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[Podcast] Leveraging Your Content & Intellectual Property with Dan Miller

Leveraging Your Content & Intellectual Property with Dan Miller

Dan Miller, author of the highly acclaimed book, 48 Days to the Work You Love, has built a successful business helping people achieve personal and business and success. Dan drops by to talk about how he has leveraged products, writing, seminars, and podcasting to have the business he’s always wanted.  

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Show Notes:

:20 How did Dan get started as an author, coach, and speaker?

[5:07] Reference to Have it Your Way blog to view graphic we’ll be discussing

[6:16] Dan talks about focusing on what’s relevant.

[7:39] Often the financial rewards come from teaching others to be successful

[8:02] What can authors do to make their book a best-seller?

[10:43] Why 48 days and not 30? Hint- it has to do with branding and positioning.

[12:56] Who does Dan have in place as a team?

[15:50] A big part of doing the work you love is not being responsible for ALL of the work.

[18:01] What are the things that Dan does great?

[20:51] Podcasting was a big turning point for Dan.

[26:22] Who answers the phone when you call Dan’s company?

[32:31] The big question coaches need to answer, how can you help someone make money?

[34:12] The most effective use of Dan’s speaking talents is giving interviews.

[36:26] What are some of the most successful products that Dan has developed?

[45:42] The louder the noise it makes when you drop it on the floor, the more you can charge for it.

[49:47] What has Dan done to expand his fanbase?

[52:46] What does Dan do to promote his podcast?

[58:18] A few user questions

[58:32] Does Dan know anything about coding or does he get someone to help him?

[59:37] How does Dan go about getting radio interviews?

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