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Move Your Presentation from Good to Epic with Kelly Swanson (Part II)

Move Your Presentation from Good to Epic with Jane Atkinson and Kelly Swanson (Part II)
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Quote: “I think it’s being deliciously open to exploring how you can turn this into an experience.” Kelly Swanson

We’re on a roll with the incredible Kelly Swanson, who joined us last week on The Wealthy Speaker Show for Part I to talk about creating your epic presentation. She shared so much fantastic advice that it just wouldn’t fit into one week. And again, there is so much amazing content packed into this half-hour that you’ll need to make sure you’re taking notes! As Kelly says, “Stories are the only way to show them who you are.” So, grab a pen, paper and sit back and learn how making small tweaks can take your presentation from good to epic!

Did you see last week’s episode? If you didn’t, it’s highly recommended that you circle back. Kelly gave so many great strategies that it would honestly be a disservice for you to miss it.

If you don’t already know, Kelly is an award-winning storyteller, comedian, motivational speaker, Huffington Post Contributor, and cast member of The Fashion Hero television show airing on Amazon Prime. She is also the author of Who Hijacked My Fairy Tale, The Land of If Only, The Story Formula, and The Gutsy Girls Pocket Guide to Public Speaking. She was a featured entertainer for Holland America Cruise Lines, keynote speaker for the International Toastmasters Convention, and has keynoted major conferences and corporate events from coast to coast. She just launched her one-woman show Who Hijacked My Fairy Tale in theaters and it is being booked all over the country.


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Jane Atkinson: all right. We're back with Kelly Swanson for part two of moving your presentations from good to epic. We're going to dive right in to point number or tip number five, which is having a clear outline for your keynote. Talk about it from the first, from the good perspective, and then we'll move into epic.

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Kelly Swanson: Sure, I think every speaker, every good speech, should have a clear outline for your keynote, and a reason and a purpose for everything. A strong open, a strong clothes, and some variety. Do they walk away repeating key phrases called tweedles from your speech Were they given a clear action step?

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Kelly Swanson: Did you create, buy-in instead of just a data dump? Did you seed for other business that you may want from them.

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Kelly Swanson: How do you want them to think and feel about you the topic in themselves, and does your speech do that.

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Kelly Swanson: So I think that

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Kelly Swanson: a lot of every speech very intentional, and I've used this term already in part one. But it's really important that you're crafting this presentation from that place of Am I checking all of these boxes? Am I giving them tweetable moments? Will they remember my opening or my closing story. And am I crafting those? How often do we see a speech? Just kind of why at the end, right?

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Kelly Swanson: So it just kind of goes and finishes without any kind of Tada. And so you're being really intentional about that. Okay, So we know we need that. Let's take it to epic.

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Kelly Swanson: Got it. I'll say I said this. Well, Don't, just tell it. Sell it,

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Kelly Swanson: Create a solid, persuasive speech structure that serves as your sales argument. That is more than just an outline of your talking points, but it is a journey to take them to get from A to B, just like the steps you should take in a sales presentation. Even if your model is more of a relevant message, the deep content you can still

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Kelly Swanson: persuade them. How are you going from telling people what they should do to making them want to do it. How are you at getting their buy-in and getting them to uncross their arms? Um! Now I have my own structure. I follow. Every time I get a new keynote uh of Job Jane, I pull out for my own benefit

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Kelly Swanson: my my list of questions, and I answer these questions on paper. It that doesn't mean. That's how the speech is going to come out. That doesn't mean it. It often is a great outline already. I ask myself these questions over and over again. Now I have. Ah, I put them in my story, live work. But, Jane, So if you send people to Kelly's free gift,

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Kelly Swanson: dot com, or maybe you must re-impact network later. Um, They can access those those questions. But but you really need to have so many speakers. Stop it Just here's my outline, and i'm like No, no,

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Kelly Swanson: no! You want your outline to go from here. Here's who I am creating rapport with your audience. Here's how I get you. Here's the problem we share not just you have. We share. Here's how I experience this problem. Here's what happens If you don't fix your problem. Here's what happens if you do. I'm not going to go into them. But that's a

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Kelly Swanson: sales. Those are the steps you would take to sell them on something. So the same thing you would take into a sales presentation we can take to our keynote and man. I know it works, Jane, because what does it lead to? It leads to them whatever you want them to buy when it's over. Now. No, I'm not selling from the platform at the end of my speech. If I've done this right number one, they're convinced they need story, and i'm the one to help them do it. They're convinced that their company has this problem, and they're lining up.

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Maybe not lining up, but they're coming up with their car going. We need you to teach all our people this. They're going to the free gift. If I've done my job right, I persuaded everybody that they are desperate to go get what's in the free gift. I didn't do it today on this call, but you see, that's different. That's strategic,

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Kelly Swanson: and it's persuasive. I might have said last example. I was speaking to a group of people in one of my story-driven leadership workshops, and I I knew that some of these people needed to work with me more, and I said, Well, when I work with companies in our strategic storytelling sessions,

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Kelly Swanson: sure enough, I get back home.

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Kelly Swanson: One person in there says you mentioned story strategy sessions. How can we get one of those? It's not even something that exists on paper. But I went sure. So I that was seating. I strategically put that in there, and you have to be,

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even if you don't script out your entire keynote, you can still have a clear outline

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Kelly Swanson: of where you want to go. I'm getting through the code for you. You cannot miss Kelly's free gift, Com. Because she is going to lay it all out for you and take the guesswork out of putting together this amazing presentation that will move you from good to epic. So go to Ww. Kelly's free gift, dot Com.

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Kelly Swanson: Yes, and look for the story. Lib's workbook. It's. It's all free. You're not, but it. But the story live work will only inside of it. I've backed out all this questions so that I can talk about your Academy to me. Okay,

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Jane Atkinson: your Your offer on that is is so inexpensive we'll talk about it up yet. So let's go to Number Six, which is, sell you as much as your content, so I can feel people getting like who I can't sell myself from the stage. That feels a key. What do you mean from a good perspective? And then we'll talk about. Okay,

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Kelly Swanson: sure. And you know when I'm saying, sell, I don't mean you have to do all of this. Our clients will not let us sell from the stage.

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Kelly Swanson: So all of this has to be subtle and and ah, convincing. That's what I mean a lot when I say so. But yes, so you as much as your content. There are so many great Powerpoint presentations I've seen where the speaker was in the dark,

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Kelly Swanson: literally the dark, and I went Not only I. I don't even know what you look like, because all we saw was your screen the whole time, because the room was dark for us to see it. We walked away with great messages and great content, but we didn't remember you, and this is no good if they can.

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They buy you first, so allow them to get you.

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Kelly Swanson: Too many speakers simply share the information we may love. What we hear like, I said. We may take good notes, but I want to remember you. I want to feel like I know you telling them what to do is not the same as making them want to do it,

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Kelly Swanson: and if you want them to take action, you you you have to. That makes you a sales person up there.

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Kelly Swanson: Okay, cardinal rule of sales. We all know this people buy for people. They like

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Kelly Swanson: people, they trust people, they believe people, they feel like they have. If you want them to follow you on that journey if you want them to buy what you're selling them from the message. If I want them to buy into the message. If you've got to get them to like you and trust you, and you don't do it in the end. But the biggest mistake I Well, this is the what I see most speakers skip. They launch right into that for a while. They don't even tell them they need it. They just say, here's how you're better at customer service, and they skip this this critical part. Stories

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are the only way

00:35:43.890 --> 00:35:45.840
Kelly Swanson: to show people who you are

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Kelly Swanson: without just telling them. So I hope you have a story that tells them what you care about. Are you showing them this message? What it means? What this topic means to you personally? Do you share how you can relate to their pain in a personal way. Those are examples. I believe every good speaker should be

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Kelly Swanson: giving us the opportunity to get to know you as well.

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Jane Atkinson: Beautiful. Let's take it. Epic

00:36:10.820 --> 00:36:17.710
Kelly Swanson: Epic. Find a creative way to do that. I have just like the mirror Bit

00:36:17.720 --> 00:36:33.060
Kelly Swanson: is a creative way to show them who I am, What I'm worried about. It's a very real authentic. Another example. I have a monologue that I use all the time since two thousand and twenty. I'm like, hey, before we get started. It's been a rough year ahead.

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Kelly Swanson: Been Do a lot to a pandemic. I know. I know most. Many of you are back to

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good for you, but a lot of us, Aren't and I believe that no matter what our storm, i'm doing this faster, but we should look back and go see the silver lining. So before we get started before we move forward,

00:36:49.470 --> 00:36:58.989
Kelly Swanson: I can share with you some of the things I learned in two thousand and twenty. First thing I learned, Everybody's kind. People are nice to you, sneeze and mind behind them at the grocery store.

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Kelly Swanson: Then i'll bet. So I learned to do it yourself. Penny has that. So? I know i'm using humor,

00:37:05.830 --> 00:37:31.220
Kelly Swanson: but i'm injecting little things about me like Don't. Send your kids to to virtual Sunday School with devil horns and a little goatee. They will not think that's funny. Don't bang on the door of the altar because they close down. They're a lot bad, and you need to get your eye shadow. Burn Amber Number Eleven. See they just, and then I spin it right at the end, and and everybody could do the same thing. I just make a list. It's easy to make it funny or cute, or can't be. I make them all just

00:37:31.230 --> 00:37:39.990
Kelly Swanson: little things, and I've learned that there's a pant point where the yoga pants will finally stop stretching, you know. And then I say, but most of all

00:37:40.060 --> 00:37:42.910
Kelly Swanson: I've learned that no matter how bad life gets,

00:37:42.960 --> 00:37:47.339
Kelly Swanson: no matter how much is taken away from you, or how much you have to face loss you,

00:37:47.580 --> 00:37:50.930
Kelly Swanson: or hardships, or watch your whole livelihood disappear.

00:37:51.070 --> 00:37:57.090
Kelly Swanson: I have learned that life will give you a silver lining if you're just brave enough to look for it.

00:37:57.520 --> 00:38:00.199
That's what I'm here today to talk about

00:38:00.220 --> 00:38:03.750
Kelly Swanson: how we can look for the silver linings

00:38:03.760 --> 00:38:32.749
Kelly Swanson: in our business, whatever. See? So that's that's how you do it. And just, and there are many different ways to get their messages, and I don't want to just know that you just created an experience simply by changing your voice and slowing your role. Yeah. Started out with jab, jab, jab, ja, really funny stuff. And then you got serious, and even got a little bit of emotional,

00:38:32.760 --> 00:38:39.489
Jane Atkinson: and I felt you in a way that gave me goosebumps, and that's,

00:38:39.500 --> 00:38:57.810
Kelly Swanson: and and I didn't plan it, and I didn't act it. I felt it in the moment. I know that's not what we're talking about today, but that's why. Because i'm, i'm having it. I'm not just reciting it. A script I wrote. I'm telling you this, and i'm making i'm trying to get the timing right, and then I stop, and i'm like,

00:38:58.850 --> 00:39:00.659
Kelly Swanson: but i'll tell you what I really learned.

00:39:00.670 --> 00:39:01.620
Jane Atkinson: Yeah,

00:39:02.270 --> 00:39:03.990
Kelly Swanson: I mean, I call on that.

00:39:04.000 --> 00:39:11.290
Kelly Swanson: You know that emotion again. I just anyway, I think that's important, and you know, and they love people love funny, funny, funny

00:39:11.480 --> 00:39:12.660
Kelly Swanson: there.

00:39:12.920 --> 00:39:20.089
Kelly Swanson: And it is also a way to go. Yeah, I just made a bunch of jokes about what was the worst time for many people in their lives.

00:39:20.100 --> 00:39:26.200
Kelly Swanson: And so it And I I believe I've done it beautifully that i'm like. And yeah,

00:39:26.220 --> 00:39:27.989
Kelly Swanson: no matter how hard it get.

00:39:28.000 --> 00:39:34.789
Kelly Swanson: I believe I honor the fact that for everybody it wasn't jokes, Bob, that it closings the way I closed it.

00:39:34.800 --> 00:39:36.189
Jane Atkinson: Yeah, perfect,

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Kelly Swanson: All right. Number eight. Oh, no, we're uh, okay. So

00:39:49.290 --> 00:40:04.090
Kelly Swanson: actually, this Segue is nice, because the next point is create an experience, not just a program. Okay? So

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Kelly Swanson: oh, you probably didn't thought we were done. No, I'm not sure. I am going to recap them for you for those of you who are taking good notes here. Um create an experience, not just a program. Talk about that from a good perspective,

00:40:22.200 --> 00:40:37.500
Kelly Swanson: right? And and i'm going to. Yes, every good speaker should should be focused, not just on the words they need to say, and the information they need to relay. But what is this experience? I'm. Going to create in the room. And man, This is important, because if you're going to sell it, that's I believe, and you can

00:40:37.510 --> 00:40:44.570
Kelly Swanson: push back on this chain if i'm not right, because again i'm the speaker's perspective, not the buyers, but I believe they don't. Just buy our information.

00:40:44.670 --> 00:40:48.010
Fifty people talking about storytelling that I know of.

00:40:48.020 --> 00:41:03.910
Kelly Swanson: You know they're not. They're buying the experience that i'm going to create in the room, and all of us create an experience. So focus on. How are you turning your content into an experience? You probably already have it. Do you know how to verbalize it and describe it? What does it look like,

00:41:03.920 --> 00:41:10.499
Kelly Swanson: and look at the different ways. You can change the way your program looks and sounds and feels

00:41:10.700 --> 00:41:17.370
Kelly Swanson: music. Great example, the simple. You know addition of a song, even if you're just singing it,

00:41:17.410 --> 00:41:19.359
Kelly Swanson: you know. Lights

00:41:19.690 --> 00:41:23.590
Kelly Swanson: interaction with the audience playing a game, putting a video

00:41:23.600 --> 00:41:33.810
Kelly Swanson: video itself opens up massive different opportunities. Where you come from when you're introduced. Do you have props? Do you have act outs, all of those? Take it from a lecture

00:41:33.840 --> 00:41:34.990
Kelly Swanson: to an experience.

00:41:35.000 --> 00:41:40.189
Kelly Swanson: Now, that's what I believe every good speaker should do. I'm going to talk about what I think the epic one should do.

00:41:40.200 --> 00:41:45.599
Kelly Swanson: Now, would you agree as a meeting planner in your past and a buyer. Am I correct?

00:41:45.610 --> 00:41:52.989
Jane Atkinson: One hundred percent, And I think I look for those little goose bump moments?

00:41:53.700 --> 00:42:16.390
Jane Atkinson: Well, as I move in a way, and oftentimes music can be like you said, or a video or something, it just kind of gets you. And maybe if there's something that people are missing kind of organically through their own storytelling. Maybe they pull from elsewhere.

00:42:16.400 --> 00:42:26.990
Kelly Swanson: Yeah, okay, what? How do we take it up? And epic. Yeah. And stories. I should have said stories. That's my biggest thing. Stories are a great way to create an experience, and being fun, I should have added that, too.

00:42:27.000 --> 00:42:34.109
Kelly Swanson: They want be fun. If you people want their audiences not to be bored, they want them to have fun. That's it. They

00:42:34.120 --> 00:42:48.390
Kelly Swanson: They're all looking for that. That's what Funny wants to. I think they think they need to be kind of corporate buttoned up, and it's like. Wait a second. What's your personality. Let's be. Let's have some fun out there on stage, and I think that's really changing the game for them.

00:42:48.400 --> 00:42:53.989
Kelly Swanson: I don't think you ever had a client jade, who asked you. Please send us somebody who's going to be really dry and worried

00:42:54.000 --> 00:42:54.919
Jane Atkinson: a

00:42:54.930 --> 00:42:57.089
very informational.

00:42:57.100 --> 00:43:00.710
Jane Atkinson: So let's take it up it. You want me to take it at it.

00:43:00.950 --> 00:43:02.089
Kelly Swanson: Um

00:43:02.530 --> 00:43:09.469
Kelly Swanson: do something they haven't seen before. Come out of your comfort zone. For years I taught people my persuasion. Principle.

00:43:09.760 --> 00:43:12.249
Um in a very teacher way.

00:43:12.640 --> 00:43:34.510
Kelly Swanson: Okay, I would say, this is what it is. This is why it matters not. And I I went looking for something different I was. I got a friend to look at my stuff. It's easier when somebody can look at it from the outside. I said, I want something cool like you. You interact. You have a fun thing you do. I want something like that. How can I make this fun? And she said, Well, what is your persuasion principle like, and we look for an illustration of it. It's like the dating day

00:43:34.520 --> 00:43:40.200
Kelly Swanson: for the old dating game from the sixtys or whatever. So she goes. Let's play the dating game.

00:43:40.260 --> 00:43:55.219
Kelly Swanson: And so I came up with a fun way, because it was a perfect illustration to teach my analogy for the persuasion principle that everybody could understand. So So now we play the dating game. I bring contestants up. I can do it simple. I can. You know I did it over

00:43:55.230 --> 00:44:03.809
Kelly Swanson: a pre-recorded video version of it. So I found a game that teaches, and it really teaches my philosophy in a very good,

00:44:03.820 --> 00:44:33.810
Kelly Swanson: actually quite complicated way. Now, another another thing. This is different. Um. Sometimes i'll dress up as the serve in the hotel. If they have a breakfast. I just did this for supply chain people, and they had a breakfast. They're all sitting around tables. I was the one clearing their plates, taking their water. Getting. No, No, Some guy asked for Pepsi, and I want to make a wild goose chase trying to find her coke when they only serve Pepsi so, and then when I came up I loaded into my message about being a service,

00:44:33.820 --> 00:44:58.529
Kelly Swanson: and that sometimes the the our connection doesn't happen when we have the microphone. It happens in these moments, you know, so I immediately wove it in the phone. Ringing from Prides Hollow is another example. These are things that turn it into an experience rather than just a program. I guarantee you, Jane. They will have forgotten my name. They will remember the time that speaker came up to the stage,

00:44:58.760 --> 00:45:14.209
Kelly Swanson: and I had been there, their waiter. And this actually save ways nicely into Number Eight, because I can tell you that I've heard you tell a lot of different stories, but the chubrupt story

00:45:15.070 --> 00:45:33.190
Kelly Swanson: that I have talked about it I mean really out of all the speakers that I know. It's a story that I just will never, ever.

00:45:33.200 --> 00:45:37.309
Kelly Swanson: Yes, and I gotta say, Chub, Rob went into the theater show

00:45:37.320 --> 00:45:48.790
Kelly Swanson: so slowly. Once I get something I like as much I will retire it from my keynote, but it because it lives in the theater show now, and i'll tell you if you

00:45:48.800 --> 00:46:02.659
Jane Atkinson: selfish blood. So you don't have to buy it. So that's not a plug When it's free y'all have got to go. Listen to Bitsey's waxing party that I just put on you two, Jay. It is the funniest thing I have ever written. Hands down.

00:46:02.670 --> 00:46:15.989
Kelly Swanson: Now there's a home waxing party, and all these old women come to it, and just so. You know it does not have anything to do with Mop and your floors, and I wrote: I was like I told my husband I was like this is my next job,

00:46:16.000 --> 00:46:30.990
Kelly Swanson: this thing. So, anyway, Okay, so sorry. Um. Ah, I just love my stories, and that was a hoo. Okay, you're right, though they remember the stories. That is what they remember, anyway. So I think every good speaker should have an amazing

00:46:31.000 --> 00:46:40.590
Kelly Swanson: story. Someone once told me that the best speakers are the ones with the best stories, and I would tweak this to say that the best speakers are the ones with the right stories.

00:46:40.600 --> 00:46:53.250
Kelly Swanson: Ah! That they've made. I never had a story that was as exciting as a lot of those speakers out there. They're saved mature story. I never had that. Well, now I do, because I believe the kid with the imaginary

00:46:53.260 --> 00:47:11.760
Kelly Swanson: in her head is going to become my new signature story. But, Jane, I didn't have that nothing exciting. Chop rub is about sequent pants that rubbed together in my thighs. I found the ordinary. So, anyway, I don't care what you speak about, or how much content is in your program, the truth remains. That story will do most of the work.

00:47:11.770 --> 00:47:18.289
Kelly Swanson: So do you have stories that illustrate and put a human face on your talking points.

00:47:18.300 --> 00:47:26.229
Kelly Swanson: Not all of them. Just some of them. Do you share examples of your content in action with a face and a name.

00:47:26.520 --> 00:47:41.349
Kelly Swanson: Do you use stories as a strategic tool to make them think or feel a certain way? Or are you just using stories because somebody said you should do you wing your stories and settle for oh, this is good enough, or do you ramble through them?

00:47:41.360 --> 00:47:48.289
Kelly Swanson: Do you understand the lesson in the story and state it clearly. Those are things I would ask anybody to just have a good speech,

00:47:48.300 --> 00:47:49.810
Kelly Swanson: right? Right? Right? Right?

00:47:49.820 --> 00:48:10.630
Kelly Swanson: So you want to go ev it. Well, first, do you have anything you want to say about that? Well, I think that you probably are one of the most amazing people to to really show people how to take your stories from good to epic and let's talk about

00:48:10.830 --> 00:48:12.649
Jane Atkinson: how you deliver them.

00:48:12.720 --> 00:48:15.979
Kelly Swanson: Okay, it in other. Okay, So Epic:

00:48:16.010 --> 00:48:26.589
Kelly Swanson: Ah, because i'm always looking for. Okay, this is a good story. I look for the idea. Then I look for. Okay, let's get it. Get the right structure behind it

00:48:26.600 --> 00:48:34.269
Kelly Swanson: Um! And and and let's make it as entertaining as we can. And then I look at Is there a different way to tell this story?

00:48:35.360 --> 00:48:53.689
Kelly Swanson: Um, whether it's just sitting standing, whether it's in video or a different medium. Um. Ah, okay. So take your stories over the top and how you deliver. Maybe not all of them. Maybe it's just one. You could start with a big story at the beginning of your keynote, and you could finish it at the end.

00:48:53.700 --> 00:48:55.489
Kelly Swanson: I love that

00:48:55.500 --> 00:49:14.079
Kelly Swanson: love a good wrap around. I do, too. We're even weaving it all the way through. Some people have really big stories, and it requires, you know, a stopping and go putting a pin in it. So I love the we, for have music play behind your story in certain parts. Okay, here's an example. One time I I thought this was pretty epic.

00:49:14.180 --> 00:49:20.490
Kelly Swanson: I wrote a story about what a guy in a vacuum store taught me about customer service.

00:49:20.500 --> 00:49:21.359
Kelly Swanson: Okay, right?

00:49:21.820 --> 00:49:22.789
Kelly Swanson: So right now, it's

00:49:22.800 --> 00:49:33.640
Kelly Swanson: I mean, just your basic story about a guy who hires a millennial. We called Man Bun in the Stewart. And and why, man by.

00:49:33.980 --> 00:49:56.070
Kelly Swanson: But Man Bun learned the lesson about how really it was all about connection and relationships, and not he had the best app. Or, anyway, it's a pretty good story, and it illustrated my point perfectly of why you need to pay attention to connection emotional connection in your business. So I wrote the story, and I thought, Okay, this is good. It's It's It's okay, maybe even great.

00:49:56.080 --> 00:49:58.969
Kelly Swanson: But I wanted to do one better. So I added music to it.

00:49:59.140 --> 00:50:14.679
Kelly Swanson: And I was like, Okay, that's great. So like you kind of hear this: a man choosing the store music, I can be an hour on the Internet just finding the right music that goes behind my story. But I wanted to do better one better. So I went out and hired an artist to

00:50:15.300 --> 00:50:17.490
Kelly Swanson: draw out the story

00:50:17.500 --> 00:50:20.989
Kelly Swanson: with his hand and a bolt paid about one thousand five hundred,

00:50:21.310 --> 00:50:25.689
Kelly Swanson: bought a video where he had drawn it,

00:50:26.320 --> 00:50:51.560
Kelly Swanson: and then I played it behind me, told the story, and the video had music in the background, and I narrated it instead, and had a copy made with my voice as well that could live on Youtube. So if you go look cash vacuum story, it's somewhere on my Youtube Channel, you'll see that. And you just know that I I did it live. I only did it once once paid, and then I showed an Nsa chapter. Never did

00:50:51.570 --> 00:50:59.689
Kelly Swanson: again. I'm like, Why didn't I ever do that again. So because that story was written for that group in particular that was pretty dark.

00:50:59.700 --> 00:51:01.390
That's epic, in my opinion.

00:51:01.400 --> 00:51:02.229
Kelly Swanson: Oh, I

00:51:02.380 --> 00:51:07.089
that big. And so I want to ask you why you're not using it more

00:51:07.100 --> 00:51:12.290
Kelly Swanson: because I haven't spoken on customer service again. Okay,

00:51:12.300 --> 00:51:21.090
Kelly Swanson: I mean, I probably have. But it, but but because I have so many stories, I need to use it again. But I will tell you this with my new keynote idea.

00:51:21.100 --> 00:51:24.820
Kelly Swanson: No two of my keynotes have ever really been the same. J.

00:51:24.830 --> 00:51:52.709
Kelly Swanson: Ah, but i'm moving into a space to make that template more of the same. I want to go hire somebody for the Pride's hollow idea. I want to go find somebody to draw just the little girl's story, not Oh, man, whether it's the hotel, but just the girl on the bus. It starts on the school bus and have the hand draw her creating these imaginary characters. So if you all know anybody. Anybody's got a connection because I lost my last connection. I'll never who it was that I could hire

00:51:52.720 --> 00:52:05.119
Kelly Swanson: to do that. I think that's worth investing in. And even though I don't use Powerpoint and media, that's another reason. J. I. Don't do powerpoint or media, I can do so much without that. With this,

00:52:05.130 --> 00:52:13.189
Kelly Swanson: just with my story. So it adds a whole new element when I got to figure out how to get them to play a video.

00:52:13.330 --> 00:52:37.319
Jane Atkinson: Okay, everybody. This has been a treasure trove of ideas, and I'm just going to summarize them. If you're listening in from, make sure that you circle back to part one if you haven't seen it. But let me review them all for you. Ah, number one is a really a really strong idea.

00:52:37.330 --> 00:52:42.229
Jane Atkinson: Number two is show them that you get them.

00:52:42.470 --> 00:52:58.660
Jane Atkinson: Number three is a clear understanding of your style, and, by the way, you'll be able to get all of these in the wealthy speaker. Three that's coming out this fall. Number four is a clear understanding of your substance.

00:52:59.320 --> 00:53:04.540
Jane Atkinson: Number five is a clear outline for your keynote.

00:53:04.610 --> 00:53:10.560
Jane Atkinson: Number six is sell you as much as your content.

00:53:10.900 --> 00:53:31.350
Jane Atkinson: Number seven is create an experience, not just a program and number eight, which you could not miss, because This is what you're all about. Have an amazing story. This is, and moving from good to that big.

00:53:31.360 --> 00:53:43.379
Jane Atkinson: It's really pretty small. It's like adding the music or adding the video, or it's not this massive changes, is it? It's kind of small increments, Don't, you think?

00:53:43.450 --> 00:53:52.089
Kelly Swanson: Yes, it is, and can be, or it can be big leaps like I do. But I went through small leaks before I was ready to make big leaks.

00:53:52.100 --> 00:53:59.449
Kelly Swanson: Jane, I don't know if you hear this a lot. But one thing I hear from a lot of speakers that come to work with me is,

00:53:59.510 --> 00:54:03.229
Kelly Swanson: I know i'm good, but I know I could be better.

00:54:03.240 --> 00:54:15.450
Kelly Swanson: I know there's a bigger stage. I want a bigger fee I want to, and that's what this is all about, is there? There's it is going that extra mile

00:54:15.980 --> 00:54:23.390
Kelly Swanson: to make them, you know, and and and i'll go back to where I started is go. Look at all the speakers. You've watched

00:54:23.400 --> 00:54:37.189
Kelly Swanson: what made the epic ones that you still I love that you said that, Jane. I still can't shake it. You're still remembering what they did, and you may not be. Say, I remember it because of the structure,

00:54:37.200 --> 00:54:46.589
Kelly Swanson: you know, or I remember it, because I had a good outline, even though I still believe that's what it makes. But you're going to say it was because of some of these things on the list,

00:54:46.600 --> 00:54:49.239
and maybe even just having one will be good enough.

00:54:49.250 --> 00:54:51.290
Kelly Swanson: You need a structure, though

00:54:51.300 --> 00:55:17.800
Jane Atkinson: very first. Ah, big conference I ever went to Captain Jerry Coffee, Prisoner of war passed away a few years ago, unfortunately, and I think what made his. He was telling the story of living in this tiny cell and having his other fellow prisoners of war. Ah! Beside him in cells. This is in Vietnam, and how they tapped out

00:55:17.810 --> 00:55:35.780
Jane Atkinson: this code to each other, and I can remember to this day. This is thirty years ago, Kelly, the sound of him knocking on the piano that was behind him.

00:55:35.910 --> 00:55:40.390
Jane Atkinson: But the tapping is what I remember.

00:55:41.010 --> 00:55:43.379
Kelly Swanson: Yeah. I remember Mark Sharon Brock

00:55:43.390 --> 00:56:12.700
Kelly Swanson: when he talked about people being drafted for Vietnam, and he was looking for his dad's name, I think, on the on the wall um of of fallen soldiers, or something like that, and but i'll never forget when he called out a draft. I forget how he got into it, but he had people call out their draft numbers. And, Jane, it gives me goosebumps. Even watching it on. Video was not the same when I watched it later as sitting in there, and people started calling out what their draft number

00:56:12.710 --> 00:56:24.169
Kelly Swanson: years later. Yeah, see It's It's finding that. And the question becomes, Do you need one? Do you need to. I think it's being deliciously open

00:56:24.230 --> 00:56:26.259
Kelly Swanson: to exploring

00:56:26.620 --> 00:56:31.049
Kelly Swanson: how you can turn this into an experience

00:56:31.520 --> 00:56:42.489
Kelly Swanson: that maybe is the most important one of all is, how do you move? How can you turn this into an experience And you have so many things at your disposal to use to do that?

00:56:42.500 --> 00:56:43.390
Jane Atkinson: Ah,

00:56:43.400 --> 00:57:04.990
Jane Atkinson: okay, well, you really fast it on something amazing. There, I love that Sherbrock story, and I love him. I've seen him a whole lot of times. Tell everybody you have a story impact network. But you also have story impact. Academy. Talk a bit about the differences between those two.

00:57:05.000 --> 00:57:07.519
Kelly Swanson: Yes, they're both on the same platform.

00:57:08.120 --> 00:57:15.790
Kelly Swanson: Mighty networks platform is what I'm using. But the network is the the social hangout

00:57:15.800 --> 00:57:19.090
Kelly Swanson: where i'm trying to gather. People who want to talk story,

00:57:19.100 --> 00:57:33.430
Kelly Swanson: my free gift all the free gift resources. If you don't want to go there, just go to story impact network, dot com story impact network dot com That's the free place. That's social. That's I'm talking story, you know. We're just hanging out.

00:57:33.530 --> 00:57:51.980
Kelly Swanson: Okay, And then the Academy is sitting inside of there, and that's That's the year spend a year with me. The persuasion principal course is going to be sitting inside of there in this fall. The group, you know people have access to me all year, open office hours.

00:57:51.990 --> 00:58:03.290
Kelly Swanson: Oh, I can say how much it is here. It's dirt cheap. Do not tell me to raise it, Jane. I will eventually it is four hundred and ninety-seven for the entire year, and that's the year, not for months and we said,

00:58:03.300 --> 00:58:31.459
Kelly Swanson: or not heaven for the entire. I know it's it's ridiculous. I'm building it. I want to, and i'll tell you this is the group i'm going to love on every just like you love on your your, your your your wealthy speaker group and all your your speaker school. Um, this is. And and if you go to story impact Academy, Com. It will tell you what I don't want it for you with that. But go to story Impact Academy. Dot com, and it'll tell you our mission and what we're all about,

00:58:31.470 --> 00:58:59.369
Kelly Swanson: and we don't do business coaching. Sorry it's not the world out. We're in at the Welfare School, and we have a lot of shared members. By the way, we have a lot of people who are part of your network and academy, and are absolutely thrilled with everything that they learn, Kelly Swanson. Once again you have blown the doors off. I appreciate you so much.

00:58:59.380 --> 00:59:14.600
Kelly Swanson: Thank you for taking the time to be with us here today. You're welcome. Thanks for having me, Hey, everybody, all my friends, I love you. I love you too, Jane Rockel and I will see you soon. Wealthy speakers bye, for now everyone.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • Take them on a journey. [1:00]
  • Make sure they remember you. [5:00]
  • Program vs. experience. [12:00]
  • Find your amazing story. [17:00]
  • Putting it all together. [24:00]
  • Remembering epic presentations. [27:00]

Kelly’s wacky wit and powerful stories have charmed hearts and tickled funny bones for over 18 years. In addition to her role as a funny motivational speaker, Kelly teaches people how she does it by sharing what she has learned about connecting and engaging to have more influence in business through the use of one tool – strategic storytelling. Sharing her own powerful journey through story and the formula she discovered, you come to that magical place where the art of story meets the business of persuasion.

If you’re looking for some great strategies that will help you take your presentation from good to epic, taking you to a bigger stage and larger fee, you simply can’t afford to miss this episode (or last week’s).

I hope you’ll download and learn.


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