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[Podcast] Boost Your Speaker Bookings with Social Media with Erin Gargan

[Podcast] Boost Your Speaker Bookings with Social Media with Erin Gargan - digital persuasion tips

As a professional speaker, you likely have a presence on social media, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or something else. I mean, for years the experts have been telling us that we HAVE to be on social so by now, we’ve all jumped on that bandwagon.

But is your presence effective? Does it help you meet clients or book gigs? For many of us, the unfortunate answer is “No.” Even with regular posting, many speaker pages are wastelands, with scant engagement and few meaningful conversations. All of that changes today, with the help of social media guru Erin Gargan.

Erin is an award-winning entrepreneur, author and digital persuasion expert. As the CEO of Socialite Agency, she has worked on social campaigns for clients including the Oscars, ABC Disney, Visa and Hitachi. Her book, Digital Persuasion: Sell Smarter in the Modern Marketplace, will be coming out in August and as we eagerly await its release, Erin is sharing her advice in this podcast, including:

  • The most common mistakes speakers make when doing social media.
  • How automation can prevent you from building relationships.
  • The difference between real life communication and social media communication.
  • The PUB method, a 3-element formula for delivering strong digital persuasion.
  • How to be persuasive and personal without using the word “I.”

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