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[Podcast] Locking Down Sponsors with Charmaine Hammond

This episode is brought to you by the letter S…as in sponsors! Charmaine Hammond is a speaker, author, and former corrections officer. She has used sponsors to boost her speaking career, pursue philanthropic endeavors and travel around North America. Charmaine offers some helpful tips on finding potential sponsors, making sure their vision lines with your goals, and making sure they get a return on their investments.

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Show Notes:

[1:42] Charmaine has a very interesting background.

[3:34] Sometimes we might have a limited idea of what sponsorships can be.

[4:32] Charmaine talks about her first “A-Ha” moment with a sponsor.

[6:10] How does Charmaine make sure her sponsors get value?

[8:08] The generic sponsorship package might not work as well as it used to.

[11:37] If you have a large social media following, does that give you more clout when dealing with potential sponsors?

[13:38] Charmaine talks about building a relationship with sponsors.

[16:37] Here’s an example of a speaker’s topics lining up with a sponsor’s goals.

[18:31] Can sponsorships work with a very specific speaking topic?

[20:32] We’ve got to do research to make sure sponsors are a good fit.

[22:05] The first call to a potential sponsor should be about relationship building.

[22:37] What department of a business should we seek for sponsorships?

[24:54] Charmaine talks about her “North American Tour” (and how she got it sponsored!).

[28:47] What are some of the mistakes that speakers should avoid when looking at potential sponsors?

When on LinkedIn, look for departments such as: Public Relations, Marketing, Community Relations.

To connect with Charmaine, visit

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