[Podcast] Accelerating Your Speaking Business with Kindra Hall

Kindra Hall has built her brand on storytelling. As a speaker and consultant (and soon-to-be author), Kindra has helped an impressive roster of corporate clients harness the power of storytelling to connect with their audiences. Kindra discussed some of the key decisions that have taken her from her early days to the in-demand authority that she is today.

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Show Notes:

1:38 How did Kindra make storytelling her lane?

5:49 Kindra had to learn how to make her storytelling the answer for her audience.

7:35 Kindra take the audience from the early days of her business to the current day.

11:10 How did Kindra show up with confidence?

12:00 Part of Kindra’s early business plan was to send out around 600 emails. What kind of results did she get?

15:06 Kindra talks about testing her message and getting in front of as many people as possible.

16:12 What happens when the boulder starts chasing you?

17:53 How much time and energy did Kindra put into making sure that each speech would lead to more work?

20:35 You can use your connections with audiences to make them the hero in your stories.

21:46 Kindra discusses her most recent demo video.

23:23 What is the key (or keys) to Kindra’s quick rise through the industry?

You can connect with Kindra and get updates on her upcoming book at kindrahall.com

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  • Jim Ruta

    OK, so I’ll ask the question everyone has… When Kindra talks about increasing her fees, what are we talking about specifically? It seems she increased them 3 times or so in a short time. The question is, from what to what. I can’t see that she is a celebrity speaker in the sense I understand, so I too am interested in what those fees were and are today. I believe this will help other viewers get a sense of where they might fit into the pricing continuum. In my experience, fees have always been the most difficult part of the business model and getting the right perspective is a big confidence booster. Did I cross a line? If so, forgive me.

    • speakerlauncher

      Hey Jim. It’s likely available on some of the bureau websites, so I don’t feel wrong sharing that Kindra should be approaching the $15K mark within the next year.

  • Jim Ruta

    Thank you.

  • Jim Ruta

    And, for the record, I’m not loving the picture attached to my post. Have to find a way to change that. 🙂