others is that I enable participants to make progress and solve real leadership and people challenges – a process that starts during the speech and extends to their taking meaningful steps to resolve issues when they return to their job.” says Pierre.


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JACOB GREEN helps organizations see change more clearly.  His powerful story of overcoming adversity combined with his executive leadership background are second to none.

What differentiates Jacob from other speakers and gets him hired?

Jacob’s biggest differentiator is his inspirational story on overcoming adversity. While in college, Jacob came to the aid of two Subway agents during an attempted robbery and landed himself in the hospital with a traumatic brain injury which affected his eyesight. But Jacob’s presentations don’t stop at adversity; he also taps his first-hand experience as a leader of a $500 million dollar organization, which allows him to bring together the best of both worlds.

“A key differentiator for me is that I do massive amounts of research about the organizers, attendees, and the company I am working with to ensure that my deliverables are applicable to the meeting planner’s specific needs. I merge my authentic perspective with the audience’s need to walk away with something truly tangible”  says Jacob.



Frederique Murphy infuses energy into every room that she enters. Her Mountain Moving Mindset brings audiences the powerful transformation that is required to step up their game. She is a force of nature who will get your audience pumped, but keep them moving forward with her mental strategies for success.

What differentiates Frederique from other speakers and gets her hired?

A client once described what Frederique does as ‘practical magic’. She took that idea and ran with it, developing a series of short videos called the M3 Mile that allow people to watch and experience the practical magic for themselves. The videos can be watched by buyers before hiring her and since they convey her message, brand, and promise (all while providing direct value!), they are the perfect teaser to demonstrate who she is (including her international flair and accent) and what she does on stage.

“I’ve discovered that since I created my video series, it is a short leap for buyers to imagine me on the stage delivering a full keynote to their audience” explains Frederique.


Stay tuned as we introduce more of our clients to you as the year goes on!

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!

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