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[Podcast] 6 Common Social Media Mistakes and How to Fix Them with Chris Tompkins

6 Common Social Media Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Social media mistakes. We’ve all made them. It’s okay, though, because Chris Tompkins of the Go! Agency drops by to highlight how can you go from making common social media mistakes to a social media platform that on-boards people and converts them into enthusiastic evangelists.

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Show Notes:

[2:15]  There are so many choices out there for social media platforms. Which ones should speakers focus on?

[3:20] The number one mistake that all of us, not just speakers, make.

[4:44] Make sure you take a look at competitors’ social media strategies!

[5:59] Mistake number 2- It’s not just about numbers.

[8:38] Mistake number 3- Consistency is critical.

[10:41] What are some good tools that make executing a plan easier?

[12:20] Mistake number 4- Don’t push too hard.

[14:52] When you share an article, can it be one that you’ve written?

[16:00] Mistake number 5- What is your goal?

[19:36] When is the ideal time before you launch a book or product to start building a social media audience?

[20:55] How do you go from starting out to building a real following?

[24:32] What’s up with hashtags?

[29:00] How can you avoid getting blocked by spam filters?

[32:27] Mistake number 6- This one is near and dear to Chris’s heart…lack of planning.

[35:23] If Chris had to choose only one thing to do as far as social media, what would it be?

[36:30] How separate personal from business on Facebook.

[41:39] Listener Questions

[42:37] What are iframes and why is Facebook using them? 

[44:00] Hootsuite, Tweetdeck or both?

[47:51] You have to be careful about not sending the same info out too much!

[55:29] What does Chris think about Facebook contests?

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