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Platform and Business Skills that Result in Spin Off with Walter Bond


Today, The Wealthy Speaker Podcast is being brought to you by the Inner Circle Mastermind.  So how does a speaker go from a $10,000 keynote to $30,000 keynote?  I’m about to share all of my insider secrets. And more importantly, I’m going to make sure you actually IMPLEMENT them in your business.  That’s The Inner Circle Mastermind program—a 12-month, time-tested program designed to help you lay down a foundation, accelerate and scale your business!  If you want to be above average and you want to have a coach at your side, drop me a line through this contact form and I’ll send over the details.

On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Podcast we are talking about Spin off and how to keep them wanting to book you again & again.  Walter Bond is joining us to share his story and give us some great ideas to make your clients want to rebook you from your first gig.

Walter is a Hall of Fame Business Speaker who focuses on Peak Performance and Creating Championship Teams. A former Big Ten and NBA Basketball Player, Walter has executed the daily habits and skills needed to win in the game of business. In addition to having success in sports, Walter has led a number of business organizations.

He shares lessons learned from being a Franchisee and Leading a Growing Training and Development business that experiences Year to Year growth of over 10%.  He has keynoted conferences in numerous countries for some great brands such as 3M, Domino’s, Accenture, Boston Scientific, Hilton, The Dwyer Group, UPS, State Farm Insurance, Mosaic, Honeywell and Allianz, and I know you guys are going to love him too.


Spin off is not guaranteed but we always hope to get more business from the platform. You have to stand out and deliver an epic keynote to keep them wanting more. Walter shares his insight and gives great tips to take your speaking game to the next level.

Listen the podcast below:

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Highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • What it was like to transition out of professional sports into the “real world”.  [4:45]
  • How I became a speaker.  [7:45]
  • How I develop my speeches.  [12:20]
  • How to set yourself up to get spin off.  [18:50]
  • Spin off is “after work”.  [23:45]
  • Shifting from “Here I Am” to “There You Are”.  [30:00]

If you don’t get as much spin off as you would like, be sure to tune in for some great ideas and advice to keeping them wanting more!

Podcast Resources:

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Connect with Walter on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.
Walter’s Book, All Buts Stink

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